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  1. This is a wondrous group of diverse people - learners - adventurers - helping each other. This - to me - respectfully - in in the WHO CARES territory. Good for you - tho - but way way way outside the realm of relevance. My POV Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you friend. It sure does. Makes my blood boil. Appreciate the well wishes and the solidarity vibe.
  3. I tell the line man - the desk at the FBO - everyone nods with their head in agreement. You go do your thing. They do theirs. No way to police this. I took the position of NO MOVEMENT.
  4. Thanks - I am doing that for sure. The signature people have been - well - evil - no other words - imagine me taking off to Vr and the front gear goes 45 degrees on me with my family aboard. If I ran my business with that level of gratuitous lack of deference for life I'd be living under a bridge in I-95.
  5. Thank you MLC20c - everyone's situation is different. For me - great plane - gets my 950NM mission done for work. Can get home. 4.3mm miles on AA - done with that. Happy to take the 3 yr normal hit as from an accounting and business standpoint makes sense. The horror here is someone creating havoc and ruining the new plane. So back to AA - loss of use and productivity - loss of value. It's the proverbial crap show and they need to be held to account. All the best to you.
  6. Thank you Bravoman. Yes - that's the horrific situation I find myself in. All the best.
  7. Agree aviatoreb! There's emotions on the other side of this as well. My wife doesn't say it out loud but she thinks bad thoughts of the mishap and what not and doesn't go on it unless cajoled. In the end - who needs the aggravation and headache and painful memories. I personally loved my airplane and Mooney did a great job fixing it to brand new spec. But - the toil and tribulation those people at Signature have put us through over their own actions and still having to deal with it 14 months later is enough for me. All the best
  8. In my particular case - I had a BRAND NEW airplane that they ruined. So the hit is HUGE. I've consulted experts and that's the word. HOW much is an art an in the eyes of the buyer. but it's in the 10-25% range depending on how long since the accident. That's according to several expert witnesses we've consulted. Hope this helps.
  9. If there are 2 of them - would you pay the same for the one who had a problem? Perfectly fixed or not?
  10. Good day. The engine didn’t have to be re-done per se. But new airplane with less than 15 hours!!! So I sent it to Mooney to get it back new and that’s what I did. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Thank you - they offered to pay 100% of repairs but I won’t release them from the pain and losses their grossly negligent actions created Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Signature over torqued my front gear - plane has <15 hours. Ferried it to Mooney - new everything from firewall forward. Basically a 7 month ordeal. I've paid everything out of my own pocket. Got my plane back. Signature okayed to pay for all repairs - after lawyers and such - but balking at paying for hit on value and loss of use. Even tho they're glaringly grossly negligent - we have a video of them using a huge tow bar on it. It could;ve been fatal. That language in their hangar agreement was put in after 9/11 - who wants liability for a terrorist slamming a plane into the FBO. Except they're using it to shield themselves when tHEY do the damage. I can't let that stand. They're insured for it and are being UBER D*CKS - but they're not wearing me down. Trust me - they will pay and learn to train their staff.
  15. Thank you! All the best Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk