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  1. I hope everyone is well and safe during these trying times. A simple question - does anyone know where/if these inserts are available anywhere? This is in a 2000 Ovation 2 - I know I could use a label maker, but if these inserts are available, I would prefer to replace it. I only need the Parking Brake one. I haven't been able to find them, and I searched on MS, but didn't find mention of them. Thank you in advance for any suggestions - Bob
  2. In quarantine today over the Sleeping Bear Dunes at 4500'. A few cars in the lot, but no people climbing the dune -
  3. It may have ignition switch issues, but it is a beautiful airplane. (I saw you taxi past - you are two hangars down from me). - Bob
  4. It was in the shop for 5 weeks, and the moment It came out of annual...our governor issued a stay-at-home order. Under blue skies. AAARGH. Stay safe and healthy everyone...we will get through this - my best to all of you, my Mooney friends. - Bob
  5. My beauty is torn apart awaiting a muffler rebuild in annual but my hangar will sure be clean.
  6. I had this problem - my O2 in annual we pulled the panels on both sides and found very slight weeping leaks around the tank gasket on both sides - the ones on the wing tank bulkheads low on the wall about as far back as the end of the front seat rails (see fig #40). The gaskets are penetrated by the fuel line from the tank and are affixed with two screws, also through the gasket - and a couple of these were weeping as well. My fuel sender gasket was replaced last year (leaking too). That is a more involved repair than this one (harder to get to) A&P Job, definitely - and a pain since I had full tanks ;-) Hope this helps. Cheers - Bob
  7. Flew yesterday from Western NC -> SE MI. Stopped at Lunken (KLUK) for Lunch. Fierce headwinds the whole way - for a while saw 120kt GS at 70% power. Not the most time efficient trip ever but the lunch was good, and the company (my son) was great, so the extra time was in fact a bonus. If you're near Cincinnati and hungry, I can recommend the Sky Galley Restaurant for a stop and the folks at Waypoint FBO - great and very personal service. Cheers - Bob
  8. Happy new year to everyone – My son graduated from university recently, and he will be starting as an engineer at the labs in Los Alamos in a few weeks. He started lessons at the local flying club while at University, and was just about ready to solo. He’s had a great instructor, and he loves flying (he should since he’s been doing it with me since he was six months old :-). This is a bit of a long shot but would anyone have a recommendation for a great primary flight instructor in the Los Alamos / Santa Fe area? This is such a broad and worldly group I thought I would ask! Thank you in advance - Bob
  9. First Flight 2020 in the beautiful mountains of NC - made a big celebratory loop through SW NC, Upstate South Carolina, and East TN - a beautiful day (a little mountain chop here and there) - a great way to start the year. I wish all a great, happy, and rewarding new year - Best wishes and safe flying in 2020 - Bob
  10. I had a standby vac failure not too long ago in my O2 for no apparent reason - until I found one - this is what carusoam is talking about: After about 20 years the Tygon vac lines that Mooney used in the 2000s start to breakdown and release plasticizer into the line - this looks like a thin, clear oil, which of course fouls a dry vac pump - It's why I have an elec backup AI, and why I am going to install G5's. Hope this helps - sure was a surprise to me. Happy New Year to you and yours - Bob
  11. A beautiful flight today from MI to the mountains of NC - My favorite "Carolina on my mind" route to one of the most beautiful airports in the east: 24A. Locals call it the USS Cullowhee, cut out of the top of a mountain and ringed by higher peaks. And with a DH of almost 1600' AGL, the only approach makes it pretty much a fair weather destination. But it sure is beautiful. On the way, a GS of 185 kts at 13 GPH. What is not to love about that. What a machine. Tomorrow a BBQ run...
  12. Greetings all, and Happy Holidays to everyone. I was wondering if anyone has had an experience similar to this: I have been flying and enjoying my Ovation2, indeed have taken it up several times over the last week (a surprise this time of year in the Midwest) and yesterday I went for a last test flight in the sequence to further exercise a new 750/650 install. This time out when I raised the gear after takeoff, the plane wanted to roll left. Not overwhelming, but it took constant and not insignificant right pressure to level it out. Ball was centered, and it did not correlate with yaw. No warnings on the gear, and no obvious turbulence or loss of airspeed. But a very noticeable out-of-trim condition. The autopilot could handle it, but disengage it and the plane rolled left immediately. And when I say rolled, the bank angle continued to increase until corrected/stopped. The plane has always flown beautifully true, so this was a surprise - so I hightailed it back to the field, and when I put the gear down, the roll pressure went away. Three greens, and a landing w/o incident. And yes the emergency gear extension handle was locked . Obviously, all of this points to the gear - maybe not closing completely on one side? A door hanging into the airstream? After landing, I did notice the inner door linkage on the right had a lot more slop than the left when I pulled on the door - but it was closed nonetheless. My A&P is going to put it up on stands before I take it out again, but I was wondering if anyone has had something similar happens to them - Thank you in advance - and all the best for the Holiday Season - Bob
  13. I am delighted to. There are a number of very good home automation solutions that are perfect for this application. The key is connecting them to the internet. So to start, instead of a MI-FI card, or something similar, you can use a cellular modem - I use the one from Netgear (LB1120). These use a cell-phone sim card and acts as a cell-> internet router. This gives you ethernet in your hangar. You just get an extra line on your cell-phone plan and use the sim card from that, or buy a prepaid sim card. Either one works. I added the line to my family cellphone plan and it costs me ~$10/month for unlimited data. Then to this connect a Smartthings hub with a single ethernet cable (supplied): This unit, which has its own App for your cell-phone, acts as both a wi-fi access point as well as a router (so you will have wi-fi access for your hangar) as well as a mesh network hub to control up to 256 smartthings devices. These include: power switches which can be used to control heaters, lights, chargers, etc (which track power use, too) like: These switches are configured directly (very simple to do) from the app.You can also add temperature sensors: Motion Sensors: Cameras, etc. All can be monitored from your phone, and they can be programmed, too - e.g. "Turn heater on if temp goes below XX degrees", "activate camera if motion is detected, or if the hangar door is opened" or "turn the engine heat on at midnight tonight and keep it on for 12 hours". You can have it alert you on your phone if someone opens the hangar door, or moves the plane (I have a motion sensor and vibration sensor in the cabin). You can also add a smoke detector, which alerts you on your phone if there is a problem. Here is what it looks like on my phone: I have mine tied to a ring security system as well. There are literally hundreds of devices that can be added, depending on what you wish to do. Hope this is helpful. - Bob
  14. Does everything you possibly can need, with a $10/mo cell charge. Commercial solution, free upgrades, extensible to include cameras, etc. I love DIY solutions, but why reinvent the wheel? + +