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  1. The airport on Jekyll is great (09J) - no avgas, 3700', and instead of rental cars - they have street-legal red bug electric GEM carts - a short walk to the Jekyll Is Club Hotel in any event. Landing from the south puts the Hotel and Wharf (the rest. on the wharf is a great place to sit at sunset) off the right wing.
  2. I'm sure it it will go up like a rocket below 0 OAT! I did the top-prop conversion a while ago and that in and of itself was a huge improvement. When I did, they wouldn't give any trade-in value for my 2-blade MC. It's in the hangar, and I'm trying to think about what to do with it. It's in good shape (~1100 hrs), w/recent annual. Maybe a wall decoration? ;-)
  3. Thanks to everyone for your help on this topic - dropped my O2 off today to have the conversion done - will post a PIREP when done and after experiencing O3 power! - Bob
  4. Thank you - I didn't realize this - interesting.
  5. I am just about to add this combo to my R - and your Pirep makes me look even more forward to flying with it (if that's possible). I am just curious - why 2 altimeters? Less typical that 2 attitude indicators, etc (esp w/GPS alt available) - just curious if there is a specific reason/need b/c of your mission. Best - Bob
  6. Respectfully, everyone is taking this way too seriously; he wasn't issuing an indictment of modern avionics or anything else. And given what he has done, he is certainly entitled to his opinion on such things - he chased the demons beyond the barrier after all. I met him at the Wright Brother's celebration at Kitty Hawk in December 2003, and it was certainly one of the highlights of my aviation life. Personally, it made me smile. - Bob
  7. This is great info - thank you. I am surprised - Isn’t an increased FF spec part of the mod? If it isn’t, to what should it be set to ensure correct op in all conditions? Thanks - Bob
  8. Thank you to everyone for the info - this is very helpful and answers all of my questions - Bob
  9. Greetings all - I am contemplating a 310 conversion for my O2 - I already have an appropriate top prop, so I am hoping this will be relatively straightforward - The one thing I am having trouble figuring out is simply where to get this done/who does these now - I have searched the site archives, and most of the postings are fairly old on the subject - and it isn't clear where the dust has settled on the STC of late. Can any MSC do the conversion now, since apparently Mooney owns the STC. Or is Bob Minnis still the best source? Anyone have this done recently? Any thoughts / suggestions / answers would be appreciated. Also...a trivial question - I don't have a 900-class engine monitor (yet) - just a 700 and the Moritz gauges - which I like (a sickness, I know ). However, the Moritz RPM gauge is "hardwired" to redline at 2500 - so does the whole cluster have to be replaced to complete the conversion? Is there a replacement? Thanks in advance - Bob
  10. Thank you for the suggestion - I will follow up with my A&P - Bob
  11. Delighted - here's the latest incarnation (the last was from a while back) - One side is permanently attached using the ring that comes with the flags, and the other is attached using a book ring that I bought at Office Max. The pipe is just a 14" section of 3/4" electrical conduit painted with clear varnish w/2 3/8" thru holes drilled 1.5" from each end. The flags I purchased from Sporty's (DO NOT TOW STREAMER, SKU: 8476A, $14.95). The two red lines demarcate the width of the nose gear spindle. It's simple, hard to ignore, and hard to miss in the preflight! - Bob P.S> I also carry two trailer coupler locks like the ones below to lock it on if I need to - hope this helps!
  12. I use this when I am at an FBO I don't know/trust to not move it. They can't get a towbar attached, and my cell phone number is on the back of each flag - I also carry 2 Trailer Pin locks when I absolutely don't want the flags removed. ...too subtle?