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  1. I’ll add my voice to this PIREP — Lynn and crew rigged my O2 today and did a fantastic job — flies like a new plane (maybe better). It always had a tendency to roll to the left, now it’s hands off straight and level. Given how far it was out of true I am hoping to get a few more knots in cruise. I also got to see a set of the magic rigging boards I’ve heard so much about - I appreciated their care and attention to detail - All this a great group of people as well. @AGL Aviation Thank you!
  2. Skirting Ice and strong winds from NC to MI - beautiful flying today - not so much tomorrow. Toledo and Lake Erie: Very unusual to see Michigan Stadium relatively empty on a game day in the fall - still merited a TFR, though...
  3. Eastward bound from NM - not quite @Yooper Rocketman speeds over ground - but I’ll take it!
  4. Trip from NC to KSAF with stops at KBYH and KOUN - both great stops - KBYH is an old SAC base with an updated FBO, great folks, great snacks, and great fuel prices. Cruise Aviation at KOUN was also great - highly recommend them for stops in the Oklahoma City Area. Over TN near Nashville - KBYH's huge tarmac (a B52 wing used to fly out of there) is now being used to recycle a big chunk of Delta's MD-80 Fleet - Over West Texas And into NM, with negative gravity... a 6000' pristine asphalt PRIVATE strip on top of mesa outside of Las Vegas, NV. Research
  5. Halloween flight from MI to the NC Mountains - beautiful weather and light winds 12.8 gph LOP and 175 true at 10k. Wonderful. Southern MI E of KTYS, TN River west of Calderwood Dam making the turn towards Fontana Lake and 1A5
  6. @Fly_M20R - Chris, an excellent description - Further investigation - this is absolutely correct - and it is now gone from my 750. I kept it on the 650, b/c it actually is needed to switch the mode of the GI-106B. This, it turns out, is a bit different for me. This is how I would like it to work, but in the case of the KFC225, when the mode change is asserted by the GTN750 via the GI275 (it does this via an analog line) the KFC automatically goes not to APR, but to ROL/PIT. This behavior is particular to the KFC225 and KAP140. The Garmin solution to the ambiguity (and p
  7. I now have about 15 hrs on the panel, and a bunch of approaches, three in actual. I really like this setup. Flies beautifully, with no issues. Integration across all elements is impressive. What I have learned so far: - Incredible flexibility. Configuration options are dazzling, and it took a while to get into a rhythm of how to set everything up enroute and in transition to the approach segment. I do like the SynVis, by the way, but I do a lot of flying on the mountains. In the plains it would not be worth it. - The terrain DB takes a bit of time to verify, so I now turn on t
  8. I do - you are correct about it being more directed towards part 135, but I do like the enhanced feature set and also use PDC.
  9. Yes to both - I have this combination and it works very well. You have to have the OAT sensor as well, of course.
  10. Well it’s in - all bugs fixed. First impressions - I like it - a lot. Amazing level of integration. With everything talking to everything else, the set up options are pretty mesmerizing. KFC 225 integration is very good — approach capture and track precision seem better. Test flights this weekend, some more comments to come. Lots of subtleties in configuration and in upgrading databases. + No Vac!
  11. Throwed rolls... that is a new one...must check it out!
  12. We need to get you out more! For a North Carolinian, BBQ is religion, so if you want to talk ribs...I can give you some recommendations - and many are within shouting distance of runway. Written while smiling - Bob P.S.> I have been to Center in Memphis, and they are good, but you want ribs that are a religious experience with no sauce needed try Gary's Lee's Meat Market in Brunswick, GA. 13 miles from KBQK. KSSI also nearby has Southern Soul BBQ (OK) and Beachcombers (Better) so you can make it a trifecta. Maybe we should start a topic on great places to eat near a
  13. I confirm Don's observation - this is how I use it as well - and it is a good design -
  14. SITREP: Install is functionally complete - one remaining config issue which is turning out to be a bit of a bear. Recap - Replacing my KI256/KI525A combo with GI275's (a GI275 ADAHRS+AP and a GI275 Base HSI) plus a third GI275 + ADAHRS an additional functional display, as well as a failover from the primary AI GI275. Interfaced with the existing KFC225 and an upgraded stack including 750&650 Nav's. Removed the entire Vacuum system (yay!). Panel is beautiful, and the avionics shop has done their usual great work. It's actually turned out to be a pretty cool setup. Everything now
  15. I don't believe this adapter carries power - just signal. You will still have to use batteries - the dual plug A20 version is dedicated batteries only. This is why when I first bought my A20's I bought the Lemo version with a dual plug adaptor for when I would need it - Worth a check.
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