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  1. @OSUAV8TER, will these be brighter, the same, or less bright than the legacy halogens?
  2. Don't forget that we change to Daylight Savings Time. If you want a seat at the table, please sign up if you plan to go not later than today.
  3. Zero reservations. Is this a bad date, bad season, bad venue/location, or bad idea?
  4. The plane is back. The MT-4 climbs like a Rocket... oh it IS a Rocket, I should say a Falcon Heavy. The ElectroAir is in and working though it's performance benefits have not been fully assesed. Now to complete the remaining repairs of some consequential damage by a careless tech installing the new batteries inconveniently located in the aft-most part of the tail cone. A little arcing and some breakers tripped while various instruments and avionics were fried. But, with a dozen or so hours, the plane is flying well. Either way, I am up for going together.
  5. Executing a second attempt for the approach. See the Midwest Mooney Flyers here on Mooneyspace under "Clubs." Cross-posting a direct link to the event, though if you haven't "joined" (subscribed?) you might need to do that to access it:
  6. The weather was below minimums and we had to go missed on our last attempt to get together for our first group lunch. We've been in the hold waiting for another attempt. Let's try again. The location, day and time are the same as that fits the preference of most of the respondents to the survey. So, mark your calendars now! Sunday, March 13, at 11:00 EDT. The Corsair Café is a relatively new restaurant that opened (of all times) during the pandemic at Terre Haute Regional Airport (KHUF) in Central Indiana. They have gotten excellent reviews and I look forward to trying this place. We've got a private room reserved. We had several people say they liked some of the other choices, maintenance tips, safety seminar, and/or tour, and we'll plan on doing something along with lunch for the next get together when we have more time to plan we'll see what else to do. This one we'll make it simple, just a social gathering. Please pass the word to others who may not be visiting this website regularly. See you soon! Michael
  7. So, assuming it is not installed permanently, and assuming that it will sufficiently warm the cabin on a cold day (I mean Chicago cold), it seems like it should be putting out a lot of BTUs. This week it started in the 20s dF and a couple weeks from today, maybe its in the 50s. How do you regulate the temperature without a thermostat? Tanis used to have heated mats, I don't see them on their website, any knowledge why they discontinued them? Cheers, Michael
  8. Tanis offers this as a kit with a thermostat and cable kit. Are those required for normal use?
  9. Very disappointing, today's weather isn't working out. We're not going to be able to fly there today. I am guessing that next weekends, before/after Thanksgiving, is probably not going to work for a lot of people. December 5th looks like the next possible date. But we're now planning into December in the Midwest, very hard to guess what the weather will bring... like today. I'll set up another event and another poll.
  10. Tomorrow's weather forecast does not look promising. There is currently icing potential. We're going to reassess in the morning.
  11. Tomorrow's weather does not look good. There may be icing potential. We will reassess in the morning but I am not optimistic.
  12. Hello @D.Munios, welcome to the Mooney community. Do the check ride in the airplane you're most comfortable flying. I did my instrument, commercial, and CFI rides in my plane with only left seat brakes. And, as others have said, assuming you have a CFI able to do the training, the DPE will decide if they are willing to do the brakes. Just consider that the Johnson bar requires some technique to operate properly, unlike simply throwing the gear switch and not exceed the Vlo/Vle speeds. I checked into right seat brakes and it was going to be $5k plus many pounds deducted from useful. I might have parted with the cash but I wasn't going to give up any useful load and any price. Besides the check ride, there was very little value to be had.
  13. My plane is in the shop now as well, finally getting the ElectroAir ignition system and AmSafe SOARS installed. So, I am hopping a ride with Bob... bet you could join us too.
  14. If you're craving getting out and meeting up with some Mooney drivers, we're going to do that Sunday, November 14 at 11:00 EST. Please sign up at:
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