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  1. Very disappointing, today's weather isn't working out. We're not going to be able to fly there today. I am guessing that next weekends, before/after Thanksgiving, is probably not going to work for a lot of people. December 5th looks like the next possible date. But we're now planning into December in the Midwest, very hard to guess what the weather will bring... like today. I'll set up another event and another poll.
  2. Tomorrow's weather forecast does not look promising. There is currently icing potential. We're going to reassess in the morning.
  3. Tomorrow's weather does not look good. There may be icing potential. We will reassess in the morning but I am not optimistic.
  4. Hello @D.Munios, welcome to the Mooney community. Do the check ride in the airplane you're most comfortable flying. I did my instrument, commercial, and CFI rides in my plane with only left seat brakes. And, as others have said, assuming you have a CFI able to do the training, the DPE will decide if they are willing to do the brakes. Just consider that the Johnson bar requires some technique to operate properly, unlike simply throwing the gear switch and not exceed the Vlo/Vle speeds. I checked into right seat brakes and it was going to be $5k plus many pounds deducted from useful. I might have parted with the cash but I wasn't going to give up any useful load and any price. Besides the check ride, there was very little value to be had.
  5. My plane is in the shop now as well, finally getting the ElectroAir ignition system and AmSafe SOARS installed. So, I am hopping a ride with Bob... bet you could join us too.
  6. If you're craving getting out and meeting up with some Mooney drivers, we're going to do that Sunday, November 14 at 11:00 EST. Please sign up at:
  7. I bought a SwitcheOn last winter. I plug a space heater in the cabin into one channel and the Tanis engine heater into the second channel. It is very nice to be able to turn them on independently from my phone whenever and wherever. I usually turn the Tanis on overnight and preheat the cabin 2-3 hours before flight time. The only thing you have to remember is to set it up when leaving the hangar each flight. Forgetting it once and having to make the drive to fix a problem that you paid good money to solve usually is enough to correct faulty memory errors. The next thing I need is something that will clear the snow on the apron between the hangar and ramp. My airport management thinks 5-6 feet from the hangar door is acceptable, I may be moving to another airport to solve that problem. That's another problem for another day.
  8. I am getting that your instructor doesn't know how or isn't comfortable teaching in the Mooney and he is creating fear where there need be none. I bought my first Mooney, 1976 M20F as a very low time pilot, about 90 hrs total time. I had just enough time in an Arrow to assess that there was only a minimal difference, if you fly them by the numbers, both are very easy and enjoyable airplanes. The Mooney does go faster but there is no requirement that you fly it at maximum speed. And the only difference between an Archer and an Arrow is the landing gear. And there is only a minimal difference between an Archer and a Skyhawk. There is a reason none of these planes require a type rating. Find another instructor and start flying that Mooney, no delay.
  9. I am pleased to announce that we have arranged a location and date/time for the Midwest Mooney Flyers. This location, day and time fits the distance preference of most of the respondents to the survey. So, mark your calendars now! Sunday, November 14, at 11:00 EST. The Corsair Café is a relatively new restaurant that opened (of all times) during the pandemic at Terre Haute Regional Airport (KHUF) in Central Indiana. They have gotten excellent reviews and I look forward to trying this place. We had several people say they liked some of the other choices, maintenance tips, safety seminar, and/or tour, and we'll plan on doing something along with lunch for the next get together when we have more time to plan we'll see what else to do. This one we'll make it simple, just a social gathering. Please pass the word to others who may not be visiting this website regularly. See you soon! Michael
  10. Dan and Mike, you both have been such an inspiration and so helpful in my becoming an always better pilot. Thanks so much for your insights and advice over the years.
  11. Thank you, Mike, for the congrats; and, thanks for the point-out. I am working on my instrument now. Amazing how much I thought I knew about instrument flying but still learning in the CFII coursework! It's been an intense effort but oh so rewarding!
  12. There hasn't been a fly-in in the Midwest since @mike_elliott abandoned us for warmer weather. It is long overdue for getting together again. I created a club here, "Midwest Mooney Flyers." If you are within the Midwest states, please join. I'm hoping to do this soon, perhaps November 13/14. There is a survey (external link) there asking what, where, when, how often, etc. for our event(s). Even if you can't make this one, please join the club and fill out the survey so we can plan. I hope to see some old friends and meet some new ones!
  13. I have been waiting since Dynon announced the Skyview HDX would be get the STC for Mooneys in 2017 (IIRC). They do have the basic system approved by they have been getting the autopilot approved for the last two years or so. It hasn't been critical so I've been (sort of) patiently waiting. In the interim, I bought a Dynon D3 portable, which I thought would be nice as a short term add-on. It came, worked for a day at home and then wouldn't work day 2. A call to Dynon tech support and they agreed it had failed. They were to send a replacement "right away"; nearly two weeks later and it never arrived. I replied back to the still open ticket and they said they would get it out that day; it never arrived. A couple more emails, no-reply. Finally they said (for a third time), it would go out that day. All of this is for a sub-$900 item. I decided to return it and move on. I gave Gulf Coast Avionics, where I bought the unit, the story and they were kind and immediately issued a return authorization, and a note something to the effect that it isn't unusual for Dynon to PIA to deal with. I can't imagine re-doing my entire panel with a bunch of their equipment which would entire ground my plane for who knows how long if I had a need for a part and this is how they do business. Was my experience a one-off? Are the MSers who have good experience with Dynon? Should I buy a G3X or G500 instead? It is a LOT more cash but worth it if they support their products in a timely, professional manner. Any guidance?
  14. Hey Mooney flyers. It's been ages since we've had a fly-in in the Midwest. I figured it's time to fix that. So, weigh in with your preferences. Poll on getting our first fly-in started. I am thinking we could get this going for a fly-in on Saturday, November 13, or Sunday, November 14, 2021.
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