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  1. You'll need to vet the engine on the TAP Missile. It hasn't flown enough since the conversion. And look extra close at tube corrosion because of the age. Otherwise that could be a viable plan for your budget/needs. Did you know that Jimmy lists his inventory here before it goes on the market? https://mooneyspace.com/topic/35783-new-unadvertised-inventory/
  2. I thought it may be a good idea to reach out and try to start a direct discussion between Jonny Pollack (left seat at the Mooney factory) and MS'ers. I would like to first express, and I think I am speaking for everyone here, my gratitude for your efforts in breathing new life into our beloved Mooney. You are not alone. It may be that owners of legacy aircraft will never generate the revenue needed to sustain Mooney but we may be able to help get the company over the first hill. I think that we all share in the hope that Mooney goes on to take it's rightful place as a premium aircraft ma
  3. Yeah- sorry, doesn't seem to want to respond to the normal rotation commands. One of those birds is about as rare as they come, maybe not quite as rare as the twin Mustang...
  4. Sorry to hijack- had to share this Mustang & friends... IMG_6299.m4v
  5. There's a lot here on Missiles- maybe Seth will chime in or PM him. To make a very long story short, before Mooney stretched the J/K's into Ovations and Bravos, (Porsche Mooneys were in there too but...) Rocket Engineering converted J's and K's into Missiles (non-turbo) and Rockets (turbo). The Missile has the same io550 Continental engine that Mooney later put into the Ovation. The Missile is actually faster and has better UL than the Ovation because it doesn't have the stretched fuselage weight penalty. As far as TBO, through the years the TBO on Ovations was increased to 2000hrs (the new o
  6. Just took a quick look at what's out there in your price range and here's my vote: https://www.controller.com/listing/for-sale/196449671/1985-mooney-m20j-201-missile-piston-single-aircraft
  7. Seth is just the nicest guy in the world to think of offering- iI have room in mine too for a bird or 2 - KPSF in the Berkshires.
  8. Welcome to MS Matt & thank you for your service- 1. The AOPA purchase agreement is good, it pretty much spells out everything and it worked for me when push came to shove. 2. These folks are great for the escrow: Insured Aircraft Title Service, LLC 21 E. Main St., Suite 100 Oklahoma City, OK 73104 Phone: 405-681-6663 U.S.: 800-654-4882 Fax: 405-684-5036 3. Don't go near anything M20P
  9. What is involved in getting the STC? There are probably a number of 550 conversions out there that could benefit & possibly share in the cost. I know of one that’s sadly been sitting on the ramp for the last three years.
  10. I was told by an ex Mooney employee that the Ovation landing gear would not be a bolt-on to the L I would confirm that before shipping parts from France,etc.
  11. Fantastic job RedSkyFlyer.... For the rest of us- let's all be sure that the cotter pin is there, especially right after an ARC (translation- annual inspection). This is the first I ever knew of it's existence or the damage it's non-existence could cause.
  12. did you see this? https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/193559845/1986-mooney-m20k-252tse
  13. I have someone who may be able to help. PM me and I can connect you. The insurance can be a challenge if you haven't sorted that out yet...
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