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  1. Can somebody with a Rayjay take a look at their govenor. I have a a line out of the accessory case on the side to the scavenger pump directly above and then a little closer to the firewall a 45 bend fitting with the line to the prop. The two lines are parallel right underneath the right mag. Just trying to verify as having some issues with the govenor after reinstalling the engine.
  2. I have a HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497 installed on mine by Maxwell. I recall hearing somebody on the forums who mentioned to Hartzell they had a rayjay installed when they wanted to order and Hartezell balked at them. The STC doesn't indicate any prop change or limitations related to it so far as I can tell any propeller approved for a Mooney is acceptable.
  3. M20F

    Tempest oil change tools pirep

    I just put a plastic shopping bag over my oil filter and twist off. No mess.
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  5. This is my answer as well, spend $1000 and get a Reiff Turbo Heater.
  6. M20F

    Quick Question Re Mx Charges

    I just did a major overhaul of an IO360 for 32hrs of labor so yes would say excessive. The hours are just for the engine work. I did the removal/reinstall separate.
  7. Anyone have the part # or link for the little rubber seals on the injectors?
  8. M20F

    Favorite IFR Departure...Why?

    Read the second bullet.
  9. M20F

    Favorite IFR Departure...Why?

    Fixed it for you ;-)
  10. M20F

    Favorite IFR Departure...Why?

    IFR departures are breezy it is the IMC departures that get interesting.
  11. KCMX, come to the real UP :-)
  12. Apologies I should have made the post clearer.
  13. Thanks Locolj just what I needed
  14. 5-6 long trips a year and a lot of < 100NM trips doesn’t sound like a turbo to me. I own a turbo.
  15. M20F

    Spark Plugs

    Thanks all
  16. 1967 M20F with Rayjay what is the spark plug choice of 2018 for massives and finewire.
  17. M20F

    Spark Plugs

    Which Tempest finewires are you using?
  18. There are 2 STC’s required one for the engine and one for the airframe. One you can get the other you cannot (forget which it is). John Breda on this site does have one for sale with both STC’s. If you are serious about it John is your best option but would be a lot cheaper to just buy one that has it installed already.
  19. Anyone know the part number for the metal can and shroud that go over the fuel pump and where you can buy one?
  20. Why are you topping a mid-time engine?
  21. North Star Over My Shoulder by Robert Buck. DC2 to 747 Captain with Howard Hughes in between. I see his weather book reccomended which is very good but reading what he did to write that book is even more amazing.
  22. M20F

    Chicago Demo Flight/CFII?

    I think Dan gives some good advice but it really boils down to mission. SD flying without FIKI is going to be limited for a lot of the year. If you are just flying around the state then a SR22 or Ovation is overkill. What’s the mission?
  23. M20F

    tire pressure

    I just ignore the operating limitations and fill mine with 100 PSI of NO2.
  24. M20F

    Higher with Headwind?

    It is just a math problem. How long to climb, GS at various altitudes, how to descend. In general it is hard for NA to develop enough TAS to beat a headwind. It happens on occasion with a turbo but usually when I look at it the numbers show maybe a 15 minutes savings on a 4hr flight. It isn’t worth the 15mins to suck O2. Foreflight does a reasonable job of figuring out optimum altitude now as well.