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  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0041ESF2G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_1ZZpCb96SXBNK
  2. M20F

    True airspeed not what book says

    Weight/CG impact performance heavily as well. On a laminar flow wing like a Mooney having you average layer of wing crud can shave knots as well. I would agree with a lot of what Vance and The latex salesman have said. The truth is in the middle.
  3. M20F

    Safe ice melter?

    If the temp is above freezing it is the best at getting frost off.
  4. Parts book shows 610082 but no luck finding a match for that anywhere. It is one of the hex bolt unscrew not a riveted one. Appreciate if anyone can share replacement info.
  5. M20F

    ILS vs LPV

    This is why 91.3 and 91.13 exist (the two key regulations to know as a pilot). The best example is you can fly IMC in Class G very clearly according to the regulations. The FAA has also been clear that those who do can generally expect a 91.3 violation. https://www.touringmachine.com/images/ifr_checkride/IFR_Class_G.pdf There is a better ruling involving somebody who did establish and defeat that flying in class G with no clearance while appropriately rated was legal, that person though was unsuccessful in the 91.13 argument and got a 60 day revocation. I can’t seem to locate it though.
  6. M20F

    which model is the best F,J,K or M

    Till you actually need to fix something that breaks and then there is a very big difference between a carborated 4 and a high performance turbo’ed 6 cylinder. Somewhat disingenuous to imply cost of ownership will be the same between the 2 models.
  7. Took it on and off multiple times trouble shooting an issue. I personally think some F’s have longer bolts then others but base that on nothing other then I have heard differing experiences over the years. Mine is a 67.
  8. M20F

    which model is the best F,J,K or M

    From a practical standpoint most people don’t gain much with a faster plane or a turbo. I spent a year flying my F for work and clocked almost 300hrs that year with a lot of 3-5hr legs. A rocket would have maybe sliced 20-25% of those hours for a lot more gas/upkeep/insurance. If you are flying 1hr legs a really fast plane doesn’t do much but burn a lot more money I also have a RayJay which I like but rarely does it make economical sense to get into class A and it really only gets used to get to 9-11k feet. The F has a roomy cabin as far as Mooney’s go and a fantastic useful load. It is cheap to maintain/operate. That being said logic rarely figures into private plane ownership, thus the varying opinions.
  9. Redid mine and had to loosen the mounts to get it to slide off the bolts. It is not a fun thing to take on/off.
  10. M20F

    ILS vs LPV

    One thing being left out of the discussion is ILS stands for instrument landing system. It has specific requirements for lights, runway markings, etc. not just a radio beam. An LPV does not have the same requirements. When you do an ILS you know exactly what you will get when you swivel your head up and out the window. With an LPV each approach can be very differing. LPV 10 / ILS 10 it’s 6 to 1, half a dozen to another. ILS 10R versus LPV 10L odds are I pick the ILS because I like lots of lights and markings. In most cases LPV’s lacking specific lights/marks will have higher minimums as well though not in all cases.
  11. M20F

    Opinions on this M20F

    A paint job is fairly inexpensive. Radios, autopilot, etc. are not. I would put this plane at about $40k assuming no glaring issues.
  12. M20F

    Mooney 231 "Bang for the Buck"

    Hence the first sentence “it is only capability if it fits your mission”. If that isn’t your average mission then a turbo isn’t for you.
  13. M20F


    Currently have 430 want to do 430W upgrade to it, add a GTN 650/GI106B. Also need ADS-B solution and ability to display on 650 plus a audio panel. Appreciate feedback/ideas.
  14. M20F


    Specifically looking for 2 WAAS sources. I fly 200-300hrs for work and that includes a lot of IFR. Not having LPV has been a limiter for me and I like 2 of everything. Plus the GTN is going to be more than I am looking to spend. Is the GDL-88 the secret to the ADS-B in?
  15. M20F

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    They can be fit to almost anything the STC list was pretty diverse. In the case of Mooney either the airframe or engine STC (forget which) is no longer available so exceptionally complicated/expensive to do today. Plenty of them out there to buy though.
  16. M20F


    I am looking to display weather and traffic on the Garmin if possible for a reasonable amount of money. If not will go the ForeFlight/Stratux route which is what I have now. At some point will move to a G5/Aspen but not ready to make the leap yet.
  17. M20F

    Rayjay Turbo Kicks!

    I see about the same on my M20F about 160-170 between 19-21. I have had it to 240 but it gets really sloppy beyond 21. I use it mostly for climbing and once or twice a year on 700+ trips where the winds agree. It takes about 30-40 mins (took about 50 to get to 240) so hard to make up what you lose in the climb. It definitely helps for the climb to 9-11k which is where I fly the most. I did enjoy center telling a DL flight that traffic was a Mooney passing above them at 240 though. Pricewise there are so many Rayjays on cars, boats, planes, and motorcycles that they are ridiculously cheap to maintain and essentially bulletproof.
  18. M20F

    Its been a good run

    Cirrus makes a nice plane aside from the front seats being uncomfortable and hand flying sucks. I did like the Avidyne 9 system it is definitely a great and efficient cross country cruiser. The seats and the belts that come with them after about 2hrs really suck. This is coming from a guy in a M20F where seats suck as well.
  19. Can somebody with a Rayjay take a look at their govenor. I have a a line out of the accessory case on the side to the scavenger pump directly above and then a little closer to the firewall a 45 bend fitting with the line to the prop. The two lines are parallel right underneath the right mag. Just trying to verify as having some issues with the govenor after reinstalling the engine.
  20. I have a HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497 installed on mine by Maxwell. I recall hearing somebody on the forums who mentioned to Hartzell they had a rayjay installed when they wanted to order and Hartezell balked at them. The STC doesn't indicate any prop change or limitations related to it so far as I can tell any propeller approved for a Mooney is acceptable.
  21. M20F

    Tempest oil change tools pirep

    I just put a plastic shopping bag over my oil filter and twist off. No mess.
  22. This is my answer as well, spend $1000 and get a Reiff Turbo Heater.
  23. M20F

    Quick Question Re Mx Charges

    I just did a major overhaul of an IO360 for 32hrs of labor so yes would say excessive. The hours are just for the engine work. I did the removal/reinstall separate.