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  1. North Star Over My Shoulder by Robert Buck. DC2 to 747 Captain with Howard Hughes in between. I see his weather book reccomended which is very good but reading what he did to write that book is even more amazing.
  2. Chicago Demo Flight/CFII?

    I think Dan gives some good advice but it really boils down to mission. SD flying without FIKI is going to be limited for a lot of the year. If you are just flying around the state then a SR22 or Ovation is overkill. What’s the mission?
  3. tire pressure

    I just ignore the operating limitations and fill mine with 100 PSI of NO2.
  4. Higher with Headwind?

    It is just a math problem. How long to climb, GS at various altitudes, how to descend. In general it is hard for NA to develop enough TAS to beat a headwind. It happens on occasion with a turbo but usually when I look at it the numbers show maybe a 15 minutes savings on a 4hr flight. It isn’t worth the 15mins to suck O2. Foreflight does a reasonable job of figuring out optimum altitude now as well.
  5. o-360 overhaul

    Fast they are and the E is certainly the penultimate in Mooney’s for speed and economy. Yours is certainly one of the top ones out there. That being said I wouldn’t ride 3hrs in your back seat.
  6. o-360 overhaul

    5’11 first ride of many in a C. I have also flown in a seat I made out of cardboard boxes on an Antonov. I preferred the latter.
  7. Cost of ownership "budget"

    Guy I worked for is @$1B cash and former O driver. He tried to sell me a handheld GPS from the 1960’s before he listed it on eBay. He bitches about hanger rent on his LSA. He drinks Old Style. I despise him for his choice in beer.
  8. The IRS is going to be his real problem.
  9. o-360 overhaul

    TSMOH is very misunderstood. From a legal perspective the engine is 1800 SMOH. From reality it is not because the bottom was done and I am guessing some cylinder work was done during this time as well. My engine had 1 cylinder with 50hrs on it and 1 cylinder with 4hrs on it (both brand new). I did the case and the other 2 cylinders. Because I did not replace exhaust valves on 2 of the cylinders it is not a major it is a repair and return. Odds are I will never major my engine and it will be 1000’s of hours past TBO. But in reality I have a 2600hr engine that is 400hrs old. My logbook though reflects all the work, part/serial numbers, etc. TSMOH is largely meaningless it is the details in the logbook that actually matter. I don’t know the details on the plane you are looking at but make your decision out of a logbook inspection and not an arbitrary number.
  10. Cost of ownership "budget"

    The answer is about $30K to cover a new engine. The planned maintenance is easy, it’s the unplanned that gets you.
  11. When I give it the gun and the step retracts the ramp rats bow. They know an Executive is on board.
  12. Bellanca????

    Excellent planes and better than Mooney’s in innumerable ways, except one.....very few people can work on cloth/wood.
  13. You are using too much right aileron.
  14. OH'd IO-360 cost

    Just build your own
  15. Cirrus have terrible seats, full on electric failure would be tough. But most of all they really suck to hand fly. Otherwise an awesome plane. They run Mooney J speed with Mooney efficiency LOP (normally aspirated). I have about 200hrs in a SR22 and man they suck to hand fly. The parachute, pulling it and collecting the insurance. Let the debate ensue.
  16. Rajay turbo

    I would have to dig the manual out but mine (recently overhauled) does 27 till around 18-19 then loses a inch per thousand from there. It will true out 160-165 at FL190. My controller works same as yours and the cabling was replaced/adjusted by Maxwell. So for what it is worth have the same experience as you.
  17. Got me an F Model!

    You are sure of yourself, you know what you want and people sense it. You are an Executive.
  18. If you are below flap speed they go up no problem. I see guys slamming the gear up at times 5’ off the runway. I don’t think Clarence or me are advocating waiting till 5000’. This is one of those common sense things where slowing down a bit probably does more for you.
  19. Some manual gear Mooney drivers get a little crazy on this imho. I like to get up and get going and verify all the gauges in the climb before I start dragging things up. No rush in my opinion and more to be gained by letting hanging longer than taking it up sooner.
  20. Survival Kit Discussion

    I will just add to the comments about a PLB. I have several monster survival kits which are fun to make. When it comes down to it though a PLB is really the thing you need.
  21. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    You also need a whole new cowling and an assortment of other things. It isn't a cheap or easy swap these days. There are also 2 STC's one for the engine (easy to get) and 1 for the airframe (impossible to get). John would have to comment but the airframe STC might only be for an F.
  22. Oil Cooler Relocation

    Have it on mine and after I RTV'ed around the gaps in the baffling it stays consistently 160-180 even when climbing into flight levels. Prior to sealing up gaps it would climb up into the yellow when I went high or got slightly excessive on nose pitch. Can't comment on the original setup but pleased with it and was done as part of SWTA cowling mod in the early 70's.
  23. M20F is the same as an M20J?

    My F turbo is 160-170kts at FL190-210. It still climbs like a pig (about 50 mins to 250) because of cooling needs. Unless you are really driving range it doesn't work out unless a strong tail wind and I commute between Chicago and NJ regularly, seldom use the turbo in the summer. In the winter ice becomes limiting. I can get 150-155 in the mid teens but again unless the wind is blowing I would rather add 20 mins to the flight than suck on O2. I plan 140kts and usually what I see at 65% and around 9.8-10.2gph.
  24. I'll switch to Aeroshell 100W now

    I use the blood of virgins in mine.
  25. Corrosion prevention

    Corrosion X every 2yrs and the occasional wash/wax not much else you need to do. My 2 cents.