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  1. @ArtVandelay When I was cleaning the gas can after drilling, I did found few pieces that would fit thru the flame arrester. I end up using a piece of packaging tape on a wooden stick to get them all all out. All in all, I have 8 of those gas cans. Most of the did not leak around the breather, but two did. Since it was a pain in the behind to remove the breather once it is installed, I decided to apply sealant on all.
  2. https://ezpourspout.com/ Here is the where you get order the EZ-Pour from the mfg if you promised not to use it for gasoline or 100LL . With 5 gallon gas can on sale for $14 at Target, It is a very cost effective set up. Each kit has enough part to fit most gas cans on the market. The most difficult part of the "conversion" is probably drilling the 1/2" hole for the breather plug. Some of the plastic shaving will fall inside the gas can. Needless to say, you WILL need to get all the shaving out before first use. If you can't buy "Seal All" from your local store, you should ord
  3. Inquire were sent to manufacture in late August. COVID-19 or not, 3 weeks is more than enough to respond to an email. Honest, I was disappointed when I first received the product. The product felt cheaply made, but I decided to give a benefit of doubt and for all intended purpose, it worked well. Besides FuelStik, are there other solution available for Mooney M20E? @carusoam I'm less concern with the discoloration on the actual FuelStik. After all, it doesn't affect my ability to read the fuel level. The tube on top of the picture is designed to hold the FuelStik, you can see it
  4. Anyone know where I may be able to get a replacement outer plastic tube? I contact the company and they aren't not responding to email, and I'm not planning to spend another $30 for a inferior and overpriced product. This is only after 1 year with minimal use.
  5. My friend has a PA-32. It's like a bus compare to Mooney.
  6. I have been searching for a similar item. So far, none of the electric scooters that have a decent range would fit the baggage area flat. Most of the electric scooter have length of longer than 36" when folded. M20E baggage area is a width of 32" to 36". One Wheel appears to be a good fit. However, I also know it takes a bit of skill to learn to ride one of those. Not to mention the XR version cost $1.8 AMU. A pair of One Wheel XR, (me and wife) will set me back almost $4 AMU.
  7. 1. Is there a good EGT you should shoot for in cruise? Or what is the max you don't want to see it go above? Variation on how the EGT prob is mount on each engine will result in different EGT number. The important thing is relative temperature from the peak unique to your installation. 25 LOP or 50 ROP.... 2. What CHT should you use in cruise? What's the max allowable? Lycoming allows for 500 degree as the Max. But, most pilot won't go past 420 even in a climb. During cruise, it's best to keep below 400. 3. I've been trying to time build so I'm trying to save
  8. @Skates97 Thanks for the great feedback!! You beat me to it. I also got an appointment with Jim this Saturday.
  9. I'm considering dynamic prop balance for my Mooney to reduce vibration. Has any one here on MS used Jim Fackler from KCCB? Any feedback?
  10. @TheLachlan Nice plane!! If I don't already have a E, I would definitely consider yours. By the way, I noticed your F has two additional steel brace that extend from the firewall to the lower portion of the cowl. Are those from the factory or was a aftermarket add-on? I just finish my first annual and was surprised besides a row of screws where the lower cowl meets the fuselege, there is nothing help holding up the lower cowl once the top cowl is removed.
  11. Guys, I just want to close the loop and provide some updates after the governor replacement. After the governor was replaced with a unit using the correct gear ratio, I was able to get 2674 RPM on a take-off roll. This is almost 70 rpm improvement comparing to the before number - 2607 RPM. I'm still not getting 2700 RPM, but I also didn't lean the engine for best power. The OAT was 90 plus. Therefore, I suspect I could probably easily get another 25 rpm if I lean the engine before take off. For reference below are the numbers Before full rich Static Run: ~2450RPM B
  12. @xcrmckenna Of course, I'll get right on it.
  13. speed tape it is! Let's hope it holds better than duct tape. The duct tape used fall apart and expose the fibers in the doct tape. It was a quite a mass to remove.
  14. Are you able to get to 2600 rpm on static run? There are few others here that can't get to 2600. I was able to get to 2578 after aggressive leaning of mixture.
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