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  1. I read enough great things about dynamic balancing prop. Does any one have a recommendation on a shop in CA or NV that provide this service?
  2. My research suggest a well late 60's Mooney with Somewhat updated avionics (Garmin 430 GPS, 340 Audio Penal, and without ADSB) Mid time engine Decent Interior and exterior Tank sealed within the past 10 years No major sqawk Fetch about $60k to $72k. So, I would value the Mooney mentioned in OP's post to be about between $2k to $12k. If the exterior is also in bad shape and the aircraft is not airworthy, it would probably fetch more if sold for parts.
  3. For those that carry spare tube, what additional tools do you carry to install the tube?
  4. Does the coordinator has a trim knob for PC?
  5. @smwash02 The one your shown in Barnstormers is actually in airworthy condition. The 172 I mentioned is not. But it is newer in term of age. Assuming V-Ref is correct and an airworthy 1973 172 can fetch $59k, here is my math. Fair Market Value: $59k Overhaul O320 Engine: minus $23k Install overhauled engine: minus $4k Install ADSB: minus $2k Install a Garmin 430: minus $6k Freshen up interior: minus $8k Final Value of aircraft: $16k Let me know if any of my estimate is out of line.
  6. Is it just me or, vintage Cessna seems to have higher value when comparing to a similar vintage Mooney?
  7. What's great idea! But, you are placing alot faith on that small weld. I would suggest adding a small gusset preferable on the wheel side of the weld.
  8. I would have post this question in a Cessna forum, but I like to get some objective opinion. I came across a 73' Cessna 172 and here is what I know It has been sitting out in the Southwest desert sun for the past 5 years Avionics are all original from 73'. (No GPS, modern audio panel, etc...) Interior appears to be original as well (aka, serviceable, but not pretty) Exterior condition looks dated, but serviceable Airframe hours is 6000 Engine hours unknown, but we will assume overhaul is require since it has been idle for extended period of time. This 172 is equipped with O320 producing 150HP. How much would you assess the value this aircraft? How much would you assess a similar aircraft if it is with a low-time engine in an airworthy condition?
  9. Go read about Tesla's Model 3 production ramp up. Unless we are talking about producing 500 Mooney per week, automation is out of the question. If GA industry wants that kind of demand, a new aircraft need to start around $100k, not $500k. There is one of the reasons why experimental is one of that fastest growing sector in GA. $35k will get you a airplane that will do 165 knots. $100k will get you a nice RV-10 that is large enough to take the family.
  10. I see it now. I was reading the top numbers as if 108 was the equivalent of full of unknown scale.
  11. Does any one know the scale for the number on top of the fuel gauge? 36, 72, 108
  12. @cliffy
  13. Now we got this topic mostly covered. Here is the thread where I found the original picture.
  14. @M20Doc Since you have seen few that came apart, can you share if it is a catastrophic failure to the engine operation if that happens while in flight?
  15. Yes, I do really want to know!! While Mooney design is old, I have found almost nothing is designed for the sake of expediency. I'm sure there is a reason why this cylinder #4 down pipe end up with two slip joint and one of its joint has a clamp!! @Clarence