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  1. @deanders Thanks, but I'm looking for a right aileron. I would put it in the classified section MS. I'm sure someone will need it one day.
  2. Does any one know if a 67 M20E alieron would fit a 69 M20E?
  3. Acquired the airplane last year. So, it now has a new owner and A&P to make sure things are done right. Log shows this governor was installed in 2011. Shockingly, a Mooney Service Center did an annual in 2012 and didn't find the issue. I begin to believe the collective knowledge on MS is probably far greater than most shop - except Don Maxwell....
  4. @David Lloyd It is a real governor bracket. The guy at the governor repair station confirmed the old bracket was made by Woodward. I have no doubt the aluminum bracket would have work just fine if no one has "improved" its design. Nevertheless, I now have a new Mccalley bracket. @N231BN The governor arm is contacting the stop before the blue knob reaching the end of the travel in the cockpit. We made sure of that. I will review the Mccalley governor adjustment procedures.
  5. Things we find in a 50 years airplane..... When my AP trys to remove the governor, the bracket promptly snapped off the governor. A quick examination of the bracket shows the bracket was modified. Dare I say by someone with access only to stone tools. Showing in the picture, the part circled in red is only part where the inner strip of aluminum connect with the actual bracket. This thing could have broke off in-flight!! In any case, a freshly overhauled Mccalley governor with Mccalley bracket are now install on the airplane. My static run RPM has now reach 2574, still short of the 2600 by 25 rpm. We didn't have time to mess with the stop screw since it was getting dark. I will be back at the field in the morning to back the adjustment screw on the governor out by one turn, which should increase the rpm by 25. Let's hope this will get me the 2600 rpm I was shooting for. During take off row, I should be able to get 2700.
  6. Thanks @MB65E and @N201MKTurbo. I wasn't sure I would find that in the prop manual or the engine manual.
  7. I'll bite. It's not specific to Mooney, but it may be useful Prop Angle Gauge. Print them and buy a 3/4" square aluminum pipe from Home Depot. Attach to the prop and measure the angel. Prop Angle Gauge v2.stl
  8. Does any one knows the torque value of. the bolts/nuts that attached the spinner bulkhead to the fly wheel?
  9. Found more info on Google. These guys are selling the exact same Woodward governor and claim it fits M20A-G. I have a M20E, it would make sense someone would install a Woodward B210345 as a replacement. However, since my engine started its life in a M20J, the original governor should have been either C290D5/T17 or DC290D1/T5. (Ref to page B-347). I wonder if someone could have replace it with a wrong governor based on the my aircraft model, instead of the engine model. In any case, PCU5000 isn't going to since it is not STC for M20J power plant. So, overhaul may be my only option.
  10. I just reviewed my log book and look like the governor was last overhauled in 2011. The big surprise is the governor doesn't match any thing the prop shop says I should have on a IO360-A3B6D engine. Mfg: Woodward Model: B210345 Does any one knows anything about Woodward governor?
  11. @carusoam There you go. A poor man's prop angle gauge. . I also have the prop shop on the field perform the same measurement. They got 13.8 and I got 13.95. The spec is 13.9. Either way, both measurement is within 0.2 tolerance. The phone was first placed on the floor above a 1-2-3 block to measure the floor angle as a baseline. The prop angle measured between 14.8 to 14.7. The number jumps every few seconds. I would call it 14.75. Subtracting the floor measure of 0.8. I have 13.95. The good news is, low stop on prop is not the problem. The only thing left now is the governor sending unwanted high pressure oil to the prop. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the governor from the equation. My next stop is either overhaul the governor or get a PCU5000. As for PCU5000, besides lighter weight and newer design, what exact does it do that outperform the 50 years governor in my bird?
  12. @EricJ. I fixed the wording on the survey.
  13. Great Advice!! I could not agree more.
  14. Momentary only. I assumed there may be other issue with the power plant since the governor was able to reach 2700 with the help of gravity. With the latest static run, it would seem the cause may be the governor. I did one more test run after that, and the RPM never reached 2700. It is entirely possible that engine oil was been thicker at the first test run that made the governor react slower. Nevertheless, the smokeing gun is now the governor.
  15. I throw that in there only for good measure. After all, the median salary of aircraft mechanics is around $30 per hour. In order for a A&P to make a living at $25 rate for side job, I would assume he/she already have a day job with full insurance and benefit.