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  1. I can't believe LASAR aren't taking responsibility of this issue. I was going to call them for my next annual, but this is giving me a second thought. Regardless, amazing working organizing the logistic and know how to move a Mooney using a heli.
  2. Carusoam, I'm still amazed how fast you reply to most posts on this site. Perhaps the question I should be asking is, will this fit a IO-360?
  3. I ask in case if somone STCed a IO360 into it...
  4. @David Lloyd Which motor did the exhaust came from? IO360 or O360?
  5. Same thing happen to me while I was a student pilot. Except I was about 200 feet AGL in a Cessna. It was a good practice for go-around. The jet got a little pissy at the tower for putting a Cessna in front of him. I enjoyed the brief argument between them while I climb up to pattern altitude. Keep in mind that if you feel tower's instructions is putting your aircraft in danger, as you the PIC can always ignore him and land the aircraft anyway.
  6. If you don't have ADSB Receiver yet, here is option that will kill two birds with one stone. ADSB-Receiver + CO monitoring all in one unit. I got one for sale still in the box for $410 shipped.
  7. I broke one of the zerk fitting when I grease my gear last time. I have been advised by a A&P to use the needle greaser instead of the usually push on grease gun.
  8. Perhaps your sister can continue her liability coverage on top of OP's renter's insurance?
  9. A week after I got my PPL, I planned a trip into SFO Class B. Parting advise from my CFI was to remind me that I'm the PIC. If ATC ask me to do something crazy, tell them "unable!!". Sure enough, when I got to SFO class B, they asked me to do a left 360 and maintain below 2000 when the mountain on my left is only 1944 feet.
  10. Of course we want to see the actual staff!! Does "loop and hook fasteners" = "Industrial grade Velcro? I have seen variable of velcro that is strong that if the adhesive isn't apply correctly, adhesive will fail before the two sides of velcro come apart. The challenges of using Velcro in automative or aircraft installation is always making sure the adhesive doesn't fail after the normal heating and cooling cycle.
  11. One more thing. Most M20E shouldn't be a high performance unless it got a turbo or some other mod. High performance is defined as 201 HP or more. M20E is only rated for 200 ponies.
  12. Set up rent-to-buy agreement with your sister. Buy rental insurance during private training. AOPA is a good place to start for rental insurance.
  13. @carusoam Point well taken. It some point, it may have been cheaper to overhaul the mag then paying IA's hourly rate to troubleshoot.
  14. @PT20J You 100% correct that the motor/prop combo came from a M20J. The donor M20J continue its life and became Missile 300. Sadly, that M20J end up in a off-field landing into a river 2014. Look like all evidence points back to the engine it self. I'll still measure the prop pitch since it is pretty easy to do with modern smartphone app. My IA and I have an appointment this weekend to start troubleshoot the engine starting with ignition.