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  1. Like others, I was in Jacksonville just last week and kept the plane on the ramp at Albert Ellis airport. I'll be back in early may if things don't work out with someone else.
  2. Some light reading on this subject also indicates that the LS3 is limited to 350ish HP for aircraft use. I believe it is rated for over 450 for auto use. I don't think these engines will have any trouble making it to 500 hours. The biggest downfall of these auto conversions seems to be the reduction unit. Without some serious R&D, it's difficult to make a reliable product for this task. I certainly think something could be developed. Let ok at turbo prop gear boxes that can handle and reduce much higher levels of torque and HP.
  3. What do you think about titanium gears? Is there a reason why this doesn't already exist?
  4. At this point, it's just a dream. I haven't through about exactly which model I will go with but I know it will be a lancair. I also agree with you re the engine choice. I have read a lot of negative stuff about car to plane transitions and I def don't want to pick from the two choices you listed. I'm hopeful that we will have a good turbine solution by that point as that would make for the ultimate fast plane.
  5. Don't tempt me with a good time! I've always to build a fast experimental using an LS motor. Of course, it would be one hell of a project to undertake and the results could be less than ideal. I don't know if I would ever build something like this using a piston engine but I may take you up on that offer for a Lancair someday.
  6. So if I understand you correctly, I have to wait a little longer to give up all my money?
  7. I don't know what else to say but to offer every cent I have. You guys decide for yourselves.
  8. I think they should have spent the money for this"study" on their current immigration problems instead. What a waste of time and energy.
  9. Where can we pick up these parts? I would certainly buy a case and crankshaft and put it aside.
  10. The highest temp I've ever seen is around 195 in the summer and that's usually during the climb on the second flight of the day.
  11. I took a picture yesterday at 4500' on a relatively cool day. Keep in mind this picture shows the power pulled back to maintain 75% or less to lean out the engine. I find the ROT to lean once above 3000' without reducing throttle to be highly inaccurate. This is especially true in the winter on a nice cool day.
  12. So, should I replace the solenoid?
  13. I learned a very good piece of information today relating to our starting system. This knowledge came from my friend who went flying with me today. I'm not sure how similar the staring system is across the variety of mooney's but mine is a 63C. We pulled the plane out of the hangar this morning and all was well until I turned The ignition key. Rather than a turning prop, all I got was an odd electrical noise from an unknown source. There was no clicking or anything that I was used to seeing and hearing. The battery was fully charged, engine had been kept warm overnight, and there was no obvious issue. I gave up and just backed the plane into the hangar. Thankfully, my friend is a little more knowledgeable on this issue than me. He also noted that the starter solenoid did not seem to be working as needed. His recommendation was to tap on it since it was easily accessible to shake it loose. So, that's what we did and sure enough, the prop started to turn. All was normal after that. His guess was that the cold night must have just done a number on the solenoid and it simply needed some help to start working again. If it weren't for him, not only would I have missed out on a great day to fly but would also have spent money to have someone look at it for absolutely no reason. So, if anyone ever experiences a similar problem, give this simple and easy solution a try.
  14. Having looked into the 310 as I would like to purchase one at some point, it is a very capable platform even on single engine. Based on the article, there were some kids in the plane so I find it hard to imagine that it so so heavily loaded that it could not manage a lesser rate of descent. Also, being a mile from the airport and still being below blue line speed seems unlikely unless they started experiencing issues right after TO and let the airspeed fall out of their scan. We will wait and see what happened but hopefully we can all learn from this tragedy.
  15. For those who haven't seen or heard about the story, here is a link to what happened yesterday: Those of you who own or have owned a twin, in curious to know what you guys make of this incident. Watching the grainy video of the plane right before the crash, I can see an extremely high rate of descent but it does not look like a spin. By the accounts of this video, it appears the pilot was flying the plane all the way down but in a neighborhood, options are less than limited. I don't know what could have caused a dual engine failure but if I had to guess, I'd say it's fuel related. Anyways, it was a tough situation for the pilot to say the least. Curious as to what you guys think.