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  1. Thank you for posting that. This should pretty much silence all the nay sayers but i'm sure some will continue to beat the same drum.
  2. I used to have an iPad 2 that would strap to my leg but I hated being heads down all the time to use it. I stepped up to an iPad mini 4 a few months back with a yoke mount and I will never go back to any other method. It does not obstruct anything and the size of a mini is a great compromise between usability and clunky in a small cockpit.
  3. I just placed an order with hooker harness for 2 sets. The plan is to either fabricate or buy a mounting kit to attack the shoulder belt to the frame without drilling/welding to maintain the "minor mod" status. My IA has done these installs before so I'm pretty confident in his abilities. ill take pictures and let you guys know how it goes. For $400 bucks, this is a significantly better deal. Screw the other company!
  4. So I had a very similar issue with my C. If your fuel sending unit gaskets are not leaking, you need to check the selalant on the outboard side of the tanks. If the smell is only happening with full tanks, it may be a leak at the very top of the outside of the fuel tank. Since the cockpit is not sealed, some of the smell will make its way into the cockpit even without fuel in the cockpit. This was the problem with mine.
  5. Are you talking about the support arm that holds the door open? If so, my IA just fabricated and replaced mine. If you want him to make one for you, let me know.
  6. On cold days, I've seen similar results. I don't think I'd lose any sleep over it.
  7. My IA also recommended contacting Hooker harness. I'm calling them on Monday to see what they can do. Would you guys be interested in a group buy if they can do it for us?
  8. Not too sure where you are seeing the $600 price. Here is a snapshot of my basket with 2 belts for the front with shipping. Add the minor mod kit and you are at over $750 plus install.
  9. Read the description carefully. These are intended to J's that already have mounting points. The older mooney do not and cost insanely more.
  10. Thanks for taking what I said literally. If given the choice being having my face smashed and not smashed, I would not go with the former. Please explain to the rest us what justification a company has for increasing their price 40% over a 3 year period for a product as simple as a strap and mounting point. I sell stuff as well but once my R&D cost is recovered, the price comes down....not increase. I'm glad you see nothing wrong with this ripoff because the industry certainly needs customers like you who are even afraid to question this insanity.
  11. I'm also looking to do this to my C but the price is certainly appalling. Considering it's nothing but a seatbelt strap, how the hell they are justifying nearly a grand for it all is more than amazing. This kind of price gouging makes me want to start my own damn production line.
  12. I would. If nothing else, you may learn something about your engine that you otherwise would not. I would also recommend doing an inflight mag check as they recommend. This is a good way to find out the condition of your engine all the way down to how the spark plugs may be performing. With all the other money we spend on these machines, the $100 spent on this will be more than worth while.
  13. James, My IA is looking at it next week so I will let you know if I end up needing one.
  14. I def have an alternator. I am thinking there is something up with the electrical system because my JPI indicated low battery voltage a couple weeks ago on startup. I looked down at the ammeter and noticed it was at 0. My reaction was to reset the mater switch and everything came back to normal. I think a new voltage regulator might be needed if all the wires look to be secure and nothing obvious is amiss.
  15. Is this what I need?