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  1. Looking at these prices, I can't believe my eyes. I feel like I should offer to pay them more because its going on an airplane.
  2. Thanks guys...looks like T65 is the ideal spot.
  3. All, my Mooney is in need of an annual and no one here in Corpus Christi seems to want to work on Mooney’s. I’m looking for recommendation for either a shop or an independent mechanic who might be able to help me out. I am based out of KCRP and have a shared hangar so I am unable to perform any mx on the field. I would like to keep things within a 100-200 miles of CRP.
  4. I may need to do the same thing this annual. My pump also will build pressure as yours does but then drops off immediately as the pump is switched off. I see absolutely no pressure fluctuations when the throttle is pumped. I suppose at $114 bucks, it’s worth replacing and checking.
  5. par

    Fuel flow calibration

    Can't comment specifically on your device but I have an EDM-830 with FF and adjusting it is a very simple process. My first fuel flow transducer malfunctioned and I had to replace it but it would show zero most of the time and erratic readings other times. A replacement unit fixed the issue. Changing the K-factor is a very simple process using the formula provided in the instruction book. It has been great so far and I will never fly another plane without it.
  6. I'm doing a rather long trip with my dad from Corpus Christi, TX to Hayward next month as well. I'll be keeping the mooney there for almost a month out on the ramp. I called last week to check their fees and they said it would cost $50/week. I'm going to see if I can get one week waived. Fuel prices are also very reasonable there compared to Oak. I'm really looking forward to this trip of a lifetime.
  7. par

    Just happened to me

    Been though this already. I caught it on the outbound taxi when then the pedals went right down to the floor. FBO was good about it and got it all fixed up within a couple weeks and bought us southwest tickets instead.
  8. par

    Flying the east coast

    Super easy to fly over or through the NY class B. I normally fly from viginia beach to KISP and start my descent over Sandy hook. I'll ask for an early turn direct to KISP and approach is usually accommodating. If they can't clear me for the descent there, they have me fly direct JFK to cross at 5500' and then direct KISP while descending. Very easy to deal with.
  9. Taking the rotor you see in the pictures and attempting to make it turn safely at up to 40k RPM. The goal is to get 30lbs to thrust out of it. The teeth you see on the spinner act as a retaining ring to hold the blades together and prevent any individual blade from departing the rotor hub above their rated RPM. I'm hopeful this electric fan will be a good replacement for small and very expensive turbines used on RC jets. the 5th pictures there is a tailcone that will go on the back of the brushless motor and clean up the high velocity airflow. It will also give the motor some support as it weighs over 2lbs while allowing me to route the motor wires out into the fuselage using one of the 3 spokes. Here is a video of what happens when a blade decides to leave the rotor:
  10. 3d printing is indeed amazing. I do a small amount of manufacturing using 3D printing via My latest project was a spinner that must be made from stainless steel pictured below both in 3D and also in stainless. The cost to do this is less than $50/piece. Compare that to $250/piece for a CNC prototype using a 5 axis machine which is the only way to make something this complicated. I also added some pictures of another part that I'm printing out of plastic. This part can not be made any other way due to some of the complex structure. 3D printing is definitely the future.
  11. par

    o-360 overhaul

    I've been told worst case 25k by a shop out in Cali. You will most likely be around 20K+ depending on what needs replacing.
  12. Yes that's one way to do it. I should have clarified but my experience with foam backed airtex carpet was that it would stretch and shift wherever it was not secured by whatever method someone chooses. This was mostly because the foam backing provides zero structure to it. In comparison, a carpet with a harder backing will have a structure and it'll be less likely to move and shift as you enter and exit. The heavily trafficked parts of the airtex carpet were looking "stretched", if that makes any sense when compared to other areas.
  13. At $49/yard, there is no need to go with auto carpet IMO. The carpet I'm looking at is much better quality than the carpet in my cars. The material holding the carpet fibers together is a flexible plastic and will be very easy to secure to the floor without fear of it moving around. Theres no drama here as far as I can tell...just sharing information. To each his own though.
  14. Since several of you have asked for the pattern, here is my plan: I am going to order 2 yards of carpet and do all the cutting and fitting myself in order to ensure a near perfect fit. Once complete, I'm going to send it off to SCS and have them finish the binding. I will also make improvements to the pattern once I know the carpet is fitting well and make a good second copy of it. From there, I'll mail off the pattern to the first person who asked for it. We can just continue sharing it as needed. I will see if SCS can simply use the cut carpet that I will mail them as a pattern for future purposes.
  15. Good question. I can send a better picture and you might be able to compare.