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  1. Browncbr1


    wow, never heard of the AV20S until now.. looks pretty cool! I wonder if the OAT can be pulled from the JPI or air data from a G5??
  2. Browncbr1

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    For low cost option, check out the trig tt22 and they have a Waas module box sold separately if position source is needed. It has a built in encoder as well.
  3. Browncbr1

    Try to patch or strip/reseal

    Thanks for all the detail. I already have the polygone and gram scale.. and will pick up the flamemaster products. My A&P doesn't want to do it, but he said he would observe and sign off... I just have the bottom lap seam leaking, so I'm hoping I just need to remove two top inspection panels to get the job done... I saw the flamemaster 12oz cans have a 6 month shelf life... I can't imagine using much on what I need to do and I don't plan on using the leftover material within 6 months. Would I be able to seal two access panels with one 3.5oz tube? I'm wondering if I can seal the full length of the lower lap seam using just one 3.5oz tube also?
  4. Browncbr1

    Try to patch or strip/reseal

    Did you do just one coat of flamemaster, then seal the inspection panels also using flame master? Which flamemaster product did you use? I also see all the different kinds of proseal and all on spruce, but haven’t yet figured out which is best for a weekend patch like you described.
  5. Browncbr1

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    Just make sure winds aloft below 5000 don’t exceed about 20kts (particularly from NE or SW) and you should be ok. If winds are above 20-25kts at 3000, then I won’t go across the mountains any lower than about 9000. Going into the wind is even more rough. Afternoon pop ups are frequent over the mountains, as low winds help push air up. If early morning and little wind, then it will be a beautiful flight for you! Lastly, be ready to pull out your wallet for the folks at signature.
  6. While visiting 3G3 (Wadsworth, OH), one of the young ramp guys came up to talk.. He was very friendly and clearly passionate about aviation. He's paying his way through aviation school by working for the FBO and he also does photography for fun. He seems like a really good kid. Anyway, he pulled out his camera and started taking pictures and tracked me down somehow to email them to me. I just thought I would post here if anyone in Ohio wanted to support a nice young gentleman come up in the aviation industry. His name is Aaron and here is a link to his website He said he would be very excited to do air to air photography if someone wanted to do it..
  7. Browncbr1

    IFR Setup

    @Skates97 For several years I tried to figure out a cheap route. For a while I thought I would get a 300xl, etc. then 430, then 430w... finally, I realized that all of those options were not really adding enough capability/$... finally decided on spending a few grand more and got gtn and G5’s. Man, I’m so glad I did. I’m so much more happy, and I think the plane holds more value if I neede to sell it if I ever go to a twin. I really recommend, whatever gps you get, get a G5 or aspen or similar to get the most out of your gps. If you’re able, it’s better to do it all at once. When I spent the money to do all of it, I looked at it as a choice between buying a nice used car or panel upgrade. I said, ok, no problem to keep driving my Lincoln another 10 years if I can be happy flying. Who cares about driving anyway. Isn’t that why we have planes, so we don’t have to drive!?!??
  8. Browncbr1

    Pilot training

    Although I went to Auburn, and it’s a great school, MTSU also has that delta partnership. My freshman roommate at AU went through the aviation program at AU and liked it. I believe they have a fleet of 172s. mTSU has a ton of diamonds that swarm MBT like knats.
  9. Browncbr1

    New attitude indicator

    Brittain G5 Dwg Rev A.pdf G5 Hook Up, No Transformers.pdf
  10. Browncbr1

    New attitude indicator

    Very nice. Has moving map in arc mode. Ultimately, AP integration is why I got the dual G5s, so this one would need that to compete.
  11. Browncbr1

    Directional indicator drift

    Sorry, i don’t have that anymore. I do have one of the original style horizontal card DGs available though if anyone needs it.
  12. Browncbr1

    Wish me luck...

    Chris, just a little reminder... A&Ps kill pilots too. Don’t assume that an A&P or IA designation means that they are never wrong. They are humans and many are a little rusty at best. And sometimes, when they are wrong, the result is very serious or deadly. Many of us on here try to become experts on our equipment. I assume you have been learning a lot, as we all do everyday. We do this so we and our loved ones might hopefully run a lower risk of being killed. I humbly encourage you to slow down until “I think” is no longer in your mind. Its also easy to do away with the number one cause of GA accidents by keeping your tanks full. Glad you landed safely.
  13. Browncbr1

    Where to Find Replacement Exhaust?

    Can the PF slip joints be lubricated at annual without removing the lower cowl?
  14. Browncbr1

    Fuel Flow at Full Power

    Last month, I cleaned the finger screen at the fuel servo and found a slight increase in FF on takeoff... (a little bit of debris was found) caveat; I also replaced the mixture cable, so it could have been that previous cable wasn't hitting the stop all the way.
  15. I did it once and was able to get it running. The trick is to turn it over some to get it primed. My very experienced A&p did it, and he is anal about anyone touching the prop. He disconnects all plugs when doing any kind of work on a plane.