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  1. I just moved it to sit on top of the fiberglass... I think some electrical tape around the bottom of the gps puck would help. Or get a new one that has plastic all around the puck. This particular antenna is a cheap one I had on the shelf from an old stratux build. I guess I had that one coming.
  2. Insight strike finders can be found on the cheap and still serviced by insight. I bought one for $160 with antenna and bought a new cable from insight for $200. I had it installed where my old narcomatic adf belly bulb was.. I have found it extremely useful in summer flying with adsb on the screen. You can upgrade the screen to LED too. Edit; I just searched eBay for strikefinders and was really surprised by the prices. I guess they aren’t as cheap as they used to be.
  3. I just wanted to provide a little update here. I went out to the field today to look over things. First, I inspected the ga35 antenna very closely with a magnifying glass. It looks perfect and sealant is perfect. Then, I looked at the bnc connectors to ensure everything was good and not touching anything else. So I pulled the gtn breaker and verified I had gps on the iPad, then turned avionics master on.. neither the gdl, nor the aera could get gps signal. iPad gps sitting on my wingwalk was ok. I stuck my finger under the glare shield to undock the aera and then the satellite signal page lit up. I then thought, ok, something is going on under the glare shield... I pull it up a little to reveal the remote external gps antenna that is hooked up to the GDL39. Its been there for years sitting on top of the panel subframe. The remote antenna has a plastic film coating on the metal on the bottom side of it. Some of the film was worn away from the edge and it seems it was grounding to my panel, which was jamming signals. I moved the antenna to sit on the fiberglass glareshield and I could not replicate the signal jamming issue. Duuuuuuuuuhhhh
  4. Sorry to comment in a way that doesn’t convey my thinking. Yes, there are speed differences in precipitation... but there are equal and greater differences for things that are unplanned like vectoring, deviations, altitude changes, holds, turbulence, mountain wave, actual winds that are quite different from published winds, etc. or like the other day when my gps signal was jammed and I had to fly VORs. So, to me, flying through some precipitation is a tiny variable that isn’t worth calculating because I plan a conservative fuel load to ensure it doesn’t need to be considered anyway. Plus, type of precipitation varies hugely. I’ve been in hard rain that is accompanied by lift that added 10-20ktas... I’ve also been in light drizzle that included so much sink that I lost 20 kts and everything in between. Usually, my gross weight affects TAS more than anything and even then, the actual winds are a bigger factor.
  5. I’d be happy with 2% increase. Last year I got 5% 8 months into the term and year before that about 25%, against lease terms. No reason given other than the option to move out.
  6. I don’t stretch my fuel load that thin if there is any weather requiring deviations.
  7. I found this on VAF.. seems to be well documented. Seems that the antenna can inadvertently ground and the antenna becomes a transmitter rather than receiver, thus jamming everything. This is also from early 2018, which is exactly when my unit was installed.
  8. Oh wow, yes, if you go back and look at the flightaware data, on HTS approach before switching to Indy center, you can see the track go really jaggedly. The bearing goes back and forth 90 degrees each data point from there throughout. Really weird. It was smooth and decent winds..
  9. No Notams and no other aircraft in the area had issues.
  10. Thanks for all the ideas guys. This install is 3 years old and was done from scratch by a proper shop. Never had any outage before. Im going to try turning on handheld gps units prior to powering the gtn on to see if the gtn antenna is causing some kind of rf interference.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. I have flown this route many times, so I doubt it would be any of the com frequencies, plus I kept changing along the way. I don’t have a dme, as I know those frequencies can interfere without using a switch or filter, or whatever it’s called. I’ll try turning off my kx155 and other stuff to see if that helps. Thanks for the idea.
  12. Hey guys, flying up to Ohio today, 30 minutes into the flight, all gps signals lost on all devices. Independently ... iPhones, iPads included. It was like gps signal was completely jammed on my airframe for the duration of the flight all the way to the ground 1.5 hours later. While I was flying VORs, I tried cycling power ... nothing. After landing, I shut down and tried turning the gtn back on, but nothing within about a minute, so I just turned it all back off and tied down. I pulled the aera660 out on the ramp and was able to get signal. And iPad came back to life as well. Is it possible for an airframe to somehow become a ferrite choke and block gps reception? Doesn’t make sense even if that’s the case, as the antenna is external. No other planes in the area had any problems. Any ideas? the only recent maintenance changes were a new Concorde battery, but I had flown twice before this flight without problem. The only think first on this flight was a new navdata update for the gtn. thanks craig
  13. That’s ok, you can probably make do with that as long as there is enough stretch. You just can’t use very stiff stuff like bicaste or heavily coated, which sometimes is used in automotive. The yokes don’t require much at all. I used leftover scraps from my interior project. To estimate how much, you can cover the yokes in masking tape and draw where your seam lines will go, then peal off, cut and try to lay flat on poster board, then smooth lines, then cut out. This will get you close to the ballpark of a pattern starting point, but you will need to use some hide to work out the pattern as you go.. sew it together as best you can and adjust pattern where needed... finally, you’ll have to measure precisely the distance along all curves of mating pattern panels so they sew together correctly without warp.
  14. Sell and pay off all debt and adopt a lifestyle well within your means. Build equity and net worth.. Revisit ownership in 10 years into your new career. You will be in a much better position.