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  1. The altitude reference chamber is not in this photo. That is the brain box and the diaphragm box. One of the tiny latex tubes from the brain box goes to the reference chamber. The reference chamber is literally just a totally enclosed aluminum box that has a single hose fitting for the small latex tube to connect to. You could literally make a reference chamber using pvc pipe with end caps and a hose connection. Almost always, no one knows what it is or what it does, so usually it is not included when people are selling a ‘complete alt hold” setup. 99% of people selling alt hold setups don’t include this critical component.
  2. Yea, I prefer my bose X over the zulu3... the sierra/tango over the bose x... and then my in ear headset over all of them.. the bose A20 is good and comfortable, but if your battery dies, you can't hear anything...
  3. The Sierra has a completely different clamping design using two independent springs and ear cups are more comfortable. It feels lighter to me too.. The zulu uses basically a metal leaf spring head band. it sucks... Even if the zulu were $600, I'd still buy the sierra... it's just better in every way IMHO..
  4. I bought a zulu3 and sent it back. I think the Sierra and tango are way better than the Zulu... I’ve since, switched to in-ear setup and like it best.
  5. I agree with turning off the YD as part of GuMPs. Maybe not a big issue on smaller planes, but if in any kind of heavy cross wind landing situation, the YD fights you as you slip upwind wing down to keep straight on the center line. Bigger the plane, the bigger the issue. Very big PITA trying to land a twin in heavy cross wind with YD engaged. YD is off below 1000agl when I’m flying.
  6. I was looking at the garmin caps that transmit pressure and I read one review that after 6 months, one cap sprung a leak and the tire went flat overnight. That’s when I quit looking at any of those things.
  7. @Sabremech how’s it coming along? Any updates to share??
  8. Departing was easy, Hubbard nine with Texarkana transition, then got direct when switching to center.
  9. For future readers:: It ended up being super simple. In anticipation, I filed direct to sasie. 30 miles from sasie they asked me if I have the sasie five star aboard.. I said yes and they asked me to fly it from sasie, which is only a heading after crossing sasie and wait for vectors. They asked me to slow 20knts, which was a pain, but otherwise was simple.
  10. Yea, we are going to Texas Jet. We will be IFR. On further looking, it seems I might expect truuk two arrival with RRONY transition. Then just get vectors after truuk.
  11. @gsxrpilot and other Texas fliers... I’m headed to Fort Worth (KFTW) on short notice and have never flown that airspace. We are coming from the east (around SLR) at 6 or 8k ft in a baron. Should I expect the Sasie five from BYP, or a big vector arc or straight over TTT?
  12. The drawings have been done for a long time.. see attached two alternate methods. I was told they sent these to Garmin, but my guess is that no one pushed or followed up with Garmin. Brittain G5 Dwg Rev A.pdf G5 Hook Up, No Transformers.pdf
  13. I did not turn the autopilot power off at the switch. I only hit the disconnect button on the yoke, which does not kill power to the AP system. So, I’ll see if it still sticks even when turning the AP power switch off.
  14. It’s definitely the pitch servo.. yesterday, I turned off the electric trim and just trimmed manually for the whole flight. After disconnecting, it did it again.