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  1. I’m glad I decided to pull my trim shafts this year. The middle and rear phenolic blocks were ok, well away from aluminum. However, the front one was clearly letting the shaft rub the bulkhead. Luckily, the wear is about half of the allowable limit, so I’m good to go with new grommets and tape.
  2. I fly a baron 58 (part91 commercial) with colemill and fox star conversions. It has 4 blade q-tips and winglets. I don’t think they are rated for 310hp though...I think it was 300hp for the baron application. In any case, they are smooth and from all I gather on BT, those are as bulletproof as io-320. I’ve only put a few hundred hours on it so far, but I’m pretty sold on them. Smooth LOP operations all the way to cut off on stock injectors. One thing I’ve heard said about these is if you loose a jug, it can still limp home on the other 5. With a flat 4, you lose a jug and you have to shut it down. Although I have become used to traveling 190-200kts, and I really love flying the baron, it never ceases to amaze me how expensive a pair of these things are to operate, even as efficiently as possible using the jpi 900. So, I still love my 4 banger F model because it gets the job done and I can afford unlimited mx and fuel.. I built out a nice comfortable interior, so the extra time enroute doesn’t bother anyone. Luxurious interior, acoustic/thermal insulation, and vibration dampening are excellent alternatives to expensive speed mods. Making the whole experience nicer makes the time go by quicker. Best value in aviation is a well fitting Home Depot door seal!!! I’m starting to think maybe relief tube!
  3. I have an f, flown J, K, and ovation2... i fly a baron with io-550 engines often and have come to really like that engine. Sooooooooo smoooooth LOP 12-13gph If I wanted to move up from my F, I would without a doubt go with ovation with io-550. try to find one with 3 or 4 blade prop. The two blade O2 takes a bit of airspeed before it starts to bite well.
  4. Ring out all your pins to make sure you don’t have any wires backwards, which is easy with so many Gray code connections. If all pins/connections are correct. Are any of your wires shielded? if you end up needing it, I have a nice Sandia SAE5-35 encoder on my shelf that is like new with connector. It has about 100hrs on it and it was always spot on, but I pulled it to to install a tt22 adsb out transponder that has an encoder built in.
  5. I use to carry a really good knife as well, but the TSA broke me of my habit during my frequent commercial travel days.
  6. 9564m is under the knife now. Pictures to follow. I just realized that I’ll be needing a new canopy cover to fit this windshield. Does anyone have a lightly used one to part with? I have a MAC’s cover now which isn’t the greatest, but is acceptable.
  7. Interesting. My experience is opposite. Charlotte never lets me transition, but I’m usually at 9 IFR. I’ve tried filing multiple ways. They always give me BUBBA. So now when I’m going to costal SC, I just go ahead and fly to BUBBA. ATL always clears me through.. the last time I went straight over ATL, they asked me to descend to 6 though.
  8. I was preparing a trip to go to Brookhaven. I was planning IFR , so I called the field and spoke to one of the line guys who is a pilot and said it’s absolutely no problem to go direct over JFK vor. He said that is how everyone gets back and forth IFR and VFR. He said if VFR, you’ll want to be at or above 7000.
  9. The previous owner of my plane overhauled the 2400hr engine just because of oil leaks, so you’re not alone if that is what you’re thinking. I had leaks on the case half seam and through bolts at the top of the engine, which I remedied. The cylinder through bolts are a bit more invasive. I’d be inclined to try and seal the front ones and see how it goes. That sounds like an excessive amount of oil loss. The key to getting any sealant to work is spend plenty of time doing a thorough removal of oil everywhere possible. I used many q-tips with acetone. Seems like I used MEK also, but can’t remember. I used a purple loctite product, can’t remember the number, but someone on here will recall which one.
  10. Yea, I can see how the phraseology doesn’t seem as expected, begging clarification. Someone on here last year posted that he got violated for not flying a procedure turn when cleared for the approach. Ever since then, I request clear confirmation of straight-in approach clearances. It’s gotten me in a healthy habit of not accepting anything but brutally clear unambiguous instructions from ATC. Thanks for posting this learning experience, glad you didn’t hit any antennas or anything.
  11. I’ve been cut off like that by RVs and Cessnas. The cirrus is usually not in the pattern. Around here it seems like they are always on long final. Do your belly checks guys!
  12. I know the controller gave you an altitude, but Sorry if I missed it in this thread, but did the controller ever say the words “until established” before saying “cleared rnav approach”?? Sometimes I’ll get “maintain X feet until the FAF” or “fly heading and altitude until established”
  13. I am Washington state right now between Pasco and Yakima. I’m going to checkout the cub crafters factory here. Maybe a carbon cub. I had wanted to fly my family out here in our F, but after studying the MEAs around SLC and north, I decided to leave that mission for another day with different equipment. I’m sure the F could have done it ok, but I didn’t want to deal with having the whole family on oxygen and being that heavy at that high DA. If it had been just me +1, I probably would have done it. I think you’ll have fun Bob. Good luck!
  14. Signed, Timmy. Seriously, the ignore/block feature is really awesome. I’ve enjoyed not reading what fools have to say. Maybe if everyone pledged to use that feature, then the forum would self regulate.