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  1. Backup AHRS

    Either XM changed something or there is a difference in receiving capability between Aera 510 and 560 because I could not get the marine subscription to work with my 510 back when i still had it.
  2. Garmin G5 Glideslope

    yes, it will work with GNS series.
  3. Experimental Avionics in Certified Aircraft

    Pay to play! Haha. Some fsdos are more reasonable than others.
  4. Any Way to get more Ventilation?

    I had not thought of that, and it makes good sense. I’ve flown in light and moderate precipitation and haven’t noticed any moisture coming through, but I didn’t have the scoop extended. The foam they used is the same type of basic low density urethane foam as the seats. I removed about half of what was in there. I was mainly just in there to ensure the overhead vent system is water tight all around the catch basin. Will keep in mind. Thanks!
  5. Any Way to get more Ventilation?

    I was searching for threads on the long side window mod and came across this old thread. Thought I would share that I found a great way to MASSIVELY increase overhead vent air flow on older models with the scoop on top of the cabin. remove the headliner and then remove the flat aluminum sheet in front of the water drain tube to access the vent chamber. yank out all the old foam that the factory put in there as a cabin air filter.... put it all back together and you will be blasted will nice fresh air the rest of your days!!
  6. I’ve been using fltplango with the gdl39 3D for a little while now. However, on the last two cross country flights, the app crashed a few times enroute. Adsb display settings have to be toggled to get them to display. I sent fltplan an email and I’m sure there will be an update.
  7. Backup AHRS

    I had the Dynon d2 for a while. It works well enough to get you back on the ground. I sold my Aera 510 and got the 660 and have been very happy with it. I sold the d2 and now rely on my dual G5s and 660 for ahrs. If I had to do it over again I would have mounted the 660 vertically on the right side of the pilot side panel rather than horizontally at top of center stack. The 660 shows synthetic vision with traffic targets as yellow circles if connected to gdl39 3D or gtx345
  8. Icing encounter

    I departed on Wednesday from Knoxville. Temp on the ground was 30 and initial climb was ssw bound to 9000. There was overcast a few miles to my left, but clear to the right. I was climbing in vmc about 5-8 miles west of the overcast in clear above and below. I looked at my wings and saw snow appeared to be right below me reflecting in the sun. Couldn’t see any except for reflecting in the sun. It didn’t restrict visibility at all. I guess the slow was floating 5 miles laterally upwind before falling. It was very strange, as no visible moisture in my immediate location or above me. I didn’t experience any icing, but just though I would share it. Im guessing the winds were blowing the clouds easterly much faster than the falling snow. There was a good tail wind for our trip.
  9. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    I’ll try to measure mine too. Flew to Kissimmee today with nice tail winds. I added a little more tape to #1 more like the photos of the angled aluminum pieces. My 1,2, and 3 are now within 1 degree of each other and 4 is now my coolest by 15 degrees. Thanks bob!
  10. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    dang maurauder, your chts are as close together as can be... I flew a short hop today and with aluminum tape on #1 and found that it does seem to help a little bit, but it's still the coolest. Perhaps it will have more effect up high in thinner air.. I was only at 3000 and OAT was 35.
  11. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Thanks, mine does not have those pieces but it lived it’s whole life in Minnesota before I bought it. Never had a graphic engine monitor either. I would just like to have my number One a little warmer and even
  12. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Do you know if those angle plates in front of #1 and #2 the part numbers called out in SB182? Or are they different as part of the ARI kit? Do you think you will retain them sense the tape seemed to help?
  13. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Bob, you had an ARI cowl before this mod, correct? I’ll try to put a little aluminum tape on my #1.
  14. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    Very interested to hear what the tape does.. I’ve always had #1 being too cool and #3 being hottest. I honestly never knew about sb182 until now, which explains why you guys have the third fixed cowl flap.
  15. What years were known bad metallurgy for tappets? Were all lycoming tappets from that time bad or was it hit and miss? My 1998 overhauled Io-360-a1a with about 700 hours and a lot of leaky gaskets, but otherwise seems smooth and makes good power. Never found any traces of metal. Flown every week, 25hr oil changes with Exxon elite and avblend.