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  1. Browncbr1

    Exxon Elite 20W-50 Oil - PENDING OBSOLETE

    I’m glad I ordered 4 cases of Exxon a couple months ago. I guess I have plenty of time to figure out what I will do next.
  2. Browncbr1

    Check your exhaust

    Is mouse milk useful at high temp?
  3. Browncbr1

    Flying on Instruments with No PC

    PC helps a lot, particularly if in any kind of turbulence. If pc is inop, it’s still easier to hand fly than some other planes out there.
  4. Browncbr1

    Temporarily Blocking off Vacuum pump?

    Plug the hose that went into your AI. The regulator will take up the difference. Do not plug the intake of the pump itself. It will overheat and fail.
  5. Browncbr1

    Going dual G5 questions.

    You can just plug the vacuum connections that would have gone to the instruments. The regulator will handle it.
  6. Browncbr1

    Rudder free-play

    Part of your preflight should include giving a slight lift on the bottom of the rudder to confirm no slop. Not much force is needed. I just lift up with one hand maybe 5-10lbs of force. If you hear or feel any movement, look into it more closely.
  7. Browncbr1

    SureFly Certified

    Depends on fsdo.. Lycoming will advise any fsdo that the owner has to buy an entirely new engine data plate for $100. Lycoming won’t tell you when they sell it to you that they automatically by default already stamp 20 degrees on it. And they won’t sell any marked 25. The Nashville fsdo wont give guidance in this catch 22. They won’t confirm it’s ok to restamp 25 on the data plate. Lycoming actually put out an SI that details a restamp is not allowed and the owner must buy a new data plate. So, many a mooney are left flying around timed at 25degrees and logbook entries noting the SB was undone, but physical data plate left unchanged. It means you have to have an IA that is ok with that. Other FSDO zones might allow data plate modifications. I’ve seen some plates that have been amdended by IAs who might not have talked with Lycoming or FSDO first. Lycoming came out with that SI after the optional 20d SB came out. For me, I would rather have a good running reliable engine without a kosher dataplate rather than a crappy coughing fouling weak engine that has the correct data plate. Whatevs
  8. Browncbr1

    SureFly Certified

    Mine was mistakenly set to 20d at second annual and it took me a while to figure out why it felt slightly weaker on roll and climb and also ran so much cooler. I kept fouling plugs and it generally ran like crap. Finally I figured out the timing issue, I got it back to 25d and have been happy ever after. Yea, it is a noticeable difference in performance!
  9. Browncbr1

    Seat foam "Re-do"

    I’ve done multiple car3 interiors using this foam. it comes with burn testing. Firmness is like automotive and density is good for long life. 2” is enough, but you can cut layers to give 3d shape as below also.
  10. Browncbr1

    If you had to spend $30,000

    Skyview and gtn650. Done!
  11. Browncbr1


    AT KISM, on the other side of the runway from signature is a proper CB FBO. Sometimes, the lady, depending on what day you arrive, will kick your ass on the way out the door but they don’t charge you hardly anything.
  12. Browncbr1

    2019 Aviation Goals

    2018 multi addon to commercial instrument. Added 50hours in B58 and BE20. 2019 hopefully a few mooney mods, 100hrs in mooney with family, 400hrs multi.
  13. Browncbr1

    100 low lead prices

    100LL is starting to drop in East TN. TYS just went from 5.20 to 4.77... MNV went from 4.25 to 3.50. More fields will be dropping in the next week or two.
  14. Browncbr1

    Spinner dome removed from M20E with J-cowl

    I’d be interested if bulkhead is included.
  15. Browncbr1

    Engine Dehumidifiers/De-Hydrators

    I built one, but it’s a lot of hassle to reset the crystals every so often. So, I just fly the plane at least once per week and leave preheat on in winter time. If I have to leave the plane alone for more than 2 weeks, I’ll hook it up though.