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  1. I didn’t see this thread until now and haven’t read all of it, but I just wanted to comment how I’ve really been happy with my trig TT22. I had an old narco at50 that it replaced. Tt22 has built in altitude encoder and adsb out. Super simple wiring that can be put in by a&p (Tso). And it takes up very minimal panel space. I saved about 4lbs weight. I bought it for $1850 shipped iirc. I did buy a $125 peregrine airspeed switch for it too though. So I got a new modern transponder and adsb out in one shot.
  2. These are the best, by far
  3. All it is is some safety wire going through the inside and looping around each bolt. I remade mine with some .06 rather than my normal .032 used for just about everything else. The leather should be aesthetic only, not structural. If it’s original, there is some heavy woven textile inside. Just flatten it and run wire through end to end on one side, then double back and twist so you have the right length around each bolt. You won’t feel that there is wire inside when out back together.
  4. @Alan Fox are these stc or is there a part number for late year F models so it can just go on as a logbook entry to 67F?
  5. I have mac’s cabin cover. I’m happy with the value. It’s fit isn’t perfect, but cost is quite a bit less than other suppliers for the same materials. I wouldn’t expect the other covers fit to be perfect either, but worth the lower price.
  6. I have that on my global policy too and clearly paid for it with my slightly higher premium.
  7. Oh yea, I know. Their marketing department is shameless.
  8. Cirrus is sending out marketing emails claiming that “cirrus” developed this technology, not garmin.
  9. I’ve got a 660 on my panel interfaced with gtn and gsl39 3D plumbed into an old DME antenna. It’s a fantastic mfd and can display synthetic vision with battery backup. Highly recommended!
  10. It has a lot to do with the type of prop and condition of the door seal. Also, In my plane, there is a significant noise reduction once the gear is retracted. I think it has something to do with the noise gear doors closing or the mains. I’m thinking about putting some deadening rubber on the noise wheel well. McCaulley prop is way louder than top prop. I can feel the pulsing shockwaves behind a McCauley. When I reworked my door seal, it made a massive reduction in noise across all phases.
  11. +1 for solar grey uv. No problems at night.
  12. That excerpt is talking about radio nav systems in general. Not the Brittain autopilot. The Brittain autopilot uses bi-polar voltage inputs to get left and right signals. You can get this from something like a KI-208/209 that has analog L&R bi-polar outputs. In any case, although I haven’t read up on your dynon system, it should be able to output this type of bi-polar signal. G5a and Aspens can do it. You might have to use a custom configuration to get it right. The G5s have a standard Cessna 300 AP configuration that is pretty close to correct, but in a custom configuration, you can adjust the levels optimally. Goood luck!
  13. Brittain uses low voltage signals + right and - left. Both accutrack and accuflite work this way. ARINC won’t work unless I was smoking crack when I did all my install a few years ago. The box needs the standard 1v per three degrees deflection and the gain should be adjusted to deliver 4.5v to the bi805 at full 20degree deflection..
  14. Yea, thanks. And this particular approach didn’t have any steps on the LOC portion after the FAF