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  1. Ok who did this?

    Brent is jerry’s son. He does the same stuff jerry has done for years, based at KMOR. He buys totaled planes from insurance companies and gets them so they will fly well enough to sell.
  2. Between two Fs

    I’ve seen Glenn’s plane. It is very nice. I’m partial to manual gear 67 F models. His is pretty quick as I recall. He is also a very nice guy and he seemed to take extra good care of it. To me, he seemed like the kind of guy who would tell you if something isn’t right. I wouldn’t let location get in the way of your decision. I bet you could find someone on here like me who would fly it out to you if that’s what you need. The value of what is in Glenn’s panel far outweighs the difference in interior costs if you are comparing the two planes. You also said you would have to cut a new panel for the slanted six pack. When I bought my plane from Minnesota, the seller flying it to my home in TN was kind of a litmus test for me that all was safe. Use skymiles and hotel points to go look at it.
  3. Garmin GMU 11

    I have mine installed in the tail way up high where a previously installed electric magnetic compass sat. It works well. I was flying an ILS yesterday (vloc on the gtn/G5) and the GS didn’t appear until about 3.5 miles from the runway, so there is something going on there than needs to be addressed, but all other things are great. The gtn automatically turns the HSI course needle to the final approach course for the ILS.
  4. Avionics and Brittain stuff available

    Hi Tim, sorry the the PC system is already sold, as well as the accutrak. See my PM for detail on the DG. Thanks! craig
  5. What if...

    Could be possible if they produced a new J design in kit form. Think experimental J with diesel.
  6. Here is an Aera 510 with accessories and bare wire kit to allow GTN/GNS or JPI interfacing as well as to your audio panel for audible alerts, music, and books. SXM capable. This one has VFR and IFR with approaches. Does not have plates, but will load any published approach to the FAF for situational awareness. You can take it out of the plane when you arrive and boot it up in automotive mode to navigate the streets. $400 shipped/insured CON US
  7. Avionics and Brittain stuff available

    added picture of porcine smart coupler
  8. no, you don't recapture depreciation. usually, once a property is fully depreciated, a savvy investor would 1031 exchange for another like/kind property to start the depreciation process over and defer capital gains. Usually depreciation will write down rental income so much, that the effective tax on the rental income is minimal or even zero in some cases.
  9. So are properties held longer than one year. Don’t get me wrong. I do play the dogs of the Dow every year, but I like cashflowing properties I can see, touch, and feel that I can write down depreciation to further lower taxable income.
  10. Avionics and Brittain stuff available

    I’ve got a PC system shown in the OP that the accutrak piggybacks on. But, you would need to source a BI-805 Servo control valve separately. PM me if interested in both. Thanks
  11. G5’s installed - pickup tomorrow

    Strange, I didn’t realize they intentionally removed it, as the 300A is one of the config settings in the current g5 firmware and according to a volt meter, it sends AC signals, albeit the pretty low levels. Perhaps that’s why it got removed. The g502a that the 300a uses for heading signal puts out levels much higher than what the G5/gad auto config was sending out for the 300a. Although it was removed from the list, I believe it is technically possible to achieve a working connection at least through the customized output settings, though not legal. Any avionics tech with a volt meter should be able to figure it out pretty easily by referencing the g502a.
  12. G5’s installed - pickup tomorrow

    The 300A is supported and has an automated config setting in the menu. I think the above image was an oversight because there is just a 300A (AC) and 300B (DC).
  13. G5’s installed - pickup tomorrow

    For anyone installing G5's & GAd29b to the beloved Brittain, pm me for advice. The 300A is the ACV version of the 300. The 300B is the DCV version. They are both still in the automated configuration menu of the primary G5 in the current firmware. There are some different pin assignments on the GAD though.
  14. Similar to donkaye here... I’m 38 and sold my business last summer and semi retired now. Just putting my money into commercial realestate which returns well in excess of annual living and flying . I’m volunteering benevolence flight missions and teaching at church and eventually will fly for fun for some local charter or corporate outfit. The big key for arriving at this point is having never carried any debt and always living well within conservative means. When I could have easily had an ovation or more, I bought an F. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life without a plane.