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  1. It look a like a possibility that the Elite might suspend particulate matter in the oil better than the AS?? Maybe some of that was sludge instead of showing up in the AS oil analysis?
  2. Browncbr1

    Spruced up my wingtips!

    Very nice!
  3. Browncbr1

    Mooney 2; Birds 0

    On tuesday, We missed a bald eagle by 50-100 ft while descending through 4000 at 170kts. I was busy looking for two other planes nearby that were on my screen. By the time I saw it, there was no time to maneuver. It tipped its wings and dove. It was slightly below and to the right. Be careful out there!
  4. Browncbr1

    TANKS - Weeping - Patch - Nuance

    If they are weeping at an inspection plate, it is fairly easy. If on rivets and/or skin seams, then it’s a little bigger job. Usually, patching is a good solution rather than stripping and resealing the entire tank. I’ve paid A&P a few hundred before to patch. If you have a mooney, this will sure come up sometime
  5. Browncbr1

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    Mine is measured so the end of the stick is just in front of the spar flange directly on the bottom skin, no sealant. My 32 Gallon mark is exactly at the aft gas cap flange edge. It could be yours was measured with stick end on top of the spar flange. It’s about 1/4” difference and if any sealant on it, then more. Otherwise, I don’t know why the difference would be so big.
  6. Browncbr1

    Hit by prop

    Why would the engine oil care if it is turned over by hand vs the starter? If the point is to move oil on the cam lobe, can this not be achieved by turning it over with the key? Isn’t that what ?compression viscosity? is for as mike Busch explains? Maybe he called it compression librication? This was one of the reason I chose to run Exxon elite..
  7. For anyone interested....., currently vnav altitudes are only output from the navigators via arinc429. I asked Garmin if they could add vnav altitude output to rs232 output as well. (So folks who have Aera portables interfaced would enjoy the new vnav altitudes shown on the Aera map page in addition to hold/intercept curves with MapMX... ) they said it might become available soon.
  8. Browncbr1

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    There isn't a dichotomy, so no reason to trigger so easily.. I just thought targeting kids is lacks decency.. wrongs don't make rights and truth is truth.. let it go.. you and I are not his customers anyway... we hold on to our dollars for something we want more, as such the free market works... I don't like adware, but at least he's not like the last guy that came on here with his first post asking for dip stick measurements so that he could go make a plastic one to sell online...
  9. Browncbr1

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    real nice way to treat someone who gives money to support this site that you use every day for free
  10. Browncbr1

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    You have beautiful kids.. don't let any trolls get to you.
  11. Browncbr1

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    DISCLAIMER: The fuel measuring stick I shared on this forum is only intended for situational awareness on the ground and shouldn't be used as conclusive evidence for how much fuel is in each tank of a 1967 M20F in its OEM configuration. In other words, do not trust or rely on the fuel measurement stick what-so-ever! The markings on it carry no meaning and the stick should only be used for stirring paint.
  12. If you are not confident, I would take it to the shop.
  13. Browncbr1

    M20F Fuel Stick - I know I know

    Here is my stick for 67 F without bladders. Just beginning to wet the bottom of the stick is 7 gallons. 25gallons is at the bottom of the tiny hole in the tab. Only intended to give approximate idea... always use conservative reserves.
  14. You have to hold home button and energize the gtn, then go into the gps config settings for arinc 429 and change the setting for the output to the G5s from Gama format 1 to garmin 429 and you should be good to go. Exit the menu and be sure to hit the “update config module” button before exiting to the main menu. Do not power off until you have hit the update config button or changes won’t be saved.
  15. I’m pasting this from BT The required configuration change to provide the new VNAV data to the G5 has to do with the GPS ARINC 429 output from the GTN to the GAD 29/29B. The GTN GPS ARINC 429 output will need to be changed from "GAMA FORMAT 1" (all previous versions) to "GARMIN 429" (GTN V6.50 and later) for the VNAV function to operate. (you won’t get any vnav guidance on the g5 if you don’t have a gad29b)