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  1. If I bought mooney, I’d have to have a diesel power plant lined up and possibly look at novel ways to pressurize the cabin. Making the same ole plane isn’t going to cut it. It has to do things a cirrus can’t do. Make an add on option parachute system.
  2. Those are for the remote led arrays for annunciation. I don’t think jpi830 with interface with audio.
  3. There is an SB that is basically a piece of aluminum that is riveted to the baffle right infront of cylinder #1 to restrict airflow on #1. Being a CB, I simulated this with aluminum tape. I applied 3 or 4 layers of aluminum tape covering the #1 aluminum cooling fins from the baffle to about 3” up. You need several layers, as rain will beat through just one later. Now, my temps have little to no spread in cruise. In climb, #3 is still hottest, but not as big of a spread as before.
  4. Yea, same here with all of a sudden. Vibration frequency changed with I reduced rpm to let down and that’s when I noticed it first. I have the same alternator. It takes about 5-6 hours to pull the lower cowl and alternator and replace rectifier and put all back together. You don’t want to do that and not solve the issue. Then, later crawl under the panel and turn a bus bar screw 1/4 turn to tighten. You should check the connections at the VR and alternator sides also.
  5. @J0nathan225 Before you go buy diodes or rectifiers and starting the time consuming and expensive process to pull your lower cowl and alternator like I did, crawl under your panel and make sure the power cables (particularly from alternator) and completely tight on the bus bar. Anything less than right will cause this. While you’re in there check all grounds. Do all this first. Your symptoms mirror what I had exactly.
  6. I start io-550 like this; full throttle full rich, fuel boost pump on high; count to 5. Turn boost pump off Close throttle, crank and hear it purr.
  7. This is why I went with 830. I’ve had two problems with it but was able to continue on. One was firmware crash and brick, the other was intermittent screen. I also fly behind a 960 and it had problems twice which grounded the plane. One screen related, one bad ground related. If I ever buy another edm, it probably wouldn’t be jpi.
  8. Man, this threat poopooed pretty badly... in any case, I just wanted to give you the best budget solution I found. You’re good to go on your navigator.. some push aspen and I can appreciate that since half the time, I fly behind one. However, I found that dual G5’s with an Aera660 mounted vertically right next to them is a really awesome budge MFD with the strikefinder next to it. Interface with your IFD and pipe in adsb using a gdl39 3D and you’re set. The aera660 has synthetic vision and will get ahrs from the gdl all while being battery backup independent. Flush mount all that stuff and you’re set. I have this in my F and very happy
  9. Occasionally, you can find most of the Brittain alt hold parts, but rarely all together and I don’t know when the new owners will get back to issuing STCs, so might require field approval. There is one key part to the system that is called the reference chamber. This Almost never shows up when people try to sell the system as “complete” because few people know what it is and don’t bother to remove it when putting in a new system. Very few avionics shops have a clue how they even work, but they are pretty simple and straight forward to install. I think some of the Brittain systems will come on market if TT ever certifies.
  10. Is that just an approval limitation or will the gfc500 actually fail to engage?
  11. +1. I fly a baron with SV aspen and I never use it because it just adds useless clutter.
  12. PS flat rate repairs are flat $195 and come back with new buttons and faceplate. I’m pretty sure this is less than garmin. Water got into mine. I drove down to Ps engineering about 20 minutes and they repaired it there. It’s good to see them doing all their manufacturing here in TN.
  13. Everything everyone is saying makes sense to me. It didn’t seem right when I read the marketing bs, which is why I came to the MS community.
  14. Yea I always knew “tomato flames”, but what I am misled by is that garmin says: When interfaced with a gad29b and gmu11, “G5 can serve as your PRIMARY reference SOURCE for MAGNETIC heading”.... After looking in the G5 install manual, it says a Magnetic compass may not be removed, but that is regarding the G5 alone. It isn’t until later in the IM that discussion of the GMu11 interface comes up. I guess it is just a blatant false claim then.