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  1. That's not Cessna but Columbia! You wouldn't call a DC-3 a Boeing, would you?
  2. Well, electric pump is working and engine monitor (EI CGR30P - taking reading after servo) is in the green as it should. We'll have a look further this weekend.
  3. Skates, Go ahead, take them. My IA has a set and I don't really need them. Thank you.
  4. Bob, Just curious about the wire run to the SIM: Did your mechanic run it through the cabin and firewall or under the belly into the cowl? Thanks.
  5. Interesting on reversing the mag 180 deg. I was there when it was timed at 25 deg: CYL 1 at TDC using the box and it was on the 25 deg mark on the flywheel. Mag was on it already. How would I know it's upside down? What I've noticed is LHS has label with p/n on top (and the P-lead attachment stud) while RH mag has label with P/N on the bottom, as well as P-lead stud. Is that how they come? I didn't have any pictures of Left mag before. So, if no red tooth, is it still possible to install it wrong? IA mentioned he marked the the wire set orientation before removal. Thank you all.
  6. My IA installed a new mechanical fuel pump and had to remove Left Mag (Slick 4347). After all was installed back, engine wouldn’t start. Electric fuel pump would pressurize but no start and at the end we had some backfire (pooping). Battery and starter (Skytec) run good. It seems everything is connected right now. Originally Retard and P-Lead on LH mag were reversed. Before this I never had had an issue with mags and ignition. Shower of spark is making noise but we didn’t test (yet) per Don Maxwell’s article. What is the chance of SOS being defective if making noise? Seems left mag could be the issue if SOS is good (we’ll test it)? Mags are at 500h so now I’m at the crossroads, what to do. New Slick? Sending for OH or Surefly ignition? My current IA is not equipped to work on mags and would like to send out or replace. How hard is to diagnose faulty cap or retarding points? My thinking is replace left mag now if I have to (Slick or maybe Surefly) and next annual do the Right mag. Am I missing something? It could be just coincidence but I find hard to believe that just a removal of the mags would cause the issue… Thanks.
  7. Is it? Perhaps at 60mph but not at typical RV cruse speed...
  8. I had to look some pictures and must admit never really noticed that. Even the one below is not that clear - ideally it would be the best to have top view from POH. Empennage is clearly not with straight LE. Years ago when buying my plane, I was considering getting PA24 but FF with bigger 6 cylinder engine with not much of speed increase put me back into Mooney camp.
  9. I like your panel setup with recessed G5s and I have similar layout planned. Do you know how is the lettering done? Engraving, sticking labels and then clearcoat? Thanks.
  10. James, I had similar experience with ElectroAir; I've sent them an email with questions and never really got the right answer about replacing our Bendix push to start switch. We exchanged bunch of emails but from my previous work so I have no record of it. Could you please shear the schematics on MS? I would still be interested to install this switch when I upgrade the LHS panel. Thanks.
  11. Skip, not quite. Piper has a straight wings while Mooney has forward swept wings (albeit small angle) in order to have "signature" straight leading edge. That gives Mooney spar a kink forward at the center section.
  12. IIRC a lot of places wouldn't rent their planes if you don't have a FAA pilot licence so you might want to check for that. Also, years ago (early 2000s) there's was an accident in a rental plane over Bahamas that flew into cell and crashed and all S. Florida school's insurance changed and required IR. I am not sure if that ever got changed. Good luck.
  13. I want this one. Please let me know about cost of shipping to Seattle, WA. I'll PM. Thanks
  14. Just Curious: How much they charged for OH?