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  1. I am flying M20F and summertime could be difficult to climb in teen altitudes due to DA. It seems you can follow V120 almost all the way with MEA at 10k’ or lower and west of MLS (Miles City) you’d’ fly same route I would follow to do OSH. Distance between GTF to MLP would put MEA to 13k’ but you can do VFR somewhat lower and scenery is spectacular. Good places to stop by and visit are Coeur-d’Alene and Sandpoint in ID, (perhaps camping at Cavanaugh Bay by your plane), Spokane, Walla Walla (further south), and Lake Chelan in WA east of Cascades and San Juan islands 40’ north of Seatt
  2. I agree with Paul's opinion above: Go with Primary engine monitor, remove the old gages as this will take the old fuel and oil lines out of the cockpit, you'll gain some useful load and get opportunity to cleanup the RHS panel and spend more money. What plane (budget?) are you looking to buy? Good luck.
  3. No luck with posters above - I'm still looking. Picture of solenoid:
  4. Few years ago someone posted a link to this Rolling Diaphragm catalog by Marsh BellowFram. I might be able to find a direct or similar replacement for Step; I remember they posted a p/n good for aileron servo. https://web.marshbellofram.com/belgas/files/2012/05/design_manual.pdf It is worth a try. All my servos are still good (some I sent to Britain before the closed) so I have no need (or time) to do the research. Good luck
  5. Who says there are no bargains in aviation!
  6. I second Advanced Aircraft. If you want someone close to SEA, Regal at KPAE is a good shop with experience maintaining Mooneyes in area. They are not MSC, though. I have not used them for PPI.
  7. Thanks for the link but while my IA normally has no issues with me working on a plane (just installed LHS panel with G5 and audio panel), installing non-approved parts is something he's not comfortable with. I already discussed that with him some time ago when testing automotive solenoid for function. Purchased part can't be qualified as owner produced part so I'm in a search for a Brittain solenoid, at least for now. I actually have no issue of having switch on a control wheel for temporary disengagement of PC; I pretty much have it on all the time except when maneuvering but having
  8. Wes, No I haven't. I would be interested if you find one.
  9. Clarence, I got this, I truly do... but him being with me in plane if engine quits will not solve the problem. Reminds me of story in Fate is the hunter... Full disclosure: Tomorrow, I will start working with my mechanic on an engine installation. considering I'll do (dirty) half of the work, I should be fully aware what we did, if we completed my IA's checklist, Lycoming break-in instructions and such.
  10. If I hade a twin (or cabin class single) I would certainly have something sporty (no, Mooney is not that), like Extra 300, Pitts or similar...
  11. This doesn't really help if he/she forgot something...
  12. I don't think this should be a norm for our engines but definitely true for classic British cars.
  13. It must be before since I pained my plane in 2007. IIRC, my friend (ex Rocket owner) told me few years ago he knows the current owner, his friend in Mexico.
  14. Yes, great paint scheme, I always liked it. I believe that first factory acclaim had it and I was, at the time, considering using it on my plane, except I would go silver and black... Enjoy it.
  15. Hello, I believe it's RT8591, at least that is what Airpower rep told me when I was inquiring for my Reman.
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