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  1. Start seems like a reprint from April 1976 Flying magazine. But then mentioning internet and 70 years of factory bring it into 2019.
  2. I think large number of Fs were converted to one window (and 201 windshield). >50%?? The fact we can see step on small avatar could mean F since the retractable step tube is much bigger and easier to spot.
  3. I thought someone mentioned this guy: http://www.kx170b.com/ He repaired G/S on my KI214 and calibrated it years ago and seems that's he's still repairing units... from June to September? You might want to make sure its KI214 having a problem and not KX170B... Good luck.
  4. No, I didn't. How did they request that? I just received my check this weekend...
  5. He's adding a KN75 glideslope receiver for Ki209 or such. this would require rewiring - new harness to KX170 and indicator. Normally, KN75 would be located at the back, on avionics shelf. 30h labor sounds somewhat to much to me, though. The easiest $olution would be to find working KI214.
  6. I would be interested in newer style yokes on my F, with room for PC system valve and PTT on left side of yoke and perhaps additional switch (IDENT) on RHS horn. I see no reason to keep the shape of the old yokes as those are available and inexpensive (used) and (to me) not desirable due to lack of PTT. YMMV. Regards,
  7. Mike, 122.77 is actually 122.775. King saved the money selecting display with one less character hence third decimal (5) not shown. Which reminds me: I have an old Genave Transceiver in my hangar used as a "ground station" and has third decimal "5" is actually printed on the faceplate.
  8. David, Will you be in OSH with your shop/business? If so, would you care to share the name of it? I would love to see the cowl. Very good work!
  9. You can use this dry transfer set from spruce after refinishing the panel: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/cspages/panelmarkset.php It work well for my plastic panel overlay years ago...
  10. You've done a great job and it really looks nice. I just installed carpet set (side and floor) in my '67F and might go with leather seats next; I was told seats are not coming with memory foam. How comfortable do you find new cushions? They seem to provide more lateral support then original...
  11. Quality paint job needs to be judged after years of flying and not soon after leaving paint shop. Most of the planes look great after completed job. Try to see their work done few years ago. When I painted my plane (2007) Corona was considered premium place to go and get a quality job. I remember their proposal was vey detailed and came by mail.
  12. Did you level the airplane on jacks, as per SM? Can you calibrate G5 that way? That would bring you panel to 12 degrees. It sounds you left the plane on ground, hence the angle > 15. I'd like to hear more about it as that is probably next thing to install on my next annual.
  13. Anthony, to my understanding Mooney International does not own TC for M18 (and M22). I would expect they wouldn't make part for those at all...
  14. I doubt about Garmin but L3 is another story. Company is supplier for Defense, communication, surveillance and intelligence systems and AFIK their commercial (let alone GA) segment is very small portion of the portfolio. They acquired a lot of smaller companies over last couple of decades in US and internationally. GA avionics is just a blip on their radar and could be dropped or sold as easy as it was acquired if board decides "it's not their core business" ... I've seen it before .
  15. Short sightless and bad design? Reminds me of F22 squadron crossing international date line and had system crash.