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  1. Skip Thanks for posting the link. I had this issue of the false target in last couple of flights. Most notable was yesterday over 0S9 while maneuvering during my BFR. "Traffic" popped on my ipad and my CFI friend's phone and got our attention.
  2. It doesn't call the threaded insert, but 2 are part of the "Hand-hold Bracket" item 11 in the picture attached. Non removable standard part in Detail-assy wouldn't normally be called-out in IPC. Pull out strap is attached to this with two 1/4" screws with three washers each. You can find it in as item 20 in Cabin interiors. I'm sure you'll have the manual. I would really need to remove the panel to see how the LH visor is installed. I honestly don't remember as I've redid the panels 15 years ago but from the outside it looks the same. I'm sure LASAR documentation would tell the story as well. Edit: it might not be the threaded insert there; just a machined thread for a screw since tubular frame is steel. .
  3. I guess I wasn't clear. The Visors are made by LASAR, so not original but are using existing inserts where the pull strap is originally installed on RHS (as per IPC). I don't remember is LHS is with same insert, I would need to check LASAR installation documentation or remove the trim.
  4. Ross, As I mentioned, copilot visor is installed into the outboard insert for the Pull strap so it must be original. To be clear, pull strap installation has two inserts, only the OBD one is used for the visor. It was years ago when I last time removed the interior trim but according to my memory, Pilot side has the similar insert.
  5. Interesting. I think they are plug and play. My early 67F has LASAR sun-visors (looked like ones you made) attached to the outside corners. I believe threaded inserts on both sides look factory and RHS is used to attach Pull Strap (item 19 in IPC). I would suggest removing interior trim panels and check, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  6. I am not sure if 67F originally came with Sun visor; I couldn't find them in IPC. My plane came with the set of LASAR Sunvisor installed with STC (I think). You'll need to talk to them to see if available. Good luck.
  7. Beautiful interior. leather like this easily belongs on a classic British racing green roadster.
  8. I understand, that was my next search when I get a hold of my personal computer. By Boeing you mean Avial? I HATE when they call "heritage company McDonnel" and such and rebrand or claim they invented everything. They would call a DC-3 Boeing! Your Google people must be better than my google people. I got 5 pages, all right but no sale prices, only a few RFQ. Cheers
  9. Well, not my 1967 SM. I do have somewhere newer manuals that this info is coming from but not on work computer. Thank you
  10. Mooney service manual recommends PR1403-G-B2 for sealing removable access panels in the tank. I read it is discontinued in North America. What do you typically use as a replacement?
  11. Great job of documenting your tank work, thank you. How much Sealant did you use for your job and which one? Did you use cartridge applicator or stuff in a can?
  12. If you are looking at the Rod end like M34-14, it's a Heim (an RBC bearing company) and "standard" part you buy from Spruce. There might be substitute available from Aurora bearings as well. You can remove one from Tube Assembly and replace it with the new on. Tube assy would be a Mooney p/n and available from MS. I went with former, cheaper route.
  13. As mentioned above, Clamp holding the Bowden cable shield might not be tight. This should be visible by removing the LHS cowl panel. on my plane, I secure this with safety wire; my IA showed me a nice way of doing it some time ago. The inner wire is connected to the door lever by #10 screw (IIRC) and on my plane it is hidden by the LHS landing light that is replacing the Oil cooler (my plane has a 201 oil cooler relocation mod). This makes things difficult if inner wire needs adjustment to the point of I might need to drop the LWR cowl or do some blind wrecking behind the light. If you still have oil cooler at original location, access might be different. Good luck
  14. Earthquake! It happened to a friend of mine when one hit Seattle in early 2000s. It was right at the moment when they jacked his M20F for a gear check. He was lucky as it didn't crash but said it was memorable experience. Having said that, I left mine on the jacks quite a few times over the years.
  15. John, 100 mph tape should Be used on slow Cessnas. For your F, I would suggest using (at least) 200 mph tape. One way or the other, my 67F has no such fabric installed in the belly.
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