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  1. So this is what Rocket Engineering later called "The Missile".
  2. Very good parts; congrats top you David! I am looking forward for a picture of the installed cowl; also the weight of the parts. What is the material you use? Thank you.
  3. I've used these guys: https://www.bigbluesaw.com/ I provided my own file for Panel cutouts but they have their own online CAD software.
  4. Yes, it looks like no one reads (or remembers) legal articles in AOPE Pilot. I seem to remember a couple of examples described over past 2 decades about FAA enforcements to pilots onboard not flying... of course I have no links and all my magazines are safely in hangar.
  5. when I redo my panel, I will install the GT-50. Two reason for that: Price G meter. And I'll keep 8-day mechanical clock in my yoke.
  6. I'm sure seller might feel the same... and normally cost of inspection, ferrying a plane to MSC and such would fall on buyer. I would certainly require some $$ escrow and non-refundable cash is deal doe not go through.
  7. I'm sure this will not change opinion of some people but nevertheless is interesting article to read about being what PIC, FAR and NTSB enforcement: http://www.peter-ftp.co.uk/aviation/misc-euroga/2018-83ndlr817.pdf
  8. Years ago my dad had a 2nd car at the vacation place... it would often have a weak or flat battery after few weeks or month sitting idle. Eventually he disconnected the clock and it never happened again. It turned out stock clock would drain it; perhaps being bad. YMMV.
  9. yes. similar weight delta happened to me with battery change and was reflected in W&B.
  10. I'm sure I'm late but I like this one: except I'd paint Mooney bird in metallic black. Couple of comments: I would definitely spend extra and have registration number with shadow. Also would go with different then white for registration base color. Years ago, when I was getting quotes for my 14M, one of the leading shops on CA was adamant Mooney "needs" N-numbers slanted forward, to match the V-stab. I believe they were correct and I did it for my bird.
  11. David, I am following your updates and waiting... Could you share the projected pricing of your cowl at this point? You might mentioned it but is it made of fiberglass or Carbon? Prepreg or hand layup? thanks
  12. Interesting question; I'd like to hear the answer on this one. Looking at my '67 Parts manual, I see no adjustability designed into system. You could stick a head by the pedals and have a look if you want to make sure... good luck
  13. After installing EI primary engine monitor, it became obvious the old tachometer showed high. I would get only 2650-60 on take-off or in flight. After an easy an easy adjustment on governor by my IA, I get 2700 before rotation speed.
  14. The new paint job is looking great. I like all three paint schemes you posted and might go for 2nd one, with Phoenix bird on the tail. It is exciting to see first time the new paint job; it seems condition of your old paint was similar to my 14M, with clearcoat flaking off and paint being worn. I am looking forward seeing finished product.