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  1. Ross, according to equipment list it certainly came from factory on my 67F.
  2. Plane has to be on the jacks to retract the gear and remove the switch. i can't see another way but then it was annual time. I also removed the small plastic trim piece in front of the down lock...
  3. Sheriff, Just yesterday, while completing the annual inspection, I spent few ours on my back under the panel diagnosing the landing gear warning system. Lights were working OK sometimes red would be somewhat dim. On mine, the horn would not sound with gear up and reduced throttle. Horn was tested good and seems that issue was a manual gear switch (BZ-7MRT80). I had some really inconsistent measurements on DVM - output going into Throttle position switch was 8.9 VDC that would go down to 1.0. Removing switches and cleaning with contact cleaner brought the Horn up to life and scared me to death! All working now. Anyway, googling the switch p/n showed it at Grainger for $25.00. I might just buy it for a spare. Our plane (born side by side in the factory) are well over 55y old and electrical connection can have a lot of corrosion, switches warn and such… Good luck solving your issues.
  4. Nice! Those look like original control wheels. I wasn't aware he would did those as the website had pricing for a 201 style yoke.
  5. If he wins Powerball, he can afford newly built Acclaim Ultra...
  6. Bevan avionics is great. Please report back with results. I am really curious to hear if they can fix display issues.
  7. I reduced the price to $200 plus shipping. If it doesn't sell, I will keep it and use it on occasion when weather is really hot up here or flying down south. Thank you.
  8. There are few available on ebay. More expensive but if you need one, they are available for now. I was lucky buying oil and filter some time ago at Spencer aircraft... They are out as well, AFIK.
  9. I am quite certain that if you compare 67 POH with 68 and later, speed are different, with newer POH being more realistic. Perhaps Vertical speed were changed as well? My modified 67 F (201 Windshield, gaps, LASAR cowl) matches the book speeds but not really the VS, especially in the summer. I also do not use RAM air below 4000'.
  10. Actually For me, the moral of a story is to buy better airplane.
  11. Check LASAR: https://lasar.com/placards-decals
  12. Hmm I really don't understand someone wanting this one! For me, that was a step back from J, performance wise and cost, rarity now notwithstanding. Especially with this asking price! And not to mention how Porsche exited the market. I think you have better chance finding supports and parts for TIO541-A1A in M22 then this bird. one of a kind? Sure, but in reality lawn ornament.
  13. I missed it as I was flying back from Europe. And then, next few days were miserable and the furnace in our hose came ON.
  14. Great unit. I have brand new B-Kool unit (12V) for sale in the Classified parts section. Please PM me if interested.
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