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  1. Is this the p/n PD020D02505S51 ? It seem they have it available for $189 on digikey while some others are even cheaper ($48). I wish BK displays are so cheap...
  2. Great, Now that Aircraft Spruce is charging WA sales tax, I rather fly to KPLU and pick up stuff myself at Spencer. I bet they need business these days with COVID19 and this economy.
  3. Mine came installed by previous owners but I removed them for annual with no issues. Not sure if trim is needed for first installation. When I repainted the plane, shop removed them and repaint it from both sides in white.
  4. You should fly to KMWH to film your takeoff and Landing. That's where Boeing filmed those scenes few years ago.
  5. Is your plane in a hangar?
  6. Contrary to popular belief, it does. Actually we had unusual spell of three weeks of sun until week ago. Normally? Well, let's just say I never had a problem of staying IFR current around here...
  7. Anthony, it certainly seems so. A weekend after WA governor introduced shelter in place, I flew a number of instrument approaches around SEA. It was very quiet. Upon landing at home filed controller (who was working all frequencies) thanked me for flying today. Couple of friends flew to SEA last weekend. Now I am looking at landing there and get a stamp in my WA fly Passport as Seatac is participating airport. https://www.flywashington.org/
  8. You have a nice panel... Being based at KPAE (home of all Boeing's wide bodies), it is not unusual to have one of test airplanes waiting for you to land when on final for long runways. Granted, 747-8s are somewhat rare sight (built rate is 6 per year) but you can see these LCFs quite often bringing sections of 787. Picture was taken when I was holding short in my car. And then, now and then On occasion we have Volga-Dnepr An-124 bringing oversize cargo to the plant... Sometimes they would just park on Taxiway Alpha but not anymore since we have commercial service.
  9. there are two POH in Downloads section: https://mooneyspace.com/files/category/2-pilot-operating-handbooks/
  10. I replaced my carper year ago during the ADSB transponder installation as my (green) carpet looked terrible on the hangar floor. there was no way to put that back into plane. I went with Airtex interiors https://www.airtexinteriors.com/ and was happy with the fit and price. I have ordered carpet and wall panel set (same material). Additional benefit was I gained 10lb of useful load! New kit was much lighter then the old carpet in my plane.
  11. This is getting ridiculous... Situation around Seattle is similar. Last time, NW prop at KPLU charged me $350 or more... There's another shop near KBFI but was told I should OH soon...
  12. Years a go I used a 1/2" articulated ratcheting wrench, preferably a smaller one, to reach at the back of the servo and remove the nut. I used Sears Craftsman and it was a great tool for that. Good luck.
  13. Alan, I think you'll love Surefly. I have it only for few months and starts are easy. My IO360 always ran fine LOP and with very tight GAMI spread so I can't really say it's a huge improvement. Install was straightforward but it wouldn't got to it's place through the same space as magneto. We had to remove some vacuum lines in the C/L and come from that side. I would recommend Surefly to everyone.
  14. I'm sure you could come with something better. A friend of a friend fly RV8 N247BJ. I'll let you all figure it out.
  15. I am amazed at some of the prices! At KPAE (Pain field) self serve pumps are finally working after 2.5y of being out of service (saga that deserves another thread) and price is $5.35. I think that's on a lower side for Seattle area...