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  1. Igor_U

    Owner Assisted Avionics Install

    FYI, aircraft spruce is making harnesses now. As a matter of fact my GTX335 came with one built by AC (no charge at the time) and all I did was to modify and add additional wires for my particular install.
  2. Igor_U

    Owner Assisted Avionics Install

    Greg, It is very interesting offer. I would be interested but already have a relationship with my IA and about to start GTX335 install and new RHS panel with some other goodies, hopefully in a week. I see you are in South OR (I’m at KPAE) and moving my plane down there would require days off work, logging etc. so I’m not sure that would be cost beneficial as is working in my hangar at my schedule. I think I’d rather just pay a pro and make money at work for that… But, perhaps someone else would still be interested. Nevertheless, I applaud your idea as allows owners to understand their airplanes better and also make a decision about work needed to be done, spend time removing old wiring shop might not be inclined to do (saw it on my plane) or just make layout more to their needs. Regards,
  3. With this deal, I would not even think about 440...
  4. Igor_U

    Sky beacon order

    I've noticed that Lafayette Avionics has really good prices on their avionics and buying direct on their website saves even more then on eBay. It might save someone else few $$. I'm looking to buy the G5 from them.
  5. Igor_U

    Please Pimp My Panel!

    '67 F here... I think panels on our airplanes are similar if not the same. I don't think you'll have any issues mounting 2 CGR30 in those two holes as in my top location I have old ADF indicator that is much longer then CGR30 that is at the present located below. I am just about to start Garmin GTX335 install and will remove ADF at this time. Also, I will completely remove 6 pack engine instruments that, at the moment, I use only Fuel level gages and install Aerospace Logic 202 fuel gage. I plan to move CGR30 on top location and I'm certain there's more then enough room for that. So, that is one of the options you have as well considering you want round gages, the other one is CGR30 combo of two instruments which his more money. One or the other, would remove all the old engine instruments you have on RHS panel
  6. Igor_U

    Spark Plugs -- Massive or Fine Wire

    Bryan, Cost of the spark plug (or full set) would not be my concern in this case but where did that center electrode ended up! Do you know, by any chance? Did you, or A&P borescope cylinder or such? I'd be really curious how often this happens and what others would do. BTW, I run massive Tempests for few years now, after 7 out of 8 Champions showed very high resistance at the annual (day after one missed on a takeoff and got my attention).
  7. Igor_U

    Help with part identification

    You are making this more complicated than it is. I don't think you can order the part and the cutout is a standard cutout for altimeter instrument that, for some reason is done on other location (VSI). If I were you, I'd take a piece of paper and trace the contour of the cutout, then transfer that to Al sheet of a same thickness as you panel. Cut it, trim or file to that size, drill an appropriate hole for the screw and paint it black to match you panel. Good luck.
  8. Igor_U


    Years ago, I needed one and bought it from LASAR. It was fabric and one of (very) few things I did not like from them. I ended up returning it and had my wife saw one using soft leather from old jacket. I still have it in my plane and it is looking great. YMMV.
  9. Aeromotors OH'd my pump 2.5 years ago. It is still running strong, same speed and fuel pressure.
  10. Igor_U

    Recommissioning - Airplane and Myself

    Phil, You kept you plane all these years? Congrats! I remember your turbo E was quite a good performer up high. Didn't you buy a Twin Bo or something? It was few years ago so it might be someone else. Regards,
  11. Hank, I've also rented HangarBox tools for my 67F few years ago. Very easy to use and I replaced 2 sets of disks myself while learning to use tool for actual work next day with my IA. He commented that that hydraulic tool was much easier to use then original Mooney tools. Would you happen to have a picture? The website is gone and I can't find the pictures I think I took at the time... Regards,
  12. Igor_U

    Paying for Rosen visors is for chumps

    Funny. Maybe LASAR sun visors would fit? I have them in my '67 and are great. One broke recently so I'll build another out of tinted lexan. I am not sure if they are still available, though.
  13. Igor_U

    Trim Jackscrew Binding

    Thanks for the link, it's a great book. I just went through it quickly but I'll have to read one of these days, it seems it has interesting details about the development of the plane and insight how it was done back in a day of slide rulers, Mylar drawings and such. I know those planes were much simpler then today but they seem to get to the first flight much faster then today regardless of all the tools we have today. Interesting how they changed the tail as well on the later version. It's a quite a change considering the limited number of the planes they built.
  14. Existence of this thread and multiple angers show there's no easy way to get in and out.
  15. Igor_U

    Trim Jackscrew Binding

    Doesn't look that way. picture I saw clearly show conventional trim tabs on the TE of elevators. The only plane I know that had similar trimming feature was JetStar and recon was tail was designed by Al Mooney.