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  1. Igor_U

    pic of scrap m20c

    Autoalain, Is this at the Montreal aviation Museum? I see museum is in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue and nowhere near airport so you must not fly your planes there. Interesting collection; how do you truck them in?
  2. Igor_U

    scrapped a mooney m20c

    That is probably LASAR cowl enclosure. that is common mod on vintage Mooney. From their website: Especially designed to reduce the larger air inlet on the older models to provide efficient engine cooling, airspeed gain and reduce cabin noise. https://lasar.com/mods/ Just curious: any reason why this C mode had to go?
  3. Igor_U

    Landing Light Wire

    It appears your Mooney is few serial numbers in front of mine. Are you tied on a Central Ramp at KPAE? There's not much info on wire in our SM or IPC. Electrical schematics for 67 model shows -13 as a ground wire and -12 as + wire for landing light. In my experience, these dash numbers are part of wire (harness) number and are printed on the wire. At least original wires under the instrument panel are. Unfortunately I have no pictures and can't remember what wire I have on my plane (it's modified with two landing lights and H3 halogen STC anyway) but if you could find the part numbers on your installation, at least you know you have original wire and can order accordingly. Starting at 1969, wire designation in Service Manual changed with more information including wire gage (Landing light is 12) however I don't see any specifics unless is buried somewhere in notes.
  4. Igor_U

    Flaps 15° for best rate of climb?

    I remember this being discussed years ago... Airspeed limits are listed in Type Certificate (2A3) and do not allow or partial flap extensions. my '67F has pathetic low speed of 105mph. Paul is correct, only M20J s/n 24-3000 - up have higher speed listed and specifically for 15 degrees of flaps. I would expect that to be described in POH for applicable year model but it's all readily available in TC if you care to look.
  5. Igor_U

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    Great price for PAR36 and no so for PAR46. You've guessed it: my '67F has 2 PAR46 landing lights.
  6. Igor_U

    '67 or '68?

    FAA record is correct. You are mixing up a Year of manufacture with Model year. You have a 68 model built in 1967; that is apparently common in aviation as it is with car manufacturers.
  7. Igor_U


    S50 might be a bad commute on a weekend (it IS on weekdays all the time) but I'm not surprised you had to go there. I'm sure they'll have an enclosed hangar sooner then any other airport around. Did you check at KPAE? I'm curious what the wait time is... I wouldn't pickle the plane, you should be able to fly quite often and while ice is big concern during 9 months/year if going across the mountains, you are normally OK if you fly low in Puget sound area. In 13 years in SEA there were very few occasions I couldn't fly weekly if flexible enough, except now that I'm working out of state. Winter time will be wet with drizzle and rain, few days of snow and such so it is important to me to fly a plane and prevent corrosion, dry the plane and such. I'm not sure if you have TKS on your Acclaim but that increases utility of the plane around PNW. Good luck
  8. I hope you are right but I am not sure about that. Anyone remember Mooney Porsche?
  9. Igor_U

    Grass strip poll

    Wow, I would watch that strip from 10,500' or so on a way to Winthrop but never went down to have a look. Obviously it can be done and it looks quite well maintained. Good job!
  10. I would definitely fly the northern route as mentioned by kpaul. One place to stop for cheap fuel is Hazen, ND (KHZE). That's my stop from OSH and they have SR71 aero tunnel model in pilot's lunge. Apart from widespread front, weather should be VFR and you will not have turbulence associated with high temps in Desert as you would have flying over NV desert. Puget sound is really dry July 'till end of September with no rain but can sometimes can be cloudy if you are coming across the Cascades. However, that would be normally associated with marine layer off the Sound that would burn off by 10-11 am. Weather is normally fantastic for flying and dry. Wiled fires can be a factor east of Cascades (even more on southern route through OR and CA) so check the TFRs as they can pop-up for firefighting operations. It would be nice to have O2 but not needed as 10,500' is all you need that way, possibly higher for comfort around Great Falls. As someone mentioned, you should fly to San Juan islands (KFHR and KORS) where you can walk to the town for lunch and enjoy the great sights. it's a 40' flight over Puget Sound from KTIT ( I assume you'll be based there). Is that a Tacoma Classic Car Show you are going to? Check LeMay car museum, it has great collection of fine cars. Speaking of museums, area has quite a few airplane museums: There's Museum of Flight at KBFI of course but KPAE has much more to offer. It has great Flying Heritage Museum owned by Paul Allen, Historic Flight Foundation, Museum of Flight restoration center and Future of flight with Boeing tour I highly recommend. Book it in advance; they build all the wide bodies over there. FHM and HFF are flying museums so, if interested, you can check their websites for flying day schedules and catch P51, de Havilland Mosquito, Spitfire or Messerschmitt 109 flying around. Have fun on your trip.
  11. Yes, I hear you. The question really is how would this work with "shower of sparks" on pre-J Mooney. It seems our Bendix switch has one extra function Electroair does not; when you rotate to "start" you need to push in to engage the starter. Anyone has Electroair swith installed? Thank you.
  12. Do you have this switch installed? Were there any changes in wiring needed or just a direct swap? Thank you.
  13. Igor_U

    Touch Up Paint

    I would do some research. I am sure they can match the color but chances are automotive paint differ from typical Jet Glo or Acry Glo topcoat systems used on GA airplanes. You should have an info about pain and color used in your logbooks and is pained recently color should match. I am surprised about paint shop in Corona not responding, though. Back in a day when I was collecting quotes for my plane's paint job, they were very responsive with great package and pictures. It was they who told me that regardless on who I chose, N-number slope should follow the Mooney tail, sloping forward.
  14. Igor_U

    Screw Kits

    Hmm... The Stainless Steel kits I've seen had only exterior fasteners that are attaching various inspection panels on the plane. It is intended to replace old corroded fasteners with SS ones that would always look good. No nut-plates, cotter pins, washers (except few conical used on cowl) and such. After I got my Mooney, I have ordered some, universal fastener kit from A. Spruce so I could have various spares. That included various AN bolts, screws, nuts and washers and such. Over the years, that got expanded with fasteners I'd need for a work done on my plane at the annual or interior upgrade and such. No mater what I have these days, I always find something new we need at each annual.
  15. Igor_U

    lawsuit in Philly

    I will not comment on a lawsuit but just a fact that good coffee (or tea) requires nothing less then boiling water - 212° F. All of my British friends complain about a quality of tea in US restaurants and that being a main reason... I tend to agree but I'm a coffee drinker.