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  1. It looks like they did a great job. Out of curiosity: what was the reason to install a new lower retainer and not reuse the old one?
  2. Igor_U

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    That is what I was looking at but that would unnecessary increase the length of the harness. I'll have to look around radio stack but it seems my '67F have less room there then M20Js you all fly. Thank you.
  3. Igor_U

    Paint recommendations

    Nice color choice and paint scheme. Similar to my 14M!
  4. Igor_U

    DIY G5 HSI installation

    Brad, You might mentioned it but I'm interested where did you install this GAD29? Thanks,
  5. Igor_U


    Some suggested trading 430 for IFD440 but I say go for IFD540. While not slide in replacement, it has bigger screen and same wiring would limit the cost of install.
  6. Igor_U

    Paint recommendations

    New paint jobs typically look great. Eleven years ago (OMG!) I used Matthews Aviation at Yerington, NV. Total strip and paint with some repair, new fasteners and such and was very competitive to $$ NW shops so I flew down from Seattle. After all the years 14M still gets compliments, and I'm pleased with the paint job, they were experienced with Mooney and on time. Drove me to KRNO to catch a Horizon Air back home and picked me up when 14M was ready. One thing I'm sorry about is they convinced me to leave inspection panels on for a painting. It is I who removes them annual time so it annoys me seeing like that but perhaps not important to other owners. Removal and paint was options and originally I intended to do that but... Exciting times, planning for new paint. Have fun and good luck.
  7. Igor_U

    Looking for a used Pitot Tube

    Kevin, please make sure you use same amperage CB switch; I would expect pitot tube heater would draw more amps then nav lights or similar. it seems you already removed the pitot tube before and tested OK... You could do it again and also remove suspected switch and test it on the bench, if you have few wires lying around to connect to a power source. If all good, it would point to airplane wiring and if it disconnects, it could mean switch getting weak.
  8. Igor_U

    Looking for a used Pitot Tube

    On my '67F, switch is actually Klixon circuit breaker switch that got weak and would do the same. Replacing it with a new one (same amperage) solved the problem. I believe your M20J has also Klixon CB, just a different, rocker type then my plane. Good luck.
  9. Until 5-6 years ago or so, you could see M22 on sale one or twice a year, on Ebay, TAP or such... and they would sell albeit not quickly. Prices were, usually $50-60k +, IIRC and then after that I remember seeing only nicely painted 7277M with asking price of $135k. I don't think it ever sold but I see now it's own by museum in KS. I wonder if one listed at the moment in US since some online photos were from Europe. Lack of parts would definitely be an issue and TIO4541-A1A engine is unique to M22 due to, as someone mentioned, low profile sump. Regular would, to my understanding, interfere with nose gear. I believe Mooney sold (gave away?) TC to private party who got most of the parts; also there was an auction of M22 parts recently by former operator. It might be advertised here at the time as well. While I'm sure some of the m20 parts are used on m22 (wings are similar if not the same to M20F) question is what to do when something unavailable breaks and Mooney international das not have a drawing. Same issue with the Lycoming engine... or pressurization system for example. Nevertheless, it would be cool project to restore one and fly it for a while. Good luck.
  10. Igor_U

    406 woes

    Robert, I have the same unit for a 5y now and no issues whatsoever...
  11. Igor_U

    My new jacks with built in safety stands

    An acquaintance who used to have M20F was swinging gear for the annual when earthquake happened in Seattle some 15 years ago. Plane didn’t slip but it could happen!
  12. Igor_U

    Maintenance Recommendations at KVGT

    Mmmm... I Didn't have time to conclude my write up on high temps I've experienced on Takeoff from KVGT but Lone Mountain aviation worked on a plane and when I picked it up, problem wasn't really solved. they spend 7h of labour swapping injectors, looking at the valve, borescoping offending cylinder and such... I flew it home (slow climbs and lower power settings...) to found out injectors were never cleaned and one magneto was lose and it's one clamp (and hardware) departed the plane. obviously mag was out of timing... While that nut might be left lose by my IA, they should catch that diagnosing the problem!
  13. Igor_U

    PC Valve

    Have a look on Ebay. I remember seeing one few weeks ago...
  14. Igor_U

    EI Engine monitors?

    I have CGR30P monitor and I love it. It is a primary replacement and in my '67 F it replaced all the engine instrument except 2 fuel level gages. I made the install with help of my IA and didn't find it complex but it takes time to time all the old stuff out. MVP-50 is better, no doubt about that, but CGR30 fit in standard instrument hole made it no brainer as at the time I didn't want to update original panel. I am not sure about barrel connectors Paul is referring but now, CGR30 came with cylindrical connector with set screw that positively holds the probe wire(s). EI says that is all you need but I've use heat gun and heat shrinks to seal it from fluids. Very easy and durable.
  15. Igor_U

    Avionics panel upgrade

    If you go with PS-engineering PMA7000B(T), install will be much cheaper since one connector it matches KNA24 you already have. You would need to add another harness to it that is part of intercom feature. I would not go with aspen without WAAS GPS/Navcom and would budget for that first. CGR30P can replace all the engine instruments (including MP) except Fuel level - you can go with Aerospace logics. Garmin GBC255: for few dollars more (well, thousands really) you could have used 430 installed which is much better deal and possible source to ADS-B transponder...