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  1. Igor_U

    Twitchy oil pressure

    Where did oil go?
  2. Paul, Would you happen to have part numbers of those shafts? Anyone? My understanding is those are early J shafts with Yokes but I could be wrong. Maybe investigating different parts catalogues would help? I would be interested fitting those on my '67F as those could have PC vacuum disconnect, PPT switch, map light and so on; of course those look much better then the old ones as well. Few months ago I had a chance of buying a nice leather set of yokes with no shafts ($800 BIN) but not being sure about the right shafts made me procrastinate and those were gone.
  3. Igor_U

    Tailpipe clamp

    I think he'd have much bigger issues in fire then broken strap.
  4. Igor_U

    Fuels smell in cabin

    Because fix it by A&P knowing what he's doing is fraction of the cost of bladders (or full reseal). It is not necessary to patch them all the time either however, like everything, old sealant has a limited life and it depends of different factors. Putting bladders is one of the options... For repair of tanks leak, see link below: http://donmaxwell.com/fuel-tank-repairs-how-we-fix-them/ Good luck.
  5. Igor_U

    Fuels smell in cabin

    As PilotCoyote said, sealant should be applied only on the INSIDE of the tank, not outside, like your picture shows. If that's what your mechanic did (with huge expense), I'd look for more experienced mechanic... Do some research around here and you'll find the answers.
  6. I had the same question. I believe you can't do that as Stratus ESG is not on the list of equipment as GPS source for G5. However, Garmin GTX 335/345 is. you might want to check the latest revision of G5 install manual; I have Rev 10.
  7. Igor_U

    Sunriver (S21) Weekend Fly-In

    Phil, We'd love to come but I'm changing jobs that weekend (back to WA state!) and willt be too busy. I also looked for a room online and none are available... We might just fly in for a day and meet you guys for lunch.
  8. Main reason I wanted to remove old gages was eliminating old fuel and oil line to the old Fuel/oil pressure gages. I really don't care about having old gages as they are not as accurate as new electronic display (and man with two watches really doesn't know exactly what time it is ) and you save some weight and simplify the panel. If the whole display suddenly dies, I wouldn't consider it as emergence as I can fly same settings and continue the flight to the destination. YMMV.
  9. Being an CB, I really, really tried to use Flight Plan Go this past weekend. It just doesn't do it for me. I found it non intuitive and couldn't find how to display GS, ETA to destination, etc. on the map. I really like the approach chart overlay feature, though... I guess I'll stick with Wings Pro X I use since beginning. I am interested in trying Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB, though. Anyone has a PIREP?
  10. You must be very busy. We flew by few TFRs on our trip this past weekend (KPAE - KCOE and back) and smoke was so thick at times we might as well be IMC. We were watching BA146s taking off at Coeur d'Alene to fight fire over at Sandpoint and was back in a matter of minutes for another load. Good luck selling your plane.
  11. Igor_U

    Not sure how to proceed

    Bummer. Couldn't you contact A&P from the shop so he could do it privately? Some 10 years ago my IA had to close his shop but all these years he was willing to do owner assist annuals (and maintenance) in my hangar, check my work and sign it all. It can be hard to find someone new to do that... Good luck.
  12. I have a '67F and I've measured opening as 4.25 x 2.5". You can always enlarge the Al panel opening but if you have plastic overlay, it might need trimming as well. I'm not sure how will that look.
  13. Igor_U

    Under attack

    Yeah, but you pay hurricane insurance through the nose, and putting shutters (on a second floor) is getting old after few years. BTDT.
  14. Igor_U

    From retro to basic

    It's looking really good. Could you tell why 90 days? How many hours to install? I would like to do similar on my '67F but can't see 3 months of downtime, especially if designing and ordering panels in advance, completing harness first etc...