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  1. Does it have the little eyeball vent assembly for fresh air by the pilot's knee? I'm interested in that, including the screws.
  2. I wired the 800 annunciation lights right above my AI. One for fuel, one for everything else out of limit. Work fine for me, bright and flashing and hard to miss. I assume 830 works the same way. Am switching to an 830 at annual so we shall see.
  3. Hi all. Since I don't really use it for.anything like timed holds or approaches anymore, I'm thinking about removing my davtron clock and using the hole for something else. I'm assuming the timers in an attached gps or a timer app in an ipad serve the legal requirement for a timer or clock. Am I thinking about this correctly?
  4. I might have a source for those, if you were interested. STC for old Rajays had no serial or N number, so they can be installed in accordance with STC with a copy of the documentation.
  5. Hey All, can I bump this up? The beloved C2000 in my E model seems to work perfect *except* the down attitude button on the computer head doesn't work. Up button increases up attitude. I tried to couple an ILS the other night and it centered on the inbound and flagged a glideslope intercept but wouldn't follow it down. Altitude hold seems to work find and holding the yoke button down and adjusting attitude works fine as well. I'm thinking its inside the computer somewhere. Thoughts, suggestions?
  6. Gorgeous airplane. Congratulations on the medical and owning the best of the Mooney models with a properly actuated landing gear. Now, just needs a turbo.....
  7. Nice. Modestly priced, I'll bet. Did you have a good source for hides?
  8. No. 8..7. I'm using the numbers from ADA.
  9. Anything further on the resolution of the hypothetical overboost?
  10. The io 360 compression ratio equates to 14.7 hp per.gph. I run my Rajay normalized non intercooled io 360 at 27 inches, 2400 or 2100 rpm depending on power I want. 10 gph at 27 inches 2400 at 8000 is 165ktas and at 18000 is 195 ktas. Cool smooth quiet operation. Between 30 and 50 lop.
  11. My M20E heat is doing strange things, like leaking a little heat when I slow down. This has prompted to me to consider IRANing the heater valve, but it got me to looking at the whole heat and ventilation situation. So, a couple of questions. What should I have on hand when disassembling the heat valve on the firewall? Any kind of seals, washers, etc. I'm hoping to do it in one sitting rather than having the plane down while I go order/find stuff. Here are the threads I can find: In the winter, I get plenty of heat, but I'm thinking of an eyeball vent on the Pilot's
  12. Which SB applies to a Turbonormalized I0360 ?
  13. Also, be concerned for your vacuum instruments after a vacuum pump failure. When the vacuum suddenly fails karma the carbon dust from the vacuum pump blades camp suddenly flow back into the instruments. Good practice is to place a filter in between the vacuum pump and the vacuum instruments. There used to be a company called it clear view filter that made filters that were clear so you could see how much damage had been prevented by having the filter inline. The clear filters are no longer available but I'd still consider an installation of A filter. My vacuum pump recently failed at my mech
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