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  1. Hi all. I need a little help diagnosing a carbon monoxide leak. I'm showing about 15 PPM While taxiing but as much as 50 PPM in flight. I've blocked off the heater duct at.the firewall so I know it's not coming from a heater leak. If I open the cabin vent pull on the panel, and put the sensor in the airstream it quickly drops to zero so it's not coming in through the vent system. I found an open gap in the floor panel ahead of the spar and have taped that over with aluminum tape. I also removed the screen on the air exit on top of the fuselage over the baggage compartment with no noticeable difference. The levels don't seem to vary with the gear up or down. We've buttoned the firewall up tight with RTV on the smallest pin holes. We've also aluminum taped over the hole at the back of the nose wheel well which enters the belly pan area. The problem seems to have cropped up after the installation of the new interior so I'm likely faced with determining whether there is now inlet leak that's open or I've blocked off the number of exit leaks that kept the levels low. Thoughts anyone?
  2. Same. Plus, I prefer the ability to manually snug myself in and turbulence and the lack of weight and complexity involved in an inertia reel.
  3. Hi all. I'm encountering a strange phenomenon and I think it's likely isolated to my airplane but I thought I would check to see if anyone else has experienced it in case there's a common chemical on our airplanes that causes it. On an area of the belly on the pilot side near the back of the wing across the belly there are some splotches of paint that are soft and peeling and exposing the bare aluminum underneath. It's as though someone threw a handful of paint stripper onto the belly. I will clean and prep the areas and paint to match, but I was just curious if anyone else had experienced this phenomenon and figured out what chemical had caused it. The paint is about 35 years old and I've never experienced this before.
  4. Better to look like one than to be one.
  5. If you have a tail strobe, you could remove it and cover with an inside flush patch panel. You still can be seen from behind. It's the perfect mod. Saves weight, lowers drag, and saves a few watts. I did.
  6. Check the one on the line at Stick and Rudder Flying Club at UGN.
  7. I did my PPL and IFR at Frasca Field. Rudy Frasca had a short bodied Mooney (and a Spitfire, and a....). Anyway, one day he mentioned in passing that he used to take it up high and kill the engine and soar with it.
  8. Does it have the little eyeball vent assembly for fresh air by the pilot's knee? I'm interested in that, including the screws.
  9. I wired the 800 annunciation lights right above my AI. One for fuel, one for everything else out of limit. Work fine for me, bright and flashing and hard to miss. I assume 830 works the same way. Am switching to an 830 at annual so we shall see.
  10. Hi all. Since I don't really use it for.anything like timed holds or approaches anymore, I'm thinking about removing my davtron clock and using the hole for something else. I'm assuming the timers in an attached gps or a timer app in an ipad serve the legal requirement for a timer or clock. Am I thinking about this correctly?
  11. I might have a source for those, if you were interested. STC for old Rajays had no serial or N number, so they can be installed in accordance with STC with a copy of the documentation.
  12. Hey All, can I bump this up? The beloved C2000 in my E model seems to work perfect *except* the down attitude button on the computer head doesn't work. Up button increases up attitude. I tried to couple an ILS the other night and it centered on the inbound and flagged a glideslope intercept but wouldn't follow it down. Altitude hold seems to work find and holding the yoke button down and adjusting attitude works fine as well. I'm thinking its inside the computer somewhere. Thoughts, suggestions?
  13. Gorgeous airplane. Congratulations on the medical and owning the best of the Mooney models with a properly actuated landing gear. Now, just needs a turbo.....
  14. Nice. Modestly priced, I'll bet. Did you have a good source for hides?
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