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  1. Yank neither my chain, nor my prop....please. One way abound it:
  2. .....And probably has few, if any, approvals for all his less than standard mods.
  3. Bill Turley at Aircraft Engineering, in Bartow, knows GA, is quite experienced, and is honest. Not always easy to find down here.
  4. ....and no chance for even one paragraph ;-(
  5. Alan....are you sure you can handle a Rocket?
  6. I fully understand and agree with your sentiments, Bennett. Please let me know when you're ready. I miss my J more every day. Assuming my surgery goes as well as I suspect it will, I'll be in the market around July, 2018.
  7. I'm scheduled for a RALP at Johns Hopkins in June.
  8. True, and thank you for bring it up (pun intended). If you pee often, get up 3 times or more at night to urinate, or have other signs of LUTS, you have BPH. We all have it when we get into our 50's. Many of the medications given for it are not on the FAA approved list, have nasty side effects, and don't work very well anyhow. UroLift is one of a handful of unproven aids, a TURP (Roto-Rooter of the prostate) is not for the faint of heart, even as urologists call it 'the gold standard'. If your symptoms persist, consider a 3T MRI and a fusion guided biopsy. That, at least, has the best chance of telling you what's going on. If it's prostate cancer, which about one in six of us will get, you're looking down a whole new rabbit hole. Don't believe the uninformed "what-me-worry" advise from people about prostate cancer, even MD's. At that point, flying will be the least of your concerns, and you should start doing lots of homework. The science of urology is ever changing, and the more they learn, the more they realize they don't know. Prostate cancer kills almost 30,000 men a year! I know from whence I speak. Fly healthy out there!
  9. This is very far from accurate....except for the Navy, possibly Training could be dangerous, we were in a hurry to save the world afterall , but training accidents paled when compared to combat! B-26's in Tampa Bay were a problem, until the AAF figured out how the fly them (more experienced pilots). Total American Air Force losses worldwide during World War II: 27,694 aircraft, including 8,314 heavy bombers, 1,623 medium and light bombers, and 8,481 fighters as destroyed in combat. The 8th Air Force alone, over Europe, lost more men KIA, than the Marines did throughout the war. America lost about 405,000 men, almost 300,000 in combat, of which about 35,000 were Army Air Force. Now back to Mooney stuff.............
  10. Embraer - OK, but Airbus - not for me. If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going.
  11. + 5 knots at a minimum, Jim. You going with the same scheme??
  12. Good decision Bruce. Joe IS very knowledgeable, always on top of things and is a WORKING owner.
  13. The is no better paint shop better or fairer than Hawk in Tampa. Period!
  14. So sad. Plain and simple....flying is dangerous! It takes constant vigil and hard work to mitigate the dangers.
  15. LOL In aviation it's common, especially with so many of us spending too much time patting ourselves on the back for our smart, but subjective, choices, and precious little time admitting our mistakes. Sorta like unreported gear ups.