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  1. Good learning experience for you. I'm always embarrassed for the brotherhood of Mooney owners when I hear stories like this, and I've heard too many of them. Caveat Emptor.
  2. Good - sure; very good - maybe; big - for sure. The kids at FSU and UF probably have a different viewpoint, but then their GPA's were a lot higher.
  3. Not really.....flyboy has a constant runny nose
  4. isn't so grand. Sometimes progress isn't all positive!
  5. You don't have to be sorry, Flyboy. You're correct! The panel needs serious $$$ work, no mention of a tank reseal, and the engine too close to TBO. Very nice looking exterior and interior work Jake, but IMHO, your asking price is unrealistic. You must realize that shop improvements on a 37 year old plane don't yield a dollar for dollar return, especially when you include your shop labor rates. Good luck selling it.
  6. For Sale 2000 Ovation SOLD

    In the fighter community, we used to say if you could smell JP4, then your oxygen mask wasn't on tight enough.
  7. For Sale 2000 Ovation SOLD

    Best of luck. You're gonna love a P46T serious travelling machine. I'm still dribbling on my shirt because of your Ovation panel. If the plane had a Hawk paint job, you could have sold it as 'NEW'.
  8. New Paint Hawk Aircraft Painting

    Beautiful scheme, but given your statement, I guess you didn't shop around much.
  9. New Paint Hawk Aircraft Painting

    You simply will not find a better paint job for a similar price than the complete job you'll get at Hawk. Joe is a stand up guy who can be trusted, a business owner who's also a painter, been in business for 30 years, knows what he's doing, as the long lines will attest to. Others gouge on paint prices because they can, and you're lucky if the job is as good as a Hawk job. The guy with the Commander and the DR paint job hasn't flown through heavy rain yet, I'd wager.
  10. Fly-In Sat. 8/12 to Lake Wales X07

    Don't let a little rain stop you fearless pilots
  11. When plane shopping, patience is most definitely a virtue!
  12. From Dave: The weather for our last event was forecast to be bad, and there was a lot of rain around. So, only 1 Mooney, 1 Piper Comanche, and 1 Mercedes brought 6 of us together at Williston for lunch. We had a good time, but no one lingered. Ruth and I did a 6 hour flight up to DuPage afterwards, but that’s another story. Our next meeting will be this Saturday, August 12, at Lake Wales (X07). The airport does not have a restaurant, but we will meet in the parking lot by the self serve fuel, and the airport manager will transport us 3 or 4 minutes to The Crazy Fish Bar and Grill for lunch. Last year he took early arrivals to the terminal building to wait until everyone was there, then all 15 of us jumped into a really big van around noon and he drove us to a restaurant. He ate lunch at the same place, so there was no delay returning to the airport. I expect it to work about the same way this year. If you get there after we have left for the restaurant, call me on my cell, 352-408-3343, and I will ask him to come back for you. All events start at 11:30. Please check your e-mail before attending as sometimes I make last minute changes for various reasons. Future Schedule August 12, Lake Wales (X07) September 9, Lakeland (LAL) October 14, Flagler (FIN) November 11, Vero Beach (VRB) December 9, Punta Gorda (PGD) I really appreciate it if you can e-mail me by Thursday night of the week of the event and let me know if you are going to try to make it, so I can call the restaurant on Friday with a head count. No one is obligated to come if they told me they are coming and can’t make it for mechanical, weather, health, or any other reason. Hope to see you soon, Dave and Ruth
  13. If Jimmy can't find what you want at a fair price, it doesn't exist.
  14. Flying to see the Eclipse

    Franklin NC, & pray for cloudless skies....
  15. 1990 MSE for sale

    I'm guessing the location is Schaumburg, IL