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  1. 401.34 I think the latest version is 401.36. I asked the mechanic to upgrade it during the last annual but he didn't think it was really needed and told me it would take a long time to do it.
  2. The G1000 uses the GTX-345. My Foreflight is connected to Stratus 2.
  3. I have recently frozen the SiriusXM account and on a recent flight I switched the weather source from SiriusXM to FIS-B (free). Passing by Beale AFB I did not see the TFR over that airport as I was expecting (it showed on my ForeFlight). Then I noticed the annunciation on the MFD top left of the screen, saying it was not available. Picture attached. is there a setting I am missing? thank you, Yariv
  4. Hey Skip, I think we just met recently at the airport:-). I did exactly that - called Garmin and then Rachel. The plan now is to do another flight and try the GS once again on both NAV radios and take a video maybe. Would you like to be the safety pilot?
  5. by manual you mean toggling the ALT button? I tried that.
  6. Yes, APR pressed once cleared for the approach, before intercepting the localizer.
  7. Since I was at the intercept altitude 6 miles out, yes the interception is from below.
  8. The G1000 in my airplane is configured to switch automatically from GPS CDI to the VAV1 or NAV2 LOC CDI before reaching FAF. I remember verifying that it switched correctly to the correct frequency and CDI needle. The GS was armed (white) and stayed like that as I crossed the FAF. Localizer was working fine.
  9. The 2 approaches were in 2 different airports - kpae and kpwt, on different days. I was not aware of relevant NOTAMs.
  10. Hi, today I confirmed on a second flight that there is a problem with the GS capture. I flew the approach using the GFC 700 autopilot, I was at glide slope intercept altitude long before the FAF but the GS stayed white (armed). I disconnected the AP and noticed the GS appeared momentarily but disappeared again. I then flew the localizer instead. the second approach was a GPS approach and the GP (glide path) was captured successfully. Where should I look? thank you, Yariv
  11. PCA told me that they need to interface it to the pitot static system. Another shop told me that it needs to be connected to the G1000. maybe I need to get a quote from another shop. A mechanic looked up the part number of the existing unit and told me that it is listed for $2883. That’s for a brand new one. He said the main time consuming part in replacing it would be to remove the glare shield. It has to be set with the correct tilt to have the parallax set right. That tilt value should be specified on the tag, he said.
  12. Hi, I noticed on my last flight that the standby attitude indicator precesses excessively and cannot be relied on. I understand that I could replace it with a GI-275 as its cost is very close to a an electric AI gyro. Called PCA and got a quote for the GI-275: 20 hours labor (3 days) and $6050. the soonest they can schedule it is April 2023. The airplane is a 2004 Ovation 2GX. Did any of you have to replace the standby AI? Any recommendations for other good shops (I am based in KPAE in WA)? Thank you, Yariv
  13. Today, while approaching Orcas Island I activated the speed brakes during a descent and was surprised to see just the right speed brake extend. I pressed it again to retract it and had to slow down the airplane the old way:-). on the ground it tested ok. has this happened to any of you? thanks.
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