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  1. Exactly what I was fishing for...thanks!
  2. I'm guessing that no one ever heard, or happens to know what kind of useful load Jake Clemens ended up with.
  3. He's the man who would know.
  4. Well this is now officially a bump because I never found the useful load number. According to the memory of things I have read on here, a 252 is eligible for a 200lbs weight increase.
  5. Just for information, I am based about 300 feet away from Hawk, he paints a lot of planes over there and they all come out looking good. I've inspected several of them close up, and I'm no kind of paint expert but if I was getting mine painted he would be who I would use. I realize it wouldn't be the most convenient from Louisiana but the sacrifice of convenience is worth a lack of frustration to me.
  6. Wow
  7. Stupid thing didn't attach the first time.
  8. I thought some of you might enjoy the coincidence here; I followed the link and it just so happened that the size of the tab that opened in my browser yielded this result: I literally hovered my mouse up there to make sure it wasn't some kind of error or typo. (Hovering the mouse shows the full title if it is shortened)
  9. No one would ever say anything to me...I've idled the chats lots of times and rarely would anyone respond.
  10. wow
  11. I'll say it...Andrew's paint scheme is better
  12. Hypocrisy sure is a shame. For those of you Clint Eastwood fans--my favorite summation of current society is contained herein:http://www.esquire.com/entertainment/a46893/double-trouble-clint-and-scott-eastwood/
  13. I truly hope some part of that is sarcasm.
  14. I happened upon the Rants and Raves topics (poll and original) last night, somewhat oblivious to the existence of them due to the waxing and waning of my participation in the site. I notice that many people's words and actions are not in congruence, which is disappointing to see. However it is easy to empathize with based on my own internet participation. I have long advocated for a private section of the site that is completely invisible to public or unregistered users, whose search indexing is disabled so that google does not cache it, and requires an extra effort for registered users who want to participate in to be a part of. The technical term for this in the past was "sub-forum" and it's own permissions could be designated. I will restate the same point that I made before: when you bring people together with a common interest it is simply an extension of human nature for them to explore other similarities or differences that they may have. I do my best to avoid any mudslinging and only share different perspectives, or factual information. I cannot say that my nose is completely clean but I have always followed this rule in corporate and personal communications, 'Imagine anything you say being read in front of everyone you know, and also being published in the newspaper.' While I have the utmost disregard to individual sensitivities commonplace in today's society it would be completely reckless to ignore "the optics" of every situation we encounter in this day and age. I was always taught that being nice will get you much further than being nasty and try my best to follow that doctrine, but sometimes we do come to the end of our ropes and all of us being human I choose and actively try not to condemn people for it. We have a common bond that brings us together, and in some ways binds us to each other, and I don't believe that occasional misgivings should drive us apart.
  15. It's a fine line that we trace, we cannot assume that each of us share our own intentions.