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  1. Myopia never ceases to amaze me.
  2. I live in Tampa, depending on your budget there's really no option besides VDF. Plant city is feasible I suppose.
  3. Absolutely terrific outcome, very happy to thank Vivek, I expected nothing less after meeting him at the Mooney Summit. Which then requires a thank you to Mike Elliot, which then requires a thank you to MS for providing the internet venue for him to organize.
  4. Tom, I hope you included all of the details that you posted here in your email to Vivek. If the business is so damn poor, maybe they should charge a fee. The Elvis company seems to have a pretty good handle on how to make money doing that... Really a piss poor situation Tom and I'm very sorry to hear about it.
  5. Did you guys see the real TFR on the streets?
  6. I'm sure Chuck has you beat there...
  7. If the clubs are your best excuse that's easily remedied!
  8. I'm going to reiterate that any respectable social outing should involve a game of golf. I know the above agrees. So I'm speaking for him too.
  9. I will second that, I have been to PCW twice.
  10. Anyway, my mistake and I apologize because I was wrong in that I thought this took place in the pattern. (on the downwind leg)
  11. The quotes around my statements are intended to imply "sarcasm" that would be a narrative or phraseology that I did not create and don't necessarily believe to be true, or not completely accurate, or does not completely articulate what I actually want to say.
  12. It's obvious now that I misread the original post, I thought this happened on the downwind leg. That's why I was all jacked up, clearly it was for nought. And yes Yetti, I work very hard to avoid all mistakes--not just when flying--especially ones that can or will kill someone. You're alive so I assume you participate in the same practice.
  13. Procedures were created so that people work together for a "good" outcome. If you don't follow procedure and something goes "wrong" it's your fault.
  14. Unless you believe that people are supposed to die while flying airplanes, if someone dies it is wrong. The definition of blame is to assign responsibility for a fault or wrong. Someone is responsible when something goes wrong, especially when someone dies. There is nothing complicated about making correct radio calls or listening for others radio calls. If you don't make correct radio calls you are wrong, if you don't listen to others radio calls you are wrong. If you are wrong then you are to blame. Don't pitch me ADS-B as a cure for not following procedure. ADS-B does not make pilots more aware, it allows pilots be less aware and let the equipment think for them. (Nah...if there's traffic the "finder" will pick it up, plus I've got an audible alert that dings in my headset, plus now ADS-B is mandatory they'll see me, everything is A OK) If ADS-B was pitched with the equal requirement of automated avoidance systems then fine, I'm all for it.
  15. If two planes get that close together on accident [or without knowing they are that close] while "maneuvering" for a landing someone has done something wrong. If there are clear calls on the tape from both pilots and they didn't engage each other then they are both wrong. I could not careless about the guy in the tower at a Class D if I hear there's other traffic anywhere near me. The other plane and I are going to get on the same page as quickly as practicable. I could also not careless about "me having the right-of-way," doesn't matter how right you are if you're dead.