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  1. Someone made a post on nextdoor this morning about children and bad behavior on golf carts and this was a comment that I had to share with everyone...
  2. How much for the elevators

  3. I've got 2 elevators from a 67F and a complete setup for a generator that I removed when I installed an alternator. Send me a private message with a price if you are interested in the elevators. If you cover the shipping you can have the generator and additional components.
  4. Somewhere around half of what you want has been done: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
  5. You're source does not provide a source for his data. I be interested in seeing a source for that statistic. That's a pretty lavish claim to make without a citation.
  6. Those foolish euros I cannot believe they didn't install an airshow smoke system! The nerve of those people...
  7. Oh how I like to argue with the internet about nothing Paul By a simple combination of the facts presented here we can create a "like-ability score" exM20K = 56.88% Rich = 53.70% Therefore Rich loses, even though the other guy's post was likely a foolhardy exhibition. Now if someone would like to enter another variable into evidence I'd be glad to revise the "like-ability scores" And if someone instructs me on how to impart a negative reputation point I'll take the appropriate course of action as well.
  8. Correction: Banner hovering drones -(Drone)-...Banner...-(Drone)- And they will be just above the horizon too because "drones are just swell" and "just above the swell" Who could possibly need rules for them?
  9. Really looks like a video promoting the potential use of safety drones.
  10. http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/phillies/roy-halladay-plane-crash-gulf-of-mexico-philadelphia-phillies-toronto-blue-jays-20171107.html His father:
  11. Don't just make that post and not even mention anything about your weights/loading capabilities! C'mon man.
  12. That is an amazing revelation; aviation wasn't in fact invented in 1903
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