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  1. I thought there was some 'local restriction' about landing or boating in the water where they were and I thought it was discussed in the prior thread? Because I remember thinking that I'd rather have the violation of being in the water at that location (if they caught you) and alive.
  2. Dark theme?

    I can feel the battery life getting longer as we speak
  3. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    Ignore the haters and naysayers, unfortunately that's rampant among this community.
  4. not sure what to think

  5. Dark theme?

    Thank you.
  6. AGL Aviation Services

    There's a section of this website devoted to it. Also: https://www.mooneysummit.com/
  7. Dark theme?

    Just adding my name to the list now that the upgraded site burns my eyes to look at.
  8. 1968 M20F For Sale

    At times I have had many struggles over the course of two different planes I have owned. I don't remember all of your posts, but everything with you and your plane has been very manic, as a young plane owner I learned very quickly that it requires a lot of tolerance for stuff we would all prefer not to tolerate. I'm sorry to see this post.
  9. Forum Upgrade?

    I don't know if the forums have been upgraded, but there is so much whitespace now it is burning my eyes to look at the site and I keep brightness and contrast very low on my monitors.
  10. New Member Intro number next

    Fly there with your instructor. More importantly, thank you for making the correct decision to complete your training in your Mooney.
  11. LASAR Visors

    Funny, I didn't know anyone here did anything with their eyes open.
  12. Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved?

    Are you a primary source for that travel log Phil!?
  13. Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved?

    Looks my "logical conspiracy" is taking "flight"
  14. Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved?

    For the sake of argument...maybe the Japanese purposefully dated the photo in order to further the cover-up. There's no way of knowing that the date attributed to that photo is correct, Japanese National Archive or not. I'm sure we could dig through the more familiar US archive and find things that were inadvertently or advertently dated incorrectly.