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  1. This begs the question... What’s worse? The fact that something seems to be missing or that your mechanic doing your annual doesn’t know what (or if) it should be?
  2. Here’s what I know about kids (I have 3 and two are out of the house). They grow... and quickly. Your 100 lbs in the back seat will be 200... then 250... then 300 before you know it. That could be 620lbs of flesh with no luggage. Assuming you and your wife don’t put on a few ‘old age’ lbs. With 40lbs each of luggage, you’re hitting 780 before fuel. Given the traditional 850-950 useful load in a Mooney... maybe you get a touch over 1000 at your price point... you can put 37 gal of fuel on the plane (assuming you’re a lucky one with the 1000 lbs UL). That might get you your 250 miles but
  3. Wanna sell yours? I’m just kidding. The panel looks nicer than anything I’ve ever flown. I really appreciate the feedback. I’m toying with buying a Mooney and am all over the map. Everything from it’s not worth it... to maybe a TKS Ovation. I’ll look you up if I get serious looking at an F. 94k just seemed too close to a J model for me to take it too serious. That said, I keep reading that you should buy a plane with everything you want (avionics wise) because you’ll never recover the install cost. So... 94k F’s is where I see what I want. I’ll let you get back to your fat chicks
  4. Is that really your F on controller? N6854V? If so, mind if I ask you a few questions?
  5. It’s funny. I came back to flying a year ago after about 15 years away (family... kids... no money for such frivolities). When I left, I had 20/25 vision and 6 big gauges, two VOR Nav’s, a DME and an ADF that formed a well equipped IFR airplane. My first time flying instrument in a plane with 2 x G5’s (I now have progressive old man glasses) was my IPC. I was cussing the 23 year old engineer that shoved my 6 big beautiful gauges into one 5” display. I’m sure he’s never flown and approach to mins in moderate turbulence. I’ve seen pictures of the 275 and they seem even smaller. Spend
  6. Yeah. I had my doubts but worth a try. C’s, E’s, and F’s are definitely more in my comfort zone. That said, I keep getting scope creep for speed, avionics, heated props, turbo, and maybe a TKS system for those brutal FL winters.
  7. I’m slow to the punch. That’s not the F Exec 21 currently on Controller. Understand!
  8. So... new to this forum but have been thinking about buying a Mooney. Unfortunately, my taste in airplanes exceeds my willingness to part with my money. However, if I could find a like minded 2nd owner... it’s a win-win. Anyone out there interested in a J or K or maybe even a lower end Ovation at either KSFB or KORL?
  9. Is there insider information on this plane someone new to the forum and looking for a Mooney should know? Are those pics of the current owner? This thread is very confusing. Feeling ‘left out’ of the jokes.
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