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  1. 1990 MSE for sale

    I'm guessing the location is Schaumburg, IL
  2. Pensacola Planes to See

    If you want to see a 100 Mooneys, meet a lot of fine people, and learn about all M-20 models, you can do no better than the Mooney Summit in Panama City. Don't miss it.
  3. Marauder!!!!!!!

    Stop, just stop right here, please, for the sake of all that's holy. I'll need bleach for my mind's eye right now, and if Marauder shows up it will take more than bleach.
  4. Turbo normalized Bo with tip tanks and A/C would be very interesting.....
  5. .....and install A/C
  6.'s a kick in the gut to sell that beauty. I'm about a year away, health wise, from jumping on it.
  7. Talk to Dave. He could probably use some help.
  8. 1982 M20J Mooney Missile for sale

    A 1982 201 upgraded to a Missile, or a 1998 Ovation for about the same money. Ummmm
  9. Make me want to relocate to the People's Republic of California
  10. Last month's fly-in to Sebring had truly bad weather, and only 1 Mooney showed up, flown by brave pilot, Jake Kertz. Ruth and Dave were in Michigan in the Lake at a Splash-In. Our next event will be tomorrow, Saturday July 8, at Williston (X60), at the Pyper Kub Cafe at 11:30. All events start at 11:30. Future Schedule July 8, Williston (X60) August 12, Lake Wales (X07) September 9, Lakeland (LAL) October 14, Flagler (FIN) November 11, Vero Beach (VRB) December 9, Punta Gorda (PGD) Sorry for the late notice. Hope to see you soon,
  11. Basic Med Exam

    PSA is one indicator, DRE is another, and seemingly one flyboy enjoys . But neither one is very good. There are lots of guys coming down with PCa in their early 50's, so I suggest not being complacent about it. The earlier it's caught the better, and there are far too many 'what-me-worry' GP's and old school urologists out there, not doing us any favors. Better than a basic PSA blood test, insist on a new PNI blood test, that yields PSA, free PSA, a marker for PCa activity and a formula to provide a score of the likelihood of a biopsy finding PCa (prostate cancer). If your doc refuses, or doesn't know what it is...find a new doc. Almost 300,000 cases of PCa are discovered every year, and almost 28,000 men die of it every year. And unlike most engine problems, there are usually no symptoms until it's very serious. The number of us getting bad news in our 50's is increasing exponentially. Good luck with thinking/wishing all is well down there......
  12. Opinion on SB M20-282A

    No 'hard feelings', but at the very bottom of my feel good list. Whatever makes YOU feel good is OK, but any safety or insurance reasons aren't reasonable justifications IMO.
  13. Our last event was on a rainy day with thunderstorms forecast so it's understandable that we had a light turnout. One brave Mooney and several cars brought 8 people together at Flagler. Our next event will be this Saturday, June 10, at Sebring. Hopefully it will be a sunny FL day, and the ramp will be full of Mooneys. Ruth and Dave are planning to be in Michigan with their seaplane, so will someone else please e-mail him a list of who shows up at the event. All events start at 11:30. Future Schedule: June 10, Sebring (SEF) July 8, Williston (X60) August 12, Lake Wales (X07) September 9, Lakeland (LAL) October 14, Flagler (FIN) November 11, Vero Beach (VRB) December 9, Punta Gorda (PGD) Dave requests that you e-mail him by Thursday night to let him know if you are planning to make it. He then calls the restaurant with a approximate head count. No one is obligated to come if they told him they are coming and can’t make it for whatever reason. Sebring is a cool airport, so come on out!
  14. Flightline Cafe KGIF

    Oh great....middle of the night and you got me hungry Thanks!