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  1. Strong stainless steel, or stronger John 3:16 Looking fine...congrats!
  2. Whatever you do, DON"T trust those young volunteer's with follow me flags. "There be danger there, Will Robinson."
  3. +++2 on Phil Jimenez. Down to earth, very competent, knows Mooney, and is fair.
  4. An excellent choice....good fortune with her
  5. Trying to land gear down has the potential of causing more damage than a clean gear up like the pictured one. Shearing the gear off, cartwheeling, nose over, toasted gear doors....you name it. Leave the gear up, and stop quickly and usually straight. Subject pilot did a good job putting her down!
  6. How do we know that beautiful J isn't in a dive?
  7. A humble, honest and decent man. They are becoming a rare breed. Bob was a good person, who will be missed by many. RIP.
  8. Stay home; don’t roam, all you intrepid fliers. Be safe and do thank all our first responders, and so many other courageously brave people on the front lines, assisting us to get through these perilous times. May we stay positive and pull together. We will get through it, stronger, better and wiser. Gary Subject: FLORIDA Dear Mooney Enthusiast, We had a great turnout at our last lunch at Winter Haven with 10 Mooneys, 1 Bonanza, and 1 Skipper bringing 21 people together. The weather was good, and everyone seem to enjoy the eve
  9. Wonderful lesson for lots of airplane owner CB's. Great plane, very fairly priced, well documented....sells in a week! Parker, you didn't call me If I were in the market now, I'd have jumped on this rare beauty. Good luck and best wishes to all involved.
  10. I've flown into Everglades City more times than I can count. Great food, good times, friendly folks, and easy runway for a Mooney. Been in there several times with flyboy and his lovely wife. Been to OSU once....that was more than enough
  11. Update/Correction for this weekends fly-in from David:
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