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  1. So much for the transition training and flight review. Perhaps a forgiving, fixed gear, Cirrus would have been a better choice.
  2. Hope all of you are prepared and safe. Planes can be repaired or replaced. Lives are much more complicated and valuable. Take nothing for granted with the track of this monster!
  3. TF-104G doing some formation flying around Kennedy Space Center. Buckle up and enjoy.....
  4. If anyone is interested in a new Sextant 30w LED Nav & Strobe kit, (ACS 11-11987) that I've had sitting around since I sold my plane , let me know. Original cost ~ $250. I'll ship in the USA for $100, total. What's in the box:Left and right lamps, tail, two rubber gaskets, dielectric grease packet and new over-sized lens'. All bulbs are BA15 style bases. Rated power is 67 watts for all three bulbs. I don't know what the filament bulbs draw, but I'd be willing to bet 67w is in the range of one standard bulbs draw.The bulbs are extremely easy to replace on the plane. A Philips head screwdriver was all I needed.The bulbs have two modes, stead for night ops and flashing for day. They do not sync, but the flash is enough to get traffics attention. I had traffic call me out on approach today at two miles which is unusual when I had the flash going.A real step up from filament bulbs and the brightness is hard to tell in the pics. They are much brighter in person.The bulbs are TSO-C30c. If you are interested in good visual recognition, day or night, this kit delivers it a lot cheaper than other options. Note there was some esoteric debate regarding the legality of these lights back in 2015 on an MS thread, but many A&P's sign-off on them. PM me, if interested.
  5. Putting a Mooney paint scheme on a Bo was brilliant
  6. I've been asking for that, since Craig started this no avail
  7. Like Byron, I spent time at Mena, AR, Tejas in San Marcos, Murmer in Houston, as well as a number of other paint shops. I even spoke to the infamous ArtCraft in CA. None came close to impressing me in knowledge, ability, total price or delivery anywhere close to Hawk in Tampa. Eight years ago I paid the same $10,500, and my former plane still looks amazing! Joe had a lot of fully depreciated equipment he didn't roll into his price back then. Now he has much more overhead to cover, so of course his price is higher. Whining about it, even for a frugal Mooney owner, is short sighted and disingenuous. Given Hawk's quality, $14,500 is a steal.
  8. Hi Joe...typical irresponsible "I can do whatever I want", SoCA types. Fighter pilots wanna-be's. Time to move to TX
  9. An exciting new(ish) venture combining some of the best folks in the Mooney world. Best wishes to Don, Jimmy, Jan and Paul Happy retirement to David.
  10. Many of the folks on MS use Joe, at Hawk. He just moved into a new Zephyrhills facility, has been a Mooney guy for decades, and is reasonable and honest. If he can't do it, he'll tell you.
  11. Thanks Jimmy, for a dose of common sense, flavored by your decades of extensive knowledge buying and selling Mooney's.
  12. Want to guess how much of the pension and health care $ is really welfare.....