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  1. Hurricane Irma

    WOW.......and we wonder why the factory isn't a thriving business. Have you turned the plane over to anyone yet?
  2. Back when MooneySpace was starting up, I suggested to Craig that full name, physical location, airport base, airplane model and tail number be REQUIRED on our left side bio's. He didn't want to restrict access, so declined.... It seems to have worked out OK As for me, how do I know if BillC is a real name, and why he looks like a dog is beyond me?
  3. Hurricane Irma

    If a new wing is in your future, see what the factory will charge you. A salvage wing will, I think, carry the sigma of a salvage title.
  4. Hurricane Irma

    My power just came back last night, and clean water is back this morning. So sorry to hear about 61Z, Mike. A Mooney that flew as well as it looked. I have a feeling from everything you've said, that she will fly again, hopefully with you at the controls. Ft. Lauderdale did OK in most places. Lots of trees down and landscaping in tatters. 5 days without power was easy compared to the 14 days without power after Wilma. This time I didn't have a Mooney to worry about. Back to clean-up, both outside and inside. I trust you are the partner handling the insurance claim, Mike. Good luck!!!
  5. New Mooney 201 prebuy

    Scott, you're gonna love the MSE and you've been put on the FL luncheon mailing list. Note, he fly-in to LAL for today is off. Back in the day, the Air Force had me flying monsoon season missions in this crap and I had no vote in their decision. Where in FL are you located? Hope your ready for a visit from Irma. We're getting gusts to about 35 knots and light rain in Ft. Lauderdale right now. Looks like the west coast of FL may get hit hard, and the Keys are being hammered. Here we go.....
  6. New Mooney 201 prebuy

    Phil Jimenez in Avon Park is an excellent resource, with a sharp eye and a down to earth good guy.
  7. Hurricane Irma

    The fifth largest/strongest Atlantic hurricane ever.
  8. Hurricane Irma

    This should clear everything up:
  9. Fly-In to LakelandCNX

    Discretion being the better part of valor, and Mooney Strong not including hurricanes, Saturday's fly-in to Lakeland has been cancelled.....
  10. From Dave: We had a good time at our last event in spite of the weather forecast. Four Mooneys brought 8 people to Lake Wales for lunch at The Crazy Fish Bar and Grill. The restaurant is not located at the airport, but airport staff drove us there and waited to take us back so there was no delay returning to the airport. I believe everyone made it home without weather problems. Our next event is this Saturday, September 9, at Lakeland. Since Hurricane Irma might be heading our way, I may cancel lunch at the last minute, so please check your e-mail for a message from me before taking off for Lakeland. All events start at 11:30. Please check your e-mail before attending as sometimes I make last minute changes for various reasons. Future Schedule September 9, Lakeland (LAL) October 14, Flagler (FIN) November 11, Vero Beach (VRB) December 9, Punta Gorda (PGD) I really appreciate it if you can e-mail me ( by Thursday night of the week of the event and let me know if you are going to try to make it, so I can call the restaurant on Friday with a head count. No one is obligated to come if they told me they are coming and can’t make it for mechanical, weather, health, or any other reason. OTHER OPTIONAL NOTICES: 1) The president of the local EAA Chapter has asked me to tell you that there will be a fly in at the Leesburg Airport (LEE) on Saturday, October 21. It will start with coffee and donuts at 9 AM, followed at 10 AM with a Wings meeting. Afterwards the chapter will be cooking lunch for all who attend. 2) A member, Bob Plasczc is looking to buy a vintage Mooney, probably an E or F model. If you have one for sale you can contact him at 3) A member who has recently moved to Amelia Island has asked if we would like to have a lunch up there. I assume we would fly into Fernandina Beach Airport (FHB) and he would arrange for transportation to run us to a nearby restaurant. Before I agree to this and set it up I would like an idea of how many of you would fly up there weather permitting. I would probably want to do this in May 2018.
  11. Fly-in at LASAR! Who's Coming?

    No Bennett, I didn't win N335BB, and I sure like your lady friend.
  12. Good luck finding land to build a hanger on in SoFL. Local governments, airport management, and land owning speculators have everything fixed and controlled. It ain't supply and demand. It's greed, and manipulative control of local building codes and fees, not to mention local taxing authorities. Welcome to SoFL politics!
  13. ....and I was about to say the price you're asking for a '99 S is to LOW, especially when compared to subject '81 J model
  14. "The buffed turd" An apt description, IMO. A PPI, even one by The Don, doesn't turn up every surprise waiting to bit you. The subject plane has way too many delayed maintenance items, to take a chance on. Good that you walked away. I would have run, and I hope Jimmy does also.
  15. Good learning experience for you. I'm always embarrassed for the brotherhood of Mooney owners when I hear stories like this, and I've heard too many of them. Caveat Emptor.