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  1. Thanks, my friend. Having owned my prior Mooney, myself, for 20 years, a plane partnership makes me more uncomfortable than marriage, although I lucked out on that score. A 2004/5 Ovation DX in pristine condition would, however, be tempting.
  2. fantom


    Wishing you the best for a speedy recovery, Ron. availability at UF Hospital?
  3. fantom

    PPI near KGIF

    Phil Jimenez at Avon Park.... Do a simple search and you'll find out all the details. Good luck!
  4. fantom

    Paint recommendations

    Hawk is the best, on either coast, without a doubt. The number of happy Mooney customers down here is amazing, and you know how picky and frugal we can be. Joe has been painting Mooney aircraft for over 30 years, and he STILL doesn't sit in an office. Nice paint scheme Parker, and I know what you mean.
  5. fantom

    A&P IA needed. Central Florida

    Bill Turley at Bartow is first class, even if he isn't a "Mooney guru".
  6. fantom

    Anyone hurt by Michael?

    God bless all you lending a helping hand, and thank God all on MS came through the hurricane in fair shape. This too shall eventually pass....for most. Stay safe everyone!
  7. fantom

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Don....just read the entire thread, and so sorry for your aggravation. Snuff happens, and this stuff stinks. Hoping the insurance adjuster takes care of you and your baby. Good luck, my friend. A commercial flight to Longview should be a treat.
  8. fantom

    Mooney Summit VII

    Great work, Mike. What you do for GA and the Mooney community is most commendable. We are very proud of you!
  9. fantom

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    Gut wrenching.....RIP
  10. fantom

    Out of paint shop

    Very attractive paint job, at a good price! Good luck with her....
  11. fantom

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    I hope the previous owner is on MooneySpace