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KLX135A replacement.....


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Hello...The 64’ C that I fly occasionally has a KLX135A that has never worked for as long as I’ve flown it. I didn’t realize that it was a GOS/Comm, I wondered why he only had 1 Comm! Anyways it’s annual time again and he asked about getting it repaired or replaced. I’ve seen many listed on eBay but at what I think is really high, well for the capability. Is it because they have the Comm side too that makes them them $$? ($2200.) This owner just flies this C in the Texas and is not a Mooniac so he is not savy about new stuff nor does he want to spend $$. Heck, I’m trying to talk him into installing a used EDM 700 and a 1970’s DG!

Thoughts, Suggestions?


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