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  1. Dang nice G! Check Gear Down and Trim Set! Fly safe and often!
  2. In the big airplanes, Trim gets reset after landing and re-checked twice before T/O. It’s all a training issue. Same principle in Carpentry, Measure Twice, Cut Once.....
  3. How much are the going for these days? I’m in limbo on my 68 project but it has Bladders...
  4. What Alan said...I drove over from CVG and got there just after the prospective buyer, the Car Dealership owners were there too. I took one walk around the filthy, dirty airframe and ragged out interior and told him to walk away fast. Told the owners that it’s not worth half of what they want. Their reply was; “We got lots of interested buyers” Just like a car salesman, no offense to any who are...I’m glad “Gubni” came out and listened! You’ll find something, just keep looking....
  5. This plane sure stirred up a lot! I was interested, briefly until I had some “eyes” on it the morning of sale. I (we) all would love to see this flying again! Also the progress, etc. It would all be educational for many I suppose. I wish the buyer Goodluck and if he/she is around let us know. Many here are willing to help...
  6. Do yourself a favor, send entire exhaust out for inspection and ifs only that area then good but my experience is if it’s cracked somewhere then it’s probably compromised somewhere else. Ask me how I know....
  7. Blame it on COVID. Why go to work when you can stay home.?
  8. Hey all, I’ve asked this before and has anyone recently bought, installed, gave up on the ARI cowl mod? I have a J cowl that I could install but would require more work or look again at the ARI mod? Btw, I’m a long way from that point in the process.... Thx.
  9. Hey there...I’m an F owner who is often in Florence. Sometimes during the week and sometimes during the weekends. PM your contact information and next time I’m there maybe at least I can come see your ride..
  10. Hi, you have yours listed on eBay? Mack
  11. Hello...The 64’ C that I fly occasionally has a KLX135A that has never worked for as long as I’ve flown it. I didn’t realize that it was a GOS/Comm, I wondered why he only had 1 Comm! Anyways it’s annual time again and he asked about getting it repaired or replaced. I’ve seen many listed on eBay but at what I think is really high, well for the capability. Is it because they have the Comm side too that makes them them $$? ($2200.) This owner just flies this C in the Texas and is not a Mooniac so he is not savy about new stuff nor does he want to spend $$. Heck, I’m trying to talk him into insta
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