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  1. Sorry to say but lots of great parts! Need to make a trip over to ASOD to get some things.
  2. Hey, I’m in Weatherford and someday I’ll have my project “F” going. What happened to you is my worst thought, especially after all the work!
  3. But what is the difference in this cowling and the one that Bob put on his?
  4. Looks great but I’m a little confused...Is this different than then cowling that is being installed by the outfit in N. Carolina?
  5. Just wondering about this airplane. It’s now based at my airport. Would like like to meet owner. Mack
  6. Just wondering about this airplane. It’s now based at my airport. Would like like to meet owner. Mack
  7. Even the latest 777x has a Whiskey Compass...
  8. Flying people sux...Who cares if your shirt is wrinkled and you can wear lounge pants in cruise!
  9. I’ve flown that model too..A real show coming out of HKG loaded!
  10. I have several thousand hours flying both the Classic and -400 models of this Beauty. Long ago I was told it was a Gentleman’s Airplane. When I was just starting out it was only a dream to fly one as you had to be a senior gray headed guy or gal to be a PIC on the Queen. Today however they are operated by very young crews! One thing that the 747 does, especially the Nose Loaders, is carry “out sized” freight. I have carried everything from Orca’s to M-Raps and Humvies and sadly a few fallen hero’s. Yes, the 777 freighter will become mainstream but when a 777 needs a new engine, what brings it? A 747...
  11. $1600 is cheap. I had a quote from AWI for $2600 recently...There was an exhaust posted on MS recently..
  12. BTW, from the thumbnail I like your F...That’s my goal with mine...
  13. Well look how much the bifurcated Max has cost! A new engine and wing clean up and NG glass and FMS...
  14. There is NO comparison. The 757 is far more capable, superior and comfortable. Even in a center seat!