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  1. The access panels are on top of the wing. The interconnect clamps are inside the cells. I do not envy you. To correctly torque them you need the smallest torque wrench you can find. I’m sure someone will step up with more useful info, but having done my install last spring I recall those clamps were a pain even though it seems they would be straight forward. The thoughts of revisiting them makes me sad. I’m thinking someone posted the drawings for the install here. I recall using them to assist my install.
  2. As an Iowa farm boy, we had a 4000’ strip up the middle of the farm. Also was a hayfield. Later in life I had a home in Minnesota above the Mississippi River that featured an 1100’ backyard strip. An adventuresome one way ( land east/takeoff west) affair that served a lightly loaded Stinson. Now my Ohio property abuts the country airport. A 600’ stroll to my hangar, which is on the airport. So I am quite used to the convenience and satisfaction of being at home with the plane. Of course there are seasonal restrictions to the grass runways. Mowing, of course . But no regrets. Now with 350
  3. My first solo was in a C140 60 years ago this year. Just to make it interesting it was equipped with a x-wind gear (look it up) which fortunately only seemed to kick out when taxiing. Later in college one of my roommates had one that was available to several of us. Wheel landing contests were the big thing. When that became too tame we would divide the controls, one getting the ailerons and elevator, the other rudder and throttle and try to work out a wheel landing. Or there was the no-hands wheelies, using only the trim to try to grease it on. We were young. Anyway, I’ve had relationships
  4. That reminds me . . . In this non-standard holiday season I have neglected to have my annual listen to The Shepherd. You know the one. An RAF pilot in 1957 has an encounter. Radio show broadcast by CBC. Google it. I won’t try to find a link right now.
  5. I’m still looking for one of those big red clip on buttons we had in the ‘60’s that said “ I’ve got PC”. For nostalgic reasons, mind you.
  6. I wonder where Phillips Victory fits into this mix.
  7. I mailed a sample last week. Haven’t checked the tracking on it, but I have 3 purchases of items coming priority mail and they are all two weeks enroute and seem to be hung up in various parts of the country with no sign of movement. Probably a good time to avoid USPS.
  8. Curious about VG’s on the Mooney. On the C310 they mellowed out landings considerably, but the Mooneys ( at least the short ones) don’t seem to need help in that regard. The 310 benefitted from some performance improvements (weight, Vmc).
  9. Champion 7JC. Gave a coupe hours of dual in one back in my youth. Never quite figured out how was the right way to land one.
  10. There are so many Mooney related tasks those darn hangar elves could do for us . . .
  11. What moosebreath said. Actually since my dad’s Stinson was not yet instrument equipped, I took my Private check ride in a PA-22 in 1962. Then a year or two later began instructing in the gaggle of them that made flying doable to the masses back then at the local airport. They did the job, just not with grace or elegance.
  12. So, they took Jimmy Stewart’s 310F (sister ship to the F model I had), did a beautiful and expensive restoration on it, then stuck it on top of a 10’ pole outside a museum. Am I the only one bothered by that? Part of the charm of OSH is that you can see museum pieces actually flying.
  13. I chuckle at myself whenever this subject comes up. All I can see looking at leather yoke covers are every post surgical stitch ups in every dog I’ve had to nurse through a surgery and it gives me the willies. Metal will have to do.
  14. Saw M20F after gear up on an asphalt runway. As I recall the fixed step remained intact and saved flap from damage.
  15. Probably devising something to pull from the main gear would be a little safer than pushing from the tail wheel. I would worry that that resistance of jumping the door tracks might cause the typical “tail dragger dragger” to slip off the tail wheel. Perhaps there is a solution for that now. We used a trough to guide the tail wheel and ropes to pull the mains.
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