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  1. BDPetersen

    G5 install in the home stretch. GMU11 question

    Had interference issue with my installation emanating from the led beacon. Solution was running ground all the way to battery.
  2. BDPetersen

    Sky beacon order

    Sky beacon. As per moniacX, they acknowledged my cancelation and now reordered through Lafayette Avionics via eBay. And it shipped today.
  3. BDPetersen

    Sky beacon order

    Sky beacon. As per moniacX, they acknowledged my cancelation and now reordered through Lafayette Avionics via eBay.
  4. BDPetersen

    Sky beacon order

    Wow. Thanks.
  5. BDPetersen

    Sky beacon order

    I’m trying my best to sit on my hands to control my usual impatience, but here’s my story. I placed an order for the Uavionix Skybeacon in November and received an preorder number stating I would be charged for it when the order was released on January 2. That date has come and gone and despite two emails to them and leaving a phone message, it has been crickets. Well actually they acknowledged receiving an email. As yet no information. At least I have not yet been charged, but I hope this isn’t an indication of what their version of customer support is. I can imagine they may be inundated, but how hard could a response be. Curious if anyone else has any experience.
  6. BDPetersen

    Chromosomal chemtrails

    It’s really quite easy to do but if the flight attendants have the beverage carts out in the aisles, don’t expect to see another cup of coffee for the rest of the trip.
  7. BDPetersen

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Thanks, all. Apparently I need to hope I have separate power supplies for each wingtip and eliminate the left one. A trip through the equipment list should tell. The installation manual makes it seem somewhat routine to find 14 v from the existing strobe wire.
  8. BDPetersen

    ADSB... uAvionix

    As I sit here in my easy chair awaiting my Skybeacon to arrive, I’m doing my mental preparation by downloading the installation manual and perusing same. All is straight forward until I get to the caveat regarding the strobe power (yellow wire). UAV-1001421-001 19 Rev D WARNING: The yellow wire must be connected directly to 14/28V aircraft power. It must NOT be connected to a high voltage anti- collision power supply. What do you suppose the strobe system on my ‘66 “C” puts out and, if necessary, how would the power supply be by-passed? i know I can figure this out, but it’s cold in my hangar, warm in my chair, and you all are so smart. Thanks.
  9. BDPetersen

    Mooney Mite video

    Always wanted one. Thanks
  10. BDPetersen

    Fixing my Stratus

    When my Stratus 2 power plug failed it made a trip back to Appareo via Sportys. There was a fee which Sporty reduced to half ( I’m thinking it came to $75). In a couple weeks I received a new 2a. Much better power port and unit. I was happy.
  11. BDPetersen

    ADSB... uAvionix

    I guess I’ll find out in a month. Canary in the coal mine?
  12. BDPetersen


    Don’t ya just miss DOS.
  13. BDPetersen

    Historic pilot requirements

    Digging out my copy of 1963 FAR’s (CAR’s prior to that)(this must be why I don’t throw stuff away) . . . The maneuvers aren’t so very different. The recent dumbing down of stall recovery being an exception. (Stall recognition was to be done without the aid of a stall warning device, for instance.) Instrument training and proficiency were required but minimal. ( The aircraft need only have a turn needle.) My biggest heart ache is in the cross country requirements. Back then there was a required solo xc leg of 100 miles. As it is now, one could be certified having only flown 50 miles at a time, practically seeing the destination soon after departure. I could do without the night xc that is now required. Long gone from the ATP ( we called it ATR back then. R for rating) is the beloved canyon approach. What fun is left?
  14. BDPetersen

    Historic pilot requirements

    I matriculated through those certificates in the early ‘60’s but I won’t try to recite the details without digging out the old flight test guides. Basically 40 hrs for private, 200 hrs for commercial and CFI. No night required for private. Cross country requirement a bit different for private.
  15. BDPetersen

    1963 Mooney M20D: Fixed-Gear

    My first hours as a CFI were in such, 1964. Beautiful example. Good luck.