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  1. I suspect that operating into short strips compels one to realize, out of necessity, just how precisely you can target your touchdown spot. You see it and make it happen. My brother in law had an 1800’ farm strip that served his Mooney and A36 well. I kept my Stinson on my 1100’ backyard strip. Somewhat exciting but doable. On the other hand, there’s much to be said for a runway that reaches from point A to point B. While we’re at it, I like to look out my left window and see a wing full of engines, look to my right and see a whole row of copilots. But those days are over.
  2. Sometimes I think I should part with this. Fun but overkill.
  3. All I know is that when Mickey’s big hand is on the 12 and his little hand is on the 5 it’s time for the early bird specials . . .
  4. Neither, thankfully. But there are apparently a few pitfalls out there.
  5. Recently I had a card decline that was apparently generated by inserting my card in the reader backwards ( I was at optometrist and eyes were dilated). Getting my card reactivated involved getting photos of my drivers license transmitted to the card company (like transmitting a check, front and back). Frustrating. Cash in billfold hurts my back. Writing checks makes my hand hurt.
  6. About a 500’ stroll across the field. Sometimes about 200’ too far when nature calls.
  7. Never having had the opportunity to use a travel board to check rigging, I’ve always wondered what advantage it has over checking say aileron travel with a digital device, such as a $10 level. Is it possible the boards are a throw back to days when precise angle measuring devices weren’t available. Educate me.
  8. Sometimes strange things happen. My friend with an “F” model had a vacuum failure on start up recently. Scrutiny revealed a looseness in the elbow fitting in the top of the pump. The pump had been operating normally for hundreds of hours, but suddenly this became an issue. Engine mount interfered with tightening without first removing the pump, but that corrected the problem.
  9. Agree on the swoopy line thing. Would choose the first (top) one or the last (bottom). I like the homage (sort of) to the older tail design.
  10. Thanks. Trying to recall what generates the letter from FAA indicating a problem with the ads-b output. Someone was trying to connect that to the Echo, but I don’t think that was the case.
  11. Considering the uAvionix Echo for the Christen Eagle. Price and no nav lights driving choice. Anyone with experience with it?
  12. Batteryminders must have a great history, but I can’t get over my apprehension over a full time battery charger. This stems from having the 12v car battery on my Generac standby home generator explode. It’s on a built in trickle charger and the battery is/was a sealed one about 3 years old. One would think a company like Generac would incorporate whatever would preclude such from happening, but an online search shows it is not all that rare. The battery sits adjacent to the gas line and regulator. What could go wrong?
  13. Mine are on their own circuit, apparently. They have a conversion done some time ago ( not by me) and they don’t dim. I was given a rheostat ( or whatever it would be appropriately called) that seems to be a solid state device. Haven’t gotten around to installing it. I’m generally sleepy at night and those windows let in a lot of dark.
  14. Do these dim with the existing rheostat?