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  1. Eagle eye Carusoam. That was last year. It’s been fixed, forgotten and refixed lots of times since then. LOL
  2. Plus you can use it in the gentle grip of one hand in turbulence for a plethora of functions.
  3. At last. Must have been hard to do.
  4. A pipe(or jack handle) through the knuckle in the main gear gives a safe lift point for a trolley jack to give the 1” lift needed to get the wing jack in position. Not as elegant as a shorter jack but cheaper.
  5. Ashland County 3G4 here. Sounds like a meet up at Urbana (Grimes) for breakfast some day.
  6. Just finished installing bladders in my “C”. On initial fueling I stood by with the large paint sticks and a marker, assuming a definitive dipstick would result. Alas, the 5, 10, 15 & 20 marks were about 3/4” apart starting from the bottom end. Then 25 gal was another 4”! The new outboard location of the filler makes the dipstick method a bit sketchy. It’s the 6 bag system, 54 gal. I wonder if other bladder folks concur.
  7. Just bought a supply of gaskets from Brown Aircraft Supply. About $8/ea.
  8. Mine starts in my roaster. Home roasting is interesting and a never ending quest for knowledge about what the hell your trying to do. Then it ends up in the French press. For all my trouble, I seldom have more than 1 really good mug a day. And it’s never quite as good as a cup in Schiphol, Paris or Osaka. Everyone does it better than we do.
  9. Wonder what they’re worth. I think I have most of a B-4 autopilot system over in the hangar. Always wondered if the servos were the same as PC and step retract but never checked.
  10. Here’s an unscientific observation I’ve had after the last couple of filter installations I’ve made . . . Using a one of the special oil filter wrenches, it seemed to take an alarming amount of torque to get it to “click”. I even reinstalled another filter using a standard torque wrench and socket with a more satisfying feel. Perhaps the oil filter wrenches are suspect.
  11. Had forgotten about the aux bladders on my 310 needing to be kept less than full for leak avoidance. Tuna tanks were fine. Ironically, this afternoon I’ve been researching O&N bladders for my “C”.
  12. But, to be clear, inside the 30 mile veil squawking 1200, you should NOT have your ads-b programmed for incognito. Lots of VFR, not talking to atc in the veil beneath Class B. If you thought being anonymous was cool and then make the excursion into the veil airspace, you could be in trouble? I know I can program my uAvionix on the ground, but I’ve never tried in-flight should I find the need to reconfigure to accommodate my whimsical flight path.
  13. Under the category of “Things I Should Know” comes the question, if one is cruising along in the 30 mile veil not talking to atc, squawking 1200 (as one does) but with one’s ads-b set to be incognito, is one compliant with the ads-b requirement for flight in rule airspace? Is the box still putting out whatever is needed even though anonymous?
  14. I believe I have been guilty of the same. No harm, no foul. Just when we were sure we were invincible . . .