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  1. Is there a breakup or are they just agreeing to see other people? I see Fly Q is selling a Stratus package and Appareo acquired another company. Hmmmm.
  2. All evidence is anecdotal. When did the first Telex ANR come out? Early ‘90’s? Earlier? Anyway, I have been a constant ANR user since. Thousands of hours in pistons and Boeings. Lightweight Telex in the B744, a noisy cockpit. At age 74 my hearing is amazingly unaffected. I tried a Halo but couldn’t tolerate the alien in my ear. A20 and Lightspeed for me.
  3. Modern Avionics, MFD, (Mansfield, OH) seems to be doing good work. Have given me lots of support, but I haven’t had actual work done as of yet.
  4. Early Bonanzas had a “swamp cooler” installed. How’d that work out?
  5. Unrelated, probably, but close. On my recent annual we discovered the pivot pin on the left pedal almost completely disengaged, the retaining cotter pin sheared off and it had slid far to the left. Contact with the sidewall is all that kept it from completely coming out. Everything was still functioning. A head scratcher.
  6. Problem solved. Simple solution, of course. On Route page when presented with “Route 0” , etc. simply twisting the small knob starts a scroll through the other 19 potential slots. Duh. I guess I was expecting the “0” needing to be highlighted to indicate it was about to be modified. But no, 0 changes to 1, 2, 3 . . . with no fanfare. What are the odds I’ll remember that next time. Hey! You kids get off my yard . . .
  7. My goal was to store the fixes that make up the vor-a, for instance, (not a database approach) to have that readily available. Stored routes can be useful.
  8. Unfortunately, knob twisting and cursoring on the route page does not yield a route list as seems to be promised by the handbook. Sometimes I don’t miss the ‘80’s.
  9. Always a fan of building and storing routes on a route page, easy enough with the 430W, I realize that is a skill I lack with my elderly 150XL. The problem is in storing “route 0” and finding a list of stored routes, if there are any. I seem to recall stumbling on to such a list, but try as I will I cannot now find it. Been trying it on ground with a gps position, no altitude. What am I missing? (I’m using the manual.)
  10. Hmmm. I have one I pulled out of my Christen Eagle but I am skeptical of its condition. If you don’t get a better answer, I’ll see what it looks like.
  11. You remember correctly.
  12. That sounds like a good explanation. Will pass that on.
  13. Brake was bled on annual just before the flight. Was an issue then, but thought to be resolved. Presumably air remained. The mystery was how it resolved itself while sitting for a few days. It has now been bled again (in spite of now having firm pedal) this time with nose elevated to possibly tilt master cylinder so as to purge any air bubble.