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  1. Air Horse or whatever it is now called is offered by Tiffin Aire, Tiffin, OH. Always intrigued me, looked buildable but when this appeared on eBay I couldn’t help myself. The rest of the story is that it is a dream to pull with, but backing up the short coupled Mooney involves a very steep learning curve. I know what you’re thinking, “ why, I can see how to do that”. Uh-huh. There are a couple layers of complexity to wrap your head around. (Spoken from a farm kid who used to back up a tractor pulling a baler and two hay wagons.) Anyway, yes it’s a great way to get to the gas pump. Oh, and I always manage to get the rubber seal tucked back into the cowl. Eventually. Thanks.
  2. It’s amazing in the course of giving checkouts and flight reviews how many significant w&b errors get uncovered.
  3. In 1964, when I first experienced the wonder of Mooney’s and constant speed props, it was being advocated to leave the throttle “stuffed in” and back off the prop a tad for climb ( oversquare). This came from the factory. So for at least 55 years this radical idea has remained radical, apparently. Makes me feel forever young.
  4. With flight testing on an engine, injectors are swapped to achieve a more perfect balance between cylinders when leaned. Probably cylinder change would indicate rerunning the GAMI test to verify balance.
  5. I will be banned for life just because of the thread creep. ” There was an old calptain named Cloooney who tried to fly far in his Mooney . . .”
  6. I’m trying to come up with a way to assuage everyone’s concern regarding my use of inappropriate language on this forum. I must remember not to post early in the day. Apparently I channel some poetic muse at that hour. It’s all I can do not to format this in iambic pentameter. Oh crap. There’s three or four more things to explain.
  7. My grumbling has subsided somewhat. While I would love to see this sleepy little airport, literally in my back yard, energized with a traffic pattern full of flight training, ag planes or whatever else I might have an understanding for, it was easy to see how this operation could devolve into a pia. You all have assuaged much of my concern. Thanks.
  8. Thanks to all who have or will respond. Trying to keep an open mind.
  9. A skydiving operation is wishing to relocate to our small county airport, giving up their grass strip for our asphalt. I am soliciting comments from anyone with experience with the impact of such activity on an airport. The Airport Authority is tending to be seduced by the additional 20,000 gal of jet-a sales promised. As yet their drop zone hasn’t been determined, but it’s likely to be adjacent to the airport. (My property abuts the airport but I went NIMBY). To their credit, they seem to be run by grown-ups.
  10. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around section 10.4 “Post-Flight and Annual Checks “ which “requires (?) performing a check every 12 calendar months (via the monitor page of the smart phone app) to confirm the Last Calibration date corresponds to the last flight date. Is this a thing like a transponder or pitot/static check? Forever? Even when the app may be long gone? Is it a logbook item? Another sticker? I haven’t gotten into the weeds on ADS-B stuff ( I’m not even sure where the weeds are) but I’m curious.
  11. A bit of nostalgia there for me. Rudy Frasca was a frequent visitor to Purdue during my stint there (‘65-‘68) and I’m sure the Mooney made the trip. We had one of the first Frasca simulators. Additionally, I note my first employer listed as the Iowa Mooney distributor, Flight Line, Inc. Thanks for the memories.
  12. The Lycoming adapter #77852 replaces the screen housing along with a#76691 gasket. Should be safe acquisition from a salvage source as I did mine. The third party conversions don’t work due to engine mount interference.
  13. Had interference issue with my installation emanating from the led beacon. Solution was running ground all the way to battery.
  14. Sky beacon. As per moniacX, they acknowledged my cancelation and now reordered through Lafayette Avionics via eBay. And it shipped today.