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  1. My thinking is the OP hasn’t sufficiently deep pockets to interest a trial lawyer. I honestly don’t mean to denigrate anyone, it’s just that usually those with deep enough pockets to be of interest to trial lawyers also fly much fancier aircraft and farm out maintenance.
  2. If you're from the South SnF is a really nice thing. Oshkosh is a long haul, but Lakeland is in your neighborhood. Like the guys said, it's Osh lite. A lot of us annual Oshkosh attendees are also Northerners.
  3. There's a grass strip North of here where they keep one of those in things in good repair. They fly it now and again, but told me they like flying the Stearmans (three, Mom, Dad and Son) because the Stearmans burn less gas.
  4. There are tons and tons of aircraft and engines that will happily burn mogas all day with no detonation. Odds are the Mooneys sporting variants of the Lycoming 0360 are among them, despite the lack of an STC. Not all airplanes to be certain, but lots. Moreover, I think the US is alone in polluting gasoline with ethanol. I think in other countries they're sufficiently intelligent to drink the stuff. And its other countries we're talking about. All kinds of airplanes running around with Continentals and Lycosaurs can burn Mogas with no ill effects, and yes Mogas is everywhere. If you're worried about quality burn Super. Or stay inside the box and try and shoehorn a diesel engine into an airplane where it doesn't belong. Like I said, dumb, and it seems to be catching. Macgyver a solution when there's an extant one sitting right in front of you. I can't understand how it is that more people don't see this. I'm not that smart and it stares me right in the face.
  5. They can tweet whatever they want, they're done. Their workers aren't going to be dumb enough to come back unless they've no other prospects, and are those the folks you want assembling aircraft? And even if the workers do come back who's going to buy an airplane from Mooney?
  6. Looks like it's missing at least one aileron. That thing is junk without a giant restoration who's cost would far exceed the value of the aircraft. Pity, they're neat things.
  7. I think it's in high demand because people are abominably stupid. Most GA engines and aircraft will happily run car gas so long as it hasn't booze in it, and car gas is nearly universally available. The only reason it isn't at airports is that no one yet uses it. But any airport is going to have a car gas station not far away. The only reason folks aren't promoting it is most people can't think outside the box at all. Instead of trying to adapt heavy diesel engines people should start using GA aircraft with auto gas STCs. There are lots of them, and if they started making inroads internationally there'd be a lot more. Using the diesel is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Hell, the Mooney M10 would probably have been a roaring success with e Rotax engine. As it is they tried to muscle in a diesel and it sits in a warehouse never to be made. The damn things just don't work, they never have. I recall a TV show about a Danish woman flying her taildragger to Afghanistan. She had a couple gas cans, and when she landed she'd go on the hunt to find super unleaded. She never failed. If anyone had any sense that's the way they'd go. There are already lots of aircraft and lots of engines.
  8. I believe Joe Kitinger's gondolas are at the Air Force Museum. I met Kittinger once, even had him sign a piece of Origami.
  9. I thought maybe Kearsch was a bastardization of Kirsch, a liquor you might drink after finding your autopilot on the fritz.
  10. Unsurprising. Not a lot of money for a lot of airplane.
  11. Is that including the liquid cooling and reduction drive?
  12. The only car engine I've ever heard of that really worked was Rotax. That, and the Theilert Diesel engines were just jumped up Mercedes engines. Usually the things that make them attractive, low cost and low parts cost, get swamped by the increased costs of coolant and gear reduction. Also makes the darn things heavy. I think they do use in the WWII flying boats, the PBY Catalina, but only because they can't get the engine that goes in the darn things. We all complain about airplane engines, but they're actually really good at doing what they do.
  13. I wouldn't hold my breath. Gasoline is miraculous. Think about it, a gallo of the stuff can propel a car weighing tons 30-40 miles. Batteries don't improve at the same rate as computer components. Changes in chemistry are far more incremental.
  14. As horrible as I feel for the aircraft, I am just glad the mechanic managed to get out from under it. Aircraft can be repaired far more easily than airplane mechanics. They can be replaced more easily as well.
  15. I've read accounts of folks recovering from spins in Mooneys that were to say the least, harrowing. Won't keep me from practicing stalls, might keep me from practicing them cross controlled. Keep your speed up and step on the ball.