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  1. I wonder if insurance rates are spiking for any of the other retractable gear aircraft?
  2. steingar

    Yikes, cold thunder!

    Yeah, we'll disagree. I walked through the vortex, and I was comfy warm except the one uncovered spot, my eyes. Should have worn goggles. I learned the fly the Mooney on a series of hot days in Atlanta. I never want to be that hot again in my life. I'll happily take Columbus. It rarely snows enough to get in my way, and if it does the town shuts down. Actually, I think I'd like it better just a smudge more northernly, Columbus summers get a bit hot. I used to bike 10 miles into work in San Diego, before I got hit by that pickup truck.
  3. steingar

    Yikes, cold thunder!

    The walk in yesterday morning was only beaten in severity and suckitude by the walk home. It rained all day and was raining as I was ambulating home. The snow hadn't yet melted though, so there were pools and pools of water, slush, and snow everywhere. Truly awful. Still, I'll take all that in spades over a hot day in Alabama. Gets hot down there in ways I don't like to think about. Good thing about the crap wx here, you put on a coat and a hat. The heat down there? Good luck.
  4. steingar

    FAA aircraft registration slow

    I sent mine in awhile ago and haven't heard anything. I haven't yet examined whether they cashed the check.
  5. steingar

    IMC Club and training the brain

    Yeah, but the airplane is eating me alive. I've put a deadline on recruiting partners. If I fail, I sell the aircraft and bail on aviation. Don't want to, I love flying. But i can't do what I can't afford. Good news is a couple guys are thinking about signing on, so there's hope.
  6. steingar

    IMC Club and training the brain

    I go to the one here even though I'm a VFR only pilot and likely to remain that way fro some time, assuming I remain a pilot.
  7. steingar

    Yikes, cold thunder!

    Welcome to the world of climate change. Walked through the worst day in my memory today. Usually when it snows the skies clear afterwards, so all you have to worry about is snow. This morning there was sufficient snow make a tough slog, but there was semi-liquid precipitation on top of that (and lots of it). Really gross. The wx is supposed to increase throughout the day and change to rain, so I suspect most that snow will be gone by nightfall. Bleeech.
  8. steingar

    M20C panel upgrade?

    Get what makes you happy. Putting anything in a Ranger is senseless. Says me put in the big expensive box. By the time you get done with the installation the price difference will be negligible percentage wise. Had I realized this earlier there'd be a 430 instead of a KLN94 in my panel right now. Even putting in a KLN94 was more than I should have spent on my C, and I'll never recover any of it.
  9. steingar

    help please

    Don't walk away. Run. Unless you are specially knowledgeable you don't need these sorts of problems. Lots of aluminum Mooneys with normal airplane problems most mechanics know how to fix. No such thing as a cheap airplane. One of the regular posters here has a long list of "cheap" airplanes that wound up being spectacularly expensive. I myself consider an out of annual airplane to be scrap, and wouldn't pay any more than scrap value for it. My thinking is if it isn't airworthy, what is it? Granted, an airplane 3 days out of annual I might consider differently. My guess is a wood airplane showing delimitation hasn't been in annual for a long time.
  10. steingar

    A&P Says "Oh no a Mooney?!!"

    My Mooney has a crapload more room to work than my old sport bike.
  11. steingar

    There is still HOPE !

    The guy who wants to reopen it is a pro-business republican candidate. In Chicago? you'll forgive me if I don't hold my breath.
  12. steingar

    Future of Mooney

    Folks said LSA's would sell like hot cakes because a lot of them were very inexpensive. Turns out the best selling LSA is also the most expensive of them. Go figure.
  13. Personally I think the OP ought to cough up the airplane's location if he's really serious about attracting a partner. Edit: stilly me, I missed it in the ad. Sorry.
  14. steingar


    Flying the airplane is all about being in control of the airplane. Pat of the tandem jump is experiencing the wind rush, seeing the perspective, even popping the chute (I did). Not that the metaphor is wrong, just a bit insufficient. Either way I'm not in a big rush to do it again.
  15. steingar

    Depression loss for missing logs and damage.

    My aircraft is missing logs from yesteryear. I am not at all concerned with it, I really don't care about what happened to the aircraft in the 70's. Lots of things happened in the 70's. Its been flown and keep in annual since, and I'm good with it. If someone does' want to buy it because of that, their loss. And find me a 50 year old airplane that's never had any damage history ever. Good luck. No doubt there are some out there, but I'll bet not too many.