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  1. Sorry, but I still don't really understand how turning 80 makes you forget a switch. I could understand physical limitations keeping one form operating a Johnson bar, but that's just a subset of Mooney owners.
  2. Parker, thank you for your reply and your sage counsel. I am still left with my question, though. Were there a raft of older pilots who left the gear up, or is this just a "perceived" risk not based in fact? Insurance companies are run by humans who can act just as foolishly as anyone else.
  3. How many pilots does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Pilots don't screw in lightbulbs, though they'll screw just about anywhere else.
  4. My only question is did the birds come along?
  5. And everyone, do keep in mind that tortoises actually make really good pets. They're very low key, but they're responsive and easily fed, since they mostly eat the same stuff as us. And of course if you do things right you don't have to worry about outliving your pet... Speaking of long lived, the oldest living land animal is Jonathan the Tortoise, a Seychelles Island giant tortoise who is 188.
  6. I traded my Cherokee for my Mooney, though it certainly wasn't an age-related thing. What is driving this insurance nonsense? Has there been an uptick in older pilots landing gear up? Age discrimination if ever I saw it, and illegal if the insurance company takes so much as a dime from Uncle Sam.
  7. Eleanor if it's a girl, as she'll be the object of affection for my boy tortoise President Roosevelt.
  8. Sorry, got. no room for them. Another year and nameless can go in with the other tortoises. Shouldn't be too hard to rehome Russian tortoises. They're very popular and not as large as my Redfoots. Craigslist is your friend, and Facebook if that doesn't work.
  9. Sorry to necropost, but I did it again. OSU to LRP and back for little nameless (can’t yet determine sex). About 40 minutes up, 30 back, and my first night flight in years. Let’s hear it for headlights. On the way out I had to stay below controlled airspace, at 25 squared I saw 160 mph. Same thing on the way back. All out of a little O360. Gotta love a Mooney. I cruised in the yellow all the way there and back at about 75% power. I don’t think there’s another airplane that’ll do it, except a couple experimentals. I was really concerned about the cold. I do love my Mooney, but it’s heater
  10. That's an easy one. Hangars are insanely expensive to build.
  11. Ppffft. It took 17 years for me to get a hangar at my current drome. Only reason I got one is they built new. The only consolation is I was at the top of the still breathing list. We had one heck of a long wait list.
  12. Scotty Crossfield, as good a pilot as there ever was, died because he flew into a thunderstorm. Anyone can make a bad decision. The trick is not to.
  13. I go to Bob Norman at the Parr Airport in Zanesville Ohio. He's meticulous, can fix anything and knows Mooneys. Only problem is he's popular, so it isn't the easiest thing to schedule.
  14. Joey Cole told me that the bladders could be pulley's out through he holes they were put in and refurbished in situ for about an AMU. That was a few years ago, so it might. be more now.
  15. Of course we all know someone who bought it. We're a really tight-knit community. My friend Claire got dead from density altitude, something that can really hit us flatlands when we fly out West. Claire was one of the leaders of our EAA chapter, all the local pilots in the chapter knew him. He was in charge of the photography at Oshkosh, lottos folks there knew him. I wouldn't argue that GA is dangerous, the two words that should never be put together are amateur and pilot. But the fact that we all know dead people isn't measure of that.
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