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  1. I know a couple that take their E into all sorts of turf strips in Michigan. Then again, I recall his E has turned into maintenance hog, and I have a sneaking suspicion I know why...
  2. I usually drop the gear 3 miles out and have the flaps in as I venter downwind. I usually fly the downwind at 90mph, base 80, and try and have it as 70 over the numbers. Don't want to go too fast or I might run over a Skyhawk.
  3. Hope you like flying early in the morning and just around dusk...
  4. The difference is for your rock bouncer (whatever that is) you can just go to the autoparts store and get whatever you want to bolt onto it. For the airplane you can only use certificated airplane parts, they have to be the right ones, and they're often in short supply. I recall another poster who had the same plan, said "I have a metal brake, how hard can it be?". I think he gave up when he had some trouble sourcing an engine. You can buy an older experimental and refurbish it if that's your thing. There are a lot of them out there, they're often quite inexpensive, and a lot of them a
  5. @gsxrpilot has the right of it. There are a bunch of really good kit airplanes out there. The RVs are the king of the hill right now, the 10 is their 4 place version. 7s and 8s are the two place versions, 7 is side by side, 8 is tandem. Fast, fully aerobatic, they're awesome airplanes and fun to fly. And did we mention that if you build one you can fix it and do all the annual inspections yourself? Your CFI can't supervise diddly if he isn't an A&P. And refurbishing a certificated aircraft really is a labor of love. I can't imagine sourcing parts, and yes, you'll be waiting o
  6. One of my pals bought one of those when it was still Lanceair. Really, really nice aircraft. People must really want the parachute, that's the only reason I could see Cirrus beating Lanceair. The airplane was was fast and spanky.
  7. A few years ago I wound up doing my first landing at my home drone at night. It was really awful, I was unprepared (my iPhone has a flashlight, how bad can it be?), couldn't find the damn airport (look for the black hole) and forgot how dark the cockpit is. My landing really sucked hard. Went back out not that long ago with a headlight and lots of flashlights. Still couldn't find the home airport (wrong black hole!) but did far better.
  8. My Mooney came with armrests on the sidewalls. They were constantly in the way for my wife and I and have been removed.
  9. Mimi, I hope they can make your Mooney all better. I feel your pain, mine has turned into a maintenance hog this year.
  10. Says me don't do it unless you're an A&P or are really friendly with one. You can go upside down on a project like this very easily. Indeed people frequently do. There is a long thread from a Mooneyspacer who got a project Mooney probably in better shape than the one you are contemplating. I think it was two years of fairly constant effort before that Mooney flew. Repeat after me: There are no bargains in aviation. There are no bargains in aviation. There are no bargains in aviation.
  11. Had he been really lucky his engine wouldn't taken a dump and he would have kept trucking along.
  12. He had an emergency so bad he had to land on a busy street. Doesn't sound lucky to me.
  13. I try and avoid flying over Lake Michigan if possible. That water is COLD this time of year. Your survival without an immersion suit is less than 5 minutes. You'll go hypothermic before that. If you want to go over go as high as you humanly can, try and keep in gliding range of shore. Me, I do the lake shore flight. Puts a corner in it, but the views are spectacular.
  14. Same exact thing happened to my partner with our Mooney this weekend. Exact same!
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