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  1. steingar

    ADI Dilema

    Yeah yeah yeah, and he did it on a night with no sleep looking out a periscope. But lets not forget that a bunch of guys died trying to do the same thing. Indeed, the next pilot to make it in one gulp over the Atlantic was years later and named Amelia Earhart. We don't all have to operate like that. Having my six depend on a little fragile machine that can and will break now and again gives me the willies.
  2. steingar

    Drop and Replace LED Landing Light

    I wouldn't worry about certificated vs. non so much. I had a tractor bulb in my Cherokee for years, and many annuals. Never heard word about it.
  3. steingar

    AOPA and Mooney

    Bigger problems with AOPA than the lack of focus on Mooneys...
  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Airplanes are expensive. Welcome to the world.
  5. steingar

    My PMA 450A died

    Anyone can have a bad day. So long as they honor their warranty it should all be good.
  6. I've gotten raped up the six every time I've been in one of those places. Only once did I feel it justified, when I left my aircraft there overnight. Otherwise it just walked through their building to wait for my ride, back couple hours later. I avoid them like the plague. Aviation is expensive enough without those assholes.
  7. Mrs. Steingar is an expert knitter, and has filled my third floor with yarn, machines and their accessories. Their cost pales before those of an aircraft. That, and Mrs. Steingar makes enough of her own cloths that she spends that much less time shopping for them.
  8. Usually when these things happen I say thankfully no one was hurt, and they’ll make more airplanes. But I don’t think we can make more F-16s even if we want to, and it’s replacement is out of production and in short supply as well.
  9. The purpose of Money is to make us happy. If the OP likes his money so we’ll he can sit in his trailer home (best way to save money imaginable), sit, watch TV and when the urge comes to do something meaningful take the short walk to the fridge to get another beer. Things that make life worth living, a loving spouse, children, and yes an airplane, are entirely antithetical to financial conservatism. i can only make one promise about an airplane. It will suck down way more money than you think it will. Mine sucked down so much I can’t even afford to fly it this month. No one can tell you what your airplane will cost you other than a rough estimate of operating costs (roughly $150/operating hour, less if you fly more). If you are that worried about your money do something cheaper, like knitting or Origami. Aviation is not for you.
  10. steingar

    Fire hazard! Please read.

    I use a USB cable to charge my iPad in flight. I will certainly keep a close eye on it. Thanks for the warning.
  11. steingar

    Accident Metrics

    To be honest, an overshoot beats stall/spin. I think I would err on the side of too much energy than too little. I suspect you all have far more currency and are better for it than I, but this seems like a pretty good recipe for those of us on the less than perfect side of things.
  12. steingar

    My new jacks with built in safety stands

    I wouldn't trust my valuable airplane to anything I built.
  13. steingar

    Accident Metrics

    No big surprises. Loosing it on takeoff is often fatal, since you're close to the ground with lots of energy. Loosing it on landing is less often fatal. Getting into a stall/spin is always a bad idea. Yeah, we should all proficient in this and that. But we all aren't. Few of us fly as often as we'd like, and without that level of currency proficiency suffers. Says me I'll do what is most likely to keep me out of bad accidents, like flying a wider pattern. If ATC wants me to keep it tight I'll keep my speed up. If ATC wants me to keep it tight and it's a dinky little airstrip I'll go elsewhere. And no matter what I"ll keep the damn ball centered. If more pilots did that there'd be way fewer accidents.
  14. One of my pals claims he's put in LEDs in his E, though I don' know the part number. I should do something myself, I might as well be flying in complete darkness for all those red lights do.