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  1. If I had to bring my Mooney into an occluded 2400 foot strip at the end of every flight I'd be looking for something else. If I had to land one that had an unoccluded approach I'd do it without hesitation. If the minority of my trips involved filing the seats I'd load everyone up from someplace longer nearby. It is true that with a strip that short you need to bet on your A game coming in. That said, you should be on your A game all time. Aviation is a cruel mistress unforgiving of mistakes. The extra ponies of an E might be a help getting out of there, but I doubt they're actually needed. You can look up POH's on this site to see what kind of takeoff rolls one needs in a Mooney. Add 10% for grass. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  2. This is one thing I keep reading over and over again that I think is abysmally stupid. Yeah, if you're flying lots of different aircraft a standard six pack is a goo thing to have. If this is your only airplane you get very quickly used to what's there. Moving instruments around is obscenely expensive. Folks flew these aircraft IFR through all kinds of weather for a half century with what's there. How bad can it be to justify expenditure of coin at that level?
  3. Perhaps not. It's just an old and very dark joke. Pilot humor tends to be dark, so I thought it fair game.
  4. A friend insisted on an engine monitor in his antique taildragger, now he has lots of engine issues where none existed for the first 70 years of the aircraft's operation.
  5. "What does this switch do?" Christa McAuliffe's famous last words.
  6. As much as I love my Mooney, nobody ever geared up a Cirrus. While Mooney has gone through one bankruptcy after another, Cirrus is selling more airframes than anyone. Hard to argue with success. And you really think Mooney wouldn't want to be making jets if they could? No for me, I don't feel like spending 1.5 AMU's a year on chute repack costs. Then again, if the chips are ever down that bad I might miss having one.
  7. Mrs. Steingar usually falls asleep. I don't. I don't fall asleep in moving vehicles of any stripe. I drove a bunch of us back from NYC one time, did an all nighter. Left at 5:00pm, got back home at 6:00 am. I did all the driving. When we arrived I got out of the car and fell asleep standing up.
  8. Usually better not to get the first thing you look at. I looked at three or four before I settle don mine. Of course, I had an airplane already, so it did shorten the travel time a mite. Keep after it, you'll find what you're looking for. Just remember, the aircraft should be clean inside and out. If the owner doesn't take good care of it when he's going to sell, how well is he gong to treat it normally?
  9. Whatever you do don’t try and go the cheap route. You’ll spend the same or more in the process, and probably add lots and lots of aggravation in the process.
  10. These are from the tail wheel and main gear legs of a Ford Trimotor under construction at the Liberty Museum in Port Clinton Ohio.
  11. There must be something really wrong with me. I started out sensible. I never lane split except stopped traffic, and even then I was only going 10-15 mph. Never did wheelies or any other kind stunt. I did like racing around in the mountains, but even then I was fairly sane about it. Average life span of a liter sport bike is roughly four weeks, according to my insurance agent. I had one of the fastest, a Honda 954rr, the final masterpiece the inventor of the supersport, Tadao Baba. I won't say I didn't ride it at ridiculous speeds for I most certainly did. That said, I never cracked triple digit speeds unless I was trying to get away, and just about every time it was utterly accidental. The bike was just that damn fast. Sometimes I miss it. But I never did stunts of any sort. I did tear up the twisties in West Virgina, though in one of my fastest runs I was passed by a local in a Jeep. Tells you something about how I ride. Probably goes a long way toward explaining how it is I still do it.
  12. When I filter its past stopped or very, very slowly moving traffic. I don't do it going freeway speeds, that is a bit nuts.
  13. Why Norwalk? Ohio isn't necessarily the world's greatest vacation spot, but there are cool things to see and do. I can't think of any that are in Norwalk.
  14. I've been rear-ended on a bike, it can be impossible to avoid in this kind of traffic. When I filter it's usually no more than 10 mph faster than the cars. If someone krons into the back of me I might not see them, if they change lanes or open their car door in front of me I will. Moreover, smacking into something at 10 mph isn't all that terribly painful. I usually filter to get past sticky spots in traffic, so it can save me a boatload of time. I don't allow dumb shit laws to keep me from doing what's safe. As far as being so dangerous, been riding like this for 30 years now. I doubt anyone arguing with me has ever ridden motorcycle. If you had you'd not be arguing.
  15. I've cupholders in mine, but coffee is verboten in my aircraft. The coffee stains on the headliner are evidence enough of what a good idea that is. I'll try and post up photos. I didn't do the mod.