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  1. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    Airspeed will affect it more than gyroscopic force on a bad day. Any inclined can run the numbers. Gyroscopic force on wheels that small and light is almost certainly negligible compared to fighting the wind blast at 80-90 mph.

    If winds are blowing 50 knots I find another altitude or another day to fly. I do recall that less than fondly from my previous aircraft. There's a reason bought a Mooney.
  3. Joining the Mooney club - M20C

    Using an engine monitor to run LOP does make very good sense. However, the M20c features an O360, which is carbureted. I've never tried to run a carbureted engine LOP, and I don't plan to. A engine monitor might make the leaning process on these engines a bit more precise (seems like guesswork more than anything else right now) but that seems like a tall price to pay for little benefit. Like the man said, that amount of cash buys shoulder harnesses and enough training to be a far safer pilot. I think running 65% is going to do that aircraft far more good than an engine monitor.
  4. Amphibian Rockets

    I recall a case in Tennessee where they did exactly this. Airplane wound up crashing too, but the pilot was intoxicated at the time, so they got away with it. I was just looking for this, and googled "submarine Mooney". Got a story about a US submarine that hit an underwater mountain. Wasn't on the naval charts, and Captain Mooney was following orders. But there were charts showing the rock, and the Captain took full responsibility for the accident. Totally stand up guy. Gotta love our military.
  5. Joining the Mooney club - M20C

    Something I honestly don't get. Our engines in the Vintage Mooneyare are Lycoming O360s, regarded as one of the most bulletproof engines ever made by anybody. The same engine that's banging around half the GA fleet, including lots of Cherokees, Skyhawks, Grummans and Odin only knows what else. Most of these have run forever on just the most basic instruments. So why the big push for engine monitors?
  6. Amphibian Rockets

    I am so so sorry the airplane is going away because of this. I just hope it doesn't wind up in the hands of someone who just repaints it, cleans up the visible damage and sells it. Seen it happen.
  7. 1963 M20C Down for the count

    What is the aircraft worth for scrap? Aluminum doesn't go for much, though the engine might. I saw a 310 scrapped and they got like 24k for it. And that was with a 430 in the panel.

    I wish. Nah, it was more like naaahhhheenn. Mrs. Steingar loved it. I'll have to head back that way sometime, I like Savannah. Looks like only one other place I've ever been, Veracruz Mexico.

    I recall that flying into and out of SAV. Those guys could make the word "nine" polysyllabic.
  10. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    I really don't like the idea of climbing below flap speed, especially because, like I said, its really easily blown through. So flap retraction is part of the takeoff drill.
  11. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    Initial climb for me is 80 mph, gear gets tucked up as soon as I'm climbing. Sorry, much more than that and the bar gets too hard for my fragile little body to swing. Flaps get tucked up real soon thereafter. Not much terrain hereabouts, and my flap speed is low, easily blown through. They come up quickly. I do like to accelerate to 120 mph as quickly as I can, to keep my engine happy. If the engine quits and I have to land on the remaining runway, too bad. How often does that actually happen anyway?
  12. This is a really good way to manage an aircraft, one I hope to start using in the immediate future. I agree that you should be able to tell a mechanic about your aircraft's squawks, since you know more about your aircraft than anyone. But any IA should be able to do an annual on a Mooney. They are wonderful aircraft, but there's nothing magic about them.
  13. Says Steingar, if you really feel the need to tell your shop how to do an annual it's time for a new shop. Sorry guys, we can do most of this stuff ourselves. What we're paying for is expertise.
  14. New aluminum friend.

    Congrats Mimi. Looks spanky. Hope we get to catch up one of these days.
  15. Mooney Bladder Install

    Yeah I haven't seen this in mine either, though I'm relatively new at this.