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  1. steingar

    Propeller Shop Info

    That really bites, but look on the bright side. You get to go airplane shopping.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts gentlemen, I shall certainly put your suggestions into action. My point was despite the relative (and I hope temporary) difficulty in removing my fuel caps, I still check the fuel before every flight. So should you. No one should ever run out of gas in a Mooney.
  3. steingar

    Bad Shoulder and Johnson Bar

    Hope the surgery goes well. How many orthopedic surgeons does it take to screw in a lightbulb? “Oh just let us take out the socket. You don’t really need it and it’ll only give you problems later”
  4. Nice to hear. If Apple does away with the mini I foresee a platform change in my future. Good news is my mini 3 still keeps up and hasn’t yet had any problems in Foreflight. But I really don’t give any of these things more than about 3 years of confidence.
  5. steingar

    Flaps 15° for best rate of climb?

    Mooney go fast because is slick. Flaps make Mooney not slick. Flaps bad. Climb fast with no flaps, keep engine happy. Happy engine make happy pilot. Happy pilot make happy Mrs. Pilot. Happy Mrs. Pilot make Pilot more happy. Flaps bad.
  6. My M20c has brand newgas caps thanks to a Mooneyspace denizen. They are the stiffest caps I’ve ever seen. To get them open I have to pry with a screwdriver (wrapped in a towel). And I still check the tanks before every flight.
  7. steingar

    Braking After Landing

    I bet my M20c has the same brakes at the OP’s F and the same as the newer aircraft. If I’m right, what works fine for me will be less effective for a heavier airplane, and even less so for the newer ones. Same amount of braking power for more mass.
  8. Always difficult to predict what Apple will do. Here’s a good question. Is there anything else on another platform that is about the same size? I’m in the boat that if Apple discontinues the mini I’ll buy a mini 4 during the big sale and run it as long as I can. I like it on the yoke. I doubt I’d have anywhere good to put a larger IPad.
  9. steingar

    Governor Options

    I wouldn't wait too long. It'll wait to go until you're over the worst terrain imaginable in the worst winter in history. How much down time are you contemplating?
  10. steingar

    My second annual

    The only reason I know my carb heat works is I left it on by accident and finally figured out why the aircraft was so difficult to get going. I did get it started, though.
  11. I have the ear canals of an infant, I do get minor medical problems form it from time to time. I would do the in-ear headsets, I think it a great idea, but none of the plugs fit me. If I could mate a custom earpiece with an in ear headset it'd be a no-brainer.
  12. steingar

    GPU Mishap

    The times my battery was dead I either hand propped it (getting home) or scrubbed the flight. I think I will continue that wise policy. That said, I've kept my battery hooked up to a cheap motorcycle tender. I've done that for two years with the Mooney, and for 7 with my old Cherokee. I've yet to loose a battery doing it. I hate scrubbing flights on nice days.
  13. I never take off without at least an hour in both tanks. For me to change I have to unbuckle my seat belt, lean all the way over and hunt around for the switch. I sit with the seat full forward, and can't see it with the belt on. I've done it in flight, but I have the autopilot or my passenger fly the aircraft while I do. I will definitely never attempt it in IMC without the autopilot engaged, I have to take my eyes off everything and bend all the way over, wonderful way to induce spatial disorientation.
  14. steingar

    Bad Shoulder and Johnson Bar

    Like I said, strong fingers. That is the landing gear you're lifting into the aircraft.