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  1. I just undo my shoulder belt and enjoy a bit of self-fellatio while I change the tanks. I have to admit, I am very afraid of running a tank dry at low altitude. I have to take off my shoulder belt at a moment when its services may be vitally important, and boy am I worried about how that report is going to be written.
  2. steingar

    Daytona Gear Incident

    It was a chat with Joey Cole that convinced me to purchase my Mooney. He's good people. Hope the OP can get his issues fixed, sounds like drag. He certainly dealt with it correctly.
  3. steingar

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    We all have an AOA equivalent in our aircraft, its called the stall horn. Its failed to save way too many of our fellow Airmen, and I doubt another alarm in the cockpit is going to substitute for poor airmanship. I dearly hope that my departed brothers had some horrific malfunction, or elves tearing off their controls, or a singularity disturbing the air of their passage. I have the sinking feeling that they got slow and uncoordinated, with very predictable results. I truly hope I'm wrong. I hope the report shows that Santa Claus materialized in the cockpit and crashed their airplane, or Wonder Woman's invisible jet put them in a wingtip vortex.
  4. steingar

    Improved speed documented

    A couple of my pals are touting the LASAR cowl closure mod. Closes off the bottom of the cowl, improves airflow. They're claiming several knots for 0.5 AMUs, and I have to admit one of the guys who did this easily keeps up with Js in his E, and I don't think it had that much more done to it. Any other experiences? I wish I could say I was flying the fastest C, it just isn't so. I might have been able to say I flew the prettiest, but Bob Belville has me pretty badly beaten in that category as well.
  5. steingar

    wow one after another, whats next?

    Guy committed suicide because his wife showed him the door? Most guys I know would use that as an excuse for a party!
  6. steingar

    Under attack

    Thing about tornadoes is they're usually pretty small, and damage, while severe, is usually limited. Not always, but usually. Hurricanes are usually gigantic, and cover multiple counties and sometimes states. Tornadoes don't bring in a storm surge. The remains of hurricane Ivan blew through here a couple years ago. Just wind, no rain and no storm surge. I decided it takes a special kind of stupid to ride one of those things out. Ivan was a Cat 1 by then, but it still blew down mature trees.I'd never seen anything like that, ever. Apologies to those living in hurricane areas, just how I see it. Your storms are going to grow less numerous but more powerful. Seems to be the way things are going. Luckily our fast airplanes make us easy refugees.
  7. steingar

    Well, I finally did it ...

    The Northern cusp of Sylvania.
  8. steingar

    Well, I finally did it ...

    Mudhens fan then. I hail from there as well.
  9. steingar

    Well, I finally did it ...

    You never stop smiling when you ride a bike you love. Yeah, I always had a soft spot for the Valkyries. Pretty bikes, and solid. You should be too, since that's where your bike hails from.
  10. steingar

    Under attack

    Strike and miss. You've always had dry summers, and control burns have been rare for awhile. There has been mismanagement, I'll grant you that But what's going on is simple, more wet seasons followed by more dry seasons. Twenty years ago it was on or the other. Now they mix, and you get bad fires as a result. There was a really bad fire very early in the last century, and the goals of the forest service change to preventing fires at all costs. They didn't realize that fire is just part of how these forests work. Used to be the fires burned out all the underbrush. Now they burn he canopies. But that's distinct from what's happening in California, which is nightmarish to say the least. But don't come here. The weather really does suck, its flat, ugly and landlocked. You wouldn't like it, really.
  11. steingar

    Well, I finally did it ...

    And I assume Valkyrie Rider means you ride a Honda Valkyrie. Good bikes based on Goldwing frames and engines. I ride a Honda CB1000r. Had an old Wing, but sold it so I didn’t have to fix it anymore.
  12. steingar

    Under attack

    Tornadoes have always been a problem, possibly the only real lethal Wx we get. I honestly don’t think they’ve been getting any worse, at least I haven’t seen big damages here with greater frequency than days past. I can’t say that for other parts of the country, though. The storms have gotten more frequent and more energetic. Nothing compared to the East Coast, which is getting hundred years storms seasonally. What we have to do is think about 500 year storms and plan accordingly. Thankfully buildings and the infrastructure that supports them are built stout here, to withstand the elements. Still, we’ve had two winters now where it never got cold. That’ll kill our Northern trees, and then we could see some real problems. Thankfully we don’t see those winters often. Listen to me, rooting for it to get cold.
  13. I shoulda figured. Only the Mormons would send missionaries to the heathen savages of Virginia and North Carolina. Handsome fella.
  14. steingar

    Under attack

    I’m probably going to get flamed for this, but what’s going on in California is Climate Change in action. More wet years followed by dry years making lots of fuel. I’ll take Ohio any day. The Wx sucks most of the time, but it is almost never lethal. Yeah it’s flat, but you can land out if the mill quits. Yeah it’s ugly, but that keeps out the riff raff. What it is is cheap and easy living. Good luck to the OP. Can’t be much fun being in the path of these things.
  15. steingar

    Well, I finally did it ...

    I suspect you’ll really enjoy flying your M20C. There isn’t a greater value in all of GA. No other airplane can go so fast on so little. Pics or it didn’t happen.