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  1. What on Earth is wrong with the ones Mooneymite posted? They're all in your price range. I think you need to be a tad more specific. If you're looking for a C with a freshly overhauled engine for $42K, I think you're going to be disappointed.
  2. If you're trying to get over obstacles off a short field you want to be as slick as you can get. Gear generates oodles of drag. Don't believe me? Try leaving it down some time. If you want out of a shot occluded field you clean up the airframe quick as you can, you'll have that much more energy to muscle yourself out of there. The J-bar is a dream come true in such situations, gear comes up super fast. If I'm in that big a hurry I get the gear up just as soon as I'm certain I'm not going to settle back down. I'll be the first to admit I don't do this often. I didn't buy Mooney to land in mudholes in the wilderness.
  3. Not easy to recover from such extensive trauma. We've lost a brother aviator, and we are all diminished.
  4. If the aircraft has the J-bar there is little choice. Gotta get the gear up before the airplane gets too fast. Of course, the swing is sufficiently fast to not generate much in the way of drag. Pity the Bo drivers, they don't have J-bars.
  5. Feel sorry for whoever has to clean the belly of that aircraft. Me, I'll just land and stretch out. Never been in quite that big a hurry.
  6. I thought the Ultras were using Carbon fibre for the cockpit skins.
  7. Thanks Lance. I just got off the phone with them and they said as much. The yearly subscription didn't appear on their website the other night, possibly my error or possibly my antiquated web browser. I'll give it another go tonight. If I still can't get at it I can do it over the phone Monday. Still new to this game, so I'll have my stumbles. Still, nice to know I didn't install a money drain in my panel. the numbers quoted are what I thought going in.
  8. I'll bet whatever the settlement was, it was decided by someone who knows absolutely nothing about technology.
  9. Difference in trip time between a stock F and a stock J can be measured in minutes. It isn't night and day. F's are already pretty fast.
  10. One of my buddies has an Acclaim and was looking to step up. I mentioned that the step up would require something burning kerosene and would be way more to insure.
  11. $141/month! Boy did I ever install the wrong box! I thought it was $30! I guess I'll have to update the thing for my IFR training and then ignore it thereafter. Obviously BK isn't interested in your actually using their equipment. That'll be the last BK product I put in my aircraft.
  12. So, fun little update to this mini-saga. I got the PC last night, punched up the Honeywell site, and got to the part where I pay them money. From the looks of things they wanted $141 for a one-month subscription! Have I got this right?
  13. I have no use for my telephone in my aircraft. So far the facial recognition has worked flawlessly, including with my hat on. I'll try it with the Lightspeed and report back. Of course, if the headset interferes, it could always be removed temporarily to achieve phone activation.
  14. Sorry, I wouldn't take this for free. Apologies to the OP, but the can of worms wrapped up in that aluminum is daunting. Even with logs I'd be hesitant, but without them no way!