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  1. Savannah,GA. KSAV

    Flew there some years ago. Can't recall which FBO, but they were nice, courteous, and I don't recall any nasty fees. Love Savannah, I need to get back down there. Only other place I ever saw looked like that was Vercruz.
  2. Off field landing at KSGH

    Glad the aircraft is back in its hangar. Hope you get flying soon.
  3. A little too much information there...
  4. I am inordinately sorry for the OP's loss. The one down side of aviator is sometimes things don't go well, and sometimes they go spectacularly wrong. That area looks vast and inhospitable. I would only caution the OP not to endanger the living trying to repatriate the dead. I can only wish for all the luck in the world.
  5. I am legal again :)

    Good to know you're paper trained.
  6. Manual step conversion

    Put it this way. Were it that easy I don't think you'd be working on an electric replacement. I hope it goes well for you. That said, I've no plans for it in the immediate future. The crank mechanism may be balky, but it works and is stone simple. I really like things simple on airplanes. Probably why I fly a Johnson bar Mooney.
  7. Manual step conversion

    Its really sticky and difficult to turn, especially in the winter. I know everyone has told me to lubricate it, but I really don't feel like taking half the airplane apart in the freezing cold (I don't even feel like taking it apart in good weather, it just isn't that important). Given the number of Mooneys I've seen with permanent stepectomies, I suspect mine isn't the only one.
  8. Inadvertent Spin- wheels up or down?

    Like the man said, if you’re in a spin odds are you’re a goner, since you got into it low to the ground. The story posted here is far from the most harrowing one concerning Mooney’s and spins. Methinks I’ll give those suckers a WIDE berth.
  9. Looks like a really fun time.
  10. A really stand up guy

    I wish I could wear Halos. I have abnormally small ear canals, even small for someone my diminutive size. Those things just don't work for me. I had a really good experience with the plane cover guys years ago when I had an airplane outdoors. Haven't needed them since. I have a cover for my Mooney but never use it since the Mooney is hangared.
  11. I've flown VFR through snow. Wouldn't do it were it mixed with drizzle though.
  12. Rudder Pedal Extensions

    Yeah, I need them to see mine too. So I wear them. Problem solved. Actually, its one of the things I really and truly love about the Mooney. it feels like I'm wearing the thing. I really like that. And its still the only certificated aircraft in which I can see over the nose.
  13. A shout out to USAIG for great service

    I had to do likewise after my own little adventure. The adjuster was a total shit. I’d spend extra money to change insurers because of him, but no one else will insure me after a claim like that. I think mine cost the same, too.
  14. Contemporary Reserve Champion

    Congratulations. That must make you very proud. Now for a funny story. Mrs Steingar got a Blue Ribbon for some knitting she’d entered into the State Fair. On viewing all the entries I did manage to blurt out that in the category she won hers was the only entry. That particular observation was somewhat less than welcome.
  15. Rudder Pedal Extensions

    You need rudder extensions in a Mooney? I’m only slightly taller than tiny Tim and I can reach mine fine with the seat not all the way up. If the OP is really that short I must thank him for existing and making me look tall. Not many people can do that.