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  1. What do you think of this crazy J??

    I sus[ect you'd spend way way more to do everything the seller did to this airplane. Seems like a premium airplane at a premium price. Something to be said for that.
  2. Uber’s Pipedream

    Ain't buying it. The one thing AI types always underestimate is the utter complexity of the human mind. We're analog, old school, and we can do things machines just can't. Right now when the processor takes dump maybe you miss your porn for a few minutes or your E-mail goes wonky. Totally different thing in a rapidly moving vehicle full of kiddies. Sure, some brave self-certain fool will declare it done and safe. and then the things will all go back to the store after the first one goes nuts and hurts someone. Mark my words.
  3. Icing encounter

    I went to a presentation by a NASA engineer who specializes in airframe icing. They had a video of a tailplane stall they created using a foam cast on the elevator to simulate accumulated ice. The yolk literally jumped out of the pilot's hands, and he was heard to shout that they weren't doing that again ever. However, tailplane stalls are far more frequent on turbine twins in a full flaps position. To get out of the stall I described all they had to do was raise the flaps. Doesn't seem to bother our airplanes to the same extent. I don't know about the wings, though I've heard more than one pilot say that Mooneys don't carry much ice. If I ever see it accumulating I plan to treat it as a full blown emergency and get the heck out of there.
  4. RV-8 PIREP

    That is one gorgeous airplane. Might buy one some day. I do like flying solo. Might get an RV-3. I've always wanted a one seater.
  5. Uber’s Pipedream

    The day an autonomous vehicle can drive through an Ohio winter I'll be sold. I don't expect to see that in my lifetime. I don't expect to see that in the lifetime of any of my students. There's a reason these things are only in the Zone.
  6. RV-8 PIREP

    I've flown in two RV's. I'd be flying one now except Mrs. Steingar doesn't like the canopy and needs someplace to put all her shit. They're truly awesome airplanes, though I'd not want ot be doing an IFR approach to minimums in one, unless I had one hell of an autopilot. Nothing better for the mission of getting out and having some fun.
  7. I’ve heard of folks painting their experimental aircraft with auto paint with no ill effects. Heck, lots of them are now using vinyl wraps. One of my pals used it on his RV12. He claimed it was lighter, cheaper, and easier to install. I saw the finished product, looked great. I’ll bet cash money this is nothing more than the FAA stalling us in the technology of yesteryear in the name of safety.
  8. C Model Fuel Burn Rate

    Speaking of OWT, a number of inmates here have reported in the past that empirically their Mooney’s burned through less oil if they did their ascents at 25 squared rather than 2700 and WOT. It’s been my practice only because that’s what it says to do in my POH. The Lucky Strike seems to have plenty of get up and go at that power setting. Really good thread, comparing best practices. This thread should be a sticky.
  9. If I had an airplane t his weekend I might join you. But mine is STILL in the shop.
  10. Icing encounter

    If crap like this actually worked we'd all have teflon on our leading edges.
  11. Basic med problem

    Veterinary school should be more difficult to get into, there are far fewer of them than medical schools. When I applied I got the impression that their applicant pool wasn't as robust as the one for the medical schools. That was a long time ago. Speak of a long time ago, when I made my application women were a distinct minority in Veterinary schools and practices. Now men are a distinct minority. Last time Mrs. Steingar was in hospital all the MDs were woman and all the nurses were men.
  12. The thing I hate most to see in the windows is terrain. I hate it even more when I see it in the windshield.
  13. I flew in one of the first certificated Lanceairs, which were quite similar to Cirrus in most respects. I flew the thing with a small trim button on the stick, that stick didn't have enough throw for me to exert the forces needed to fly that aircraft.
  14. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    I always have my gear and flaps out by the time I hit downwind. I figure there are more distractions in the pattern, so if I already have the airframe dirtied up I'm less likely to forget.
  15. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    Yeah, I know where you're coming from. I doubt Mrs. Steingar could do the bar. I wish I could get her to do some sort of pinch hitter class, just in case, but I don't see it in the cards. Thankfully I'm pretty healthy, and seem to be in reasonably good shape (round is a shape, right?).