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  1. I've never seen it, ever in any of the documentation.
  2. I would do it right now had I the ca$h. Actually, I'd do the IR had I the AMUs. But I don't, so all I can do is dream.
  3. I ever get to do the IR thing (keep funning out of ca$h) the Mooney is getting a standby vacuum or a couple G5's. I wouldn't go into the soup without some sort of backup. I've seen youtube videos of guys with more ratings, time, and skill than me totally loose it partial panel. Also, the iPad panel is likely to be useless if you don't practice it. An emergency (which is what loss of vacuum in IMC is) is a crappy time to try things out for the first time.
  4. If you're routinely going into and out of tight spaces it seems like a real no brainer. And talk about safety equipment! The impact energy goes down with the square of the speed. If you can lower your stall speed a few miles per hour that's a crapload less energy to displace should things go sideways. And you've got complete control all the way into the stall, assuming you can still stall the aircraft (I couldn't stall my Cherokee without the nose up trim cranked to the stop).
  5. The only W&B I've ever seen for my Mooney is a statement in the POH not to put the heavy guys in back.
  6. Says you. Science is often far more complex than can be easily comprehended by the layman. My Cherokee was one of the fastest ones I've seen, had a problem leading a formation of Cherokees because I'd run away from them. Won't claim to understand the aerodynamics, ain't my biz.
  7. Only problem with G's is they're the dogs of the fleet. They're still fast (they're Mooneys after all), but they're the slowest of the Mooney line.
  8. I had VGs on my Cherokee, they were really cool. Couldn't stall that thing, and it was perfectly controllable at any speed. I could land anything in that Cherokee, it just didn't matter. Then again, I landed a 2200 foot strip in my stock Mooney just the other day with tons of room to spare.
  9. Congrats to the OP and thanks for posting up. That aircraft is well known here. Two ways to get a “deal” on an airplane. One if go get one rough and restore it. A poster did that here, took a long time and a lot of money. The other is to buy one someone else has fixed up. Had I the money I’d be flying that aircraft. It is one of the finest examples of the type flying.
  10. Yeah, Mooney’s have an Achilles heel more than some other aircraft. Glad the Reaper is around to at least soften the blow. Our aircraft aren’t going to last forever, and they’ll never be made again. Enjoy ‘em while yah got ‘em gents.
  11. The Mooney community has truly lost its finest son. Bob was such a gentleman. This is so utterly disheartening.
  12. I didn't Jones hard for a Mooney until I sat in one. Really sealed the deal. Still the only airplane I've been in where I can see over the nose without sitting on a pillow.
  13. I suspect perhaps you're being a bit over paranoid. Mrs. Steingar has had a raft of health issues and we've yet to be denied anything. I get offers of life insurance, but I've always thought that a fool's bet.