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  1. I would so love to do this, but the expenses are pretty breathtaking.
  2. Says me if ca$h is that tight bail on the engine monitor and put in some IFR avionics. There's been carbureted engine banging away under your cowl since the sixties. How bad can it be? That said, if you're not going to have the airplane for awhile I wouldn't put in anything. The wisest airplane shopper buys the airplane that already had the stuff he wants. You'll never get your investment back in the sale.
  3. I bought a Stratus at Oshkosh, didn't cost me much coin. The thing has worked flawlessly since, I love it.
  4. 6 pax? Burn enough fuel to move the CG aft?
  5. Yeah, but you'd think the pilot would have figured it out from the deck angle. I've let improper trim get the best of me because of the J-bar. Twins don't have those.
  6. If I've done everything properly it should fly out at about 80 mph. Not ideal of the engine, but it won't kill the airplane. Mooneys are fairly stable in roll, I'd worry about loosing heading but I'm not worried about an uncommanded roll imperiling anything. You'll loose your yaw control and probably yaw leftward some, I guess. I still think it'd be stable for a few seconds allowing me to recover, so long as I don't yank on the yoke. I've responded well to a couple of low altitude emergencies (remind me to tell you the one about my autopilot turning into a kilobit), so maybe I could handle it without killing everyone.
  7. Getting my Mooney down to flap speed with the gear retracted is nearly impossible on the descent and requiring idle power in level flight. You are correct, gear comes down first. Even with it hanging out it takes a bit of doing to get down tot flap speeds. Dah for all. A lot of folks talk about raising the gear when there's no more runway, or some such. With the J-bar gear comes up pretty much as soon as it leaves the ground. Last go around I did I must have been bit fast, because I couldn't get the bar down at all. First time doing the Mooney dip, it worked too.
  8. Thing is, if the seat latch failed I like to think I'd have the presence of mind to unhand the yoke. If the aircraft is trimmed properly it should fly on its merry while I work the problem.
  9. Can't say what I was shooting for, but 100 is my flap speed and I doubt I went much past that. Can't remember if I sucked the flaps in or left them out. I actually normally take off at 80 (mph) unit the gear is retracted, to keep the force on the bar low. I am used to a kinda high deck angle on takeoff.
  10. My one pal who lost an engine on takeoff in his Aztec pulled power on the good engine and crashed on a city street. Walked away from it, and the insurance company bought him a nice Twinkie. Of course I was in that damn thing when it careened off the runway.
  11. Perhaps something is wrong with mine. I was at low altitude and wasn't looking at the VSI, jus the occasional glance at the airspeed to make certain I didn't slow down. But at 500 ft/min it would have been a comfortable climb to pattern altitude. Like I said, I never got to pattern altitude. Maybe I'll try again to see what's going on. but that will after its annual, it goes in at the first VFR weather I see.
  12. Last time I did a go around with the gear hanging out my aircraft climbed like a dog. I didn't even make it to pattern altitude and swore I'd never do it again.
  13. I bought a car off Ebay. Seller and I made arrangements to meet up, car was as represented and he got his money. An airplane is a different animal. I'm not going to spend the coin and time to examine it when I could be outbid by someone else. But if I win the auction I am contracted to buy the airplane, but I don't want to be because I still want a PPI.
  14. Best advice I could give the spawn of the OP is to marry wealth.