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  1. steingar

    Check Gear!

    I've said this before but it still bears repeating. I can easily distract you to the point where you leave the gear up, and I don't have a patch on your average 4 year old (though Mrs. Steingar thinks I've the maturity of one). Sorry to be repetitious.
  2. steingar

    A new failure mode

    Airplane doesn't heat up nearly quickly enough to shed outer garments in an Ohio winter. What I will do, is no matter how cold it is I wear no more than my leather flight jacket. Now I might have a big wampum scarf wrapped around, but my arm will have no mare than a leather jacket past which I can see what's going on with the damn bar.
  3. steingar

    Check Gear!

    Aargh! The real problem is that humans can get distracted quite easily. Says me lower the gear and do your flaps a couple miles out. That way they're less likely to be forgotten during your distractions the landing pattern.
  4. steingar

    Wedding news

    Jose, I speak three languages and I haven't words sufficiently strong to object to your content. I lost some really good friends to HIV. While the outbreak did indeed start in the homosexual community, it has since moved onto pandemic status affecting both sexes more of less equally. It is a scourge in a number of place sin the world. That said, I wouldn't worry about it affecting a stable homosexual couple. I suppose I should warn you away from HPV (causes cancer), Syphilis (causes neurodegeneration) and a number of other STDs that occur primarily in the heterosexual population and have pathologies inconsistent with aviation.
  5. steingar

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    Thanks for the thoughts. Yeah, I do plan on using it fairly proactively once I start penetrating clouds. A really really really good friend of mine was lowered into a cloud bank by his CFI, the reasoning being that if he encountered IFR conditions he wouldn't panic and be able to fly his way back out. Carb heat came on before they hit he cloud.
  6. steingar

    65 M20C 25K

    Good luck Alan. Like I said, that's a lotta airplane for not a lotta money. By the way, I'm missing the black knob that turns the cabin air vent on the ceiling. You wouldn't happen to have one of those lying around, would you?
  7. steingar

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    You are of course correct, but where I live there isn't that much humidity on days cold enough to get carb ice. Only time I've had it there was visible moisture. That said, once I start doing the IFR thing, I suspect I'll be using it plenty.
  8. steingar

    A new failure mode

    Normally the bar doesn't interfere with anything. Like I said, it was big winter coats that caused the whole snafu. I don't see how the belts could be other than they are, since the shoulder strap has to go all the way around you to securely hold you in. I'll take the occasional gear snafu to having my features rearranged in a crash landing. Happened to a friend of mine, he had lap belts. His sunglasses were embedded in his face.
  9. steingar

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    Ouch! I'll be on the lookout of that. Admittedly, I've been sidelined for most of two winters in the three years of my ownership, but I'm not IFR< so I don't go through visible moisture that much. The one time was really wispy clouds, I still had tons of vis. Oh, and I forgot to thank you for taking such good care of my Mooney. She obviously flourished under you stewardship.
  10. steingar

    A Christmas Miracle

    My problem is the only border I'm near is the Canadian one, and I think they've got better health care than I do.
  11. I just went through a very similar experience, I know just how frustrating it can be. Do keep in mind that you will get your airplane back (mechanic wants paid, doesn't he?) and it'll have a freshly overhauled engine. World will look better. Instead of a stick I'd use a carrot. If the aircraft is done by such and such a date you'l give him a bonus? Could work to light a fire under this guy and get your airplane back. Apocryphal story to be certain. Good luck.
  12. steingar

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    The problem with that is the price can get pretty steep if these things let go at an inopportune moment. That's why I always liked the Rosen visors. Solid as could be.
  13. steingar

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    Only carb ice I ever got was flying through really thin wispy clouds just above freezing. I was on approach to land at my nearest (had the runway made, too) when the carb heat brought the engine back on line. Never saw a whiff it flying for ten years in my Cherokee and three (well, three of ownership. With all the crap done to my airplane it seems like I've spent 10 minutes flying it) of my Mooney.
  14. steingar

    SpaceX restricted airspace

    At the speeds jets go my guess is this is a non issue for them as well. Probably just another number leading to the bottom line for their owners. They probably spend more on toilet paper.
  15. steingar

    Rosen Sunvisor Replacement

    I had Rosen sun visors for my first two planes and I would have them in my Mooney if they made them for my Mooney. Pricey yes, but what's it worth to see what's ahead of you? With that I have trouble on bright hazy days.