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  1. Dream to fly

    Almost done

    Well I thought I was close. Been working and balancing the job with this remodel and ran into the biggest gotcha ever.... I did it myself and could only laugh!!! The CDI is clocked 90 degrees off. How in the world did I do that? So off to cut another panel. Sometimes it doesn't pay to enjoy a hobby.
  2. Dream to fly

    Now You See IT-Now You Don’t...

    And the correct answer.... Remove panel install all glass. nothing to hook snag or short out! Nothing money can't fix
  3. Dream to fly


    Plus a little sweat, and a few drops of blood[emoji23] Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  4. Dream to fly

    Not sure how to proceed

    That's what I was going to do. The job is done but the price is the price. They are not going to undo what I did. It's done right just they didn't do it. I used fast stack and the wiring and install are done. Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  5. Dream to fly

    Not sure how to proceed

    That seems to be the only way out. New annual and radio install without the install. Looks like just north of 4500. Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  6. Dream to fly

    Not sure how to proceed

    That is just it, I had the discussion I had all my ducks in a row and all the right people involved. That company closed. Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  7. Dream to fly

    Not sure how to proceed

    I totally agree with you. I had a trusted AP who was working with me. Unfortunately He had to leave the profession leaving me with the mess. Now I am having to deal with things I wasn't planning on dealing with. My contention is that people treat GA like it has mystical properties and without special tools, paper, and secret codes the plane can't fly. The vintage birds were hand built with tools that were worn out and paper licenses that were found in cracker jack boxes and for years they flew just fine. The feds get involved and you'd swear the second coming was about to happen. If it was built by man, a person with a manual can fix it.
  8. Dream to fly

    JPI EDP 900 part number for pins

    The connector is a PT2319- The terminals for that connector are J-37490-6A Your local dealership should be able to order you as many as you like.
  9. Dream to fly

    Not sure how to proceed

    This just tops it. I was looking for pin in another thread for the EDM 900 and could not get a cross. I tried several times to get to technical support to order from JPI but could never get thru. Called aircraft Spruce and they could order them but it would be a week out. I remember seeing them, using them, but for the life of me and my feeble little pea size brain I couldn't remember where. Then it dawned on me they are standard PT2319 connectors that every manufacture uses. Pins are available at FORD, GM even Dodge! I just about fell over seeing an automotive/diesel connector in the aviation world, how will the law of physics ever adjust. The number for the connector assembled with 6in leads is 88862238. The terminals are J-37490-6A.
  10. Dream to fly

    Not sure how to proceed

    That is what I did. But for the 530W. Problem is I'm not an IA. The issue is my work may not be correct or accurate and/or I might have taken a short cut, etc. So for someone to sign me off in good faith isn't going to happen. I fully respect that. I was thinking that workmanship would carry over to courtesy. I'm done with aviation in general and this was the final nail in the coffin. Once the plane is flying tested and true it's going away. I'll venture into something different. Thinking about buying a motor home a pusher with a car and a boat in tow cruising the interstates with a class D license and basic minimum insurance. [emoji48] Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  11. Dream to fly

    Not sure how to proceed

    Yup my fault. Seems to be a common issue with me. Apparently I need to drink more Kool aid. My wife is right time to sell. Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  12. Dream to fly

    Not sure how to proceed

    That is apparently the only way in this case. Direct from Garmin Dealer. I'm sick about the whole thing. Nothing can be easy or simple and like the concept of engines if it's not like it was when it was built it can't work. I'm tired of beating my head against a wall. We protect the stupid and let them fornicate while the rest of us work hard so they don't hurt themselves. I appreciate the replies and hope to be airborne next month. Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  13. Dream to fly


    Call Griggs Aircraft speak to Ruthie. She has the information you are asking for. Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  14. Dream to fly

    Not sure how to proceed

    Getting super close to getting the plane running and been dealing with the Fargo FSDO for the past several weeks. It has been made real clear to me the plane has lost it ability to fly. Apparently I don't have paper to go with my new to me 530W and some other equipment. So now the plane is a paperweight. How does one go about getting the needed STCs. I have 8130s but that is not good enough. The STC allows Bernoulli's principle to actually work. So worried about paperwork but we'll allow an AP to use Walmart tire tube patch kits to repair bladders and look the other way.
  15. Dream to fly

    Mooney + Porsche

    Why not run the prop off the cam? There is a company doing so in S. Africa. they flipped the drive and used a 60 degree V6. works slick.