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  1. Central Plains fly-out lunch 3/24 Paola, KS K81

    Weather permitting VFR I'll be there. I could use a reason to leave this insanity!
  2. Door not opening gonna need a can opener

    I"M IN!!!!! Mooney has nothing on this safe cracker! The stupid lock bar was in the way of the handle. What I did if this could help anyone else is, I put the key in the lock and started at the 12 O'clock position and kept turning and trying the handle at every hour position and after three or four tries the door handle moved all the way to the right releasing the pin in the frame. Now to fix this. Looks like I'll need to get a lock cylinder. Might have to put remote door locks and an auto start in this bird. It's funny how simple technology can really tax the mind when you CAN"T SEE IT! LOL Anyway thank you for the responses!
  3. Door not opening gonna need a can opener

    I'm outside landed and safe maybe not in that order. I closed the door and pushed back into the hanger. went to get my flight bag and the handle moves the door didn't open. it feels like the handle is not connected till a point then it meets a large resistance. I am thinking the key lock that was loose turned. but the keys are just rotating the cy6linder. I need a new interior anyway might have to talk the wife into getting her sewing machine out.
  4. Door not opening gonna need a can opener

    Yes cabin door. Tried pulling the hinge pins but started to bend them.. Think I'll have to cut and paste.
  5. It was bound to happen and I knew it but I procrastinated and now the door is closed and I can't get it open. I've got no idea how to get the panel off if the door is totally closed. Do I just wreck the panel and build a new one? I'm sure it is a simple fix but you have to get access to it. Any ideas before I go medieval on it?
  6. Started to collect more pieces of the panel. Found some smoking great deals and for less then the cost of a 430 I got both a PMA8000B and A GNS530W. Plus an I-pad 3, Sensorcon inspector, along with LED dimmable red pods. @gsxrpilot thanks for the advice I'll continue to collect and get it all ready for the install.
  7. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    And that too..... I'm going back to my cage now.
  8. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    It was an over glorified VW engine that they revamped, and used electro/mechanical Lamda injection to meet the FAA requirements. Very expensive and if you weren't constantly tuning you had issues. The engines that are out today just need to be modernized with electrons and metallurgy.
  9. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    An automotive engine that is run at 75% power for an extended period of time will not hold up If it is a production built design. It will fail period. The engines are built for a purpose of occasional WOT and load factored over a given time and if I remember correctly that time limit is 3 min at 85%+ then it needs time to cool down. The bearing surfaces and water jackets can't handle the load. Now before getting crazy a Corvette, Mustang or whatever fast toy you think you have that is bad ass if it is STOCK from the factory it has limits. Racing a quarter mile is 10 - 15 seconds at best just to give you perspective. Using an automotive engine design for the power plant of a plane is silly. Unless it has been built and designed for that purpose, only one company has done so. It is a great design but still years away from certification. Now if you want to use the technology from the auto/diesel world and incorporate it into the aviation world that is totally doable and needs to happen. We have the technology that would put to bed issues of mismatched cylinder heating and exhaust temps that rise or fall because of improper A/F ratios. We have metals that are far superior than the 60 plus year old metal we are flying around. It can be done but it would cost!
  10. Instrument rated!

  11. Sabremech Cowling Mod Testing (Ongoing)

    I don't want to derail this thread but I have been pondering all the heat variations to the cylinders and was wondering has anyone mapped the air flow under the cowl. Actually using a digital cam, some string taped to the top hanging down about 1.5in and watch what happens while cruising. I've had to do something very similar on a kit car that was built and was having a terrible time keeping it from overheating. It turns out I had a tornado occurring under the hood and it was fix by literally keeping the back of the hood up 1/2 in. Don't shoot me just offering an idea...
  12. Pireps on firewall forward HP + STC

    .... nevermind
  13. Basic med problem

    Since you went there... So in order to drive commercial or fly you have to be in really good physical shape and pass a medical every couple of years. But, be able to pass a driving test 50 years ago and fog a mirror when you exhale and we will be happy to sell you a 40K pound rolling house that is 45 plus feet long pulling a car and a boat and have the softest air ride suspension. Gotta love it. Makes sense to me
  14. looking to travel west

    That is an awesome picture. Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  15. looking to travel west

    I tried that but have to have more hours and they would prefer IFR