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  1. Dream to fly

    Cabin speaker

    Called PS engineering and the cabin speaker should be 4 ohms at 3 watts. Apparently some speakers were 8 or 16 ohms and that will cause clipping so if you are installing a PS engineering audio panel it is 4 ohms. After some cleaner and a magnifying glass I found a number on the speaker that was a number 2. Mine might have been a 2 ohm speaker in my plane. Just guessing but my speaker was so badly damaged its hard to tell.
  2. Dream to fly

    Cabin speaker

    Ok. So 8 ohms. I was thinking it was lower but that will work thanks Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  3. Dream to fly

    Cabin speaker

    Mine has seen better times and I can't seem to find an electronic OHM value. What should the impedance be?
  4. Dream to fly

    Shop breaks a part

    As a shop owner we'd own it and privately I'd have an employee meeting explaining the correct way to remove panels. To the customer we'd be all over it and making it right as long as the communication was civil. Communication goes south then we buy the part and take a hike. Nobody wins then!
  5. Dream to fly

    Likelihood of engine failure

    This poll reminds me of the motorcycle question "ever crashed?" It all boils down to if you live you will take risks try to take calculated risks that are more than dumb luck. I worry about power loss all the time and I've had experienced it first hand in my new to me Mooney. I was I lucky I was in pattern and all that kept going thru my little brain was fly the plane and worry about the rest later. I was abeam the numbers I was altitude ok but Mooney green and I freaked inside. Fuel servo was the problem but had I panicked I think it could have ended really bad.
  6. Dream to fly

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    @carusoam Here is the newest design on the top. Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  7. Dream to fly

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    Last year she gave me the old oven as a gift... Or did I buy it? I was thinking the cleaning cycle but the door locks that is why I thought toaster oven. But I'll post tomorrow on my new design I don't think I have to bend it I gave the base a tilt and the handle an angle. seems good on paper.
  8. Dream to fly

    Opinions on engine monitors

    +1 for JPI 900 but it is not plug and play. You have to get your hands dirty to get it custom to your plane. Just getting all my tanks finished and sending units wired. I hope to have the unit up and running by next weekend. The kit they send is jam packed with parts then its up to you or your mechanic to make it fit and work. You could wire tire things off and loop wires but for the clean looking layout it takes hair pulling, and a choice selection of words and some elevator music to get it done.
  9. Does it come with your panel???
  10. Dream to fly

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    @Warren, Would using a toaster oven that is heated to 400F with a soak time of 1hr+ be a good start? I need to give a curve so a hand can grab it comfortably.
  11. Dream to fly

    Fuel drain leaking UPDATED 5/10/18

    Getting closer. EDM 900 arrived yesterday, and all the parts from aircraft spruce arrived this morning, all the tank cavities are taped and foamed. The entire after factory wiring and all the sins of the previous owner have been removed. The radio stack is getting built and new wiring installed. Wish I could just wave a Snap-On magic wand and it would get done. So close...
  12. Dream to fly

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    Thank you Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  13. Dream to fly

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    It is 6061-T6. I think I can make that happen. Thanks for the guide lines. how long does it need to be at 775F?
  14. Dream to fly

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    I love dancing on the edge Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
  15. Dream to fly

    Anyone work with aluminum round rod?

    After test fitting I am modifying this design so the handle is angled out at the base and then curves back in towards the panel. Gonna practice heating aluminum and bending it with love.