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  1. Shoot Jim an email. He has sent me the male end of those plastic clips for free. Female end may more difficult...if I recall correctly, it's sewn in. That being said, I do remember thinking the same thing about the refurb. I didn't see much of a difference.
  2. Another vote for Jim and plane cover. Added the zipper option on my new cover, and I'm glad I did. Every time I put the cover on, I subsequently have to retrieve a stuffed animal or a child seat or a phone that slipped out of someone's pocket. And I do mean Every. Damn. Time. The zipper makes me less cranky about that.
  3. That is handy. Why isn't this built into Garmin Pilot and/or ForeFlight? Or any app for that matter?
  4. Definitely get it in the cloud or back it up elsewhere. I'm a little OCD on that because of the number of failed hard drives I've experienced. I personally use Google Drive, but only because they "gifted" me 1TB of storage for being on Google Fiber (and I don't pay enough iCloud rent to use iBooks). Also, Google Drive has OCR built in to search within images/scanned PDFs, and that seems to work ok on my logbooks. May be too late for this, but for initially capturing your logbook entries, I would use a receipt tracking app of some sort. They do a good job of converting to black and white and flattening/cropping your images. Some of them may even have OCR/indexing built in. I have used Jot Not in the past for receipts (which will save directly to your cloud provider of choice), but I don't think it does any OCR.
  5. Same team fellas...same team. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Surely it's the IFR in IMC thing. Maybe you had to descend below sector minimums or there was a traffic conflict? Either way, if I'm declaring an emergency (which I've only done once...ironically, first solo as a student pilot with my instructor in the tower), the subsequent investigation is the last thing on my mind.
  7. Clearly the most important step in that procedure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I've always wondered whether the Mooney would skip vs dive at various flap settings while ditching. Sounds like I have at least 4 steps in my ditching procedure. Flaps: T/O, Door: Wedged Open, GTFO, Door: Closed. Sorry to hear that it ended the way it did. Hopefully we're still learning from his experiences.
  9. Out of curiosity, do you know what his flap setting was?
  10. This exact thing happened to me last week, and it was not a fun experience. METAR showed gusts to 19G27 and 30 degrees off of the runway heading, but turned out to be gusting to 34 and 50 degrees off of the runway heading when we arrived (according to AWOS). I made the questionable decision to go down and feel it out, staying fast and expecting to go around and elsewhere if necessary. After fighting the airplane down to ground effect, things calmed long enough for me to pull the power back to idle. That's when I got one of those 34 knot gusts. I attempted to push the button and add power, but the button would not release for what felt like an eternity. I'm not sure how long it was, but it was long enough for me to get a few expletives out and to bleed off enough airspeed for the stall warning to start sounding. I continued fighting the gusts in ground effect, and the throttle did finally release (with lots of adrenalin-fed force), fortunately. The vernier throttle is relatively new to me, but I probably should have known to twist in a couple of times and then try pushing again.
  11. Thanks for the info. I definitely want the 3D then. The GTX345 is on my wish list, so if/when that happens, the GDL39 would only be for backup AHRS at that point.
  12. I've decided not to renew my ForeFlight subscription since Garmin Pilot is included in Garmin's OnePak package. I have a second generation Stratus (not the S) that I'd like to trade for a GDL 39. Anyone interested? I would also consider selling the Stratus 2 for $600ish.
  13. You should also get georeferenced approach plates on your MFD with the G1000 software upgrade. I have talked to the guys at McKee about doing the g1000 upgrade alone just for this feature. Have you tried that yet?
  14. Not familiar with the hardware that you're trying to update, but as a web developer, I can tell you it's a problem with your install of the plugin (which is specific to the browser that you're using). The address (gmnadu://) is not a valid web address, so for some reason, the plugin isn't intercepting the request and it's confusing Firefox. I would check the OS and browser requirements of the plugin that you're using and make sure that your system meets those requirements.
  15. I don't think I have the useful load to handle the kind of survival gear that you guys are recommending.