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  1. rear seat harness for children

    I'm using these for my 4 and 6 year olds, but they require a shoulder strap. They are super convenient to take out and use in a rental car, uber, etc. I tried several other options (booster seat, full size car seat with a back, etc), and the arms on them blocked access to the buckle, making it really difficult to unlatch. Obviously that's not good for an emergency situation. With these, unlatching is easy, and the kids can unbuckle themselves if they need to.
  2. Descend Via

    @carqwik, I think you're exactly right...I think they saw me doing 220 kts across the ground at FL180 and assumed that I wasn't a piston aircraft. And thanks all for the great info. The speed and accuracy of the knowledge here never fails to amaze me. To recap (including a couple of PMs that I've received), here are the lessons learned: Speed restrictions are not just speed limits. Make sure you can comply after being assigned an arrival, and advise if you can't. Descend via = pilots discretion from your current altitude to a compliant altitude at the first assigned fix (good list of descend via FAQs here). Garmin has a spreadsheet to assist with ICAO codes here. I was missing a couple of codes, but I did not select T1 (indicating RNAV RNP approach capable). So other than missing a couple of capabilities, my ICAO flight plan was correct. Yet another good reason to file/fly IFR in visual conditions. If nothing else, I learned that altitudes in the G1000 flight plan in white letters indicate default but unselected altitudes. You have to select and toggle the text to blue in order to arm a vertical track. At 14.6 GPH, I was burning less gas than anyone else on the Sewzy Three arrival yesterday. Thanks again!
  3. Descend Via

    That's how I interpreted it as well, but I wasn't certain. I probably should have asked to confirm, but I don't think there's a notion of "being established" on the arrival like there is an approach. Since he gave me 'descend via' and direct SSOLO, I was considered "on" the arrival. As far as speeds go, I (incorrectly) thought that these were max speeds which wouldn't have been a factor. I missed the fact that there was a line on bottom and top. Vne on the Acclaim is 196 KIAS. The controller didn't mention my speed deficiencies though. The only time that I heard from them on the arrival was after SSOLO giving me the altimeter setting (he wasn't sure whether or not he gave it to me after leaving 180) and then pointing out the 737 that I was following after SMRFF.
  4. Descend Via

    Howdy all. Yesterday, I returned from Chicago to Austin after a good weekend with unbeatable patio weather. Good flight for the most part, but some procedural questions came up on the arrival. Somewhere over east Texas, I was assigned Descend via the Sewzy Three arrival landing north, direct to SSOLO. I am based at AUS, so being assigned an arrival or departure is par for the course, but I believe this is the first time that I've been given a "descend via" clearance (and it was definitely the first time that I've been given the Sewzy Three). I admittedly have limited experience in the flight levels, so maybe that's the reason. I flew the arrival without any problems (G1000 VNAV capabilities made this easy), but I wasn't as confident in the procedures as I should have been. Definitely something I'll bring up during my next IPC, but I figured I would start here. Here is the Sewzy Three: And here are my questions: There's a NOTE for turbojet or turboprop aircraft only. Should I have rejected this arrival based on this note alone? If so, shouldn't ATC have known not to assign it to me in the first place? I was flying at 18 and elected to cross SSOLO at 17 to make the next step down easier. Should I have instead crossed SSOLO at 18 before starting down? Other than the "descend via", I was not assigned any altitude restrictions or changes. Text of the arrival says to expect RNAV (RNP) approach -OR- vectors to final. Since clearly I'm not RNP authorized, I assume that I'm expecting vectors for the RNAV GPS or the visual unless otherwise instructed. Is that correct, or could I be surprised with the ILS? I was on an ICAO IFR flight plan. Is it possible that I have something messed up there that would lead to having this arrival assigned in the first place? Am I the only one that has never received a "descend via" clearance (until now)?? By the way, 5 sloppy joes for $5 at the bar/restaurant on the field at KIGQ. We arrived after the kitchen had closed, and that's all that they could make. I wasn't mad about it though...that is the cheapest that I've ever fed a family of 4! Thanks in advance.
  5. SiriusXM no longer displaying weather

    An XM radio antenna is different from an XM weather receiver. The weather receivers look like this: I believe the weather receivers have radio IDs on the back and must be activated.
  6. SiriusXM no longer displaying weather

    When I owned a 696, I had the XM antenna crap out on me as well. This was several years ago, but they sent me a new one under warranty. I want to say the radio ID on the account is tied to the antenna itself, so it's not as simple as trying a different'll have to change the radio ID on the account. To confirm (because I could be wrong), check the radio ID in your 696 settings with the antenna plugged in and make sure that it matches your Sirius account. Once you've confirmed, have Sirius resend the activation signal while the antenna is in clear view of the sky and the 696 is powered on.
  7. Today's flight for 2017

    Ventured out into the Carribean with my traveling circus over the 4th through last weekend. Half of our time was spent in the Treasure Cay/Abaco area, and the other half was spent in Nassau. Regretted wasting time in Nassau...but otherwise, it was a fantastic trip. We'll definitely be time to explore Elbow Cay.
  8. On board oxygen transfill technique

    Hey Geoff, I will try to record a video the next time I do this, but it's pretty straightforward. 2 most important things: keep your connections clean (especially petroleum products - you don't want to blow yourself up), and open the valves very gradually. Connect your setup to the port on your airplane, and then slightly crack open the valve on the tank with lower pressure. Let the pressure equalize (if you hear rattling, you're doing it to quickly...close the valve on the tank). I may be overly cautious on this, but I barely crack the valve and let it equalize very slowly. Then I gradually open it more after it stops hissing. Once you have the tank fully open and it stops hissing, close that tank and gradually open the tank with more pressure in the same way. When you exchange a tank, obviously exchange the one with lower pressure. Then your previously high pressure tank becomes the low pressure tank, and your newly exchanged tank becomes your high pressure tank. You'll get the most out of your tanks this way. All of this being said, I never had anyone demonstrate this for me. This came from research here on MS and elsewhere. I'm sure there are plenty of other MSers out there that are happy to correct me if any part of this procedure is incorrect...hah!
  9. KGNB flight planning

    I was there in March for a ski trip to Winter Park, and I likely flew your same flight path if you're coming from Austin. Based on the winds at the peaks, I was expecting bumps on the way in (and got none), but not on the way out (and had my cage rattled more than I'd prefer). When I arrived (attached is a shot of WP on the descent), the winds favored runway 9, and when I departed, the winds favored I didn't have to think much about the terrain east of the field. On departure, a left turn out (basically on course) allowed me to follow the valley down through the Winter Park area again gaining altitude before crossing the peaks. I had trouble getting the fuel pump to work on the field, but finally pulled it out and retracted it enough to work the kink out in the box (that I couldn't see). I didn't see a soul on the field arriving or departing, and there were no other airplanes on the ramp. Make sure to line up transportation before you go, because that was also a challenge. Maybe that's all different in the summer...not sure. I have yet to wander into the Rockies outside of ski season, but my wife has been wanting to do that let me know how it goes!
  10. I have a Skybound G2 USB Adapter that I no longer need. Maybe $40? Let me know if you're interested.
  11. Ground transport ,what do you do?

    I did that exact thing in Leadville a couple of years ago. Zero style points, but soooo much room for the ski gear.
  12. Cigarette light for usb port

    I have made this mistake before. Those fancy, low profile, dual 2A output chargers are 12V only. Plugging them into a 28V cigarette lighter fries them almost instantly...before even tripping a breaker. Alot of the chargers that aren't low profile are both 12/ just make sure to check the specs first.
  13. Prop keeps slinging off paint

    Thanks for the input. I will try to find out what kind of paint they used.
  14. Prop keeps slinging off paint

    I actually have the pictures attached out of order. The gold looking one is the most recent paint failure. I am unfamiliar with the process of prep/priming/painting, but you're right...that's what it looks like. Either that, or the primer didn't stick to the prop the first time, and the paint didn't stick to the primer the second.
  15. Prop keeps slinging off paint

    That would have been my guess the first time. However, the second paint job was actually completed by a different Sensenich shop a year and a half later (PA was closer for the previous owner, GA is closer for me). Plus, you would think that they would take every precaution to make sure that it was prepped properly on a do-over so that they didn't have to do the work for free again...