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  1. aggiepilot04


    Wow...thank you. I didn't mean to make you do the leg work for me, but I am still waiting on callbacks from 3 of those airports.
  2. aggiepilot04


    Thanks Bob/Steve. I'll definitely be downtown...maybe around the South Lake Union area? I don't know exactly where yet...I just know that I don't want to commute because that comes directly out of time that I get with the kids (and I'm willing to suffer the politics for that reason!). We'll definitely be renting for a while until we know where exactly we want to be long term. I'm looking for an enclosed hangar and ideally close (< an hour on weekends?), but it sounds like I may not be able to be that picky? Also, define paying through the nose...because I feel like I'm doing that already. I'm currently paying $537 and it goes up every year, but I think it's worth it...because it's much easier to make sure that the Mooney doesn't sit for more than a week or two without flying. If flying is that seasonal in the NW though, maybe it's worth "pickling" the Acclaim in the off season and hangaring further out?
  3. aggiepilot04


    Anyone have any recommendations for hangars around the Seattle area? I'm relocating there in July (likely downtown). I have called around, and it sounds like waiting lists are multiple years deep. I know it's a long shot, but I have a hangar at AUS that I'd be willing to swap temporarily if anyone is interested (waiting list is also a year or 2 deep in Austin). Also, can anyone familiar with the area weather speak to how much non-FIKI flyable weather you get during the year? Thanks in advance.
  4. aggiepilot04

    Daytona Gear Incident

    Sounds like a good habit. I'm going to steal that.
  5. aggiepilot04

    Daytona Gear Incident

    I doubt you'll hear anything from the FAA. I had a similar situation departing out of Austin Bergstrom one evening several years ago. Retracting the gear popped the breaker and left the "Gear Unsafe" light illuminated. Putting the handle back down and resetting the breaker would extend the gear no problem (with good indications). I wasn't going far anyways, so I opted to return and drive and deal with it Monday morning in the daytime. I by no means asked for any priority/urgency, but I was assigned 35L (normally not used for GA traffic)...and when I made it back to the airport, I saw why. Like your event, firetrucks or ambulances at each intersection and lots of waiting commercial traffic, but unlike your event, I could have logged a couple of landings. The entire parade followed me for the VERY long taxi to the other side of the airport back to the FBO. It made for a huge scene...especially at night. They wrote my information down asked about the situation, but that was the last I heard of it. I hadn't really thought too much about it prior to that event, but those services would be nice if you had a less desirable outcome. Glad your situation ended well though.
  6. aggiepilot04

    Boost pump switch failure - On

    I don't have a primer switch, but what did that do that made the engine recover? Wouldn't that be more gas?
  7. aggiepilot04

    Boost pump switch failure - On

    Wow. It is bizarre to me that a switch can fail while it isn't being (and hasn't been) touched and "flip" itself in the process. I suppose it makes sense for a switch to be designed in such a way that it always fails closed/on though. Curious if that is the design, and also curious if high boost at cruise power would flood the engine. Either way, glad to hear that it happened on the ground.
  8. aggiepilot04

    Financing an aircraft?

    I have had a great experience with US Aircraft Finance as well, but they do charge pre-payment penalties if you pre-pay within the first 2 years (greater of 2% or $2,000 in the first year, 1% or $1,000 in the second year). I attempted to negotiate that out but was unsuccessful. I think Dave said they end up losing money it's likely par for the course unless you pay higher closing fees.
  9. aggiepilot04

    G1000 AHRS failure?

    I had similar (and sporadic) symptoms following my GTX 345 install (see here: ). I believe that in my case, someone had leaned on the AHRS connections during the GTX345 install...which pulled the individual pins out of the harness slightly. After re-seating, I have not seen any issues. In flight, I was able to resolve the problem by pulling and resetting the GPS1 and GPS2 breakers...but I'm sure it depends on which pins aren't making a good connection.
  10. aggiepilot04

    Long Mooney trip to South America

    Holy smokes. I am more jealous of this post than any I've ever seen.
  11. aggiepilot04

    G1000 software differences?

    Can't believe I forgot to mention that one. I was blown away by the amount of information that is logged. Also, for anyone using Garmin Pilot for logbooks, you can upload these files directly to is pretty cool because you can replay the entire flight (including engine data). See attached. It also makes it super easy to catch up on your logbooks (if you have a tendency to get behind like I do).
  12. aggiepilot04

    G1000 software differences?

    I upgraded to 401.34 as of about a year ago with my GTX-345 install. The main reason that I wanted the upgrade was for geo-referenced approach plates. I was hoping that my iPad would just become a backup at that point (and thus wouldn't need anything yoke-mounted), but I found it's still better to use the iPad for approach plates so that you can use other MFD screens. Plus 401.34 still can't display ADS-B weather on the MFD.
  13. aggiepilot04

    Mooney's in the Dallas Area

    You can probably see lots of Mooney models at Fort Worth Alliance the weekend of June 1st. There's a MAPA Pilot Proficiency Program that weekend. I'll be there and would be glad to show you the Acclaim. My kids are 5 and 7, and the long body works great...especially when you have bulky, lightweight items (i.e. Christmas gifts, etc). Eventually though, weight may be an issue for longer hops with the full family + it depends on your typical mission.
  14. aggiepilot04

    G-1000 SD Card Alternatives

    The difference in the $100 Garmin card and the more expensive ones is whether or not it comes pre-loaded with data. Just make sure that your Garmin dealer orders the blank card if you already have a account. There can't be any difference in a Garmin card and any other retail're paying $88 for a Garmin sticker. I recently paid that though to avoid any legal issues.
  15. aggiepilot04

    Mountain Flying and Winds Aloft Discrepancies

    Thanks for the info. I understand most of that at a conceptual level, and I have read the Mountain Flying Bible. While I don't have much experience mountain flying, I do understand how to take the wind direction and try to visualize how it flows around the mountains. I *think* I can derive where the updrafts/downdrafts may be present based on that, but I don't have the experience yet to know for sure what I'm visualizing is accurate because I've never found myself in a downdraft. I guess what I'm asking is for a real example with real numbers of when you would make a no-go decision solo, and when you'd make a no-go decision for passenger comfort (I had a buddy with me yesterday who was clearly uncomfortable in light turbulence, so that made my decision somewhat easier). And if it's questionable/marginal (say, exactly 25kts), would you start into the mountains anyways and feel it out? Based on the information that I had, would that be a go or a no-go for you?