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  1. Looking for a ride from Don Maxwell's back to Austin

    Thanks...something like that may work. I have dropped off at the FBO at GGG in the past, so I don't think that would be a big deal. If my wife didn't already have plans, I would try to sell the game to her and she could just meet me in CS. I dragged her all the way to the swamp last weekend though, so getting her to cancel for another Aggie football game would be a tough sell!
  2. I need to drop off for an annual some time before the end of the month. Anyone happen to have a Mooney there and need a ride up?

    In Aggieland, contact the tower with a "howdy, easterwood". They'll assume you're a local. Last time I was there, the tower called us up on departure to confirm that my son had recovered the stuffed animal that was left on the ramp after arrival. Good folks in College Station...but then again, I'm biased. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk

    Ahhh...gotcha. I catch myself ignoring that part when accepting the approach clearance....just making sure I wasn't missing something. I suppose it would be useful for verifying that you're on the correct approach, but that's also a high-workload time of the flight...especially with fast-talking controllers.

    Stupid question...but why does that fix matter in this situation? Assuming you were on an assigned heading and altitude, wouldn't you continue that vector until intercepting, then descend based on the segment where you intercepted the LOC?
  6. Liferaft?

    I bought this one in July before a trip to the Bahamas:
  7. In Garmin pilot, you can toggle a "Compatibility Mode" setting on the GTX345R (assume it's the same with the 345?). Toggling the setting takes effect after the 345 is power cycled. When enabled, you are limited to 2 paired devices. I'm not sure what the limit is while disabled, but my devices seem to work the same either way. That said, I still have pairing issues depending on how the baggage compartment is loaded and whether or not the back seats are occupied, even with my O2 door removed.
  8. Emergency Procedure

    Gear up, flaps at T/O, door open.
  9. Top End on Big Bore Continental (TSIO 550)

    It takes a G1000 software upgrade before it will start logging to the SD card on the top right. On the last AUX page, check to see if you're on 0401.34, which is the latest approved version for Mooneys. You'll see files on the SD card that are named like log_170824_212532_KAUS.csv, which can then be uploaded for a graphical view of the data.
  10. Self-Install FS210?

    According to Garmin, the FS210 is the "solution" to the GTX345 bluetooth issues, but that involves locating the FS210 up front somewhere. Unfortunately, I get consistent bluetooth disconnects even with my O2 access door removed. May not be an issue with the J since you sit closer to the tail area, but I would still mount it as far forward as possible. Maybe try testing the desired install location first with some other bluetooth device.
  11. Austin Area CFI?

    +1 for Bob Cabe. He did my transition into the Acclaim.
  12. GTX 33 for sale

    Just finished the 345R install in the Acclaim, and have this for sale. Pictures attached. Based on the 345 issues I've had thus far (Bluetooth pairing, no nexrad on G1000s, etc), I honestly wish I had just upgraded this to ES. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  13. rear seat harness for children

    I'm using these for my 4 and 6 year olds, but they require a shoulder strap. They are super convenient to take out and use in a rental car, uber, etc. I tried several other options (booster seat, full size car seat with a back, etc), and the arms on them blocked access to the buckle, making it really difficult to unlatch. Obviously that's not good for an emergency situation. With these, unlatching is easy, and the kids can unbuckle themselves if they need to.
  14. Descend Via

    @carqwik, I think you're exactly right...I think they saw me doing 220 kts across the ground at FL180 and assumed that I wasn't a piston aircraft. And thanks all for the great info. The speed and accuracy of the knowledge here never fails to amaze me. To recap (including a couple of PMs that I've received), here are the lessons learned: Speed restrictions are not just speed limits. Make sure you can comply after being assigned an arrival, and advise if you can't. Descend via = pilots discretion from your current altitude to a compliant altitude at the first assigned fix (good list of descend via FAQs here). Garmin has a spreadsheet to assist with ICAO codes here. I was missing a couple of codes, but I did not select T1 (indicating RNAV RNP approach capable). So other than missing a couple of capabilities, my ICAO flight plan was correct. Yet another good reason to file/fly IFR in visual conditions. If nothing else, I learned that altitudes in the G1000 flight plan in white letters indicate default but unselected altitudes. You have to select and toggle the text to blue in order to arm a vertical track. At 14.6 GPH, I was burning less gas than anyone else on the Sewzy Three arrival yesterday. Thanks again!
  15. Descend Via

    That's how I interpreted it as well, but I wasn't certain. I probably should have asked to confirm, but I don't think there's a notion of "being established" on the arrival like there is an approach. Since he gave me 'descend via' and direct SSOLO, I was considered "on" the arrival. As far as speeds go, I (incorrectly) thought that these were max speeds which wouldn't have been a factor. I missed the fact that there was a line on bottom and top. Vne on the Acclaim is 196 KIAS. The controller didn't mention my speed deficiencies though. The only time that I heard from them on the arrival was after SSOLO giving me the altimeter setting (he wasn't sure whether or not he gave it to me after leaving 180) and then pointing out the 737 that I was following after SMRFF.