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  1. Had a problem starting today

    Watch the Dmax video that I attached. He explains it in detail.
  2. Had a problem starting today

    Don Maxwell has a great video on YouTube for hot starting the IO360. Hot starts were a breeze in my J model following those procedures.
  3. So whats too cold for the plane

    My coldest flight to date was yesterday departing the Chicago area. The cabin heat did not keep up (as you can tell from my daughter hiding under her ski jacket). It finally caught up as the OAT increased to about -10C further south. The friendly folks at Gary Jet Center (KGYY) were very accommodating though. I was able to preflight, load the bags, strap the kids in, and even strap myself in while still in the heated hangar with the door closed. Probably the best service and facilities that I've experienced to date, and the prices were relatively reasonable.
  4. No Ice On Relief Tube.

    If you could somehow route your relief tube to the leading edges, you wouldn't need TKS or RainX.
  5. Best Aviation Christmas Gifts

    The best gifts are Mooney gifts. Unfortunately, one of my favorites experienced a prop strike a couple of years ago (because toddlers). Love the ornament too, but I’ll love it more once my wife matches my paint job. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. People use Apple maps?!?
  7. Family pressures?

    I’m shooting for that one as well because it’s a short hop and I have a bfr due next Oct anyways. Maybe I’ll see you there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Family pressures?

    I just asked about the 2018 PPP schedule last week. Here are the dates/locations. February 9-11, 2018 - Palm Coast, FL April 13-15, 2018 - Henderson, NV June , 2018 - TBD (possibly in Fort Worth, TX) September 7-9, 2018 - Manchester, NH October 5-7, 2018 - Owensboro, KY Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Aviation App Update Download Times

    The Garmin android app doesn’t have all of the same planning features as the iOS app. Make sure you research that first. I tried to switch to Android and found myself back on iOS for that reason.
  10. Family pressures?

    I fortunately have not had to deal with this. My wife will not let me fly the kids without her on board, but that’s the extent of the pushback I get on flying. She has seen me cancel or delay flights (regardless of pressure to be somewhere) for almost a decade now though, so I think that will eventually change. That being said, I think the advice above is solid. Build some time and experience and talk them through your decision-making process. If that doesn’t change their minds, fly anyways. I think they’ll come around once they realize they’ll get more time with their daughter. Good luck.
  11. Aviation App Update Download Times

    I’ve never timed it, but Garmin Pilot takes forever. I’m on google fiber, so my connection speed is not the issue. It’s either the server bandwidth or the install time. The app in general is very I’m considering going back to foreflight once my subscription expires.
  12. Insurance

    That is absurd. I'll shoot you a PM.
  13. Foreflight Icing Forecast

    I’d switch back to ForeFlight for that feature.
  14. Hah...I normally don't push her that hard. I had a buddy with me and was showing him what she could do. I think I was burning about 20gph in this picture. You got it. I've had the Acclaim for about a year, and you're one of two people that have made that connection. Thanks everyone else for the info and suggestions. I will follow up here once I figure out what's going on.