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  1. Good question. I'll find out. I don't have a way of knowing that the second unit failed in the same exact way...just know that it had an "internal failure".
  2. Quick update on this. Took it to Crystal Avionics at KBAZ (who installed the GTX345R initially). This required some coordination getting back into Austin to return home, and getting back out for the repair...but Austin Tracon was super helpful in the coordination. Apparently this problem can't be troubleshot in the field, so Garmin exchanged the unit for $1,600. The install was 3 and a half years ago, so I'm a year and a half out of warranty . The overhauled exchange unit was also DOA, so I'm now waiting on a second exchange unit. This begs the question though...are these things
  3. For those familiar, does FIKI really add 109 lbs? Or in practice, do you not fill it full of fluid...so like 75-ish lbs?
  4. Not sure if this is helpful or not, but mine is 949. Type S, no TKS, no A/C.
  5. Has anyone seen this issue? Powercycle had no effect. Planning to reseat connections, but anything else to try? No red X, and can still connect to the unit via Bluetooth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. This was a "solution" that I got directly from Garmin. My understanding was that the flight steam 210 interfaces directly with the GTX345R, but you didn't otherwise get any flight stream 210 benefits on the G1000. It would basically act as a $1,000 bluetooth repeater. I was not interested (obviously), so I didn't investigate any further. It's entirely possible that I was misinformed, but the source was Garmin.
  7. See attached email from 2017, but I don't think anything has changed.
  8. Except don't use "career hours" in the equation because none of us are dead yet. Instead, use estimated future hours.
  9. Oh, and if you're using flying to actually get somewhere (the majority of Mooney flying?), you also have to take into consideration all of the hours that flying takes you off of the road.
  10. 1:100,000 assumes that it's totally random, which means you get fresh odds every hour. The 3,000th hour is no more dangerous than the first (hopefully it's the opposite!). This fits nicely with the whole "your next flight is the most important" mantra, and we know the ways to stack the odds more in our favor. Bad things will still happen, but imho, there's a lot more that you can do flying to change the odds vs. riding a bike or driving a car.
  11. Assuming you also have Concorde batteries: https://www.batteryminders.com/batteryminder-model-244cec1-aa-s5-24v-4-amp-concorde-aviation-battery-charger-maintainer-desulfator/ I use 1 with the Y adapter, but I've always heard 2 would be better. Mine is wired such that the ports are in the hatrack, but read somewhere that they stopped doing that. Apparently the battery needs ventilation when it's desulfating? I've never had any issues though.
  12. That is fair, but I would sweat out a suit long before getting in the airplane in Texas. I've changed into a suit at the destination FBO on multiple occasions, but that's not my typical use case. I can see how that would be a pain if you're flying in a suit frequently. Personally, I would still want to shed the weight when necessary.
  13. I transitioned from a J to the Type S almost 3 years ago. TLDR: The most restricting factor to my general mission profile is weight. When it's just me or 1 passenger, it's icing. If weight is not a factor for you, go FIKI. A/C is a waste of useful load and money (in my opinion). Here's the long story. I've been in Seattle for about a year, but was in Austin before that. Texas is hell in the summer, and taxiing/climbing in the J was no fun. I have a really hard time getting my passengers out of the door in the morning, so we generally find ourselves flying in the heat of the day. I
  14. @PaulM did you get good results with the same antenna? Haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, but confirmed that my 345 is mounted the same direction as Lee’s. Debating on acquiring/testing a new iPad mini with my existing configuration vs. the passive antenna approach. The iPhone X does not work, so I kinda doubt that a new device will change anything.
  15. Did you try either flipping the 345 -OR- running the wire? Just curious if both are necessary. And maybe that’s why the plexiglass O2 door has worked for others but not me? Because maybe others have the unit flipped?
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