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  1. Virginia Accident

    @Cooperd0g First, Thank you for your service to our county. Second, thank you for your service to Mooneyspace. I agree with an earlier post, If we every meet up, dinner is on me, Best wishes, @BradB N708PJ
  2. Money For 4

    I have an Acclaim. 4 works comfortably.
  3. Money For 4

    I am in Boston frequently at KBED. I should be there each of the next few weekends if you want to check out the size of a long body. If you can talk your friend into staying home and just take his wife with you for the weekends, the trip should be easily doable (just kidding). With 4 people you do have to start leaving fuel behind. But with 102 gallon (or more) tanks, it isn't that big of a deal. In the Boston area, FIKI will be really helpful most of the year. The O drivers will be more helpful on the weight limits for you than I can be. But the Acclaim and the Ovation are the same size inside. PM me if you want to have a look. Brad
  4. Money For 4

    @GaryP1007 Depends how far and how fast you want to go? What is your typical mission? Besides people, how much stuff do you need to take with you?
  5. Today's flight for 2017

    This weekend we made the quick flight from Erie to CTYZ (Toronto City Airport) to catch the last weekend of the Toronto Film Festival. I have a visiting medical student with me this week also, so we brought her along for the weekend. It was easy to get attention from the lineman at the airport.
  6. The article and twitter responses made me laugh. Dave L., I hope this isn't you. Brad.
  7. Piper has begun to gauge interest in G1000 to 1000 NXi upgrades. They just sent out a survey to PA46 owners. I've have no knowledge of Mooney's plans, but I thought the information in the introduction was interesting. Looks like equipment cost of around 60k plus installation. Piper MMOPA G1000 NXi Survey.pdf Brad
  8. Thanks @M20Doc . There was a very kind lady in the tower providing traffic advisories. She did cancel my IFR once I was on the ground. She let me know that I could call her on the radio after start-up Sunday when I leave and she could get my clearance for me. She was very helpful. Brad
  9. Hello to our Canadian friends. I have to meet some work friends at Niagara on the Lake this weekend. I'll fly into CYSN from Erie (KERI). I have done the towered Billy Bishop (CYTZ) many times, but this will be my first trip to a non-towered Canadian airport. I will file IFR, I have CANPASS, and will do the eAPIS stuff. My Questions: 1) When I land, do I have to call and close my IFR flight plan? Do this with FSS? 2) Can I close in the air? Do I still have to call and report landing? 3) On departure, what is the best way to pick up my clearance? London rdo? Toronto approach from the ground? FSS? 4) Anything that I haven't though of? Thanks for the help! Brad
  10. Looking for a Mooney

    I was going to try to talk him into an Acclaim.
  11. Looking for a Mooney

    What kind of Mooney are you looking for? Short body, mid, or long body? Turbo or non-turbo? What are you flying now? what are you looking to do that you can't do now? brad
  12. Today's flight for 2017

    Erie to Nairobi, Kenya. First leg is done. The rest of the flying will will be done by Air Canada. Drink time
  13. What to do with Old Cylinders

    How about this:
  14. In need of a mechanic in Pennsylvania (KDUJ)

    Sorry, I am out of town this weekend, so can't be of much help. but KJHW is a Mooney service center and not that far from you. They take good care of my plane if you want to give them a call. 716-665-4800 sorry to hear about the trouble. Brad
  15. Flying to see the Eclipse

    Love the Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp cover of that song. Seeing Manson in Boston on October 2. Maybe doing one of his Vegas shows with my friend Mickey Avalon (a google search is not for the faint of heart). But back on topic, I am not working that day. The plan is to check and see where the weather is best in the 100% occlusion band and head that way. At this point, I plan to watch from the air with my girlfriend and daughter. And then grab lunch somewhere and head back to Erie that day. I am sure that I overpaid for some paper glasses to protect our vision during the viewing. But at least I did the responsible parent thing on the vision preservation. My daughter knows Mickey Avalon and likes Marilyn Manson. Not winning any awards for those. Like @gsxrpilot, I am thankful that the Mooney makes this a quick lunch run! I'm not sure what to expect in terms of traffic that day. I'll make sure that I am above any clouds The best area to be is likely that no man's land between 12 and 18k. Too low for the turbines and too high for most of the rental 172's that will be out that day . (This picture is at my house. Mooneyspace invited to fly in for the next party) Brad