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  1. BradB

    I swear I'm cursed.

    @KLRDMD Sounds like he needs a triple. Brad
  2. @MCDsiena - don’t rule out Martinsburg, WV for access to those areas and your hobbies. Brad
  3. BradB

    Oil change frequency poll.

    I used to do 25 hours in the Acclaim. Before the top overhaul, I would have to add a couple of quarts during that time. After the top, I didn’t have to add anything between changes. Now I’m in the once a year group Brad.
  4. BradB

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    I'm a little late to the discussion, but I couldn't resist.
  5. BradB

    Moving On??

    @Coolshotthe airframe is great. You will enjoy the room for the passengers. In the piston or turbine there are are few things to keep in mind with the PA46. I think the wing loading is higher on the Mooney and it seemed to handle the turbulence better. The GFC700 autopilot in my Mooney was light years better then the Magic1500. But both are better than me. There are a few extra fixed costs that you will need to endure. My hanger rent went up over $250/mo. For the first year at least, my insurance is 3x higher. I don’t have to buy TKS fluid anymore. But instead I get to buy agemaster protectant for the boots ($320+/quart) and icex so the ice doesn’t stick to the boots (well over $200/qt). But those do last a while. Someone on MMOPA estimated that each landing burns over $3 of rubber from the tires. Also, the PA-46 incurs higher landing and parking fees in many places than your Mooney used to I’m not saying this to dissuade you at all. Just supplying information that I think you will soon be learning. Always a Mooniac, brad.
  6. BradB

    Today's flight for 2018

    I had nothing going on this evening and it was too nice not to fly. So, it is up to Toronto for the night.
  7. BradB

    Moving On??

    @Coolshot , I went from my Acclaim to a Meridian 6 months ago. The pressurization is a game changer. The first few training flights were rather terrifying. The amount of power from the turbine engine took a few flights to get used to, but I quickly settled in. Expect some mandatory training from insurance as well as yearly recurrent training. My initial training was about 15 hours of sim and real flying over about 4 days. I think the ground school portion was about 20 hours. has an online syllabus you can take a look at. Expect higher insurance costs, too. Consider joining There are quite a few over there that have made the transition from a Mooney. There are a few recent threads detailing some of the transitions. Some might be more relevant to your situation, as well. I have never flown the piston version of the PA-46. You are already used to being on top of your airspeed management. That will serve you well in the transition. If you can swing it, try out the turbine version. If you can’t swing it, make sure that you never fly in someone’s Meridian or TBM. Best to not even know. Let me know if I can answer something more specifically. Brad 2006 Meridian N951TB
  8. BradB

    Boston Airport

    I am in Boston every other weekend or so. I use KBED. In the Mooney, I would use Signature. There is a .50/gal discount on Avgas on the weekend that makes the fuel prices easier to swallow. In the Meridian, I use Rectrix as the fuel and ramp fees are a great deal for CAA members (but that won’t help for the Mooney). All three of the FBO’s have rental cars on site. And all three will forget to top you off before you leave if you don’t call and remind them. I used KOWD one time and the traffic was particularly bad into town. But using the T will avoid that. Brad 2006 Meridian N951TB
  9. BradB

    Holy Yikes!

    Sorry, I’m in Boston Friday to Sunday with my daughter. I have to be there Friday by 2:30 to pick her up from school. If you ever want to just go for a ride, I’d be happy to swing by on one of my Boston treks. But, as @Yooper Rocketman indicated, it could be a very expensive mistake on your part. Safe travels, Brad
  10. BradB

    Holy Yikes!

    @aviatoreb Great job. I am not too far away in Erie, PA. I can swing down and give you a lift home this evening if you want. I’m sure you’ll have a ton of offers. So glad that it worked out for you! Brad
  11. BradB


    @Mooneymite When I was shopping for my PA-46, they pointed out that there are small wheels built into the wings under small plastic covers that are meant to wear away in the event of a gear up. I think that they are to keep the fuel tanks off of the ground. But it is a neat idea that could easily be used to limit damage (but not to the prop obviously). Brad
  12. I’ll second what everyone else here is saying. Definitely turbo. @M20Doc is right to bring up the subject of FIKI. Something that you should really consider. I had a FIKI acclaim. Both the turbo and the FIKI made many flights possible that otherwise would have been scrubbed. Where you live and at the altitudes that you are considering flying, you’ll face the possibility of icing at least 10 months out of the year. I was surprised the first year that I owned my acclaim, I was running the TKS in August. Just opinions from a learning pilot. Best of luck in your search. Enjoy the hunt, it is a part of the fun! Brad Former Acclaim. Now P46T.
  13. BradB

    TKS Mooney

    Darn. Just a day or so late. I just checked today and I looks like Premier just sold my old FIKI Acclaim. Sorry. I know that doesn’t help. I may have missed it. Where you you based? That info may help somebody a come up with some more leads for you. Brad.
  14. BradB

    Today's flight for 2018

    Erie, PA was hit by another good snowstorm last night - surprise, surprise. The power was out all day. My daughter’`s poor kitten was staying with me this week. Without any hair, it is hard for her to stay warm. By afternoon, the sky was clear. I flew myself to Chicago Executive from Erie. From there it was a 15 minute Uber ride to O’Hare to grab a commercial flight to Seattle. I’ll hang with friends there before reversing the trip. It was a great smooth day for flying. FL220. And compliments from the tower controller about helping out with speeds during the approach . Always makes you feel good. These plans were made at 11:30 PM last night. I am on the flight to Seattle now. Love the flexibility of GA. #whyifly