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  1. Acclaim avionics panel for sim

    I’d love to see what you’ve come up with. I have a flythissim unit. I had to go with a Bonanza package to get the G1000 panel and something that would be the most similar to the Mooney. They do not have a Mooney package. It does come in handy and in a pinch I realized my instrument currency was running out for lack of a hold. I had my CFI come over for a couple of hours and we knocked it out on the sim. It was actually really a good time to run through a lot of things and do it more efficiently than in the real thing. Brad
  2. Dumb Ice ??

    Agree! I fly in a decent amount of precip and IMC. The leading edges of the very tip of the wings in the unprotected areas has taken a beating. The panels keep everything else looking nice. No doubt that a repaint would be in order without the panels.
  3. Dumb Ice ??

    TKS doesn’t seem to bother mine. Wait, damn, don’t have one of those. Always thought that it would be pretty cool, though. I was interested to know if the camera would end up covered in ice or is there enough run back off of the bottom of the wing that the TKS keeps it clear? I’ve never tried to put an external camera on mine in icing to see what it would look like. Not anything that I am planning on doing either.
  4. No good deed goes unpunished

    @bradp The cost to feed and maintain a TBM scared me away. I’d have to go pretty old on the TBM to afford to buy and have money left to maintain and fly it. My main flight is 400nm with just me or me and my 12 yo daughter. Occasionally there is one more. Rarely, me +4. None of my passengers weighs over 105 lbs. I do. The Meridian is about perfect for my needs. A TBM would be super nice, but more expensive for extra capability that I wouldn’t often use. Brad
  5. No good deed goes unpunished

    I went back and forth. The JetProp seems to have the better engine choices. But the airframes are getting older and the prices really are not any cheaper than getting the factory version from Piper. There are a ton of little things that could make one better than the other. In the end, I looked at what was available and picked what I thought was the best value for me at the time. Had that been a JetProp, I would not have been opposed. An engine that spins and pressurization was the goal. But @Bartman it will still only have one door. Brad
  6. No good deed goes unpunished

    Tell him to buy my Acclaim and use it or a few years or forever. ADSB done. Everything up to date. A PA46T goes into prebuy for me now . I love my Acclaim. I love flying high and fast. It is very rare to cancel a flight it can’t safely handle. Put on the O2, climb and go My my girlfriend hates ice, clouds, and wearing oxygen. My daughter tolerates all of the above. I did the math. PA46T is worth it for me. Maybe my daughter will be more interested in Aviation rather than just viewing it as another car ride. I love seeing her face she ‘flys’ the plane.
  7. Ice

    True dat.
  8. Foreflight Icing Forecast

    Aerovie (iPad app) has this exact feature. I have also suggested it to FF. I am just too entrenched in FF subscriptions to change at this point. Brad
  9. I had a similar thing happen after my upgrade, probably about a month after (30+ hours or so). It started with that same ‘traffic device has failed” message intermittently then progressed to losing the heading info. After a little trouble shooting we replaced the magnometer and the problem was solved. Check your system status screen on the auxiliary page of the MFD and see if that helps you at all. It would be really unusual if your magnometer quit right after the upgrade, too Brad
  10. GTX345 and Foreflight

    I’ve never had an issue with mine. Do you have the traffic in FF turned on? Set to hide distant? Brad
  11. How long should an annual take?

    Be that guy on the phone. It is your butt that is sitting in the plane when they are done with it. I like a call, email, or text every day or two just to see what they’ve found. Silence makes me worry and come up with worst case scenerio’s in my head. Brad
  12. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Yes, certainy would not be worth it if that were the case. No weather on that trip. Only 11 knots on the nose, which is somewhat rare heading that direction around here, that’s why I took advantage up there, and actually the headwind was lower up higher that day. Most of the time that I am flying between Erie and Boston, I head East up in the FL’s and make the return trip lower. Performance based planning in Foreflight is expensive, but it makes those decisions easier. But a key thing for the OP to remember is that if you want to fly fast, you have to be willing to fly high. Otherwise you are not taking advantage of that nice thin air. But the price of admission is a turbocharger and an instrument rating. Brad
  13. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Yes, It looks like a panel picture has been substituted. The imposter does not have the TKS in the panel. It is a non-WAAS plane. I did the ADSB in and out upgrade, but where I fly, I am always using ILS for now. It is also the 280 HP version. Brad
  14. Is there a 200 kts Mooney?

    Here is a straight and level pic. TAS well over 200. I do have TKS on my plane, so that slows me a little. BTW, my Acclaim is for sale. Time for a PA-46T.