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  1. You had me at Turbine. Bradb
  2. Lots of open water today. Opa Locka (KOPF) to Turks and Caicos (MBPV). 27,000ft just over 2 hours with a turn in the hold on arrival to the island. bradb meridian N951TB former acclaim
  3. no more Mooney. This is my ride these days. bradb former acclaim
  4. Not alone on this one. Bringing a “friend.” ;-)
  5. I am usually a day late on my Pics. Today is the preflight from the hanger. It is windy and snowing outside. I’m doing the database updates and preflight in the warm hanger. Tomorrow morning is a 9am pullout and departure. First is Erie (KERI) to Charleston (KCHS) for fuel and a couple hours in the city with lunch. Then off to Miami (KOPF) for some phototherapy for the weekend. Bradb Meridian 951TB former acclaim
  6. Most rewarding of flights! Congrats. I never tell the patients that i fly on these flights that I am also a physician. I like listening to the stories from their side. It adds the needed perspective adjustment for me. +1 Tom. Bradb Meridian N951TB former acclaim
  7. I’m surprised that MS hasn’t already calculated and published the speed and GPH for the Mooney in that video. Bradb Former Acclaim.
  8. Hanscom (KBED) is very close to my daughter’s home. And the fuel there is a great price with one of the discount cards. Bradb N951TB
  9. A late entry, the picture was from Friday evening and the video from a week ago. Getting ready to head out and do the round trip to Boston and back again today. Bradb Meridian N951TB EBE9B5B7-B1EA-46FD-9854-AC4C7748648E.MOV
  10. Looks cheaper than ICE-X. I’ll have to check and see if it is safe for rubber boots. For the TKS, guys -those of us with boots have the joy of buying really expensive slippery stuff to help the boots shed ice. But it does need to be reapplied after flying in the rain or in any flight that it would actually need to be used. But a plus is that it makes the boots nice and shiny. And I still carry a garden sprayer filled will TKS in the plane with me. That way I can De-Ice myself on the ground for those quick turns that require a quick up and down through icing in the winter. bradb former acclaim Meridian N951TB
  11. Maybe close your eyes during the day landings.
  12. There you go @Deb , confusing us with facts. Although, that is listed under the “conditions” box. To me this indicates that you can expect that performance in those conditions. It doesn’t say that changing “conditions” won’t improve performance. Maybe, higher headwind. Maybe, gear up sooner. Maybe temporary decrease in gravity. And not to be picky, but the chart you show also seems to be for ‘Hard surface - normal takeoff.’ I think the OP is looking for Max performance takeoff/climb data. My POH lists my maximum landing performance data without the use of reversing the prop. That certainly shortens the roll-out, but under ‘conditions’ - No Prop Reverse. I’m always open to being wrong. Bradb
  13. Go Around is a different animal than takeoff. You’ll have more flaps. Go-Around = Flaps. Gear. Flaps. Flaps. (I have 3 flap positions. In the Mooney I did Flaps. Gear. Flaps.) Maybe one of the other Acclaim drivers will pitch in and explain how dramatic the pitch up is with power addition on the go around. It isn’t subtle. I believe it’s was discussed on another thread in the past. Bradb 2006 Meridian N951TB
  14. I was visiting my daughter in Boston this weekend. Sunday was nice day so we took a trip to Bar Harbor, Maine (KBHB) for the afternoon. This was my first time visiting and it was a great time of year to do it. Bradb 2006 Meridian N951TB (former Acclaim)
  15. Retracting the gear depends on the airplane and the mechanism. The Mooney gear transitions so quickly, that you can get it up and back down in a hurry if needed. In the Meridian, it is a 7 second process in each direction. It also requires a 90 degree turn of the nose wheel as it comes up or down. This results in a definite yaw motion during the transition. I’m not sure that it is enough to significantly affect performance during the climb, but I tend to leave the gear down until there is no useable runway left for me to use if I had to land. And for question 2: Gear then flaps. Fly Safe, Bradb 2006 Meridian N951TB Former Acclaim