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  1. BradB

    Today's flight in 2019

    We are feeling very lucky to fly this weekend. Airplanes certainly open up things that would not otherwise be possible. After work Thursday, I flew a friend to KPHL from Erie (KERI) to visit some of her friends. After a fun night, I flew up to Boston (KBED) to pick up my 13 yo daughter from school. We turned around and went back to KPHL to catch a 76er’s game. We have the rest of the weekend to relax. Then on Sunday, KPHL to KBED to drop off my daughter and then back to KERI. The first photo is on the ground at PHL on Thursday. That smile says it all! Bradb 2006 Meridian N951TB Former Acclaim
  2. BradB

    2018 Hours

    time does fly! When I fly with my daughter, all I get to do is push buttons.
  3. BradB

    2018 Hours

    @xcrmckenna and @Immelman don’t go too far on the rear facing car seat thing. Look at the data and the situation that you are in. recently retracted article: I’m not advocating one vs. the other. But look at real world risks vs. benefits and decide what is best for you. I will add the usual disclaimer. Just a low time private pilot and Neurosurgeon. Not a mechanic, professional pilot, or medical professional. Sorry to continue the off topic conversation. But a useful lesson to evaluate and look at the data for yourself. Dont’t expect cars to = airplanes. Think about the forces, the dangers, and the differences - and talk to your doctor if you have questions. I’m happy to share my experiences as a parent if you have questions. Bradb.
  4. BradB

    Today's flight in 2019

    I started off with a nice New Year’s Day flight to fly my daughter back to Boston (KBED) from Erie (Erie). We had a nice tailwind at FL270. Don’t ask about the trip home! The first picture was straight and level flight at 270. The second picture was in the decent and is my fastest ground speed so far. Still waiting for the big 400kts. Happy New Year! bradb Meridian N951TB Former Acclaim.
  5. BradB

    2018 Hours

    237 hours so far this year. All of it was in the Meridian and all of it was personal travel. Got about 3 or 4 more hours planned before the flip to 2019. Bradb 2006 Meridian N951TB former Acclaim.
  6. I would love to have the chance to come do this, but my plane just went in for $annual$. I used to do these when I added my instrument rating in 1993. Some of you know my story and I quit flying for 20 years. When I got back into into it a few years ago, I asked my instructor if I could try one of these again. They are almost all gone! It is a great option if you are ever in a partial panel situation. I would encourage anyone than can to do this. And look and see if a PAR is an option near your place or your destination. I don’’t know of an easy way to find available PAR approaches. If anyone has a list, please let me know. Bradb Former Acclaim - Now P46T N951TB
  7. BradB

    Flying to New York

    Yes, @bradp, I assume that there is always ice in those clouds. And you can't always rely on the pireps ahead. I have flown minutes behind someone who reported no ice and at the same altitude, I was clearly picking up moderate. I use the skew-t's to know where the tops are and know the temps aloft. Plan on climbing up through quickly and getting down through quickly - don't plan on hanging out in the clouds at all. And this is assuming FIKI. Top the TKS, put Ice-X on the boots ( @Pilotohave you tried that on the leading edge?). Look at the altitudes that you will need for the approaches into your airport, consider how long you may be in the clouds for that. If you get assigned an unfavorable altitude, say something - don't wait until it is an emergency. I have never had a problem working with any controllers for safer altitude (offer to go up, down or take a vector out of it). Happy to provide any more specifics if you want. Brad
  8. Looks great! What material/adhesive did you ask calli graphic for? I’d love to add some nose or tail art to the Meridian. What stands up to the speeds and flight levels? Brad
  9. I think that changed this summer/fall. I have a nice sim. I need rot read up on the new rules, too. Fortunately, I have plenty of actual approaches with the weather around the Great Lakes. Brad
  10. It still surprises me a freaks me out a little when ATC and most aircraft are speaking French around Montréal and Quebec. It removes the awareness of what is going on all around you. I can make out some of it and should probably put in some effort to learn more. But I’ll never be proficient enough to use it with them. I’ll have to stick with English. Maybe that’s why I get put in holding and number 10 to land. Brad
  11. Keep in mind when looking at jet-a prices, that almost no one pays the price listed on foreflight or advertised at the airport. There are so many fuel programs that offer discounts. I am usually paying well under the advertised price. Sometimes almost half off. That at being said, it is still painful to watch the fuel flows. Especially when ATC drops you low early and for the same or slower speed you are burning 10 more GPH. The acclaim is an amazing plane, the ultra looks to have improved on that. Congrats to Mooney. Now sell some planes and build a turbine (a new one, not the TBM). Brad.
  12. At some airports with clearance delivery, it is customary to let the ground controller know that you are an IFR flight when requesting taxi clearance. I’m not sure if this is universal, but it isn’t hard to do. And when I have received a PDC by text, I routinely do it. Brad.
  13. BradB

    I swear I'm cursed.

    @KLRDMD Sounds like he needs a triple. Brad
  14. @MCDsiena - don’t rule out Martinsburg, WV for access to those areas and your hobbies. Brad
  15. BradB

    Oil change frequency poll.

    I used to do 25 hours in the Acclaim. Before the top overhaul, I would have to add a couple of quarts during that time. After the top, I didn’t have to add anything between changes. Now I’m in the once a year group Brad.