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  1. Today's flight for 2018

    Erie, PA was hit by another good snowstorm last night - surprise, surprise. The power was out all day. My daughter’`s poor kitten was staying with me this week. Without any hair, it is hard for her to stay warm. By afternoon, the sky was clear. I flew myself to Chicago Executive from Erie. From there it was a 15 minute Uber ride to O’Hare to grab a commercial flight to Seattle. I’ll hang with friends there before reversing the trip. It was a great smooth day for flying. FL220. And compliments from the tower controller about helping out with speeds during the approach . Always makes you feel good. These plans were made at 11:30 PM last night. I am on the flight to Seattle now. Love the flexibility of GA. #whyifly
  2. David, Keep in mind that you have an option to upgrade from ADSB compliance without upgrading the GIA63’s. Depending on the approaches at the airports you use, it could save you big bucks on the upgrade or allow you to upgrade over time depending on what is important to you. Brad
  3. Tie down rings

    Probably really messes with your weight and balance when you have to take them with you to another field.
  4. Any Mooney Owners in Albany Ny

    I’ve never hear of Erie airways, but I learned to fly in WV in 1992 and after a 20+yr break, picked it up again about 3 years ago - so there is a lot that I have missed.
  5. Any Mooney Owners in Albany Ny

    I think the MSC was in Jamestown. The sales branch looks like they have planes in Dunkirk and Jamestown. The avionics shop at KJHW is Dunkirk avionics. Dunkirk and Jamestown are pretty close. I am sure there is some history there that I am unaware of. Brad
  6. Any Mooney Owners in Albany Ny

    @Diver721KJHW in Jamestown, NY has a Mooney Service Center. I used them and was happy with them when I had my Acclaim. There were always several Mooneys in their hanger. It is probably an hour Mooney flight for you. Brad
  7. Clouds

    My last flight in N708PJ. I was on the way to drop her off in Florida. Brad.
  8. Advice on turbo Mooney

    Meant to say that the turbo-prob climbs a little faster but it does so with much less drama - makes it seem effortless. It is so smooth and has so much extra power available that it seems to climb much faster. And yes, you still won’t find me hanging out in ice in the TP. (See TBM crash 2011 out of teterboro) I’ll leave that for the guys and girls who fly the big iron for a day job.
  9. Advice on turbo Mooney

    I just started flying a booted plane. If I am taking off into a known icing layer, I will cycle them during taxi/run-up to make sure that they are working. My Fiki acclaim did fairly well in the ice. But I was always paranoid about the panels filling out everywhere. It wasn't ever an issue, but it was a source of stress. In my very limited boot experience, I have been impressed. It also helps to have a PT-6 hanging out front rapidly climbing out. Although, the Mooney was no slouch and pretty much has the same climb (almost) as the PA-46T. But the PA-46T does it with so much less drama. No matter what the system, it is meant to get you out of ice, not fly in ice in the planes that we fly. Brad
  10. Acclaim Type S market value.

    If you are looking to add ADSB to an acclaim and want traffic displayed on the G1000, plan on a GTX345R. Was about 7AMU installed when I did it on mine. Maybe work that into any offer that you are considering on making. Brad
  11. Speed brake retraction

    Pulling the breaker in the winter in IMC is a good idea. I have accidentally hit mine in icing on decent to an approach with the same results as above - one stuck up and one down. Luckily it retracted within 20 seconds, but I was a lot more careful around the speed brake button after that. Brad
  12. Get the rating.

    And once you get the IFR rating, the learning continues. I just got my butt kicked doing an IPC (I didn’t need one, but figured it would be good to do) as part of my transition training. Hand flying partial panel VOR DME arc approaches to minimums Practice, practice, practice.
  13. Today's flight for 2017

    I have been doing transition training at Legacy in Vero this week. Today is the first day that I got to fly my new bird. Even stopped by KFXE for a bit and saw my (was my) Acclaim. The speed is a little faster. The extra power is slightly terrifying and addictive at the same time. A shout out to Legacy for the training. I am pretty sure that if you gave me a couple of scrap VW’s Beatles and a PT-6, I could build one of these now (might take me as long as @Yooper Rocketman). brad
  14. Today's flight for 2017

    Yesterday was my last flight with N708PJ (my other redhead). I flew her down from Erie, PA to Fort Lauderdale Executive. She is now in the care of Premier Airtcraft while awaiting a new forever home. Brad PA46-500TP N951TB Former M20-TN N708PJ
  15. All great suggestions so far. Here are a few others: Lake Placid - Fly into KLKP or LSLK, stay at Lake Placid Lodge Bradford, PA - Fly into KBFD, stay at Lodge at Glendorn Nemacolin Woodlands, PA. - Fly into PA88. Stay at Nemacolin (private runway on site). Http:// White Sulfer Springs, WV - Fly into KLWB. Stay at The Greenbrier All of the above will pick you up at the airport. I know it is the wrong direction, but don’t forget about Toronto. It would be a short flight. Fly into CYTZ. Stay anywhere in the city. good luck, brad