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  1. Looks like you had plenty of range with the plane. But you landed 16% battery on the idevice. That is way below my personal minimums. Great trip! Bradb
  2. Happy day to all the fathers!
  3. Great trip @AlexLev! Congratulations. We are all very fortunate to have the ability to travel and have experiences like this. I love hearing about these adventures. @Skates97 when will you be around KFFA? I will be in that area June 5-8. Bradb
  4. This weekend was a trip to Miami (KOPF) from Erie, PA (KERI). It was a beautiful weekend for flying. There were great sights on the ramps at both places, the old Cherokee lives in Erie, but this is the first time that I have seen it. The C-17 and C-172 are on the ramp in Opa-locka. There was an air show in Miami and I looked as if many of the planes were staged at KOPF. bradb 2006 Meridian N951TB former Acclaim
  5. Anyone run into the ‘crappy’ weather in Pittsburgh today?
  6. I just completed a week long 5174 nm journey with my 13 yo daughter. Her spring break started last Friday after school. I flew from Erie, Pa (KERI) to Boston (KBED) to pick her up. From there we stopped in N.C for dinner (KECG) and on to St. Augustine, FL (KSGJ) for the night. The next morning was KSGJ to Providenciales (MBPV) for fuel. We didn’t need to clear customs for just a fuel stop, but they certainly tack on a number of government fees. From there we continued to St. Thomas (TIST). During my planning, I had been working with the FBOs and customs to make sure that I had everything set. As we were preparing to depart to St. Thomas, I gave one more call. It was lucky that I did. They said, you better hurry, customs goes home at 5:45 today. We landed in St. Thomas at 5:38 and had a really quick trip through customs. The FBO at St. Thomas (Standard Aviation) was great. They met us a customs and got us through everything quickly and easily. Things always work a little differently in the islands. From there, we spent 2 nights in St Thomas, which is still recovering from Hurricane Irma. On Monday, we took a ferry to Tortola where we picked up a sailboat for the next five nights. We had a fun captain and enjoyed sailing around the British Virgin Islands. The BVI were also hit very hard by the hurricane. They can certainly use the tourist dollars to help the recovery and support their economy and workers. Saturday morning was a ferry back to St. Thomas to pick up the plane. Saturday morning, the ferry and US Customs in in St. Thomas were running on island time. Getting a little later start than we wanted, we set off from TIST to MBPV again for fuel. ProvoAir at MBPV was very efficient and helpful. Even though you file your flight plan like normal through ForeFlight or your normal routine, the tower at MBPV requires a paper copy. The FBO helped get one faxed over to them and called to verify that got it and we happy. Another thing that I found interesting is that depending on the time of day, clearance delivery, ground, tower, and approach can all be on the same frequency with one controller. Because of the late start, we were not going to be able to make customs at Ft. Pierce before closing time at 6PM. We elected to choose Ft. Lauderdale Executive (KFXE) where customs are open until Midnight daily. After a dinner in Ft Lauderdale, we decided to call it a night and not push on any further. On Easter Sunday we got up and made the trip from KFXE to Charleston, SC (KCHS) for a nice Easter brunch in downtown Charleston. After brunch was the trip back to KBED. I dropped her off with her mother at around 6pm. Since I didn’t have anything scheduled Monday morning, I stayed in Boston Sunday night. On Monday, I woke up and flew back to KERI in time to make if for my surgeries that were scheduled to start at 10AM. It was a great Father-Daughter week. She is a big help with the plane and the logistics. She and I have done international flight to several places in Canada, but this was out first Caribbean adventure on our own. I think this really helps develop her self confidence and sense of adventure. She isn’t afraid to try new things and figure out new situations that require flexibility. I am very fortunate that she and I can do this sort of trip together. The Meridian was great for the trip. I love the speed and altitude. But is certainly doesn’t have the legs of a Mooney. The thirsty PT6 needs to eat every 800nm or about 3 hours. It is almost impossible to take a bad picture with this scenery. Bradb
  7. Vector-us does the billing for KBED outside of Boston. They don’t miss a thing. I’ve left before the tower was open and they still found me and included the special fine/fee for the early morning departure. Bradb
  8. I heard that a delta commuter had a wing tip hit the ground on landing in Erie last Friday. Wonder if there if a surprise duct tape fee from the airport authority. Bradb
  9. Being based in Erie, I spoke with the people at the top of the FBO food chain. The FBO does not charge anything for single piston. The Erie Airport Authority charges $5 for non-customs use. $25 if you use customs. These are recent changes and in some case were increased 5X for customs use. bradb
  10. You need a letter that provides a statement of support for the LLC to register the plane. It is rather strange. I can PM you the one that I used. Brad
  11. Hello Austin. Welcome to the club (I don’t think that I’ve been kicked out yet). You’ll get lots of opinions. You might want to consider professional advice. is who I have used and been happy with the advice and assistance that they have provided. There are probably many other similar services. Good luck with the Rocket - lots of fun ahead for you. Bradb Former Acclaim. Now Meridian N951TB
  12. I would also reccomend looking at the mountain high pulse demand system to extend oxygen usage if you are going to be frequently using your oxygen. This will make it last a lot longer. Bradb Meridian N951TB Former Acclaim
  13. I was able to escape Erie, PA this morning. There was a small break in the 40kn+ winds and snow. There was a little turbulence on the climb for the first 4000ft or so and some light to moderate ice in the clouds until I broke out at about 6000ft. I was rewarded with a sunny, smooth flight and nice tailwinds for the flight to the Boston area (KBED) to see my daughter for the weekend. The photo is in straight and level cruise at FL270. For the penny counters 250lbs/hr = about 37GPH and jet fuel this morning was about $3.70/gal. That is about the fastest I’ve made the trip. The tailwind is great and I was able to hit a little over 400kts ground speed on the the descent (first time over 400 for me). The big tailwind does become a challenge sometimes on the Zelka2 arrival into KBED. There are several step downs on the arrival that come quick with the tailwind. Two weeks ago, I was held high until the very end and needed a 3000ft/min descent to hit my crossing altitudes. Today wasn’t as bad. But for a turbine, being held as high as possible as long as possible is great. The Mooney taught me great energy control and planning lessons. Have a great and safe weekend everyone! Brad Piper Meridian N951TB Former Acclaim
  14. Welcome Alejandro. Where are you located? You might be able to get a ride in a Rocket or Bravo very soon. The rest of the group will be by very shortly. Be careful, they love spending other people’s money. Good luck and enjoy the search. Brad Piper Meridian N951TB Former Acclaim
  15. Yes. There is. I believe it measures from the right tank. Some of the fuel to the engine runs through a heat exchanger with the oil and is return to both of the tanks. The mechanism activates automatically below freezing. Brad