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  1. I do a lot of no flaps. In my C I come in at 85mph, once over the fence, I don't even pay much attention to airspeed, nor do I trim for landing. I just focus down the end of the runway and she greases about every time. If I have to do a missed approach, I don't don't have to mess with flaps or trim. Just push the carb heat and power in and I am set up for the go around. Now, that I am putting in the GFC and working on my instrument I am going to get more into procedures (going from stick and rudder to more professional flying). I have done touch and goes in a Merlin and I see the need for procedures in a much larger, more complex aircraft. My instrument/commercial training will allow me to start from scratch and break bad habits. However as far as the C goes, that extra airspeed gives me a lot more control during windy conditions and I am not having to dip the wing down too much. I think the flaps cup the wing during crosswinds and it really captures the crosswind. That's just my thoughts and what works for me! Don't take my advice, I am very green compared to most people on this board.
  2. I guess it's correct! Thank you for the clarification!
  3. Just checking to see if this the the proper way to secure the cable to the prop governor. The mechanic seems cool with it, but something just seems off about it. I have seen plenty of things that seem off, but they are proper. Just double checking on this one!
  4. My avionics guy gives me good deals if I do the install myself. I can do just about anything to the airplane except buck rivets. Can you use cherry rivets? The avionics guy might need to get a little more involved installing the servos. I can do some fabrication (panel cutting, making ribs), just have never bucked rivets.
  5. Anyone here do a self install? Anyone who has been following my past installs, I am about to: Remove Sandel 3308, Flux, Gyro Remove G5 that I just installed (AI) Remove Garmin 420 Add 2 GI 275's Add 430 W Add GFC 500 Even though my harness looks good to others, to me I see what I would do differently, so I am going to completely redo my harnesses with extra length and some beautiful snakeskin. Question is, how much of a PTA is it to install the servos? That at the moment is what is keeping me up at night! Garmin doesn't throw a whole lot of Mooney Specific info out there and I am just a little curious! I just install everything that I removing and it looks like avionics has become an addiction far worse and more expensive than cocaine. Seriously I just installed a G5 and ready to replace it with a 275.
  6. Chub, do you still have that first unit you sent? That was a very nice unit and you can send it in for a flat rate repair. Other than the know that was a perfect unit.
  7. Yeah, I got a GI 275, I can get the manual from my avionics guy, but he is very busy and I didn't want to bother him.
  8. Does anyone have an install manual?
  9. I bought one from him and it was a brand new unit. Upon inspection, the switch was damaged in shipping. Without hesitation, he sent me another unit that was practically brand new. I would definitely do business with OldChub again! Overall a perfect transaction!
  10. All good now.... I have a Sandel which would have included a lot more pinning... However the G5 is easy peasy! G5= Ordered!
  11. Upgrading from the 420 to the 430w. It looks like I will need to pin around 4 wires to the Sandel and swap antennas. It's real tight. I can do it, but it's a real pain. Kind-of like removing a prop governor on my plane. I guess it is what it is. Someone needs to make a insertion tool that hooks to the end of an endoscope.
  12. I did that last time.. still very tight back there. This is my first panel install. Everything is good so far, but I could have lengthened the harness a little more. Lesson learned!
  13. Anyone have any tips on inserting pins when radio stack still in plane? Last pin was extremely difficult when I added my G5. For sockets, I push a piece of safety wire through the front, then place socket over safety wire and I push it through. Male pins on the other hand are a pain. Someone needs to invent a tool with a boroscope and pin holder. I am upgrading from 420 to 430W and need to pin about 4 wires to the Sandel. Any advice appreciated!
  14. You have 2 oil screens. One at the back of the oil pan and one on top by the fire wall. Get about 2 different shaped wrenches and work them out slowly.
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