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  1. florida destinations

    KVNC. Great cafe in the FBO. kcdk if you dare. It’s like landing on a carrier. spg tpf spruce creek is very cool.
  2. J

    The new J is an SR20
  3. J

    Its a trick question. The best J on the market is actually an Ovation......
  4. Virginia Accident

    Least of all Mooney, being outsold 32 to 1 by that other company that installs BRS on every plane they build.......
  5. Thinking about airpark property

    Spruce Creek has to be one of the best there is. You said "Family" so watch out for school zones, it is going to kill most of the ones Florida. AB
  6. Best IFR Panel

    Getting everything done with as few screens as possible.
  7. Suggestions/Thoughts on Mooney Purchase

    Is he doing 100 hour inspections for his own higher standard of maintenance ? Or is it operated under part 135?
  8. Shutting Down the EngineYou should not shut down a piston engine by turning the ignition switch to OFF. Instead, move the mixture control to the idle cutoff position to turn off the fuel supply to the cylinders. After the engine stops, turn the ignition switch to OFF. This procedure ensures that no fuel remains in the cylinders and that the engine won't start accidentally if someone turns the prop or if carbon deposits inside the cylinders create hot spots that ignite residual fuel.
  9. Aspiring Mooney owner needs a little help...

    If you are under the who, who is going to watch for VFR traffic and separation?
  10. Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Weidersein

    Here is what they are tellling us now Lance on the COPA forums, though I'd say the message is that it isn't because of The chute but because of the memberships commitment to type training and cirrus commitment to adding and implementing the best available safety features. For comparison, the Cirrus fleet-wide global fatal accident rate in 2014 was 0.32 fatal accidents per 100,000 flying hours (compares with GA fatal rate of 1.19 in the US). I think it's funny that Cirrus gets the credit as if they own the safety systems/features (Brs, straight and level, ESP) These are all third party and cirrus just chooses to install them in their new airplanes as they come available.
  11. Sounds like you got the Piglt four STAR. I've overheard that a lot on the radio recently. I seem to always get the Leese two coming from Gainesville. I think the big thing to remember is that if you are northbound side VFR they want you below the B at 1600. Departing even IFR they keep me below the class B. Sometimes with apologies even.
  12. Well, not good reading.

    Competition is good for the market. Cirrus is the iPhone/tesla user that trades in a lot for the newest one. I'm told that nobody buys a base cirrus sr22 g6 even though the g6 has some serious upgrades over a loaded G5. a retractable 4/5 seat 200 knot airplane has got some serious marketability. I think it comes down to three things that are repeatedly mentioned on this board. 1. Increase the useful load to 3600-3800 2. Apply the acclaim aerodynamic cleanups to the ovation (it's time for the ovation to be the new 205) 3. Add a safety feature like BRS, auto assist landing in engine outs. Or even just a program on the avionics that calculates your best three options (kind of like the wazes app when you are driving somewhere. marketing wise I'd get actual user testimony and flights. 'Hey I fly to Chicago, New York and Boston routinely in my ovation' that 3:45 minute trip in my ovation used to be 6 in my sr22 with the stop I had to make' Cheaper then first class and faster p.s. Quit screwing around and get the acclaim to 350 hp.
  13. Anyone else fail the colorblind test?

    I failed it the first time. Then passed it every time since. I didn't feel comfortable flying at night without my IFR ticket anyway.
  14. The Cirrus SR 22 has some deceptively unique challenges for lower time pilots. It looks so easy. Fixed gear, No prop control. Yet you fly your final at 80 knots and you have 300 horse power to manage. Thats probably why most insurance companies will require at least 10 hours dual with a certified Cirrus Instructor and another 10 solo before you put people in the plane. So basically what everyone already knows on this forum. Type Training is key. The BRS system is also a lot more complicated then marketed. The offer classes in making that decision when the time comes. Cirrus has amazing resources for pilots and has just announced training for the buyers of resales airplanes.
  15. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    I took @donkaye post to heart the other day. If this plane is like 10% or more of your net worth. Put your money to work on building your net worth instead. Not his exact words, but they rung true for me. Secondly, what are we talking about here? If you can afford to buy this plane for 50k cash and potentially drop 15-35k in it, maybe you are better off buying a turn key 201 with 30% down and borrowing money. After 5 years you'd a lot less cash in it and you will be able to tell your grandkids about that time you borrowed money at 4.5% to buy an airplane. Lastly if you are going buy it, you better get it so cheap that you have a chance to make money on the sweat equity you are putting in and the huge risk you are taking. You are doing the estate a favor, they have an uninsured airplane sitting in a hanger for what $400 per month? depending on the state they may be taxes too. Jeez someone stop the bleeding.