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  1. Should I grab this abandoned Mooney?

    I took @donkaye post to heart the other day. If this plane is like 10% or more of your net worth. Put your money to work on building your net worth instead. Not his exact words, but they rung true for me. Secondly, what are we talking about here? If you can afford to buy this plane for 50k cash and potentially drop 15-35k in it, maybe you are better off buying a turn key 201 with 30% down and borrowing money. After 5 years you'd a lot less cash in it and you will be able to tell your grandkids about that time you borrowed money at 4.5% to buy an airplane. Lastly if you are going buy it, you better get it so cheap that you have a chance to make money on the sweat equity you are putting in and the huge risk you are taking. You are doing the estate a favor, they have an uninsured airplane sitting in a hanger for what $400 per month? depending on the state they may be taxes too. Jeez someone stop the bleeding.
  2. Bravo Gear Up Landing

    That thing had been on the market forever. Maybe someone was trying to scuttle the plain?
  3. New Mooney Sales - M20 Upgrades?

    Here is a K.I.S.S noteworthy idea: The New Mooney. We are starting where we left off. Introducing the new 205 (knots), 231(knots) and the 252(knots) The challenge would be how to get to the acclaim type S to 252 knots. Or would it? Getting them to 3600-3800 lbs gross based on the feedback I've seen is critical. Whats a BRS cost for cirrus per install? 35k? seems like for that you could offer a fancy CPU/AP upgrade that can guarantee a surviveable deadstick landing when activated at 1000 ft agl or greater. Maybe partner with Tesla for the sensors to grease the landing. it would be a salesmans dream because unlike BRS it could be demonstrated on every test flight.
  4. Dream Panel?

    I only dream of a g1000 gfc700. Anything less ranges from reality to a nightmare
  5. New Mooney Sales - M20 Upgrades?

    I've heard that's true of the older models George. I demoed a 2014. We got 157 kts TAS at 2500 ft on 11.5 GPH At Gross with three adults. Which seemed to be right on target for book ops LOP. That's was on an average Florida fall day. Mooney can't be in denial. It's a good plane, and as soon as you crack 100k on the used market you can get one of those slower ones, with great used avionics and of course a parachute.
  6. New Mooney Sales - M20 Upgrades?

    People still want what mooney USED to offer. An intermediate to advanced pilot plane that is fast and far more efficient then the competition. The fact is a new SR20 has 5 seats, a fixed gear, a modern airframe, great avionics and does 155 knots on 11gph. The new mooney models need to be faster and more efficient then an sr20 or a sr22. By at least 15%. Price needs to be competitive. Which shouldn't be hard a new cirrus costs a fortune.
  7. There is a used Stec 30 w alt hold in the avionincs section. Between that and a used 430 also available in the avionics section. The autopilot Would be my pick. I did my ifr w/o one but I wouldn't do that again.
  8. Donation Drive 2015

    Done. Overdue but done. Thank you for a great site and community.
  9. IFR "Fix Minimums" Question: KIPJ

    Gateq is the final approach fix for a localizer only approach. If you had vertical guidance and the full ILS you would be on the glideslope. Since you don't and you are flying a non precision approach you must maintain the stated altitude until crossing the FAF. At which point you start your timer and descend to your MDA. Thats how I'd fly if, though God knows why u wouldn't just fly the full ILS. Nope that's wrong.....oh well. Don't fly localizer only approaches !
  10. Brexit

    Looks like it will create a unique opportunity to buy an import mooney's to the US.
  11. Wow. Your learning in a fast plane. Good for you. I was in a 2012 sr20 and it was showing 157 TAS on 11gph. I guess they figured out the aerodynamics of a fixed gear speedster
  12. Opinions on this 252

    I like this plane. And it has been for sale for quite some time.
  13. Most desirable year for an m20j ?

    Your mooney is never too young and never too thin.....
  14. Sad. Most of the 2012 SR 20's Ive seen are closer to the low 800's in useful load so I'd assume she was at least close on fuel. Maybe forgot to switch the tanks after a couple of go arounds. I'm sure its a tale as old as time. Probably just got rattled and stopped flying the plane. The autopilot in this thing could just about land itself. Took me 500 hours and my instrument rating before I had the guts (and probably stupidity) to land at a Class B airport.