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  1. @Vance Harral While not as nice as the built in ones, you can get a suction cup bug.
  2. Here is the pilot insert. Page 99 / A2-5 says the X refers to NAV/Lateral Deviation. Here is the dimming wiring diagram.
  3. I'm a long time GP user and here's some challenges I've run across. Make sure your data is turned OFF when you're in the air. Freezes I've encountered have been from: 1) It's trying to pull maps or information via 4G/LTE/etc. Make sure data is off. 2) The device is getting too warm. The CPU will throttle itself, Pilot is a hog. Shield it, don't put it on the dash. 3) The maps aren't fully up to date or are corrupted (rare). Around when new maps come out, reboot, open, wait, make sure it's fully happy with its maps, and reboot again and make sure. I wish the auto update worked right. My iPad sits on a charger with fast internet when it's not in the plane so I'm not sure what more ideal scenario it's looking for to make it work consistently. 4) Make sure no other programs are running. You could just close them, a reboot is better. Hope one of those helps out!
  4. I think this would be pretty easy to pull off. Draw it out on foreflight and follow the line. With a GPS, Autopilot, and FlightStream you could draw it out and hit upload and it'll fly it for you. That said, I suspect this was a premeditated idea.
  5. You can look at it on FlightAware, it really happened.
  6. Check our I've had a few overhauled there. They do sale, exchange, and overhaul very affordably and have stood by their warranty no questions asked for me.
  7. @Parker_Woodruff If I touch down and hit a deer on roll out on the runway, is that flying or in motion ground? Thanks for your replies here!
  8. @carusoam thanks for helping clarify that, I didn't think to put the adventure in my albums. I'll do that in the future to make it easier to find. @Mooney 217RN Hope it's an easy fix for you!
  9. I posted a couple months ago of my similar plight with photos and a solution. Same as yours, no advanced warning, as far as I'm concerned it's a flaw in the design. Ultimately you're going to need to take the pilot side interior out and fix it and it is even more work if your knob apparatus had the screw put in the wrong way like mine. If you've got 10 minutes before and after each flight you can pop the tail panel and turn the regulator on and off by hand -- not a long term solution of course. Another thread on here has the correct spring steel cable you will most likely need to resolve this. Mine didn't have enough slack left to re-wind on the peg.
  10. @PJClark I seem to have the inverse of yours. I think it's from the Mooney Homecoming a few years back.
  11. Your voltage is too low, especially if the engine is running. I don't know what battery you're using, but I used a Concord 35AXC on my C and the manual HERE has the published values you should be using. The POH usually does as well. Page 12 for the regulator settings and page 13 for the open circuit voltage (engine off) values.
  12. Bart, Unfortunately I don't have a wiring diagram for you and don't quote me, but I think that ARC Indicator requires a converter, like a B-445A to work. You might save yourself some money and sanity by just buying another used MC60. Looks like they're $350 shipped the eBay route and allows for 'make an offer'. Another option is to see if someone will overhaul your gauge, though I suspect this will be as much as the used option.
  13. I agree most don't ask, but in some cases it can be penny wise pound foolish. It comes down to the labor cost of the removal and re-installation and subsequent break in. All up on the C this was nearly a 2 day affair. On a 172 it's probably a half a day. Hopefully others have better luck, but I've had to warranty more than one O/H'd jug and am hesitant to do them anymore.
  14. Checked my notes, yes the 252 has another set that fully enclose the gear when retracted. CF inner doors is a clever idea, wonder if that could be an owner produced part, shouldn't be too hard to make a mold. Every year pulling the 10000 screws from the belly of my C I looked up price of the smooth belly and it just didn't make sense for me.