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  1. I put a lot of time and thought into the various options. I have an O2D2 attached to the onboard O2 system. I have to fly .5 round trip to get it filled and this uses 3 hours of my time. Given the other variables, the $35-45 he charges is negligible. The O2D2 "paid" for itself on the first fill since it lasts 3-4 times as long, but it's still quite time expensive to keep up for frequent use. I looked into the large tanks, getting them delivered, a partnership, etc. I found it was more hassle than it was worth for the few times I "have" to be >12.5. I only have sedans and no reasonable way to lug around a 300cuft bottle. I wasn't able to find a good deal on bottles listed above, I probably didn't look hard enough. I have medical bottles from my C days. The $20 swap while running other errands is a simple, but dislike the space used in the back. My current plan is to pick up an Innogen G5 when it's time to do more high altitude flying and use the onboard as the failover. Reports here are they're good to FL180. I'd like FL220 and I'll see how it pans out for me, but even if I'm capped at FL180 that's generally sufficient for what I do. Once the onboard bottle expires I'll most likely get the other regulator for the O2D2 that fits the medical bottle and use that as the failover and see how inconvenient the space use is. Or get a smaller bottle that can sit in the hat rack since it's just the failover.
  2. If you have the RealGaskets (silicon) you need to follow their specs closely. Over tightening will cause a leak. If you don't have them, I suggest them. Reusable and have done well for me.
  3. Flying from NC to a feeder in Dallas it was hard IFR out of NC and then an overcast layer at 2-3k in the Dallas area, so I was on my IFR plan the whole flight. He hadn't descended me despite being 20 miles out so I figured something was up. I asked him what the MVA was and he asked what kind of assistance I needed. I let him know I was trying for the visual instead of shooting the approach. He came back with "oh, which airport are you landing at?" Stuff happens.
  4. I think the pressure relief is shared with others. The alt part for EQ6516 per Textron is 641074A1. This looks like mine on my TSIO360 (SB2B). Spruce has it in stock.
  5. I don't have a clue what the part numbers are, but I've got a set I bought to clean up for my C, but sold it before I got around to it.
  6. If any warnings or questions are on the bottom blue bar it won't work, clear those out first, then hold the two middle buttons down. It'll switch to a black screen with the tach and hobbs times in the middle.
  7. Yeah, I'm going to also try to get ahead of the curve and pick up one. I also noticed it left out the price -- perhaps because they're making a blanket statement 'all turbos'? The price will likely be different across the various models of clamps for the various manufacturers.
  8. Looks like there's an AD in the works for these failing. Here is the FAA article on it.
  9. I've got a 252 converted to an Encore in Lockhart you could go for a ride in. Will be back in August.
  10. It's just a simple toggle switch as David has said.
  11. They added provisions in the firmware for a physical switch about a year ago. It's installed on the panel so you can quickly switch between heading and GPSS. It's extremely beneficial.
  12. I just put in dual 275s and would suggest you do the following: 1) Ensure they install a GPSS switch for you 2) Ensure they install a manual failover switch 3) Get the 2nd battery for your HSI and ensure it can be an ADI failover. I believe the battery is required for this. 4) Keep a 106 (as did I) for the SL30. My HSI 275 can show me HSI/CDI from both of my GPSes with the 2nd GPS also outputting on the 106. I'm not sure if you'll be able to do that with a 430/SL30, but it might. I've forgotten the wiring diagrams at this point.
  13. haha "Don't screw up the stripes and I don't care" is what I overheard said to someone by the FBO owner.
  14. I've always used gojo hand cleaner and terry cloths. Make sure it doesn't have pumice! You gently rub it on and it all rubs right off. Depending how bad you let it get you'll need a couple towels because they'll get saturated quickly.
  15. I scanned the copy I received from Don for 25-1000 to 1199. Attached here so you can see what they include. Image_20220118_0001.pdf Image_20220118_0002.pdf
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