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  1. smwash02

    M20C carburetor overhaul

    I went there as well. I fly into HFY visiting the parents. Best of luck with your cold starts. I find mine needs a bit more fuel in the winter, but after my carb exchange (and mags and fine wire plugs) it's not much of an issue anymore.
  2. smwash02

    M20C carburetor overhaul

    Purdue grad? Carb'd engines without primers rely on the accelerator pump to prime the engine. Over time they become less effective. Do you ever have issues with brisk applications of power on the ground? That would be another sign. I did a rebuilt exchange from A/C Spruce/Marvel. Pros and cons each way, but if it's been 30 years it might be time.
  3. Pretty cool tool, adding to my list. I use US AirNet for my rough estimation planning. Gives about 3 days.
  4. smwash02

    Best Place to Put Customs Sticker

    On the back of the paper the sticker comes to attached to says: The User Fee decal for private aircraft and private vessels is to be affixed on the outside of the conveyance within 18 inches of the normal boarding area, where it is visible when doors/hatches are open. In my interpretation this means outside of the plane not covered by an door when opened within 18 inches of where people enter. I put mine at the front bottom of the window behind the door. I wanted to put mine where FoxMike's is, but I'm not sure if that's "inside" or "outside" of the conveyance. I'm sure there would be a 'fee' in Mexico to settle the debate. Other countries I suspect wouldn't be as picky.
  5. smwash02

    LED for Tail

    I've heard this is visible for a long way, but this might be better though hasn't been tested yet. FARs on the rules for lights are pretty fuzzy so long as it doesn't require changing a ballast/function.
  6. I'm IFR and an hour away and wouldn't bother trying this week. Looking like sub 500' and sub 1 mile most of the week. Hopefully you can reschedule.
  7. smwash02

    Got caught by the IA

    Totally read that wrong initially. Replaced my starter my 2nd week of ownership. Don't blame him one bit.
  8. smwash02

    Got caught by the IA

    I believe he is saying he was replacing the tube of his nosewheel tire and the IA questioned what he was doing and he said that if wants the annual business the IA will allow him to continue with what he's doing. That said, tires/tubes are on the 'list' of what a PPL is allowed to do.
  9. smwash02

    Crown Aviation v LASAR

    I did all the pucks (mains and nose), 2 of the shock links, the truss, bearings, and steering horn in a 6-7 hour day. "When in Rome." I'm far from a mechanic and just had my A&P sign off my work after his review. I probably had another couple hours in service manual reading prep. I felt the mains were much easier than the nose. 2.5-3 is pretty fair for the mains in my opinion. Once it's on the jacks... you're just rolling around getting it done.
  10. smwash02

    Oil cooler hoses $460?

    It's around what I paid a couple years ago. The fittings are 1/3 of that if I remember right. If you can be down for a couple weeks, some places will let you send them the old and reuse the fittings.
  11. A couple winters ago I took the plane to Reno, NV and to prepare I put metal duct tape outside the plane on the vent on the top and pilot side to prevent air getting in. It made a big difference, but still gets cold. Being north of FL170 didn't help. It's a bit of a double edged sword. Can't hardly get enough airflow in the Texas summer, always too much in the winter.
  12. smwash02

    Career Advice

    I'm glad I found aviation later instead of making it a career. If he's passionate about it, getting his CFI/II before college and going for a 4 year STEM degree will give him side income while he studies, meet the requirement for the majors, and a fall back if it's not his thing or there's an incident that precludes him from continuing in the field.
  13. I pulled a cylinder, had it IRANd, pulled it again 40 hours later. The price delta isn't horrible between IRAN and new so I just buy new these days given how much work is involved to pull a cylinder on the C. Make sure pushrods are properly sized and your rocker arms are good as well. I'm no A&P/IA/etc, but I think there's probably a 'right' size that makes this work best. Everything that moves wears something.