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  1. @corn_flake, I based my number on a gut feel of moderate case guesses and a skim of 172s. Depending on the state of everything else and if the engine is not a usable core, 16k could very well be within reason. There's an F model on our ramp that your 172 reminds me of. I would love to have it, but its value in my eyes is about a case of beer. It'll cost me the FMV to get it current assuming my time is free. And it's tied down a stone throw from my hangar -- another consideration.
  2. I presume it's kinda like this, except this one for 28k has ADSB, 406 ELT, and a nice audio panel along with a sub 500 hour engine and lighweight starter and PP alternator upgrade. The @corn_flake mentioned one would require quite a bit to be made usable by most.
  3. $25k +/- depending on logs and how bad things are, in my humble opinion.
  4. Mine is labeled "A/P SEL". I'm new to the plane haven't quite figured out when it comes on.
  5. The plane in the video is a J bar C model. I have no proof at all and this is pure conjecture from my hours of flying one on grass, but I feel he hand his hand on the release and during the bumps (it's bumpy taking off on grass) he hit it and gravity and the bumps took care of the rest. If the preloads are set right and your lock block is in reasonable condition I don't think it's a big risk. Being extra cautious isn't a bad thing though.
  6. This jack might work for the mains if you pull the doors. I'd need to take a better look at the gear next time I'm at the airport.
  7. I respectfully disagree. The odds of being able to find a tube locally on a weekend (or sometimes even during the week) are not very good. The odds of being able to taxi/uber/lyft to buy a tool set and a jack or finding a local A&P or mechanically inclined pilot who has a jack and tools are generally pretty good.
  8. @Shadrach how did you jack the wheel? I've been fortunate to always be somewhere with a wing or prop jack. I've been banking on having one available, but an autoshop alternative is something I've been brainstorming to be able to self-service if it came down to it.
  9. I keep a spare nose and main tube in my box in the hat rack.. I've had a flat of each even though neither was more than 5 years old. Something about the C ate up the stem/tube attach point. Losing the nose on touchdown was more excitement than I'd bargained for.
  10. Yup, but they're .5L, which is too much in a single sitting for me. The 250mL are perfect.
  11. Mexico to get 'Mexican' Coke... in 125ml bottles (from a Sam's club of all places) and good tacos. For some reason you can only get .5L bottles here in the states.
  12. It looks like someone redid yours to remove the tilt and the shotgun approach. In your shoes I would not want to put the correction in the instruments but instead put a washer on the shock panel mounts to achieve true 0 degrees. Take a flight and get straight and level -- what's your offset from 0 degrees? That's your delta. Then measure your offset on the ground. Shim by the amount of delta you got in the air. Take it for a flight and do final tuning if needed. If you already know your offset from straight and level you could probably fix it in under an hour.
  13. Landed mine on grass frequently. Make sure your biscuits are good or there's a potential for fuel leaks they say. I'm inclined to agree.
  14. I believe he's referring to the usage of 'loose' vs 'lose' for part of it.
  15. I don't think he's saying 'waste' in the sense that it was a waste of money, but rather looking for things that may suggest it's a trainwreck before looking deeper. My answer is look at the photos -- is there fresh lipstick on the pig? Look at NTSB to see if it's had a snafu. Things happen, but what was done since? And finally, get the logbooks. Quality varies but if you see there seems to be constant issues or simply a signature sign off... may be more to the story.