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  1. @aviatorebI hope for the same. Serious injury means any injury which: (1) Requires hospitalization for more than 48 hours, commencing within 7 days from the date of the injury was received; (2) results in a fracture of any bone (except simple fractures of fingers, toes, or nose); (3) causes severe hemorrhages, nerve, muscle, or tendon damage; (4) involves any internal organ; or (5) involves second- or third-degree burns, or any burns affecting more than 5 percent of the body surface.
  2. "At what temperature?" would be the retort. I've attached a snip from the service manual that shows what the pressure reading should be by temperature for a full tank.
  3. Great points. I 'simplified' the answer since I wouldn't expect anyone to go to those lengths. The unusable removed would be quite small unlike the oil/fuel weights.
  4. 115 cuft of O2 is 10.26lbs. I would expect the tank to be empty since it can all be drained and all can be used.
  5. Your predicament is how I ended up trading in my C for a K, but my mission had also changed. Does the plane serve your mission well and will it continue to do so for 10 years or so? If so, it's probably worth your while to make it how you want it.
  6. Interesting, that's different behavior than mine. Mine always shows the available updates nearly instantly. Once I connect with WiFi it's never more than 10 seconds or so before it shows the list. It's only the 'packaging updates' mine gets hung on. I have a ground plug and left for lunch once and it never finished that step. I rebooted everything and it immediately started.
  7. Mine seems to often hang on the 'packaging updates' using my Pixel 5 or iPad Mini. After much tinkering, this is my most reliable process: 1) Reboot iPad 2) Power up the GPS 3) Connect to WiFi 4) Wait for it to recognize connected device 5) Open Garmin Pilot 6) Wait for it to recognize the new databases available 7) On the iPad go to the Connext screen for the FS510 8) Wait about a minute on the Connext screen 9) Trigger the updates on the GPS At this point the iPad will show an ETA on transfer time remaining, so I touch the screen every 3
  8. We often use Airport Courtesy Cars and pick a random one and a backup in case the car isn't there any more or unavailable. It's led to some pretty fun discoveries and adventures. PSA -- Be sure to submit updates to the folks that run these sites to keep them relevant!
  9. Bummer about the landing, I use the lights along the edges of the runway to help me discern distance from the ground and it's always treated me well. I had a Whelen PAR46 flood (instead of spot) on my C and it worked to help me taxi. If your battery is weak, the light will be too at low RPM.
  10. @RussG, you've probably figured it out by now, but square top with the shaft to the gearbox are #4-40 and the gearbox to the motor are #2-56. The ones from the mount to the square top are #4-40 100 degree tapered.
  11. Jimmy Garrison of GMax Aircraft, formerly All American, is who you'll want to talk to. PHONE: (830) 438-4081 EMAIL: JIMMY@ALLAMERICANAIRCRAFT.COM
  12. Do you not have a working KAP297B today? I was poking through the Beechtalk thread posted above and it's said there that the 275 can emulate the 130 and drive the preselect module. The GAD43e actually calls this KEA130 emulation out explicitly. I am getting two 275s installed in about 3 weeks and my installer has called multiple times about this exactly situation and been told varying versions of 'no'. The pins on the GAD43e are labeled as out and ground vs the 275's hi (out) and lo (in). So it is possible this will work after all and Garmin just isn't up to speed on the product, still.
  13. No it cannot. In the KFC150 system, the KAS297B is what handles the altitude capture/preselect and the inputs it needs are baro correction and gray code in the pre-RS232 format. These are provided by the KEA130A encoding altimeter. The 275 can provide both of these, but not in a format the KAS297B can understand -- the gray code is in RS232 and the baro correction is in a 2 wire hi/lo setup vs the KEA130's 3 wire excitation/reference/sense method. The gray code is easy to work around with a blind encoder if you want a standard altimeter; however, the baro correction is only offered b
  14. Given what you mention about your fuel flow, I am not sure if I would trust it just yet. SID97-3G addresses adjusting the fuel flow based on pressures. This article talks about how to do it without the PortaTest referenced in SID97-3G. Did you get your fuel pump overhauled with the engine? Mine came back exactly where it was supposed to be.
  15. Unfortunately the Encore's TSIO360SB2 takes the cake at 87k new / 72k rebuilt.
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