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  1. When there are multiple pilots in the same city (Austin is a good example), you can only see the last guy. Any chance you can script it to spread out the pins so we can visually see the multiple people in the same city?
  2. Video played fine, awesome way to find it. Grabbed a little better frame from your video.
  3. I'd like to see the map as well.
  4. Can we keep details in the thread? Point to point might cause folks to miss out. I'm glad I happened to look. Do we have a time set?
  5. Yup, I've enjoyed it when I've gone in the past. Wishing I could go this year.
  6. Can you make the poll multiple options? I've had 2-3 tube failures. Stem rip and a slice on the side (probably fod). Nose and main, respectively. I've had some leaky ones too, probably stem, but never bothered to dig into it since they were 'part of the package' when I got the plane.
  7. Didn't want to detract from your thread. We took off out of Austin Bergstrom for Austin Executive (13 NM flight) as a storm was brewing in my 150 so my friend could pick up his Bonanza that was having fuel metering work done. 5/700 when we took off. We didn't file IFR because I didn't have an IFR GPS and it would've elongated our trip. I couldn't anyways, no ILS. I only had a KNS80 and a 496. As we dipped lower and lower on our 30 minute flight we had to start following the highway and eventually jumped over a set of high wires on final to land in 1/400 conditions that became 1/200 shortly after we landed. There's no ILS at executive and I had no LPV abilities. So we both file and fly back to Austin since that's where our cars were and the planes were based. His plane was well equipped and there were no issues with the engine work, fortunately, and he landed before the unexpected IFR conditions caused everyone to start filing. I wasn't so lucky. I took off unable to see the other end of the runway into the 200' ceilings and had a pretty exciting time in IMC the whole way. My flight lasted 60 minutes (remember, 13 NM) due to vectoring and my GS showed between 40kts and 100kts depending how I was turned. Now that it's dark I get out my flashlight to see the panel better and try to keep thing thing oily side down as I get vectored all over for more important traffic. It was very bumpy the whole way with some shear here and there. I finally get on the ILS and am asked every 1-2 minutes to 'keep my speed up'. I was at darn near full power, even 150s have a red line they can almost hit, on the glide slope and only putting out 40-50ish knots cocked about 40 degrees to stay on the localizer. Still getting asked to go faster, eventually the jet behind me had to go around. He didn't sound too thrilled. I was pretty happy to see those rabbits at 250 AGL.
  8. A pilot I look up to for doing 'the right thing's told me of the two bucket theory. Starting out the experience is empty and luck full (hopefully). Goal is to get the experience without the luck running dry. Every time I think "Man that was dumb I won't do something like that again", I learn something new not too much later. Glad your luck bucket was full on your flight.
  9. It looks like he sells them on his website here.
  10. KCXO has the Black Walnut Cafe, which can accommodate a sizeable group.
  11. 100 degrees is a pretty big delta given the EGTs being pretty in line. I would suspect the probe. Swap two and see if it follows the probe or the cylinder.
  12. The Brittain AutoPilots, like many pre-GPSS autopilots, work by interpreting the LEFT/RIGHT deviations given by a radio destined for a CDI. If you have a pinout diagram for it, it would be very easy to point out if it can or can't. Simply, if the Aspen can drive an external CDI, it can drive the Brittain.
  13. I used the wrong word, extension. I still don't think it would add that much value.
  14. Not to discount the finding out by surprise, but since there is no backup gear retraction mechanism, what will do you about it if it happens? I can only theorize they thought similarly and chose not to add additional components that could fail that didn't add much value.