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  1. I think the BI-601 is the B6. I've attached the documents I have for it. B6 wiring.pdf Manual No. 11968-1 Mooney Nav-Coupler-Heading Lock Operation and Service Instructions.pdf
  2. Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one. I ass/u/me/d that this had already been attempted.
  3. Have you seen Continental's parts catalog? Here is their IPC and it's very good; however it does not list the governor since that's more up to the aircraft manufacturer. When I had mine overhauled the overhauler included the gasket. I'd suggest calling whomever overhauled your governor and asking them what to use.
  4. I've not had this problem with mine, scary thought of it falling off. Losing the fluid is one problem, but also dirt getting in there. Is the plastic nipple it attaches to cracked? This could cause it to slip off even with the hose clamp on there. Is there significant tension on the hose when the door is open? Is the mating surface between the nipple and hose clean and dry? Perhaps a zip tie mount could be used to ensure it stays pointed up and relieve some of the tension from the hose hanging. Will be curious what you find.
  5. About 2 months ago I had the same thing happen. Like you it was always on the ground with the engine off or low RPM. The field wire on the 2nd alternator close to the alternator itself had chafed just enough, which was very difficult to see, and was hitting the ground wire. We spliced a new 6" or so to replace the bad section and it's been fine since.
  6. I just did mine a couple months ago. Once all four (4) nuts are removed and linkage disconnected give it a light tap with the rubber mallet and it'll pop right off!
  7. Do you know if you have the 100 or 2000 series? The 2000 series is able to determine if one or the other doesn't deploy and retract both preventing the light from coming on. Due to this feature I suspect the indication of both brakes isn't required on the panel. The 100 series, which I got so I wouldn't have to reskin the wing, doesn't have that ability.
  8. I do have the factory annunciator panel and the brakes are also factory; however, they did not include it in the annunciation panel on mine. I've attached a photo with a red circle where the current light is. The current light is tied to the latch of the switch and is merely an indication of "you pressed the button". I get the love/hate with it and I really like your preemptive ice plan, I will adopt that. When I bought the plane I didn't think I'd use them, but I've found good use in them for various reasons usually when flying IFR since I always get a slam dunk into my home base. I'm ba
  9. I agree you'd find out pretty fast, but to comply with the installation instructions it's what's required. (Attached here) Each electric brake has a wire indicating if it's deployed or not and that gets routed to either the lighted switch or the two LEDs. Does your switch not have the 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT within it with two bulbs?
  10. My Encore has the factory vacuum brakes with the deploy switch on the yoke, but I'm currently upgrading the brakes to the electric ones. Due to some changes in the electric version, a decision has to be made about how to display and deploy the brakes. 1) Keep the yoke switch, add a second LED so you can show left/right brake (in the event one doesn't deploy) 2) Keep the yoke switch, add the new lighted button (Here is an example) 3) Ditch the yoke switch and use the new lighted button (seen above) I asked them to send the button because I like the look of it, but I rea
  11. I replaced my C's exhaust with one from Knisley. Here is the page on their "modified" exhaust. I'm not sure how 'modified' it is, but I'm sure they can tell you if it fits. Aircraft Exhaust also has one listed, similarly calling it a 'conversion'. Did it make a noise when it jettisoned off? Perhaps you have them already, but It looks like you're also going to need the exhaust hanger bracket and clamp. LASAR has the SB version of the exhaust hangar, here. Best of luck!
  12. Spruce has a collapsible one that works well and I keep in the plane; however, I made one from Aircraft Depot parts that's much longer I keep in the hangar for around $30.
  13. FAR 25.1303 simply says it must be visible from each pilot station and FAR 25.1327 says it must not be affected by vibration or magnetic fields. I'm not an A&P/IA, but seems like it they give you some room to be creative.
  14. I similarly have disparate email addresses. The notice came to the address on file with PayPal account that I paid with.
  15. I ordered a couple sets from Don and got them set up this past weekend and they look great! I have the LASAR mounting hardware so Don made me a set without the holes drilled. I clamped the old and new together to get the holes in the same location.
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