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  1. Seymour


    Welcome Ryan! I'm the rookie Mooney driver from KFIT that you may have noticed in the KASH pattern this summer. I look forward to meeting you at the PPP and maybe you can join our Pilots Association for one of our flyouts (eg. dinner in KEEN last Friday).
  2. Seymour

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    Terribly sorry to hear of this tragedy. Wishing their families find peace during this tough time.
  3. Seymour

    Air conditioning options

    I spent the summer in the pattern with my CFI. The B-Kool worked great ...for the first 15 minutes and then the inline fuse for the back seat cigarette lighter blew. Does anyone know the location of that fuse on a '64 M20E? Do I have to remove the wall panel and armrest to find it? (Shop gave the go-ahead to fly but hasn't had time to replace it) . The rest of the summer, the B-Kool ran off a Battery Jumper Box and all was cool. My partner is also concerned about the B-Kool blowing H2O on the avionics. AFAIK, the design is a simple heat exchanger; all the water remains in the cooler itself, and cabin air is circulated without direct contact to the water/ice. Right??
  4. Seymour

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    Quick detour: Similarly, anyone familiar with Ashe County Airport - KGEV in Jefferson, NC? It's on my destination short list because close friends live in town so any tips are appreciated.
  5. ....or maybe both combined? "Vintage Travel!" for me.
  6. Seymour

    Mooney Mechanic in the Northeast

    Link to MSC's pdf
  7. Seymour

    Mooney Mechanic in the Northeast

    Infinity Aviation
  8. Seymour

    Best Headset?

    Yeah, that's his gripe, too, among others. (...that, and he now works for DC)
  9. Seymour

    Best Headset?

    A blip-in-time by that timescale; ~4hours. My partner gifted his A20s to me and I just replaced the ear seals using the refurb kit. Maybe it's time to try them....
  10. Seymour

    Lawn mower tow

    Love this site! I was just about to post this ad to Craigslist but I'm getting ideas...... Jazzy Power Mobility Chair - Electric Wheelchair "Jazzy Select" Power Chair - Runs great, Good condition, Used daily for two years. Has a cosmetic crack in the red fiberglass covering. Comes with charger, cords and head rest.
  11. Seymour

    Best Headset?

    ...don't ask me. This creature of habit (aka dinosaur) still uses the same pre-owned passive DC H10's purchased to get my ticket decades ago.
  12. Seymour

    MAPA Flight Training

    Newbie. I'll be attending in NH if I can get my Complex Endorsement in time. solo hours for passengers and the required rider added to my insurance policy. Has that been a simple effort for most?
  13. Seymour

    Request Coaching on Mooney Dip

    Happily. How many amu? (don't snitch to the right seat...)
  14. Seymour

    Request Coaching on Mooney Dip

    Even though I practiced on jacks, my first attempts to retract the gear on takeoff were amusing. Attempted to stow the gear at Vy and thought there'd have to be a crossfit bootcamp included in the transition training. And when it finally got to the floor, locking it took an eternity. However, at 80kts, it retracts with a good push to the floor (but I can understand how that it would be painful with a shoulder injury). My 'Mooney Wave', when necessary, never makes it to wings level; just reduce the pitch of the climb for an instant and the bar drops right down. Now, if someone has advice on how to avoid releasing both seatbelts when dropping the gear....
  15. Seymour

    Seat rails

    Lance, thank you for posting your experience. Constant reminders against complacency are helpful. Very happy you kept it under control (and that it didn't occur on a go-around). ...and could that be the OP's actual issue? A previous owner had Lance's experience so placed a cotter pin in a position on the rails so that the seat would never slide to the farthest position?