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  1. Thanks again, great shared information and experience. Great help!
  2. 482. Couldn't find the thread, but even the summary has me shaking. Interesting to see what others consider a "worst nightmare".
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I'm not able to drive it away with the current owner's Florida tags, and only Florida residents are able to get temporary Florida tags. However, in a discussion with the seller today, he suggested using a local attorney friend of his to hold the funds in escrow. That'll be fine with me because an attorney won't risk their reputation or practice over a vehicle sale. I'll post how it works out.
  4. Although my current predicament is not aircraft related, the purchase process (PPI, earnest money, sales contract, etc) are exactly the same: Looking for tips on purchasing high value items (eg. 50+ AMU) from out-of-state sellers. Is there a 'safe' way to pass money other than using They and want ~1AMU just to hold my $ for the transaction. Background: My 1989 Dodge Class B camper (see picture in thread "Your favorite ride with your favorite plane") doesn't have enough life for multiple cross-country trips so I'm purchasing a very lightly used 2018 camper from a private party in Winter Haven, FL. Typically, I'll execute a transaction like this at a local bank and provide the seller with a cashier's check for the full amount and the seller will hand me the title and keys. ....but I don't want to take 2 trips down (one for the transaction, and another to pick up the vehicle). Massachusetts does not issue temporary plates and requires a signed Title before registering the vehicle. The seller won't sign and send the title until they have the $. I won't send the $ until I have a signed title. Thoughts and/or experiences, both good and bad welcomed. Thanks Dave
  5. Seymour

    Mooney Mechanic Manchester N H

    Dan, It was good to meet you and I'm glad you connected with the on-field mechanic and got it fixed quickly. Sorry I can't help with the travel back here; Wx is forecast to be well beyond my limits for the next week. (even in perfect weather the trip itself is still beyond my current capabilities) Dave
  6. Seymour

    Thank you

    Don, heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Peace.
  7. Seymour


    Welcome Ryan! I'm the rookie Mooney driver from KFIT that you may have noticed in the KASH pattern this summer. I look forward to meeting you at the PPP and maybe you can join our Pilots Association for one of our flyouts (eg. dinner in KEEN last Friday).
  8. Seymour

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    Terribly sorry to hear of this tragedy. Wishing their families find peace during this tough time.
  9. Seymour

    Air conditioning options

    I spent the summer in the pattern with my CFI. The B-Kool worked great ...for the first 15 minutes and then the inline fuse for the back seat cigarette lighter blew. Does anyone know the location of that fuse on a '64 M20E? Do I have to remove the wall panel and armrest to find it? (Shop gave the go-ahead to fly but hasn't had time to replace it) . The rest of the summer, the B-Kool ran off a Battery Jumper Box and all was cool. My partner is also concerned about the B-Kool blowing H2O on the avionics. AFAIK, the design is a simple heat exchanger; all the water remains in the cooler itself, and cabin air is circulated without direct contact to the water/ice. Right??
  10. Seymour

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    Quick detour: Similarly, anyone familiar with Ashe County Airport - KGEV in Jefferson, NC? It's on my destination short list because close friends live in town so any tips are appreciated.
  11. ....or maybe both combined? "Vintage Travel!" for me.
  12. Seymour

    Mooney Mechanic in the Northeast

    Link to MSC's pdf
  13. Seymour

    Mooney Mechanic in the Northeast

    Infinity Aviation
  14. Seymour

    Best Headset?

    Yeah, that's his gripe, too, among others. (...that, and he now works for DC)
  15. Seymour

    Best Headset?

    A blip-in-time by that timescale; ~4hours. My partner gifted his A20s to me and I just replaced the ear seals using the refurb kit. Maybe it's time to try them....