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  1. Best wishes for a full and speedy Mooney recovery. ....and I'm now shopping for a sidewinder! Thank you for letting us know the details.
  2. Wow! I've heard there's plenty of leg room in the back seat, but that's incredible!
  3. I found a Mooney specific Passenger Brief Card in the downloads section here on MS (keyword "Briefing Card") that has a great view of " to enter the aircraft" and an explanation of why you can't use the floor for storing your personal items (J-Bar and Rudder pedal interference) and other great tips. I'm adding my tips to it like - "Immediately after takeoff and when preparing to land, I'll ask you to lean towards the door so that I can efficiently move the J-Bar. Please check that your seatbelt is re-fastened afterwards because I have a tendency to unlatch it with my bloody knuckles." My plan is to have passengers read it while I preflight (or even email it to them beforehand) and then let them ask questions. ...and if they don't ask about the bloody knuckles, I know they haven't read it. I'm attaching another one found on a CB search of the net from that was also a contribution to mine. The baggage door latch is a great addition because I remember having difficulty on my first attempt. Thanks for posting this! cary-passengerbriefing.pdf
  4. That's clearly a non-starter.
  5. Like, Mooney? I'll be measuring my seat distance tomorrow morning. Thanks Don!
  6. Thanks Paul, I missed that line. PM sent with an "inducement". (Wish I knew his favorite bribe. Hopefully cash is one of them.)
  7. Thanks Don! Now where's the entrepreneur who is going to mass produce the device to Don's specifications and make a mint here? (I'll commit to buy .)
  8. Timely topic. Our local Pilots Association just installed a 3 screen X-Plane 11 setup. For our next meeting, we're attempting to drum up interest by setting up a 4 minute (or so) scenario that every member can attempt the same challenging situation. We'll be replicating the center screen HDMI to a projector so all can watch; it should be fun. Unfortunately, I'm a sim novice and don't know where to find scenario information or set one up. Anyone have a pointer to interesting XPlane 11 canned scenarios (or instructions for setting them up)? Right now, we're looking at just using a demo flight but that's pretty lame. Thanks!
  9. So @Alan Fox, since I didn't get a response to my PM, can I assume one of the following is true? A. It's Sold. B. If (you) I have to ask "How much?", (you) I can't afford it. C. This isn't an M20E Nose wheel Steering Horn Assembly (so you didn't understand my PM).
  10. Thanks for the pointers! From my reading of the TCDS and review of my current placards, I'm missing the Aerobatic restriction on page 53, (3) .... "This airplane must be operated....." Where is it typically located? Is the doorframe considered " front of and in clear view of the pilot" ? Or does it have to be on the panel? (On second thought, nevermind..... It's certainly not difficult to find a picture of a panel in this forum. I should be able to answer this myself.)
  11. Resurrecting this thread. @HRM do you have a copy of the M20E parts manual showing the rest of the placards? (...and can you provide a clearer picture of the checklist you made based on @Cfidave 's picture? Thanks! Dave
  12. Welcome, Brian! You've clearly learned from the threads here and have a good sense of what you're looking at. My only question: What are you looking for in an IFR platform longer term? Dave (at KFIT)
  13. OK, that may be intuitively obvious to the casual observer. ...but not me. If headwind decreases, why would you land short? I had to open the article to read about boundary effect to get the gist. Now I'm curious enough to read the entire paper. Thanks!
  14. Agreed> PPI Never had one so pay attention to detail at this year's annual to determine what's been deferred. Paint Typically, a luxury so it's been deferred, but need to be wary of corrosion on exposed surfaces. AP Not on the list until IR but if gifted, I'd take it... B Betty Audio "Gear Down" Warning (eg. P2 or EI-Av-17) Tow