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  1. Devastating news; such an incredible effort by all who loved and surrounded him. I feel for them all.
  2. More likely, it's "Hose B". (Welcome back, Jose! We missed you.)
  3. Maybe. Let me check the office collection.
  4. My inability to locate XSE under perplexed me..... Which led to a new resource for non - North American codes: Although the 100LL may be quite a discount there, @Stetson20 , I think I'll pass
  5. "I'll always remember my first J-Bar retract." ....doesn't everyone? Thanks for the memory, @PilotCoyote! Seems like just yesterday..... Congratulations and enjoy that beautiful aircraft.
  6. I needed to look that one up.... so it's my 'word of the day'. Thanks! FLIB Funny Little Itinerant Blip (military slang for commercial aircraft)
  7. My goto is airnav
  8. I'm finding it's tough to fit the 12" numbers along with the "waving stripes" detail on a short body. ...but my painter has cautioned against anything smaller - probably because an extended downwind on the way to his shop could see a violation (he's less than 5nm from the Canadian border). @Planegary, that's quite a difference from start to finish! Nice looking aircraft, enjoy it!
  9. Are you in mass production and bartering yet? It's worth a Jim Beam (and maybe even Ezra if postage is included).
  10. Nice Paint! What a great look for a Mooney.
  11. My first in years was an ICAO VFR flight plan that was required for the Canada overflight (Buffalo to Port Huron) on the way to OSH. I learned a bunch about my avionics in the process.
  12. Yup, purchased used scuba vests with blowup tubes off Craigslist for $10 each before my first flight over real water and wore them. (They threw in free swim fins, but I don't carry those.) However, I couldn't find a cheap PLB. If anyone is selling a used ResQLink+, I'm interested. That halfway explains an odd email I recently received from a CFI last week stating "When was your private pilot checkride? I see a date in my files of 9/19/18. Is that correct?" (Nope, not even close.) Do you have a pointer to an explanation and a way to correct it?
  13. I call her Moondance; the early '70s Van Morrison tune is as classic as she is and really sings to our relationship in so many ways.
  14. I'm having the baby-poo stripes stripped off and repainting with some shade of blue. (I refuse to be a slave to fashion.)
  15. Nice looking E! It's got all the goods but still has the simple basics (manual flaps, J-Bar). Love it, Congratulations. Someone selling because they didn't like the ADS-B 2020 deadline?