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  1. Seymour

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Hi Paul, Please add me to the map and message me a link. Thanks for all you do. Dave
  2. Seymour

    Holy Yikes!

    Wow. Erik, way to stay cool and manage through it. Consider me in the long line of folks that are "very happy to see you" (even if only virtual and online). "A Workman That Needeth Not to be Ashamed"
  3. Seymour

    m20c first plane, Virtual Reality training?

    Hey John, I struggled with a similar conundrum last summer and thought happiness could come if I invested in a kickin' basement sim setup. While out on a long run, I met my ppl CFI for the first time since packing the handheld Magellan 315 with the flight bag into the attic a decade ago. He mentioned a local opportunity in an M20E partnership and that pushed me back to get a medical, a lengthy set of refresher lessons, and a BFR in the old rental 172s rather than sink money into a VR rig. My experience and mission is similar to yours (s/Vineyard/Block Island) and buying into the small partnership so far provides freedom from the constraints of rental aircraft but a very helpful cost sharing model for any hefty maintenance expenses; we'll see if those two theories hold... I highly endorse Hank's suggestion to complete the complex endorsement immediately after getting current and wish I'd heard that advice 6 months ago. The partnership needed to change insurance companies for me and I'm footing a hefty first year incremental with specific restrictions on CFIs to train me (required number of Mooney hours). ...and there's a Mooney Safety Foundation PPP in Nashua in early September (as recommended by @Oldguy to get your Mooney 'Masters'). I'd consider attending myself, but doubt I'll even have my 'high school diploma' by then so it might be too big of a leap. If you identify a Massachusetts Mooney-specific CFI (or if you're serious about selling your VR rig), send me a PM with details; I'm still looking for either. Dave
  4. Seymour

    Introduce Yourself

    New partner in a '64 M20E Chapparal based in Massachusetts. I'm working towards complex sign-off while transitioning from C172s. The wealth of knowledge, active participation, varied opinions and factual references make this site a treasure trove for someone ramping on their aircraft knowledge and flying skills. Thank You! Dave