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  1. Seymour

    Mooney stuff

    So @Alan Fox, since I didn't get a response to my PM, can I assume one of the following is true? A. It's Sold. B. If (you) I have to ask "How much?", (you) I can't afford it. C. This isn't an M20E Nose wheel Steering Horn Assembly (so you didn't understand my PM).
  2. Seymour

    Check List Placard Text

    Thanks for the pointers! From my reading of the TCDS and review of my current placards, I'm missing the Aerobatic restriction on page 53, (3) .... "This airplane must be operated....." Where is it typically located? Is the doorframe considered " front of and in clear view of the pilot" ? Or does it have to be on the panel? (On second thought, nevermind..... It's certainly not difficult to find a picture of a panel in this forum. I should be able to answer this myself.)
  3. Seymour

    Check List Placard Text

    Resurrecting this thread. @HRM do you have a copy of the M20E parts manual showing the rest of the placards? (...and can you provide a clearer picture of the checklist you made based on @Cfidave 's picture? Thanks! Dave
  4. Welcome, Brian! You've clearly learned from the threads here and have a good sense of what you're looking at. My only question: What are you looking for in an IFR platform longer term? Dave (at KFIT)
  5. OK, that may be intuitively obvious to the casual observer. ...but not me. If headwind decreases, why would you land short? I had to open the article to read about boundary effect to get the gist. Now I'm curious enough to read the entire paper. Thanks!
  6. Seymour

    If you had to spend $30,000

    Agreed> PPI Never had one so pay attention to detail at this year's annual to determine what's been deferred. Paint Typically, a luxury so it's been deferred, but need to be wary of corrosion on exposed surfaces. AP Not on the list until IR but if gifted, I'd take it... B Betty Audio "Gear Down" Warning (eg. P2 or EI-Av-17) Tow
  7. Seymour

    Introduce Yourself

    PM sent. Hopefully, we can fly before it goes in for the Annual...
  8. Yes to both questions.... Evaluating against my "Wish List"...
  9. Seymour

    Catching fuel from gascolator drain

    Me too! Thanks for the idea @Diesel 10
  10. Seymour

    2019 Aviation Goals

    2017: BFR (after a decade of inactivity) Purchased 1/4 Mooney share. 2018: Transition Training and Complex Endorsement. First Wings (Basic, Phase 1) First MAPA PPP Purchased another 1/4 share. 2019: Just fly. (100 hour goal) First weekend trip. Over water XC (short hop, but long prep). ...and paint the aircraft (might conflict with the 100 hr goal) Dave PS. Add an avatar to MS.
  11. Seymour

    ISO simulator pieces.

    Timely, as I approach Annual. I recently purchased all of the above (plus trim wheel) from my local Craigslist for cheap. It came with the book MS "Flight Simulator X For Pilots Real World Training" and the software on CD. What's next? I'd assume this stuff is old so I can use an older Desktop computer and Graphics card, but figure it's easier to ask someone who's already doing the same.... What are you using to run this? Other related questions: Can this drive three monitors? (There must be a Sim thread in here someplace, but my search skills are weak).
  12. Seymour

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    Where it's at: I find it takes a side glance but am OK with this position. The warning light is within my normal view. (will replace image with Master ON at some point....)
  13. Seymour

    Check Gear!

    When considering buying into the partnership, the owner took me up for flight around the area (I didn't have a complex endorsement). On short final, I was respecting his 'sterile cockpit' but had to ask him afterwards: What was that last Callout on Short Final?? He thought for a minute, chuckled, and then explained it. "Green Light, Green Thumb, Landable Aircraft" He called out GUMPS at midfield downwind and GEAR on Base. ...but on Final, he rechecks both the Gear Light "Green Light" and then tries to jam his right thumbnail into the gap between the J-Bar and it's retainer. If there's no gap, that's a "Green Thumb" and the gear is properly locked down. It's one of several habits I'm adopting from him. I'm still considering the investment in the P2.
  14. Seymour

    Catching fuel from gascolator drain

    I place the GATS directly below the gascolator drain. Return to the cockpit and pull the ring for 4 seconds on each side. Then adjust the GATS jar depending to the splat on the hangar floor and repeat (typically several times before hitting the target). I attempted using an LED pointer to line up the jar. I'm now using a funnel stuffed into the GATS and have increased to a 60% chance on the first try. (The larger funnel made the GATS top heavy). Thank you for the tip to check the wing sumps first; I have been using the incorrect order.
  15. Seymour

    Chris Dupin

    Very difficult to read and grasp such a terrible loss.