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  1. A guy on the field has a SR22 (no turbo) which he bought after he traded in his P210 for a Cessna Citation (first gen). He got irritated that he wasn't flying short hops or for fun anymore. So he got a single engine piston. Now the Citation seems to never move.
  2. Watch the TiT! They will tell you to watch the MAP - and you need to but keep that Tit under control too. Does the one you are flying have an automatic wastegate? If not it will take a lot more fussing to keep everything happy as you change altitude and so forth.
  3. Yeah that seems right. If one thinks two airplanes are the solution then the single engine turbo prop comes into reach instead of two airplanes.
  4. A twin could have a slower stall speed with a bigger wing. So is the reason they were designed as they are do light twins usually have shorter wings sacrificing stall speed in favor of cruise speed? Seems like twins exist for more useful load much more so than for “twin safety”.
  5. And carbon makes diamonds. But that’s not what carbon credits assume. We know that. I am not a fan of carbon credits as a method to handle a problem but it weakens the argument to deliberately misunderstand the issue.
  6. I had serious thoughts of that. We have 3 boys. I’ve had this Mooney for about 11 yrs. but I took so long deciding what to do... the need passed. Two of our boys are all grown up off at college or just graduated from college and our third off to college soon we reached the other side. Mooney is just right size again. one worry was - I didn’t want to be flying a twin just 15 or 25 hrs a year. It’s either all fully current in or it’s not safe. one occasion I made two round trips in the Mooney as the solution to getting all the people and stuff... 1 hr each way vs 6 hrs each
  7. Did you buy anything yet? Last I heard... that bonanza ...
  8. That's travel? Interesting - it seems that its very different in various places. Here in small town rural upstate NY, except for seeing everyone in stores with masks, everything seems absolutely back to normal in every way.
  9. Yes, Genocide, this is a horrible thing and a terrible slippery slope! Thank you for raising this important, relevant and thought provoking chart. So does education! There is discrimination on the basis of education. Apparently they won't let anyone be a doctor, or lawyer, or an engineer. The horrible big brother allows these things called diplomas to be the basis of discrimination against people who have every right not to get educated in engineering but then they cannot get engineering jobs. This is a crisis and an infringement upon my rights. Stage 2 and 3 on your chart on the basis
  10. I wouldn't get too worked up over this. Its just a PR proposal for the rep to get some pats on the back for appearing green and no one expects it to go anywhere. I am convinced that politicians pitch straw man proposals all the time as PR management.
  11. You know what - that is a great idea! Maybe it would be cheaper that way. Do you know a good proctologist who can do my annual for N314EB which comes due in June I would appreciate the referral.
  12. It's called a conversation. You say something. Then one of us says something. Sometimes we might not be in harmony in what we say. Does that mean that I should be worried why you find it important to change my way of thinking? Cant I have a different point of view than you without you being worried if my opinion matches yours lest I am infringing on your right to your double think?
  13. Only ... you don't. If the FBI or the NSA or whoever big brother wants to find you, with your devices and credit cards active, how easy do you think it is? A vaccine won't make it any easier that absurdly easy it already is. Well its good to have a great job - and someone needs to pay for the Mooney. Bless us all here that we having some terrific training, terrific opportunities, and despite clearly differing views of the world. We have the Mooneys interest together. have a great day!
  14. Until you dump your cell phone, your credit card, your adsb, and stop posting on mooneyspace, you are playing inconsistent games asserting that big brother is a reason to not get vaccinated. Its inconsistent and an excuse that makes no sense. Ii recommend tin foil hats which you can read on the internet make you immune to diseases and crazy thinking and big brother.
  15. That is wrong. Plain wrong. The reason you and I didn't need to worry about polio or small pox is because I (and probably you) and overwhelmingly almost everyone is vaccinated as a condition to enter into public school. That is not politics. Its numbers. But you are confounding two different things. Shut down the economy and get the vaccine are not the same thing. Just get the vaccine. whether or not the economy is specifically shut down there will be an impact to the economy if the pandemic continues into the future, due to hesitancy. Polio had a different transmission vector
  16. I have a friend who is truly off the grid. Well an acquaintance, but a nice guy. Super nice guy. Lives in the proverbially cabin in the mountains. I met him in duathlons. He is one fit hermit. No electricity. No credit cards transmitting his every purchase and position and time of purchase to big brother.. No cell phone in his pocket transmitting his position every 15 seconds to big brother. He doesn't post every day many times to mooneyspace or any other forums from uniquely identified IP addresses to help big brother to find him. He doesn't;t fly around in a Mooney or any other ai
  17. Requiring vaccine for activities has been around since forever. I was required to get a buffet menu of vaccines to go to school. So were most of us here. It has been ruled legal long ago. Saying "etc. will only make those hesitant to get the vaccine dig their heels in further." does it really make any difference? I mean a person who has already dug their heals in and is afraid to get vaccinated, whether they are afraid of the needle, or a conspiracy about vaccines and government implanted chips, or whatever, is it the rule that no one should say anything? I think its dumb. Its free.
  18. But - The Mars mission will require the vaccine. I don't get why people are afraid of the needle. But they are. Its a fact. Because of it, it was said rightly above, there will be an endemic covid condition for the rest of our lives. This will not be good for economy or for the public health. But for individuals, it is a no brainer to go get your free vaccine. If we can't save all the people who refuse, then at least save ourselves.
  19. Huh - thanks for that detailed analysis. So to summarize if I understand? The rocket/missile batteries are behind where the gfc500 goes and so its not physically interferring but becomes impossible to access - without essentially removing part of the gfc500? It would be nice if there were an access port on the side of the tail, like a hole in the skin. Well for what its worth, on battery minder full time, my batteries last a healthy service life of 12 yrs - concords - and I just replaced them last summer.
  20. I think hawk quoted 9.8 in 2015 when I was gathering quotes. But likewise many other good shops were in the 10 and 11 range. Seems like everything airplane is rising faster than inflation.
  21. That can be handled differently if the FAA had wanted to write a rule structure appropriately. First, aren't there lots of rules that already have "except in Alaska" exemptions. Then a scenario where you said, its almost as if they had written more strict hand propping as rules, then the poor isolated bush pilot on a sand par would have to declare an emergency - "I declare an emergency" shouted to the sky - then hand prop. It would almost work.
  22. Strangely, I think that the STC rocket or Missile does not interfere with the STC GFC500 as a matter of paper work, but it is indeed plausible the installations may physically interfere. Surely the FAA has some reg to cover such interference if one occurs? I do believe I have seen someone on here did a GFC500 install on a rocket, with the usual M20K STC for GFC500, and I don't remember hearing any issue of interference if there was one. Is the battery setup on the missile identical to that on the rocket?
  23. And yet you fly - which a lot of people wouldn't touch. Separately, I bet your job is pretty exciting and would make a lot of people pass out from the excitement. I bet you get lots of fight or flight reaction when difficult patience situations present in front of you.
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