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  1. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Brake Repair

    I just had my left brake go bad; I can press the brake all the way to the floor without effect. I checked the reservoir: OK. I bled the line: clean, good looking fluid came out at each actuation. I presume there is a problem with the seals in the brake actuator. Any advice?
  2. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Cheap IFR GPS

    100% agree. When it comes to upgrades, go big or go home. You will regret a lesser upgrade. BTW, if I cannot convince you, I will have a GX-60 for sale sometime in the future.
  3. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    New Klixon switch covers

    I will send you a Boost Pump and all the others, unless you really want a Boost Bump.
  4. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    New Klixon switch covers

    6 for $50 or 8 for $60. As far as I know, they will fit any Mooney with Klixon switches. Let me know which ones you want.
  5. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    New Klixon switch covers

    I am printing another batch of switch covers. A few people have previously PMed me to get a set, so I tried to let them know about this new effort. If anyone else wants a set, please let me know now, as this could be the last time I do this. Please spread the word far and wide. There are nine standard letterings that I will print, but if anyone wants something custom, I can do that, too. ELEV BOOST PITOT LDG NAV STROBE ROT AV MASTER TRIM PUMP HEAT LITE LITE LITE BCN MASTER
  6. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Is this corrosion or a gasket?

    What is the Year and Model of that aircraft?
  7. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    How far out is your examiner?

    I do not know, but since he is an airline pilot, maybe he also works in remote locations. Cool guy with a C-182 and his own airport, just NE of KOMA. http://vfrmap.com/?type=vfrc&lat=41.303&lon=-95.894&zoom=10
  8. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    How far out is your examiner?

    I used this guy last time. http://www.iowadpe.com/
  9. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    What’s the logic of IFR alternate minimums?

    After flying several military branches, privately, and commercially, there are numerous different rules. Some minimums exceed the FARs, and some are less stringent. I have found no particular reasons for the differences, other than, "That is the way we have always done it."
  10. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    What’s the logic of IFR alternate minimums?

    Logic? In FAA regulations? Surely, you jest?
  11. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Improved speed documented

    Those numbers are pretty close to theory: KTAS GPH Predicted % Increase Predicted KTAS 155 7.5 - - 162 8.5 4.3 161.6 170 9.5 8.2 167.7 177 11.5 15.3 178.7 It is always nice to see theory and experiment coincide.
  12. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Tach reading

    The obvious fact is that your oil change is overdue!
  13. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    Those are cute and small, but I would prefer something a little more robust. I have been thinking about/looking at something more along these lines: https://www.amazon.com/ANCHEER-Electric-Mountain-Lithium-Ion-Suspension/dp/B01LETH116/ref=sr_1_21?s=outdoor-recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1531422130&sr=1-21&keywords=folding+electric+bike or https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00APBSDX0/?coliid=I1M6ALWL8PDRPP&colid=2SD027B5KTVMU&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with these?
  14. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Retirement location

    But look at what kind of plane!
  15. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    1988 Mooney 20J Turbo Bullet

    I would not post them here. Period. An airplane is not typically an impulse buy; I doubt someone will see your ad and say, "I should buy that!" Rather, potential buyers will already be searching the sales sites if they want to buy a Mooney. The comments made here are much more likely to detract and hurt the eventual sales price as opposed to enhancing it.