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  1. I have been fighting computers for the last few weeks. I just got one running when the other broke. Now I am at a CFI course, so I will take care of all I can next week. Feel free to PM me with your requests.
  2. I am glad you started this thread. It gives all of us a good lesson in situational awareness.
  3. So you saw him at that point? Regardless, you were 2 minutes away from your turn. How long does it take for a Warrior to get to the downwind given his speed and location? Maybe 2 minutes? Seems to me you were both heading for the same place and scheduled to arrive at the same time. Obliviousness on both your parts.
  4. Rod, I still have lots of switch covers, including copies of all the letterings in that picture. I can do some custom lettering, but only when I am a member of the local Innovation Studio, where they have a laser engraver. I have promised if/when I rejoin, I will make some custom covers for some other MSers. I have been charging $10 per cover, or less if you buy a full set, including shipping. You can PM me with your request.
  5. Huh. Similar issue here. I am having a GNX-375 installed. I have a GX-60 and an SL-30 that are both connected to an indicator through a push button that selects which one displays. I was hoping/presuming to use the same indicator for all three. The shop told me the 375 will not connect to the present indicator, so I could either install another indicator for $2900, or get a G5 for $3200. Easy choice, even if hard to swallow.
  6. The thing that makes these sort of sites scams is that you spend just as much time answering the questions to them as you would directly to the federal site. If you do not answer any questions, then they are really scams, since the information may not be accurate.
  7. The estimate I received to install a GNX-375 was for $11,000 total with a flat fee of $3400 for labor. I suspect that does not necessarily mean 34 hours @ $100/hr.
  8. For actual test prep, the Sheppard Air downloads are good. They are not much more expensive than other companies books, and they also guarantee you to get at least a 90% on your test. My kids used the ASA videos, (about 15 years ago), in lieu of Ground School, and they were successful.
  9. I know a few IAs. You can PM me with more details.
  10. Patience for what? It all depends... I have patience for ignorance, I have none for stupidity. I have patience for weather, I have none for lack of fuel. I have patience for lack of skill, I have none for lack of trying. I have patience for someone with manners, I have none for the impertinent. I have patience for error, I have none for incompetence.
  11. No. I print them with ABS, paint them, and laser cut the lettering.
  12. I have a variety of covers. Let me know what you want/need.
  13. It is 3-D printable, if you have all of the broken pieces, (or if you can find a CAD file). Be advised, though, that if you have to do it that way, it may cost up to $150-$200.
  14. http://ufopilots.org/ My dad has been a member of this organization for about 8 years. He told me a doctor ran a survey of the members a few years ago, and most responded. (I suppose most are also retired with enough free time to complete a survey.) The results? The ONLY commonality, (considering life-styles, socioeconomics, heredity, location, etc.), was that they each have a few drinks before dinner. So have a guilt-free dose of health food tonight.