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  1. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Fuel efficiency in headwinds

  2. The conventional wisdom on this is to always top-off, because by leaving room in the tanks for water vapor to condense would result in water in the bottom of your tanks. I am not sure how accurate the theory is and am open to arguments.
  3. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    What did you pay and what did you sell it for?

    Why haven't you replaced those ugly-assed switch covers, yet?
  4. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    New Klixon switch covers

    Every time I think I am done, people keep asking for more... I will be making a bunch more this week, so let me know if you want switch covers. Let me know if you want anything custom; I have recently had a request for PROP HEAT.
  5. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Hit by prop

    Tell us more. How many hours on your engine? Compressions? etc.
  6. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    New Klixon switch covers

    FDM, with paint and laser engraving.
  7. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    New Klixon switch covers

    Last Friday, I shipped all the covers that people PMed me about, and I still have some left. Let me know if you want any of these.
  8. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Can aeroplanes be like ships?

    You were preceded by a couple of hundred years: I am not sure if this is a picture of the one I read about, but it is similar enough. The guy's idea was to use evacuated copper balloons. He even calculated the necessary diameter of the balloon and the maximum thickness of the copper to keep the total weight within bounds. Needless to say, the thin copper would NOT have held and would be crushed as they were evacuated, but air pressure was little understood in those days...
  9. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Oil Change Tool

    The last time I changed the oil in my Mooney, removing the filter drooled oil all over the back of the engine compartment. My Jeep also has a horizontally-attached filter and can produce similar results. I just printed a tool to help avoid this problem. It snaps around the filter, you punch a hole in the top side of the filter with a nail, etc., then rotate the filter 180o and let it drain before completely removing it. My device fits tightly around the filter and has a flexible tube attached that can be directed into a bucket. It worked really well on my Jeep oil change yesterday, so I thought others here might be interested. My first attempt is somewhat crude and printed out of a type of plastic that may deform if the oil is really hot. If there are enough people here that want one, I will put more effort into it and print a few. Depending on the chosen material, the price would be $25-$40. Is anyone interested?
  10. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Brake Repair

    I just had my left brake go bad; I can press the brake all the way to the floor without effect. I checked the reservoir: OK. I bled the line: clean, good looking fluid came out at each actuation. I presume there is a problem with the seals in the brake actuator. Any advice?
  11. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Cheap IFR GPS

    100% agree. When it comes to upgrades, go big or go home. You will regret a lesser upgrade. BTW, if I cannot convince you, I will have a GX-60 for sale sometime in the future.
  12. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    New Klixon switch covers

    I will send you a Boost Pump and all the others, unless you really want a Boost Bump.
  13. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    New Klixon switch covers

    6 for $50 or 8 for $60. As far as I know, they will fit any Mooney with Klixon switches. Let me know which ones you want.
  14. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    New Klixon switch covers

    I am printing another batch of switch covers. A few people have previously PMed me to get a set, so I tried to let them know about this new effort. If anyone else wants a set, please let me know now, as this could be the last time I do this. Please spread the word far and wide. There are nine standard letterings that I will print, but if anyone wants something custom, I can do that, too. ELEV BOOST PITOT LDG NAV STROBE ROT AV MASTER TRIM PUMP HEAT LITE LITE LITE BCN MASTER
  15. Ah-1 Cobra Pilot

    Is this corrosion or a gasket?

    What is the Year and Model of that aircraft?