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1981 M20k 231 for sale

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Aircraft Registration: ZS-LEZ
Aircraft Make and Type: Mooney M20K 231
Year Model: 1981
Airframe Hours: 3,016 +/-

Engine Type and Hours: Continental TSIO360LB (Was replaced on TBO with a Factory overhaul LB engine). 1257 Since Factory Overhaul and Approximately 543 hours remaining. 
Once the engine went pass midlife (at 1074 to be exact) all 6 cylinders were done.  The turbo was replaced with a Factory rebuilt exchange (factory spec) at 977hours. 
Engine has the Merlin Waste gate and was replaced with a new waste gate Dec 2022.
Prop type and Hours: 3-blade. Prop changed from 2 blade to brand new 3 blade in 2020. 

Avionics and other equipment:
Audio panel: Garmin GMA345 with bluetooth.
GPS:GTN650 with integrated strike finder
Nav/com 1: GTN650 with integrated strike finder - HSI for ILS and Glide slope
Com 2: Bendix King NAV/Com with VOR
Transponder: Bendix King KT76A with Mode C
JPI EDM900 Engine monitor with fuel flow - Primary
Auto pilot: KFC200 fully coupled with GTN650
Backup GPS: Garmin 795 mounted on yoke.

Viewing Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa/

Other information: All maintenance done SA Mooney and no expense spared.  SA Mooney is the only Mooney agent in South Africa and is a reputable maintenance organisation.
Other information: Equipped with factory fitted Oxygen 
MPI status: Last MPI was 9 November 2023.
Contact details of owner: Johan +27 82 457 0680   johan@kdasa.co.za

We will be placing our beloved Mooney in the market. 

We bought LEZ in 2018 and have enjoyed every one of the 550 hours we have flown in her. This was our first plane and we spared no expense. She was pampered and cared for by SA Mooney which is a professional outfit here in South Africa.

LEZ was pampered and flown very conservatively by it previous owners, and we followed suite. Although say some it is not necessary, we alway do the 5min additional idle of the sake of the turbo. Our cruise settings are 65% power rich of peak, and this delivers CHT’s well below 380.

She runs exceptionally smooth with the 3 blade prop with almost no vibrations, a typical comment when a fellow pilot fly with us.

At low level operation (below 7000) we see +/- 145-150 knots TAS at 65% power 125deg ROP, 12 gph (45l per hour)
At FL190 she will run very close to 170 knots TAS at 65% power. You’ll gain about 10-12 knots if you fly het at 75% which she will very happily do for 2 gph more.
I found that on longer legs LEZ and myself prefers to be between FL130 and F170

76Gal useable gives you 5hours plus proper reserves at 13gph for planning. That’s 725nm 1350km). A bit more than most bladders can do, although I normally fly PE to Nelspruit direct (600nm) and my average time for this trip is about 3h45min, but found a bottle that works very well. 

Mods and Upgrades:

Cosmetic touch ups and any corrosion gets treated every time she is at SA Mooney.
GMA 345 autopanel fitted.
All cylinders were done with Top overhaul carried out on 10 November 2021 at 1074.3 hours.
Last Oxygen Cylinder Hydro Test was carried out 27 July 2021
Dukes Electric Fuel Pump 10 Year overhaul was carried out on 2 November 2023.
New turbo installed 1 March 2021 at 977.4 hours.
Merlin waste gate controller replaced around Dec 2022.
All windows replaced on 6 June 2023 at 2898.2 hours.

Status report can be arranged from SA Mooney

Reason for Sale: We are currently flying a Mooney Bravo, a A36 bonanza and a Cessna 182, so it is time to make her available to someone else.

Price:  We are looking for $105 000.  (price low, but the week ZAR make it possible, and the buyer will have to allow +/- $30 000 for shipping and paperwork)  

SA Mooney has facilitated 3 or 4 Mooney's that left the country, so I'm sure we can arrange contact details to make it easier.

She was registered on the N register before coming to SA (N1148Z)










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