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  1. I used this method for a while. 1 positive is you can use the roof vent and direct the air to the back of the iPad, keeps it nice and cool. I moved mine to the yoke because 1 - I found it did obstruct my view a bit. 2 - It get in the way entering and existing the aircraft (I use the middle bar with my left hand to pull myself up and for support when lowering myself into the co-pilot seat)
  2. Time for an Update ! The Turbo was fitted last week Wednesday. Oil pressure looked better, but difficult to say if it was the turbo as the oil pressure was adjusted during the fault fault finding. First photo was the flight back to the AMO (FAPA). They checked everything again in the workshop, and the pressure had to be lowered as it was too high when the oil was cold. Today on her flight back to FAPE it was running as per second photo. They check the stainer and all looked good. We looked at a couple of things that might be limiting the speed. We found that one of the wheel d
  3. We also leave the stobes on, works well especially in the hanger. My problem now is the children plays with the rear interior light (wired after the master switch), and you can't see the switch or the light (in day time) from outside.
  4. Hi, Turbo arrived in South Africa, with a bit of luck it will be delivered to the AMO tomorrow, they will probably go to the plane and fit it next week. Will update you with the end result. Regarding the speeds, that is the reason why I asked. Also have a feeling our K is on the slow side. We see +/- 155 kts TAS between 8000 and 10000 feet. I'm interested to see if there is a change with the new turbo, although I don't think there should be a significant change.
  5. Once again thanks for all the information. We use AeroShell Oil W100 Plus. I will ask them to check the suction screen. They did a test where they installed a pressure gage from the "output" of the engine, before the check valve. The pressure at idle is 35PSI at that point, 10 PSI more. I would imagine that if the suction screen is block we would get low pressure at that point already? We managed to find a rebuilt Turbo exchange on your side of the world, we are now waiting for shipping.
  6. See my AMO has one on their website http://www.mooney.airmoon.co.za/aircraft-sales/show-ad/35/1998-mooney-m20k-encore/used/
  7. The photo of the JPI was taking in cruise, 24PSI. No Metal in the filter. Prop control is working normally. @Jim F What speeds do you get at those settings?
  8. Fully agree. We landed at the nearest airport and pulled in at the local AMO. Our mechanic ask them to run the test. This is why we are looking for a turbo. We will rather buy one and replace it to be sure. Turbo is almost half life now, and if I understand correctly, they don't often run for all their hours. Only issue is that there is no Turbo's available in South Africa, and no more companies open to overhaul ours.
  9. Hello, Thank you for your replies. Nice to meet some fellow M20K owners. Thanks, that is a good idea to verify the Temp. We have a JPI EDM900 in, but I'm not sure if they work from the same temp sensor for the oil. Don;t thinks so though. Engine is 850h since Factory OH. The pressure relief has set on every MPI and oil change, as I always mention the low oil pressure to our mechanic. Blow byes are all good, and plugs are clear. We been monitoring the pressure because of the delay in building oil pressure. How long does it take for your oil pressure to stabilise after start up?
  10. Good day I'm Looking for a Turbo for a Continental TSIO 360 LB. Seems ours is on its way out. Can be used, overhauled or new. Anybody know of something or any dealer you guys/girls would recommend? Symptoms - We have had low oil pressure for a while, bottom of green arc. During the last 50hours I've notice that the oil pressure take longer and longer to build up after start (Same temperature conditions). On my last flight the pressure stayed in the yellow arc, 24PSI. Any thoughts?
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