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KPSO Airport-adjoining residential land Investment Opportunity

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2 adjoining residential lots, total ~8 acres, in the city limits of Pagosa Springs, CO. abutting KPSO

On a knoll overlooking the runway.

Walmart (yay) is literally 3 miles away, yet the old Ponderosa Pine forest and security/privacy of this property give it the feel of being in the wilderness (until you see the aircraft landing/departing).  Elk and wild turkeys are the current inhabitants.

I don't have the resources to do justice to what will be a world-class property.  Building in Pagosa Springs has become expensive; the POA covenant-minimum is 2000sf and it will cost at least $350/sf to build at this point in time.

  • One of the "most beautiful airports in America".
  • Pagosa Springs is the Aspen without the "A's" ("A" is for "Hermes").  If you want fancy stuff to buy or hoity-toity dining, Pagosa Springs is probably not for you.
  • 29 miles from world class skiing at Wolf Creek (if you know, you know snow).
  • Active private pilot community.
  • Durango is an hour drive to the west.
  • This property is more at the level of the folks with a TBM or the like, but I'm a mere Mooney owner.


  • 300 yards to taxiway bravo/private hangar access (hangar not included, land to be leased from airport and hangar constructed by purchaser).
  • Includes architect-produced (and structural) plans for 2300 square foot house + garage.
  • Expansive views of the runway, Pagosa Peak, Saddle Mountain etc.
  • Exclusive, gated community with unobtrusive POA and reasonable covenants, 12 total lots (all at least 4 acres each).  Neighboring lots that have homes are multi-million dollar properties.
  • Sewer, electric, gas and water to property line.
  • Will consider including 1999 Ovation with 700 hour factory reman engine, 530w, kfc150, kcs55a/ki256, < 1900 TT.  An excellent, beautiful and well cared-for aircraft with an older but super-capable setup (I'd add GPSS but that's about it); original interior 9 exterior 8.  The plane is NOT for sale separately.

A package deal would be around $725,000; without the "O": $500,000.

Open to proposals from experienced developer or outright sale of lots (preferably both lots - for the pilot with means this would make a singular aviation-related estate, especially for someone willing to negotiate/build hangar on taxiway Bravo).

No brokers or realtors; principals only.  Everything fully title-insurable; I own wholly.

Use Mooney space IM to get in touch if interested; will not respond to forum-posted comments.  I'm a long-time, rarely-posting Mooney space member (under a different user name).

Annotated Picture.jpg

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