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  1. The best way to clean bugs and debris is to soak the windscreen with lots of water and rub with your hand, that way no scratches from the cloth. They apply any type of auto wax or other protective product. Buff, and apply another coat. Next time will be easier to clean as you have layer of wax, which also protects the plastic windscreen from scratches
  2. This is a hazard for all aircraft. If there would have been no problem seen now, there is a good chance that the problem would have developed later. Check the rest of the airframe closely, with an eye towards spotting the next trouble area. Checked inside the fuel tanks?
  3. Lesson I learned the hard way. After vacuum pump failure you have to clean the lines out of material from the broken pump vanes, vacuum out the debris with shop vac. Otherwise new AI will be damaged by the carbon bits and dust.
  4. Glad to hear that you filed a NASA report. There are disabled pilots out there and we should not be shy about alerting those who can more fully assess the situation. Never se├źn someone push with the spinner!
  5. Try new links in the mechanism under the cowl. A little wear can have a big impact.
  6. He appears to be demented. Did I see age 88? He had just enough cognitive ability to buy and fly, to some extent, everything else shows poor judgment, and foggy thinking skills.
  7. If it all works out, consider spending a couple of hours with an instructor at Double Eagle in Albuquerque to review density altitude, and have a plan b. If it is taking too much time there are lots of airports along the way to leave it for three months rather than push yourself or your plane into an uncomfortable situation. Have an adventure to remember. I've had lots.
  8. Best solution is very reasonably priced Whelen cowl, which has a modified 'scram' air injection. Check it out; https://flywat.com/products/super-201-carbon-fiber-cowl-mod
  9. A lot of posts were erased as site migrated to new server. Have a good trip!
  10. Like the new look. Will have to pay to be a member or just leave, as the advertising popups have become on obstacle.
  11. The problem is that you have a schedule and a passenger you don't want to disappoint. What will you do if the visibility slowly deteriorates? You're a bit uncomfortable but pressing on. Its MVFR. And then you can't see through the haze? Or you have to duck under or over a cloud? Things can fall apart quick. I would definately go expecting the possibility of two or three days each way, or more, if I were by myself.
  12. The issue is either poor connection, bad switch, bad vr, internal break in wire. Somewhere along the path from battery to alternator there is a large drop of voltage, .1 or .2 volts will do it, causing the alternator output to go up, to increase output, then go down, off and on. Check each connection with volt meter engine off until you find where the drop is. Of course wires vibrate too. If no voltage drops, suspect vr or master.
  13. Never knew that old wives sat around and told stories about their days flying turbo Mooney's.
  14. I used to live in New Mexico and flew into Durango several times with no problem in my Cherokee 180. I would imagine a G model would be even more comfortable with folding legs. Also flew into Leadville. Once I moved up to a J model, high altitude performance was slightly better, though longer ground roll. Have to respect winds, density altitude, weight, etc.
  15. I apologize for my earlier comments. None of us know the whole truth about anything. Surprised this has not been shut down. I respect everyone's opinion. Let's get back to more important things, lift coefficients, flaps or no, lean of peak, and 201er'a latest exploits!
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