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  1. The issue is either poor connection, bad switch, bad vr, internal break in wire. Somewhere along the path from battery to alternator there is a large drop of voltage, .1 or .2 volts will do it, causing the alternator output to go up, to increase output, then go down, off and on. Check each connection with volt meter engine off until you find where the drop is. Of course wires vibrate too. If no voltage drops, suspect vr or master.
  2. Never knew that old wives sat around and told stories about their days flying turbo Mooney's.
  3. I used to live in New Mexico and flew into Durango several times with no problem in my Cherokee 180. I would imagine a G model would be even more comfortable with folding legs. Also flew into Leadville. Once I moved up to a J model, high altitude performance was slightly better, though longer ground roll. Have to respect winds, density altitude, weight, etc.
  4. I apologize for my earlier comments. None of us know the whole truth about anything. Surprised this has not been shut down. I respect everyone's opinion. Let's get back to more important things, lift coefficients, flaps or no, lean of peak, and 201er'a latest exploits!
  5. Always amazing when bright people disagree on basic science. Masks, climate change, seat belts, helmets. And feel their personal needs do not affect others, even when others get hurt or have to pay for their right to hurt themselves or be selfish. People become more emotional than rational. Generations will look back and not believe it, that some said the earth is flat.
  6. Easy solution. Figure out a way to let some air get past the baffles, a 'cool running mod', to reduce cylinder cooling. This will also raise oil temp.
  7. Used to live in Los Alamos NM. My wife at the time did some top secret work, so she said. Anyway, every so often you'd look at your phone and notice it was on, like you were talking to someone, but you had not called anyone and no one had called you. They have that capability, for the intelligence agencies I suppose. Kinda glad they got their ear to the rail. I have nothing to hide. But I did learn that wearing an aluminum foil hat reduced the frequency of these intrusions!
  8. Not all accidents are logical. There is information we don't have. Was the pilot depressed, under stress, suicidal? Had he flown recently in a type where he had to change tanks? Was he fatigued?
  9. If you are not used to mountains and wide open, unpopulated areas it can be uncomfortable. A longer route south through Albuquerque Deming Tucson Phoenix may be a more pleasant intro. If vfr going west and then south you may want to pass over meteor crater, for nice view. Important to have warm clothes and good emergency kit, as pilots have gone down, survived, but been lost due to the elements. In recent years that included Steve Fossett.
  10. Fly down the green river, goose necks. If you lose your engine river landing is best option. With the current. Sometimes there are dry washes that could work.
  11. People think that they should have the freedom to do stupid things. Unfortunately, other peoples selfish, foolish choices affect everyone. How? If you don't have an Elt the search will take longer and your injuries may take more time and money to fix. Like riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Your freedom costs others money and heartache. Sorry, Seen too many bad accidents, life long injuries, inability to function costing millions over a lifetime. Everyone has to pay. Same may be true if the search for you arrives late, but you are still alive.
  12. No one has mentioned the advantages of having a partner or two. Really helps with costs, and someone with experience in ownership may also better understand how to manage maintenance issues. I once had two great partners, we scheduled the plane on outlook, and availability was never a problem.
  13. Hate to say this, but.....First time I was in the same situation over the mountains in Colorado, speed dropped, scanned my instruments, listened more carefully to the engine, which I swear was sounding rough, with a beat I may not have heard before, perhaps a 'sputter'? No digital instruments then. If all other indications besides temps were good, I would consider flying cautiously until I was sure if it was something mechanical or perceptual.
  14. Unless there was actually a leak, there is a phenomenon we all are susceptible to, and yet we all would strenuously believe it would not happen to us: But there is research that has found under certain conditions people believe they saw something that was in fact in error. Eye witness accounts of accidents can be misleading (anyone recall all the reports of missles taking out flight 800?). It is possible that checking fuel, you saw what you expected to see, fuel, but you may have had a faulty recollection, and thought you saw something that was not actually there. Can happen to anyone.
  15. Differences in gross weight and center of gravity can also account for alot of variability.
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