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  1. Book: Those Remarkable Mooneys

    Great idea, just messaged mike.
  2. Book: Those Remarkable Mooneys

    Just moved and found my copy. In good to very good condition, looks like signature on second page in blue ink. Thought I would advertise it here first. On Amazon they are asking over $100 for signature copy. Let the bidding begin!!
  3. M20E with crankcase rcondition good or bad?

    Probably true....But if it were me I would want more done after 40 years. Case is already apart, why not put in new bearings and seals, call it bottom overhaul, and increase resale value and appeal? Bottom would be good for another 2000+ hours?
  4. M20E with crankcase rcondition good or bad?

    I would try to figure out why he did not go ahead and do a bottom overhaul at that time; anything else he has skimped on?
  5. Scrap Value

    When at standstill there is no fluid pressure from oil under pressure protecting the bearings and surfaces, hence pushing or pulling could create wear? When engine is running no danger of marring the bearings or surfaces?
  6. Low oil Temperature

    In the category of WAG: Oil not circulating properly? Try lighter weight oil? Open up the dog house to decrease cooling?
  7. Do we have any dentists here?

    I know nothing about it, so am quite qualified to form an opinion. My wife was in a different situation a few years ago, and decided against veneers as, at that time anyway, it sounded like they had to grind your tooth pretty far down, you were locked into veneers, and they did not last forever. I imagine you already know this. Of course, if you are to appear on the big screen it would not be an option. Good luck either way.
  8. One way that might make it smoother is to shift weight forward, slide your seats forward and adjust trim?
  9. Narco Mark 12-D - Open Mic Sound

    I once had a similar problem and it turned out to be a loose wire connection at the back of the intercom. Could be something in the headphone or headphone jacks also. Use a different headset, a different jack station to isolate, move the wires around to see if that makes a difference.
  10. Still in Denial

    Again, really appreciate this topic and the courage to share, there are all too many fuel exhaustion and fuel starvation accidents. I ask the following question out of respect and some ignorance, just to spark some thought perhaps, but I wonder if military aviation may have contributed some possible feeling of complacency. Isn't someone else fueling the plane for the pilot? Isn't there a premium placed on having just enough fuel for a mission? And going "bingo fuel" more so than in civilian aviation. Many years ago there were two airforce senior officers who rented a small plane and ran out of fuel a few minutes from their destination. This was in New Mexico. Of course fuel accidents happen to everyone, no one is immune from mistakes, and I am not suggesting that military pilots do this more frequently. In fact, they probably make fewer such errors, just wondering if there are other links in the accident chain in this situation. Human factors. We all have them. Some of us, myself included, are overly fearful about fuel and always carry way too much.
  11. Gross Weight Increase STC for J's

    My understanding, and I could be wrong, is that at some point the J model began to share the same basic tubing structure as the K model, which had a beefier construction. So there may be a structural difference that allows the higher gross?
  12. Mooney down NJ

    Much of this discussion is predicated on the idea that risk can be managed and that only bad or poorly prepared pilots come to harm. It is a little humbling to note, however, that seasoned pilots with thousands of hours of experience make mistakes or somehow get into unexpected situations that they can't handle. Hell, I almost had a midair in the middle of nowhere New Mexico. So while we need to constantly discuss safety, and be ever vigilant, it is important to recognize that no one is immune from an accident.
  13. M20J Electrical Troubleshooting

    I have had this problem, needle going back and forth, voltage fluctuating, turned out to be a poor connection between master and alternator. Check voltage at every juncture. You may have a slight voltage loss at some point which in effect turns the alternator off and on very rapidly when the engine is running. Master could also be bad. Lots of other threads about this.
  14. Questions about the 231/252 K models

    If I recall correctly, there was a discussion, maybe a year or two ago, where some owners said their costs were something like 150 to 200 an hour including fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, hanger, engine and avionics reserve, etc. The more you fly, the less your hourly should be.
  15. piper crash in atlanta

    Report mentions cam lobe was worn. Reason for lack of full power?