Update for Mooney WAAS, ADS-B Upgrades for Stec equipped planes

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Filippo    15

Thanks, I guess I will wait for now, between buying the plane, upgrading her to WAAS and ADS-B out , I spent enough.... if I do another upgrade I guess I will face a divorce :D:ph34r:

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Jeff_S    489

That's pretty interesting. I wasn't aware of this SB so I looked it up, and amazingly it applies to all GX Ovations 29-0455 and earlier. Mine is 29-0456! So they fixed the problem on my bird...well, I assume it's fixed. I do remember one time right after I bought the plane that I was on an approach and the pitch trim went nose-down suddenly. But that's only happened once, and I was not in a full-flaps mode.  Something to be on the lookout for, I guess.

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