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  1. Txbyker

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Erik, far left bottom=8's on pylons, above that on left=steep turns, lazy 8's, emergency decents, far right=stalls, changelles??? Interesting trip. Russ
  2. Txbyker

    Austin Area Hangars

    Nice. Looks like a good plan for the airport. I know some guys that would like to do the same thing it appears they are doing in Salado but in NW Houston. Wish it were closer. Russ
  3. Looks like these could be planes since factory restart. I believe they came with a 5 year, 1000 hour warranty? Russ
  4. Txbyker

    preciseflight speed brakes

    Check the metal frame on the top and make sure the paint shop put it back on so that it doesn’t create interference.
  5. This is the one @StevenL757 put on his Ovation and I copied (mentioned above in this thread). http://www.whelen.com/aviation/product.php?head_id=11&prod_id=74 Russ
  6. Txbyker

    Floor Mat Source For M20R

    I didn’t ask but I see Lance’s @LANCECASPER post about Aero Comfort. I had no idea even though they had done my M20J years ago, guess I am getting forgetful. Russ
  7. ...Forgot to add, the pencil now magnetically attaches to the side and constantly charges on the new iPads but as clumsy as I am I kept knocking it off. I stuck one of those retainer loops on the iPad cover that still allows for the charge detection.
  8. I have the new 11” with pencil. Heavier than my 9.7” Pro. I am not happy with what they’ve done to the pencil. I used to use pencil to open the screen, close apps etc on the 9.7 Pro, rarely having to use a finger. You have to use your finger a lot now on the 11. Pencil is good for artistry more than for utility. Also you can’t really use a screen protector because it blocks the face recognition cameras. Greasy screens! Russ
  9. Txbyker

    More excitement at FL 19.5 with my Rocket

    Tom, this is a great example of knowing your plane's systems. You suspected the issue and also figured that the MP would increase down lower. Staying calm and thinking is pretty hard to do in situations such as this. Russ
  10. Txbyker

    Long Body Market?

    Its close to end of year to be able to capitalize a Sec179 business investment. 6 weeks to take delivery. Perhaps some owners are listing knowing this is harvest season. Russ
  11. Txbyker

    Flap Extension Speeds

    This has been discussed at many a MAPA Proficiency class. 110 is for full flaps but there is no discussion about partial flaps anywhere in the POH. I deploy first flaps at 110 regardless and use speed brakes to get there if not already. 140 is the gear down speed. Russ
  12. I want to replace my front floor mat due to stains and fraying stitching. My mat is one piece and doesn't fit well. I think there are supposed to be two, a pilot and co-pilot but this is what came with the plane. Does anyone have a good source for factory grade mats? Russ
  13. Txbyker

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Paul, I did mine this summer in an Ovation but would imagine many of the maneuvers are similar in mid to long bodies. I used American Flyers at DWH with Mason Ross. He is their chief instructor and he actually did his commercial in a J in Killeen. He has the speeds worked out for the J and now the R. All of the maneuvers are mostly at lower altitudes so I am wondering if the turbo makes much of a difference. I wouldn’t know since I don’t fly turbos. Russ
  14. Txbyker

    Ovation performance charts in XL

    Very nice Patrick. Thanks for your hard work and helping make us safer. Russ