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  1. What engine are you planning, the turbo? Any idea over the overall hours you will end up putting into it? Russ
  2. I watch Trent and Flying Cowboy videos and would love a Kitfox or Carbon Cub. But in Texas we have a lot of open spaces but no place to land given it’s mostly private. Hope you can keep us up to date on your build. Russ
  3. Steve, ping me before and I will come in for a oil change and take you to lunch. Russ
  4. I just renewed mine last week online and got it in the mail yesterday. Russ
  5. Yes. Seat removal, kit rebuild, etc.
  6. On the local news last night they said ATC was trying to help him descend from VFR on top through the clouds. They were trying to keep him from IAH class B and from going further east of his position. Sad. Russ
  7. @Filippo Mine were done last year. $2500 for the EMAs and $3500 for the inflators all 4 seats, parts and labor. Russ
  8. @carusoam yes, my iPad Bluetooths to the GTX. I connect with weather and adsb traffic but no attitude. @Ragsf15e I believe the non-r and remote models are the same but with the remote you have no configuration buttons and I think you have to boot your G-1000 into config mode to see any of the GTX config info. Russ
  9. After using my GTX345R for a couple of years, I found out yesterday I am not getting attitude information on Foreflight. I never really used it before on Foreflight but knowing I am supposed to have it and I do not have it, makes me want to fix it. I am supposed to get AHRS I believe. I have a remote GTX to the G-1000 with no configuration capabilities in G-1000 pilot mode. Does anyone know if this is something I can set in the boot config? Russ
  10. Erik, far left bottom=8's on pylons, above that on left=steep turns, lazy 8's, emergency decents, far right=stalls, changelles??? Interesting trip. Russ
  11. Nice. Looks like a good plan for the airport. I know some guys that would like to do the same thing it appears they are doing in Salado but in NW Houston. Wish it were closer. Russ
  12. Looks like these could be planes since factory restart. I believe they came with a 5 year, 1000 hour warranty? Russ
  13. Check the metal frame on the top and make sure the paint shop put it back on so that it doesn’t create interference.
  14. This is the one @StevenL757 put on his Ovation and I copied (mentioned above in this thread). http://www.whelen.com/aviation/product.php?head_id=11&prod_id=74 Russ
  15. I didn’t ask but I see Lance’s @LANCECASPER post about Aero Comfort. I had no idea even though they had done my M20J years ago, guess I am getting forgetful. Russ