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  1. Txbyker

    Long Body Market?

    Its close to end of year to be able to capitalize a Sec179 business investment. 6 weeks to take delivery. Perhaps some owners are listing knowing this is harvest season. Russ
  2. Txbyker

    Flap Extension Speeds

    This has been discussed at many a MAPA Proficiency class. 110 is for full flaps but there is no discussion about partial flaps anywhere in the POH. I deploy first flaps at 110 regardless and use speed brakes to get there if not already. 140 is the gear down speed. Russ
  3. I want to replace my front floor mat due to stains and fraying stitching. My mat is one piece and doesn't fit well. I think there are supposed to be two, a pilot and co-pilot but this is what came with the plane. Does anyone have a good source for factory grade mats? Russ
  4. Txbyker

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    Paul, I did mine this summer in an Ovation but would imagine many of the maneuvers are similar in mid to long bodies. I used American Flyers at DWH with Mason Ross. He is their chief instructor and he actually did his commercial in a J in Killeen. He has the speeds worked out for the J and now the R. All of the maneuvers are mostly at lower altitudes so I am wondering if the turbo makes much of a difference. I wouldn’t know since I don’t fly turbos. Russ
  5. Txbyker

    Ovation performance charts in XL

    Very nice Patrick. Thanks for your hard work and helping make us safer. Russ
  6. Txbyker

    Ovation performance charts in XL

    Cool thanks. Now can you make into an iOS app, ha. Russ
  7. Txbyker

    Today's flight for 2018

    While I pray for our Florida Mooneyspacers, it was beautiful around Texas today. The Corsair had to wait for me to land but I got a shot of his departure. Captured the old bomber taxing by me. Pic of my plane. Lots of warbirds about. Wings over Houston next weekend. Russ
  8. Txbyker

    Sagging Engine, Worn Lords Mounts

    Can't do that on an IO-550 I don't think.
  9. I stand corrected, it was Tinsley's Chicken DC3 out of Huntsville, TX.
  10. Scott, did they still have the decked out DC3 when you were there? Russ
  11. Txbyker

    Sagging Engine, Worn Lords Mounts

    Chris, my prop had a close fit at the bottom of the spinner where you couldn’t insert your index finger. A few years ago I had Maxwell replace the mounts. Still sagged. Since then I put on an MT prop with spinner and the cowling. MT spinner has plenty of clearance. We should be able to lift the engine a bit by pushing up on the spinner and prop but not a lot. The video Anthony describes where Lee of Premier shakes the engine up and down is very spongy looking. Does your compass vibrate up and down a lot? Russ
  12. Txbyker

    G1000 WAAS Upgrade Cost?

    Why do they even mention the GIA64 if it doesn't work for legacy planes? They should just say GIA63's are repairable but not replaceable. Hopefully they are going to use the GIA64. Thanks for posting. Russ
  13. Txbyker

    GTX345 Bluetooth signal - SOLVED

    I used Buddy’s plexi fix and connect ok. I thought the antenna is behind the Garmin sticker. Regardless, it aims for the side of the tail. If the tray was parallel to the tail perhaps it would work. Russ
  14. Txbyker

    Rylo 360 degree camera

    @gsxrpilotPaul that is too cool! I have been looking at those and glad you posted. Can you pick up clearance on the ground at 84R? Russ