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  1. poweroff 180

    Thanks Paul. I was confusing steep spirals and power off 180 drills in my head. Thanks for the information. My IFR instructor (MAPA) tells me to aim up the runway with plenty of margin as you would rather run off the end of the runway in control than land prior to the runway. Russ
  2. poweroff 180

    Paul, are you saying commercial 360’s should be done at best glide with gear extended? I am in training and am doing them best glide, clean config. Russ
  3. Mid-Continent SAM G-1000

    We have a winner, LOL. I was waiting for that to be noticed. The G-1000 is off by 20 feet and SAM by 40 feet. It will be calibrated at annual in a couple of months. Russ
  4. Mid-Continent SAM G-1000

    No Dan, just enough space.
  5. Here are pics of my new standby instruments installed. The old standby instruments were on the right and candidly kind of out of site out of mind. We built a new rocker switch mount and place the new SAM on the left. The arcnic is connected to one of the GIA’s which provides baro-sync to the PFD. The SAM is very bright, in fact too bright at night in its lowest setting. It is battery powered of course in case of power failure. The right side is now covered up. If you are thinking of one of these you can see that it does fit on the left. Russ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Texas 2018 Fly in

    Nice Don. I am putting it on the calendar. Russ
  7. Steven by chance is Brian replacing your baggage light and beacon with a 90724 Whelen? He told me about yours and added one to the order for me. Apparently it is TSO'd. I am on a quest to convert all lights on my plane to LED. Still need to figure out the recognition lights in the tips. Russ
  8. This is what Sirius Aviation support told me "It’s faster radar. The weather provider was able to change the way they process the information thereby improving the update rate." I will try to test it. Russ
  9. I was intrigued by your responses and did some more research. I read the AIM 4.5.9 that shows a table that FIS B broadcast of the NEXRAD image is now 2.5 minutes. That made me think is Sirius just keeping up with the FIS B and wondering if they are actually getting the NEXRAD source faster than 5 minutes. Are they just sending the same NEXRAD image every 2.5 minutes. After waiting 20 minutes on hold with Sirius I got tech support that said the 2.5 minute transmitting was news to him that marketing had not informed them of that. He gave me an email in support to ask about how this works. I will post when they inform me. Russ
  10. A sneaky way of marketing perhaps.
  11. I just got a flyer from Sirius about service improvements. NEXRAD radar data now transmitting at 2.5 minute update rate versus previous 5 minutes. 2 Times faster than ADSB. Precipitation data now at 2.5 minutes vs 5 minutes. ADSB = 5 minutes. Lightning data at 2.5 minutes versus none for ADSB. I wonder if ADSB is hurting their subscriptions. Russ
  12. It was LIFR all over South Texas this morning. Went up and did some IFR approaches. Check out this progression of air carriers coming in over my approach to final on their way to IAH. I have never seen them so dense. They must have been circling out west waiting to come in. Russ
  13. Any idea what “other” parts are being produced and for who? Mooney manufacturing says they make parts for other manufacturers. Just curious. Russ
  14. STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    I think I may wait on the autopilot to see what happens with the NXI and our GX planes, if anything. Russ
  15. G-1000 SD Card Alternatives

    Would you mind sharing the procedure? Thanks, Russ