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  1. Acclaim 310 hp STC issues

    Andrew, this may be a silly question but did the MSC change the airframe type on the config options page of the PFD setup? I am not familiar with the Acclaim but switching mine from Ovation 2 to Ovation 3 changed the graphic of the tach to show 2700. Not sure what choices there are for the Acclaim. Type S? Russ
  2. Selling my Hartzell M20R propeller model PHCJ3YF-1RF. It was installed in June of 2008 and has about 800 hrs. It was new at the time to replace the factory original which had a strike. The prop is currently being completely overhauled by Jordan Propeller with new seals, paint, etc. I will have pics after overhaul. Logs books accompany the sale. It will be available in 2 weeks and will be stored at KHYI San Marcos. If you like you can fly in there and have it installed on your plane as an option. PM me for more details. Asking $8000. Russ
  3. MT 3 blade composite prop

    Haven’t heard about the cracks. There is a large adoption rate for turbines currently. I am putting a 4 blade on in a couple of weeks. MS’ser, Cirrus guys all reporting good things. My 9 rear old 3 blade Hartzell will be overhauled and repainted if anyone is interested. Russ
  4. 310 hp fuel flow

    I see over 27.5. Russ
  5. ADSB weather on G1000 with GTX345

    Lee, something tells me you may be a guy I was supposed to ferry for pick up your plane with Mark? If not, ignore. Give me a call. My bird was the first guinea pig for this upgrade. Brian Kendrick figured out the process. You have to boot with old GIA’s to a point the swap out with the new GIA’s to complete. Russ
  6. Angle of Attack G1000

    Lee, do yourself a favor and read up on the previous thread about calibration. The instructions speak of changing the probe angle of attack 10 degrees at a time between test flights. Go ahead and set it full forward for the Mooney wing and avoid all of the test flights. Russ
  7. GTX 45R Bluetooth Signal

    Ok Jeff and Buddy I am a believer. I bought a sheet of Lexan from Lowes and used the door to trace and copy. Very strong signal now. Probably the biggest issue with the GTX in the long body is that it is mounted perpendicular to the cockpit. (sorry I do not know how to upload portait) Russ
  8. No XM Weather Today G-1000

    Thanks guys. I did some research, called both Garmin and XM. They both said send a refresh. I have never had this issue in over 4 years in the plane or any of my cars. It is strange, like a light switch, one flight it works, the next it doesn't. There is a screen on the AUX page where you view XM music channels. I did not realize but there is an INFO soft button that shows the status of your aviation weather subscription and signal. I sent a refresh and mine showed strong signal. I then pressed the lock button and now I have weather again. If you don't lock it, you still won't see the weather even though you have a signal. Russ
  9. I thought I saw a thread where someone suddenly didn't have XM for an area they were flying. Today I flew one leg of a trip this morning with full XM weather on the G-1000. On the return trip I had no XM. On the weather page it said "waiting on data". I called XM when I landed and they said I should try refreshing the signal. Why? It worked hours earlier and for the last 4 years. I had to rely on FIS-B weather on the iPad. Russ
  10. Paul, Chris, fantastic tool. Thanks! Russ
  11. G-1000 range knob problem

    Don't mean to be nosey but what do you zoom on the PFD?
  12. G-1000 range knob problem

    The range knob is a plastic "thimble" of sorts that is covered in a glued on rubber cover. The plastic knob can crack which causes it to spin on the metal joystick. At least this is what happened to mine. I bet you can pull it off if it is cracked. Try swapping the knob with the MFD temporarily. Get with a Garmin dealer to order a set of knobs for $110 I think. You have to buy a full set for either a PFD or MFD. Russ
  13. You asked and it shall be done....haha just got this from Mooney from an earlier request. As for the POH, no misprints, type-o’s or carry-overs. There is defiantly a difference between the Ovation and the Acclaim but the chief test pilot told me what you are seeing is normal for the Ovation and he has gone through the certification program for both aircraft. I agree it is on the high side I/A/W the POH but obviously well below red line.