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  1. GTX 45R Bluetooth Signal

    Don't laugh but I created a shield out of aluminum and taped with foil tape. I fastened it to the GTX mounting screws. I am trying to see if it will deflect the bluetooth towards the cabin. I can tell you it did not hurt anything and I think it did make the signal stronger. I get metars filling in information faster and radar updates faster now. Russ
  2. "Dropped you?" On mine, After WAAS upgrade, when it coupled on a test run it pitched down to full stops on the trim servo then popped a fuse. I had a couple of runaway trim situations, up and down. Both I and DanB had our servos rebuilt. I also had my CPU unit overhauled by STEC. My unofficially hunch is that the WAAS upgrade relies upon narrow power curves on the pitch and trim servos of the STEC and all need to be within spec. I had one servo over voltage and one under voltage. Russ
  3. Several on this board have installed remote mount GTX 45R in their GX and other models and do not see a Bluetooth signal in the cabin. For some reason I am fortunate enough to have a signal, although weak. It usually takes quite a while to fill in metars and see weather on my IPAD or iPhone. I have been doing some research on the internet and have some questions for you but first I need to explain some findings. According to the GTX 45R install manual you should mount the remote GTX with the front "Garmin" logo pointing towards the cabin. In my plane and probably most Mooney's the equipment tray is perpendicular. See the picture. Some folks have been removing the O2 access door shown with the blue arrow. The green arrow shows the GTX 45R and the Garmin logo. In the install manual I found these two remarks. 3.12 Bluetooth Considerations (GTX 45R Only) For optimal connectivity with a GTX 45, the Bluetooth antenna must point towards the passenger area of the aircraft. This is identifiable by the Garmin logo sticker. Due to aircraft obstructions, Bluetooth performance may be limited. To obtain ideal Bluetooth performance, use a Flight Stream 110/210. NOTE The Bluetooth antenna in the GTX 45R is at the front of the unit and must point to the passenger area to provide the best Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth performance from a remote unit can be limited due to obstructions in the aircraft. In this situation, better performance can be obtained by using a Flight Stream 110/210. These notes would indicate that the Bluetooth signal is a directional one as opposed to one that spreads such as a phone. I have found lots of articles and YouTube videos of people who have focused the Bluetooth signal on their phones by using tin cans and improved the signal to hundreds of feet. My question is this...does anyone know if a Bluetooth signal can be redirected with some sort of a deflector shield that would try to redirect the signal towards the cabin as opposed to our N numbers? Russ
  4. Hey Buddy, I am not sure why that STC called for the digital tach unless it was to cover all non-GX's too. The MDF could always show the 2700, its just that Brian selected the Ovation GX3 as airframe type in the config when he did your WAAS. Maxwell did my 310 and just changed the airframe config from GX2 to GX3. That then shows the 2700. You should ask Brian about the digital tach but I doubt its needed. Russ
  5. South Texas Pre-Purchase Inspectors...

    KERV Dugosh KBAZ Southwest Texas Aviation Used them both. Both good with factory connections. Russ
  6. I thought I would give a shout out to Eric and Mountain High for their EZ II Cannula. Is anyone else using one? I wanted something more comfortable. The boom attaches to your head set and easily swings out of the way when not in use. There is no binding like the ones that fit around your head and draw up tight. $185 for the whole set up including the flow meter however I just ordered a quick disconnect so I can bundle up the tubing when not in use. Russ
  7. Looking for Advice G1000 vs GTN

    Bruce, I went from a GTN650 and Aspen combo in my M20J to a G-1000/STEC combo in the M20R. The touch screen is nice and I got pretty good at it in the J. I must admit, I do like pressing the buttons sometimes on the G-1000 but again sometime long for the touch screen. I guess its not that big of a deal to me as of right now. I don't know what Garmin/Mooney/Beech/Cirrus etc are going to do about upgrading the G-1000. A bunch of us on here petitioned enough and have WAAS now and ADSB In/Out on the STEC so I would no longer be afraid of that one. I wish they would bring us the FlightStream. The NXi is out but not certified for the past of course unless you have a King Air. I heard that Garmin more or less couldn't keep making the G-1000 due to component shortages and came out with the new NXi. Perhaps there is more in moving to the G-1000 than just the avionics. I am not sure what your M20S has onboard but a lot of the G-1000's come with O2 and Air Conditioning as you probably know. Russ
  8. Oh yes Paul, I forgot to mention it included squawk code.
  9. Ah, could be, it was within an hour.
  10. I don't know if this is Foreflight or something new with the FAA but on my last couple of trips I file the plan and get an immediate Foreflight notification response with the expect route. In the past it would take 20 minutes or so to get the expected route. Does anyone know if something occurred with the FAA or Forelight to get immediate feedback now from ATC? I am not complaining, its nice, just wondering what changed. Russ
  11. Angle of Attack G1000

    Jeff, I went with the Alpha AOA With Valkyrie HUD. The AOA is mounted upside down under the HUD behind the PFD. This is an old video when first installed.
  12. Angle of Attack G1000

    I put a HUD on mine. At first I didn't want to cut up the glareshield but at the urging of Mark Korin at Alpha I went ahead and put he HUD between my eyesight and the prop so I have to look through it on final. The reason I state this is that if it were on my G-1000 I might tend to look more down than up. Just my thoughts. Not meaning to say those with AOA on their glass is not as good as looking through them on top. Before AOA on final, my scan would be airspeed on the PFD, MP on the MFD, out the windshield, rinse and repeat. Now its just looking at the correct colors on the HUD and airspeed and MP are by hand. Something to think about if they do come out with a glass version. Russ
  13. Summer Cool Down For Quick Turns

    I will need a sawzall, ha just kidding, no cowl flaps. But thats a good point, the fbo's always have one idea about where they want you but good to override them and park as you say. Russ
  14. I had a quick turn around the other day. Outside temp 95. On the ground for less than an hour. Taxi'd out, on climb out, oil temp over 200, CHT over 400. What do you guys do to cool off your engines when you know you have a quick turnaround? Russ

    Maxwell taught me a simple method on my Ovation. Mixture full like cold start and turn the key with the left hand and push/work the throttle in and out a couple of inches back and forth while cranking. Its simple and works. Russ