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  1. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    Robert, I saw something very similar a couple of months ago but with CHT. It looks like you have the graph at 15 second intervals. I expanded my graph and saw 30-40 degree variations over a couple of seconds, something that would be hard to do even with a flame torch. Not sure but worth a check. Paul helped diagnose too. Russ
  2. Robert, you should only need update the MFD card to crosstalk the Garmin updates to the PFD. You can check database versions on the Aux page that shows latest database version and use the soft key to toggle MFD or PFD. However, I am impatient with the progress when updating flightcharts and terrain for example as they are large databases, and I do it the old way, switching cards and rebooting. If not, I get a DB mismatch alert while it copies. Russ
  3. Jeff, you could load a flight plan with victor airways prior to .34? I guess I missed it or stumbled across it after upgrade.
  4. How do you best load a DME fix on a clearance when the fix is not on any charts as a way point and is truly a point along a VOR radial? I am often given a clearance to fly to the 30 mile DME fix on the 321 degree ADM VOR radial for example. I take too long to try to figure out how to load it in my Garmin G1000 and instead just hand fly the darn thing. Foreflight does a good job of loading it as ADM/321/030 but not so for our GPS that I am aware. Russ
  5. 8) Replication of database from one SD card to another for database changes. 9) Victor airway loading Russ
  6. Cleaning belly and wheel wells

    Tub O’Towels $12 on Amazon as belly cleaner? Wipe and dispose, throw away. Trying to find something I don’t spray. Work as well as orange degreaser. Thoughts? Russ
  7. STEC 55x ILS capture

    Dan, great, I will try VOR. Russ
  8. STEC 55x ILS capture

    Robert, NAV tracked in the SVT hit boxes whereas GPSS flew offset to the left in my case 250 ft if I recall. I corrected it in level flight, smooth air in GPSS. The screw is deep behind the faceplate and small flat. You can take a binder clip or something and sharpen the end. Very slight touch and wait for correction, then repeat. The correction takes a few minutes. Not sure there is enough time to do on approach unless perhaps you corrected a lot on a cruise flight. If no SVT perhaps zoomed in Forefight or SVT on it. Just my opinion. Not an A&P. Russ (Macgyver)
  9. STEC 55x ILS capture

    I am not sure if this is the same issue but when I got my STEC back from overhaul after the WAAS upgrade I noticed GPSS was tracking to the left of intended path whereas NAV was true. With SVT it was obvious. I made a tool that could reach the potentiometer and dialed it in. Same issue? Russ
  10. ADSB weather on G1000 with GTX345

    Lee, John Galik, Outright Avionics one of the largest Garmin dealers. He has an aux hangar right by yours but he is usually pretty busy. They do good work. Russ
  11. ADSB weather on G1000 with GTX345

    My shop told me it would have been $1K less had it not been for running that one wire. They pulled the carpet, seat, etc. Russ
  12. Angle of Attack G1000

    That sounds good but like I was saying full flap is upper blue arc anyway. So all of that good work to hook it up would make it indicate a blue circle. I fly into the airport environment with a blue circle and strive for upper blue arc which is just above stall full flaps and just right fo flare. I wonder if you may want to share your findings with Don Maxwell and Alpha. Russ
  13. Angle of Attack G1000

    Paul, I am trying to recall but no I gave up on full flap module, sent it back and got a refund. Maxwell tried to install it but the special IO for full flap condition needs a place to connect and see flap full. Maxwell tried and couldn’t find a place to wire it. The flap switch does not show voltage. All other circuits are integrated. He got frustrated being a pilot project for Alpha Systems. You probably would need to install a new microswitch on the gear that triggers when down. In the end, it probably is overkill because on my Alpha AOA the upper blue arc is full flap anyway. Russ
  14. IFR Into OKC Will Rogers

    Enjoy. Russ
  15. ...do you think there is a correlation with the factory re-start, WAAS upgrades, etc to the Ovation owner holding onto their planes? Also, there is a huge step outside of something the performs equally and is equipped the same. $250K gets you a solid Ovation GX but you would need another $200K to get a similar G36 Bo. I can't think of any 175KT G1000 mid time engine airplanes in the $200K price range. Acclaims are scarce too. Russ