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  1. Txbyker

    Mooney Pre Buy Recommendation in the San Antonio area

    I agree. But he is busy for a couple of weeks ( my annual). Russ
  2. Yes, thanks. Greg @gsengle flew down and had Brian replace his McCauley with the Hartzell. Last I heard Greg saw better performance with the Hartzell on his 6+ hour leg home. We both just missed you at KHYI. Russ
  3. MT Prop, O2GX, A/C, non-FIKI LOP 10000 2450 rpm 171kts ROP 10000 2450 rpm 175 kts examples. I have had the prop almost a year. No paint issues, 120 hrs. There is one spinner for both icing and non-icing so expect a gap on non icing. Russ
  4. @Niko182 Expect to pay about $18K for non-TKS, plus local MT dealer assembly, plus installation and balance, all-in perhaps $20K. That was what is was not too long ago. Full feathering? I used the same governor, just prop swap. Your pros and cons look correct. I will add that the weight difference is mostly in the blades and as such the prop is super quick to spin up and slow down. RPM adjustments are more or less instantaneous. Landings take a few to get through. I just finished my commercial CPL and the power out 180 was giving me fits. Twisting the power to the stops make you sink and come up short or overshoot every time. The final two twist of the throttle brake the plane as opposed to the Hartzell. Speeds in cruise for me are indifferent. Gain a knot at one setting, loose a knot in the other. @aviatoreb aka Erik has a lot of hours in his and probably add more info. Cool? Yep! Russ
  5. Txbyker

    Don't be like me!

    I agree with you. I am getting impatient for action and find myself fast forwarding a lot. I have to admit, I am starting to get 31" tire-envy. Those backcountry guys are flying the CubCrafters and SuperCubs and landing next to rivers in just a few feet. It looks like a blast. Russ
  6. Txbyker

    Don't be like me!

    There are a lot of good YouTube channels. My favs are BarronPilot, Steveo1kinevo, Matt Guthmiller, Backcountry pilots, and one of the best, FlightChops. All very enjoyable and I appreciate the creative vlogs. Russ
  7. Txbyker

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    @Simpson Bennett just wondering about the Mooney status or did I miss an update? Russ
  8. Txbyker

    Lord Disc Sag

    Thanks! I am pretty sure mine are within .85 spec but bothersome that two news sets still look like the need replacing.
  9. Txbyker

    Lord Disc Sag

    I am working through a puzzling issue with my main gear Lord disc. My disc were replaced last October. After replacing and over the next few months the gear started exhibiting a worn state again. This would be the bulge in the disc, the tower stem protruding up through the middle, and the outer and inner gear doors almost touching. We then removed them and replaced them with another set of new ones this past April hoping Lord would warranty the October batch. Lord checked them in their lab and say although under min length they are within spec. The newest discs are also sagging a bit now with gear doors getting close, stem extending a bit, although this batch is not quite as bad as last October. Bottom line, I am being asked to cover quite a bit of disc expense with a plane still not looking right. No controversies here with mechanic or Lord, just trying to determine what could be going on. BTW, the kick test whereby you jack the plane and push back on the gear to see if there is play is good indicating solid disc, yet still sagging. Curiously, this all came about the same time I put an MT propeller on that takes 30 lbs off the nose. CG shift back 1" Any ideas? Russ
  10. Txbyker

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    That’s good Anthony. My DPE is looking for my logic in such a case, like you have laid out here. My answer was, it is not in the POH so expect to land longer given no flaps, but leave em up versus down if I am on the last few amps of power, and find a suitable runway. Russ
  11. Txbyker

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    Question: Assume you have total electrical failure and thus, no gear, no flaps. You can crank the gear down manually. Flaps not, assume no flap landing. Where in the POH does it provide landing distance for no flap landings? Actual DPE question. Russ
  12. Txbyker

    STEC 3100 Digital Autopilot

    McKee Avionics should have sent it. I will follow up.
  13. Congrats @Danb. I can't think of any gotchas in regard to learning the software that you probably couldn't do while in flight back. The features discussed on this thread are pretty easy to ascertain. You remember I had the STEC servo issues. I believe your servos have all been rebuilt/replaced. The approach coupling was messing with me at the start. I know that STEC upgraded my head unit to software 7 in addition to completely overhauling it and the servos. You may want to double check yours. I am sure Don could hop over to Mineral Wells to upgrade it to 7 if you are on 6 but I am not really sure you need 7. Everything will be the same except the WAAS approach guidance. Russ
  14. Buddy, I have been messaging with @Deb and he looked up my serial numbers of the GIAs and they are -20 according to his source. Perhaps ours are still in production and are the latest vintage. Russ
  15. Mooney went to bat for us with the GIA63W-01 upgrade for G-1000 year before last to get us STEC 55X and GFC's upgraded to WAAS. I doubt Mooney knew of the life cycle plans for the GIA's when they did it. The new -20 was probably in the Ultra lab getting qualified. The integrated panel-in-a-box is most likely here to stay versus putting together various vendor components with a need to integrate to each other. Its probably so much cheaper to manufacture. Ten years from now it will be the NXi components going obsolete. I was fortunate to get mine upgraded a year and a half ago. But even with the upgrade I fear that in a couple of years I won't be able to get spares. I swapped out both PFD and MFD over the last two years due to failing buttons, joysticks, etc and got exchange refurbs quickly and reasonably. I just can't see how they can avoid a certificate of the whole airframe with G-1000/NXi integration due to costs of doing it with several separate systems. Russ