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  1. Clean the engine of any excessive oil using an engine cleaning chemical and a garden hose. Once the engine is clean and dry spray the suspected area with talcum powder, or better yet, I have found athlete’s foot powder (not the clear type) in a spray can works great without making your entire engine look like a powdered donut. Let the engine run for 1 minute and it will be obvious based on the powder where the oil is leaking from. It is a simple trick that still works well to trace all kind of oil leaks.
  2. Here is drawing for O&N Bladders. O&N Bladders.pdf
  3. Thanks for the info and hope check it out soon.
  4. Who is upto going to the Museum and lunch later. Arriving at 10:00 when the Museum opens. The weather looks great for the weekend.
  5. It was a great day and looking forward to the next trip.
  6. Sorry about the kitchen pass, will keep you informed about any future plans.
  7. I am working in Blackstone, Va, so only hour flight.
  8. We will be flying to Ocracoke (W95) Saturday the 24th for lunch. Howard’s Pub is opening for the season and the weather looks great for a day trip. We will be there @ 12 for lunch if anyone else like to get the winter dust off their Mooney, come and join us.
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