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  1. Hi MooneyJohn.

    I saw you post about the intake duct. I was considering experimenting with producing this part myself. My current intake duct is still in use and difficult to measure. Do you have a drawing of this part that I can use to replicate it in SolidWorks? I would like to do a stress analysis on it to see how a TPU version would hold up. 

    You can email me at m.allen.dutton@gmail.com.

    Thank you,

    Allen Dutton

  2. I take your concerns very seriously. The current duct being manufactured at best is 3/32 thick and only lasts two to three years before the part starts to degrade. There is not any approved instruction for repair or time change from the manufacturer. As for the reinforcement, I believe the material is there to only hold the poor quality of the manufactured part together. I have created over a dozen different prototypes to test fit and function. The current prototype is a 3D printed part with TPU material, also the thickness of the new design has been increased to 1/8. The final product will be made out of silicon for its durable, flexible, strength, and temperature control.
  3. This is a prototype I have been working on. Starting on a mold design to make a silicone version.
  4. I would like to hear about any updates, also.
  5. Still in the works but this maybe a future owner produced part in the future.
  6. Does any one have pictures of the CGR-30P Premium installation? Especially pictures of the mounting of the boxes that controls the unit’s and fuel flow mounting. I have the CGR-30P Premium package and waiting for the installation to begin.
  7. My IO-360-A1A cracked in the same area and also was a slow oil leak.
  8. I had the same problem with my aircraft. Found a cracked three years after ownership in the leading edge covered with Bondo. I replaced the skin to correct for the damage. Found the original owner in 1966 and he told me a friend borrowed the aircraft and hit a fuel pump and put a dent in it in the early 70s. Aircraft was pain in the late 80s and it was still covered in Bondo. I’m glad I replaced the skin and the plane flies great with no damage.
  9. I will be there camping in vintage and this will be my 2nd time.
  10. Is the tail tiedown still available, and could you let me know what the spacing measurement on the two mounting holes?
  11. Great project, I would love a set of four adaptors.
  12. We will be flying to Ocracoke (W95) again this Sunday 8th for lunch. Maybe Howard’s Pub or trying something new and the weather looks great for a day trip. We will be there @ 12 for lunch if anyone else like to get the dust off their Mooney, come and join us.
  13. Great product. When I change or add anything to the Mooney that is attached to there hub, I call them and get a new harness and it is plug and play.
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