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  1. I have used fuel tank sealant CS3204 B1/2, it is good for a few years
  2. 2vhzxmib.bmp A friend made me some ashtray covers. If anyone is interested in getting some let me know, price is contingent on the quantity. Piper, cessna, other manufacturers can be done. 9pksaz46.bmp
  3. There is a restrictor in the oil pressure fitting on the engine case, was that changed when JPI transducer was installed?
  4. Use adhesive-backed felt for the install. Adhesive side to the aluminum. It is easy to work with, allows the window to expand and contract, don't leak. No mess and window manufacturers recommend it. Spruce sells it, 1.5" X 1/16".
  5. Spruce has a Lamar starter relay that I have good service from. Be sure you get a starter relay, not a continuous duty relay.
  6. Keep us informed, I could use a new one, or both.
  7. How about some pictures to show what we are talking about. Have temperature issues also.
  8. OK Used another download and have what I want.
  9. I have tried several times to download the Mooney Maintenance Manual in the downloads. Download starts and never finishes with a failed message. Tried home and work computers on separate internet accounts. Any ideas, have a flap problem that I would like to look at the maintenance manual for.
  10. It was removed when I purchased the aircraft. Has a one piece belly, that may have something to do with the removal.
  11. 201 windshield fixed my panels, a bit pricey but I think worth it. Speed, noise reduction, added visibility, and looks.
  12. Need a picture, a flush patch and some filler can cure a lot.
  13. You are going to have to paint after fixing your problem, have you thought of just some filler and paint?
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