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  1. Had a grand total of 5 Aspens fail on me in flight, 1x E5, 2x First Gen Evo 1000, 1x Evo Max and 1x EVO Backup instrument paired with a G1000. I would not recommend.
  2. I would kill for this in my E but it would make no since budget wise. A co-pilot side window is far more wallet friendly.
  3. 147 Kts true for a C with a 200hp engine seems low. Check rigging, my 71 E with a Top Prop trues out at 157 knots on a bad day. On a good day I can do 163. Mods list: Oil cooler relocation Top Prop with 201 Spinner Lasar Cowl Closure Lasar Oil Cooler relocation
  4. Circling back, as someone who has spent the last two years trying to buy and moving to purchase a Mooney. The reason their is so few on the market right now is because they are not sticking around on the market. Trying to get an airplane tied down long enough to get a prebuy done was impossible. I would call someone up, tell them I wanted to do a prebuy, they would say ok, I would get that ball rolling and they would call back a day or two later and say they had a cash offer for asking price and someone who was not willing to tie up the sale with a prebuy. In the last two years (late 2018
  5. Can't tell if your talking to me or @rbridges I am not that far along. But in the cockpit everything stays the same for the cowl flaps. I have not yet installed the J baffling yet so it is currently outside the airplane.
  6. @67 m20F chump, it is my understanding that their are a number of approvals for the J cowl, most of the successful ones are done under 337. The previous owner of my airplane intended to do the swap but elected to restore a IO-550 power V tail rather then spend the money on the Mooney. However, he collected most of the parts. You will need the following: Top Cowl Half Bottom Cowl Half Complete Baffling The J Airbox including ram air The firewall based mounting zues fastener ring Cowl flaps from a J The Lasar oil cooler relocation kit A prop and
  7. I have a J cowl for my M20E, it is about 10K in labor to install. That assumes you have all the parts for it.
  8. Never lost a friend in a Mooney but lost quite a few for being in aviation for such a short time. One in a Queen Air just out of KLZU. One in an RV who got in a spin at night in an RV-7 and did not recover. Two during Airshows, one at PDK and one in China. The lessons I learned from these where simple: Proficiency is not the same recentency Flying an airplane that has been sitting without a preflight will kill you You can absolutely outfly your skillset and knowledge with the false confidence a nice panel can give you. Engine failures at low altitudes will kill yo
  9. I know a ton of experimental guys would love a GDL55 to GDL 99 (GDL 90?) converter. Talking with a friend yesterday who is restoring a variviggen has very limited panel space and is trying to use a GI-275 as a VFR GPS and ADS-B display as it is the smallest way to do all of that. He has a GDL39R but you cant use a GDL39/GDL5X with any non G3X panel mounted equipment.
  10. In general, do less hanger flying and do more flying. However, I plan on finishing up my CFI in my E, flying out my 500 hours total time in order to participate in the Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh in 2022, (I do not have high hopes for 2021). As far as the goals for my airplane, I intend on doing the following: Replace fiberglass with foam as part of SB-208 Replace carpet as the years have not treated it well Replace my JPI 700 and non-stock engine instruments with a CGR-30P or equivalent
  11. You are correct, I couldn't tell which way the photos where taken but now I see.
  12. You could do primary category which is legal and much easier to do then Experimental R&D. The IO-390 on a G would be tough because you would still be limited to the lower gross weight. From what I have heard from RV guys that put the IO-390 on over a similar angle valve IO-360 its about a 20 pound increase. You also have to factor in insurance as the 390 makes it a high performance airplane even if its only 10 hp increase. Personally, I considered a G when looking for a Mooney, a G with 200 HP is pretty much an E with more leg room and more range. You improve climb performance but
  13. @jlunsethThank you for breaking that down, I clearly had not followed private carriage all the way through. However, I would still look at 91.321 - Carriage of candidates in elections.
  14. Register the dogs as a candidate in an election. Therapy dog Murfee elected in mayoral election in Vermont (ajc.com) On a more realistic note, I would argue that this would fall under private carriage assuming two things, you had a contract in place and served only a small number of clients.
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