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  1. That is great! Thanks for the info. It doesn't look like I have a plastic overlay plus my panel looks very busy with lots of screws (see pic, sorry for the bad light...). Do you guys think I can add an aluminum overlay like Gary did? On a separate note, maybe we should write an article on how to cover the yokes with about $20! Not perfect, but it looks clean and it will be better next time.
  2. Your panel is neat and clean (really cool, BTW), mine is very busy and it doesn't look like I have any plastic overlay. I'm not sure I want to undo all the screws. I was thinking to overlay a 1mm or 1.5mm of carbon fiber and fit it with trial and error drilling holes for the instruments and the screws.
  3. Just in case you haven't seen it... FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education GPS INTERFERENCE TESTING– Off-The-Coast Notice Number: NOTC0237 FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing CARRIER STRIKE GROUP FOUR (CSG4) 20-03 26 July – 03 August 2020 Off-The-Coast Centered at 321000N0794000W the CHS162048 The entire flight advisory may be accessed and downloaded at the following addr
  4. I was thinking something similar...get some panels and cut them out. Then overlay them on the panel.
  5. Thanks. It would be great to know if anyone else in this forum has tried similar experiments!
  6. How did it turn out? Does it look good? The one I saw was pretty cool with a very professional appearance...
  7. I remember some time ago I saw a Cessna 210 with a carbon fiber panel overlay which was very easy to install (according to the owner). Does anyone know of something similar for our Mooneys? I did some search but I didn't find much... Thanks.
  8. I just bought this... OPOLAR 10000mAh Rechargeable Fan, 8-inch Portable Battery Operated Clip on Fan, Quiet & Strong Airflow USB Fan, 4 Speeds Personal Desk Fan, 24 Hours Work Time Better than I expected, sturdy and quiet. The battery lasts forever and I can recharge it from my battery pack I always carry with me. The clamp is very strong. Just a PIREP!
  9. I have this used exhaust system I like to sell. It does not appear to have cracks and has the EGT holes. Make me an offer via PM if interested. Thanks.
  10. Mainly need the size of the metal and dimensions of the towbar. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! This looks like exactly how I want to build it. Do you mind sending me the dimensions and size of the metal?
  12. Thanks for the info. I will pull/push with a tractor, slowly. I'm not going to move the airplane around the ramp with it. It seems that one pipe only, like @gsxrpilot did, is enough. that saves some work. Initially I was concerned that I needed a two-side clamp.
  13. I'm pretty much working on the same tow bar/idea. Question: are you guys having issues with the bar trying to unhook from the tractor when you push the airplane back into the hangar? I'm concerned that the welded pin could be an issue and I need a stronger connecting mechanism (hitch?).
  14. I was thinking something like this PMA8000B. I think I also need to change the tray and redo all the connections.
  15. I have an old Apollo SL15 that started giving issues with statics and needs to be replaced. Any recommendation that does not cost a fortune and has Bluetooth? Thanks!
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