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  1. Remember there are four senders: two per tank. It seems they average the level sent to the gauges. I have just installed bladders and one of the recommendations was to overhaul senders and gauge bank. So I did and all the sudden it makes sense. At least the 0, 1/4, 1/2. 3/4 and full are now kind of accurate. I also have a JPI830, not fancy has Paul's but I feel way more comfortable.
  2. FastTex

    Sheepskin opinions

    ...LOL. Who knows how many of you already ordered a pair!
  3. FastTex

    Sheepskin opinions

    Interesting. I’m ready to pull the trigger on these Any thoughts? Has anyone tried them?
  4. FastTex

    Tennessee airports???

    Great. Thanks! I might go on Saturday. The FBO might have a courtesy car...I will ring them.
  5. FastTex

    IO-360 A1A Oil pressure

    How are you planning to resolve it eventually? Oil pump overhaul?
  6. FastTex

    IO-360 A1A Oil pressure

    Any idea about the cost of an oil pump and/or cost to overhaul it?
  7. FastTex

    IO-360 A1A Oil pressure

    I have the same oil pressure you do and my mechanic is installing an adjustable regulator replacing the old spring/washer driven one. I have overhauled the whole gauge panel and I will be testing it on Friday. According to my gauge (analog between yellow and green, JPI see above) I'm kind of low. I think it should be at least @70psi in cruise. I will set the regulator to give me that pressure. I will share the results.
  8. FastTex

    IO-360 A1A Oil pressure

    Does your gauge stay in between the yellow and the green, slightly towards the last one?
  9. FastTex

    Tennessee airports???

    I'm planning a quick family trip to see the Tennessee Museum of Aviation, Sevierville in Gatlinburg. Does anyone know if it's worth the flight and time (about 1hr from my location)? Is there a place to lunch?
  10. Hello! I had bladders installed in my M20F so I have a few extra items I would like to sell. They just need cleaning. All in good shape, fuel caps working ok... Make me an offer! Thanks!
  11. FastTex

    Fuel bladders installation

    Not in my far as I remember.
  12. FastTex

    Lost a Mooney pilot today

    Yep. 30 degrees is my max @steingar pointed out I prefer to stay far enough to have smooth turns while in the patterns. The Mooney is way faster than my old Cherokee and I'm still learning to dissipate all the energy accumulated...I found 70kts on final being just right for a smooth landing with my M20F. Now I must gain consistency also considering that we do not always land from a regular pattern (RNAV, etc.)
  13. FastTex

    Lost a Mooney pilot today

    Thanks Jim. So I do 90kts (downwind), 80kts (base), 70kts (final)...basically for the whole pattern and part of the approach I must pay attention to the bank angle not to exceed about 60 degrees. Great info.
  14. FastTex

    Lost a Mooney pilot today

    Honoring the memory of people no longer with us is a sign of respect. Studying and analyzing the cause of these accidents to be aware is another reason why we share and read these details. As a "new pilot" (~ 4 years) I would like to understand more about the wing stall (I believe left in this case). I know the flight dynamics, the stall, etc. but does it mean this aircraft was too slow? or fast enough but in a too steep turn? What else can cause this while in the pattern?
  15. FastTex

    1967 M20E parting out

    @Alan Fox do you still have the glare shields? Still interested... Also, do you have the baggage door slider (if operational)?