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  1. And here is another one FLIGHT ADVISORY - GPS Interference Testing 16 – 24 January 2020 Off-The-Coast What's the level of concern? Have you guys experienced issues in similar situations? I know I can use VOR, etc... It should not impact flying outside of the dates in the advisory (below). I will be flying on the 20th in SC and AL... 16 JAN 20 1200Z – 2100Z 17 JAN 20 1330Z – 1700Z 18 JAN 20 1700Z – 2359Z 23 JAN 20 1200Z – 2359Z 24 JAN 20 1130Z – 2359Z
  2. I made the same mistake buying the "frame" seal and, as @RLCarter stated, it's junk. It sticks well but it's all coming apart piece by piece. Did you also use the remover and glue suggested by I'm thinking to re-replace mine...
  3. LOL! I would definitely do that! Plus the electricity is included in my lease
  4. You also want to take a couch on the lawn because that's where you are going to be sleeping for the rest of your life!
  5. Simple questions: is it worth the 50 bucks a year?
  6. I agree with you that's why I'm gathering info...
  7. It looks great. Did you touch up the paint?
  8. Ok, even more interesting! What are more recent numbers? $15 AMU?
  9. Thanks. It's one of those puzzling things...~$4 AMU vs. ~$12 AMU for a full paint job... I started having small paint peeling and bubbles around some of the rivets even if the overall aircraft looks pretty good. Do they fix those?
  10. G5 related: I have just installed one and I cannot adjust the "airplane" chevron during normal ops (ground or in flight). It has been configured and it works pretty much ok but sometime during flights I would like to adjust it like I was doing with the mechanical instrument. Is this normal?
  11. Did anyone get an estimate? How much do they charge for a Mooney?
  12. Sorry to revive an old thread but this is happening to me sounds like the seals from the knee heat vents are gone. I can feel just the metal valve spinning with the knob on top but, even if closed, I feel hot air coming out. Where did you find the seals? Do you have the part#? Thanks!
  13. Gear didn't go up. A&P worked on the whole pitot circuit and found Airspeed Indicator severe leak (already fixed) and speed switch. The membrane needs to be replaced. They cleaned it and now it's working. But I was told it won't last long... Lasar sent me a quote for $1100...what's the retrofit switch you both for half? Did you replace the whole mechanism or just part of it?
  14. @xcrmckenna Were you able to overhaul and/or fix your switch? I'm facing the same issue and looking for options. Thanks!
  15. Thanks. It turns out it's about $1k, maybe more! Do we have a replacement and/or a different pn#? There was a major leak in my Airspeed Indicator that I needed to replace. Not sure how things were impacting each-other. I will need to overhaul my VSI as well...for now it's still within tolerance.