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  1. I like the idea...I might just spray them chrome with clear coat like I did with my door handle. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  2. Hello @DCarlton, would you mind sharing it? Mine was cleaned up a few years ago but I was told the membrane was at its last leg.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking about that. Maybe I just tape and clean them in place. Do you guys think I can use paint remover or too close to the wings? I would prefer not to keep patching them with paint and do a cleaner job.
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm planning to remove the stall strips from my Mooney, clean them up and repaint. I had the blessing from my A&P. My strips have four screws each so I should not have any problems repositioning them in the right spot (assuming I can take them off!). Any suggestions on how to remove the paint, clean and repaint? Thanks!
  5. Yes, as advised by the other pilots and the documentation. I actually like to have 2 OATs (one in F on the AV20 and one in C on the JPI). I forgot to mention I also like the density altitude reading.
  6. I agree. I have had mine for about a year now and multiple times compared my TAS with my analog speed indicator adjusted for temp: they match. Pretty happy with it. I mainly use the OAT (I have it in F and keep the JPI in C...), timers and TAS. AI seems ok, once in a while I browse around to see the Gs and the other stuff. I do not use the AoA. I installed it in place of the old mechanical useless clock. Great backup little gauge IMHO.
  7. A very similar thing happened to me a few years ago when I got my Mooney. My A&P and I were puzzled. We even replaced the breaker and overhauled the electric motor and the gear box! I felt it was happening with cold weather or after a flight with not so hot hair, anyhow long story short: - it was a bracket set in the wrong place (by like 1/2") on one of the levers/pipes that move the landing gear. My mechanic noticed and old mark with the original position and put it back. No more problems since then. What we thing it was happening is the system was being stressed in excess and this was causing a higher current being drawn by the motor tripping the breaker. I tried to find the picture with no luck. I will keep trying. Hope this helps.
  8. Anyone else interested? Please vote, thanks!!!
  9. Still working on some free stuff like food, maybe an oil change, etc. Thanks for answering!
  10. I echo what @Eight8Victor said. I have an "F" and you can always go slower but you can also go faster when you are ready or when need to. Please do not underestimate the complex and x-country experience you will accumulate. That's a big value also from the insurance point of view.
  11. Thanks. I also need to be careful for pilots falling from the sky! Minor injuries in F-15 incident at MidAmerica Airport | St. Louis News Headlines | kmov.com Bizarre, fortunately everybody is ok!
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