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  1. The one on eBay looks pretty similar if not the same although I see some corrosion on it. I do not have pics of mine and the panel has been re-closed (I'm going by a 2-day visual memory). Can you send me pictures of yours? I can compare it with the parts catalog to make sure. Thanks!
  2. Happy 4th MSers! I'm looking for the 750093-501 JACKSHAFT ASSY for my 1970 M20F. I went to get my landing gear rigged and the expert eyes of Joey Cole noticed the flaps not completely in the right position. The jackshaft is slightly bent on the sides and I will eventually need to replace it. The Texas Salvage folks are out and I sent an email to LASAR. Any other suggestion? BTW: I highly recommended Joey Cole and his folks (Cole Aviation in Dalton GA - KDNN). Nice environment, very courteous and Mooney experts. I flew there and spent most of the day. They got the job done and also pointed out a few squawks. Thanks Joey!
  3. I have solved my issue with superglue. Very carefully clean the metal rod and the Teflon block and even more carefully drop a small quantity of glue on both sides. Push it back and let them vent for a few hours (I waited for several days...) before installing the covering plastic panel. It has been working for months...but now that I made it public I'm sure it will disconnect at the next flight (anti-jinxing move ;-).
  4. Seal kit and O-rings have already been replaced. My A&P says it was very difficult to bleed it and air might be back...not sure if master cylinders can be overhauled or it's better buy new ones? Is LASAR the only place?
  5. I just went through the annual pretty much ok but it looks like the left master cylinder, even with the new seal kit, has some issues (sometime I have to push the pedal very low) confirmed by my A&P. A quick inquiry with LASAR prices these things around $700 (!!!). What's the preferred path? Rebuilding them or new? Is there some other place where to buy at a more reasonable price? Thanks!
  6. Thank you so much for all the info! I will check and verify.
  7. I think I want to fly inside a class C for at least 30mins. I didn't do that and the list @bob865 sent can be interpreted that way since I have 3 out of 5 parameters failed (partial...). I will do that next week end and see what happens.
  8. I really didn't do the full blown test flight as recommended by the FAA. I have read around people getting approved with a simple flight. I wasn't sure it was mandatory, I'm going to do that first following exactly the AC 2 0-165b ! Let's see what happens! Thanks for the feedback.
  9. Hello! This is what I'm dealing with: I have a GNC430W and a 330ES (upgraded for ADSB by Garmin a few years ago by the former owner). After months of attempt by the radio shop, including the latest 430W firmware upgrade, yesterday I tested it again. The major differences are: I do not longer receive the NOADSB message from the 330ES and now I can see the ADSB traffic on my 430W (although I'm already equipped with ADSB-IN, this is a plus). Unfortunately I get a failed report from the FAA, specifically with this red messages: Has anyone had the same issues? How did you solve it? I think the radio shop ran out of options and I'm almost thinking to buy a Skybeacon, slap it in there and call the day...the radio shop bill won't be cheap and I might be better off doing that! Thanks,
  10. What's the item # so I can have a look? Thanks!
  11. ...speaking of pucks and with no intention of hijacking this thread...mine have been there forever (hard to read the date since they have been spray painted who knows when...). Since it's time for the annual we thought it's time to replace them. So...where's the best place to buy new pucks and rent the installation tool? Thanks!
  12. So...based on all the comments above the 430 should "send" info to the 330 which will broadcast the ADSB message. If that's correct why is the 430 showing a "not receiving" data error? The 430 should not need anything from the 330. My plan is obviously only to have the ADSB OUT from the 330. I have the iFly for the ADSB IN which works great.
  13. Should the transponder be the device sending the ADSB data out? I thought the 430W was supposed to provide the coordinates to the XPDR (330ES upgrade for ADSB). That's why that message confused me...
  14. Ok, here is un update. The NOADSB message is now gone. The radio tech said it was a configuration issue. HOWEVER....the FAA report still failed and now I get this message on my 430W (pic below). Any suggestion? I'm almost ready to fly to a specialized place and get it done. Any good place in SC or NC?