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  1. Thanks for the great screenshots. I sent them to my A&P but it looks exactly what I need.
  2. @carusoam I agree, no other place like this! Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks All and @M20Doc replied to your PM. Let's continue the conversation there. Sent the pic to my mechanic.
  4. Hello, My Mooney is at the annual and it is supposed to be ready tomorrow. My A&P needs the solenoid 4085-20 now. We are researching and any help/idea is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I was wondering about that. I thought someone was already testing it around trying to get FAA certified and had shared this info.
  6. Guys sorry for the naïve question, just catching up on things. Are there any approved APs for Mooneys (specifically F)?
  7. I have been using the same cheap heater for years but I simply remove the heat rest from the back seat, place the heater on low on the metal u-shaped head rest holder and run the cable from the baggage door (resting on the cable, not locked). I run it when I get to the hangar. The time I load stuff and do my pre-flight the cabin is nice and warm.
  8. I have the premium version (no big data difference but the hourly forecast is nice...) installed everywhere (Android phone, iPad) and use it on a regular browser as well. One of the best tools I have seen out there for me to plan flights weather wise. Without debating its "accuracy", I combine it with comfort level. After many years I know what makes me comfortable in terms of weather prediction and planning. This tool works great for me, I like having everything in one place (even if I double check some): webcam, runway info, NOTAMs...plus more. Not a meteorologist, just a pilot.
  9. It might sound silly but...do you guys use oxygen with dogs if at altitude?
  10. LOL. Use the magic "ISO" button!!!
  11. I see, thanks. What a pain...and yes my Brittain is connected to my HSI and the heading bug works.
  12. Found some references on this forum and reached out to a few folks. Please post in here if you have updates or additional info. Thanks!
  13. Yeah, I know I need to play the game. It is just frustrating especially for people with regular jobs.
  14. Has anyone connected a G5 HSI to a Britain B6 autopilot? I think I have a B6 since I only have the heading bug (no ALT hold) which works great but my mechanical HSI has the glidescope stuck on the flag and fixing it (I have already overhauled it a few years ago) is more expensive than a G5. I wonder if the G5 heading bug can do the same.
  15. In several years I have owned my Mooney I always had my annual and lots of other work done at the local A&P (including bladders). I even encouraged them to become a MSC. I agree, establishing a relationship is very important, so I did and will continue to provide business to them. However, I think once in a while, it's good to have another shop, especially with high reputation, do the work. It is a safe practice and might catch things that one business didn't see before even if they use the same checklist. No disrespect or lack of trust, just decreasing probabilities of potential issues. I
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