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  1. What's the item # so I can have a look? Thanks!
  2. ...speaking of pucks and with no intention of hijacking this thread...mine have been there forever (hard to read the date since they have been spray painted who knows when...). Since it's time for the annual we thought it's time to replace them. So...where's the best place to buy new pucks and rent the installation tool? Thanks!
  3. So...based on all the comments above the 430 should "send" info to the 330 which will broadcast the ADSB message. If that's correct why is the 430 showing a "not receiving" data error? The 430 should not need anything from the 330. My plan is obviously only to have the ADSB OUT from the 330. I have the iFly for the ADSB IN which works great.
  4. Should the transponder be the device sending the ADSB data out? I thought the 430W was supposed to provide the coordinates to the XPDR (330ES upgrade for ADSB). That's why that message confused me...
  5. Ok, here is un update. The NOADSB message is now gone. The radio tech said it was a configuration issue. HOWEVER....the FAA report still failed and now I get this message on my 430W (pic below). Any suggestion? I'm almost ready to fly to a specialized place and get it done. Any good place in SC or NC?
  6. +1 on all that. I built one a few months ago using XPlane, I bought the J (even if I have an F but close enough...) and using Pilotedge. The only issue with the Mooney is the GPS: maps are old and cannot be updated. So, being an iFly user, I bought a small app to connect my Android iFly install to XPlane. I now have the latest moving maps on my phone when I fly...
  7. A few years ago, while experiencing the issues all of you described above (headset clamping, head sweat, etc..) I wanted to buy Halo but got frustrated waiting for availability and searched the Internet for alternatives. I ended up buying Faro headset: (Amazon might have a better price). I could not be happier. They work great and solved the issues. I had Bose, then Lightspeed, more than double cost but still the same issues even if both had ANR. With the Faro ear plugs I do not notice the difference in terms of noise reduction (pretty sure it's the same with Halo) and get the benefits of light weight, volume sliders and AUX input which I use constantly to connect my cell phone interface. Also, I do not mind the thing less to worry about. I have no financial interest in Faro, just sharing my experience!
  8. No, I did not. I’m waiting for a few months then I will start shopping around. If I remember correctly AOPA will match if I find a better deal.
  9. Good point. I was thinking to file IFR and activate it in flight if necessary...or just fly IFR from the TO.
  10. How concerned are you about flying in the rain? I'm talking light rain and not a thunderstorm. While planning a flight for tomorrow I have a 40% chances of rain, wind is ok and cloud base is forecasted @5000' which is plenty even to stay VFR for where I need to fly. I have not been in the rain much except for a few drops here and there. I have been always told that strong rain can damage the paint, etc...
  11. Am I the only one using STARR via AOPA? I still have a few months on mine but if you guys have done the homework and got a better deal maybe I should shop more around before my next renewal. I just got a card from BWI(?) and I was ready to toss it when I read this thread...
  12. You won't be disappointed. As everybody else mentioned above, I have been using the blue and red for years. I basically wash the plain with blue and use the red for the darker/tougher spot. May I also suggest the belly wash? For me #1!
  13. No intention to offend (see smiling face...), sorry if you felt that way. I'm not an expert and I thought it was interesting since it's the first time I heard something like that in 10+ years. All IAs I have been dealing with so far automatically used CorrosionX. If there is a reason not to use it I'm ok. I always try to find the best ideas (in this case corrosion treatment), from people with more experience, to protect my airplane/capital.
  14. Interesting. I have had my airplane fogged with corrosionX yearly. Is she going to fall apart?