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  1. I am always glad to see someone wanting to restore a long neglected airplane. Just go in with your eyes open knowing it it will take a lot of time and effort to get the plane in good shape.
  2. no float charger but I do fly often usually once a week. This instance I had just flown to Houston several days earlier.
  3. Well I'm getting ready to get a new battery for mine. I've had the Gill 7035-28 in my plane for 4 years now. Yesterday's start the prop seemed slow.
  4. flight aware gets some of their info from private people installing ADSB listening posts.
  5. Just wondering f you can reverse it as well?
  6. I just finished building an engine for mine. I had an extra so time was not an issue. I worked with the MX on teardown and to put it together. All the specialized critical tasks were sent out the shops that do that work, cylinders, cranks cases etc. Can Bob fish the engine in his garage or yours's or a patio or carport? That could be an option you don't need much space. Heck you could do it in you living room if no one else in the house objects.
  7. call it a landing light we have control over that circuit. I have thought about how to put a light in one of the inspection panels and point it down or point 15 to 45 degrees down from straight ahead.
  8. The good thing about this one is everybody walked off the plane and they flew the plane out a few weeks later.
  9. I would expect to see Snoopy and the red baron on the nose
  10. The landing lights are not required devices in our planes, and the FAA allows us to do anything on that circuit we want under preventive maintenance. Also with the enhanced safety program the FAA is pushing maybe an STC is not needed only the correct owner provided parts to make it happen?? Minor modification rules as well may apply.
  11. I think the Feds have a tax stamp for marijuana that you can get but it does tip them off that you are moving product. At least they can't charge you with not paying the taxes on it.
  12. Kind of like getting busted for not paying sales taxes to gov't when selling drugs.
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