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  1. 1964-M20E

    Cirrus Delivery

    All that for a plane that keeps the training wheels on.
  2. 1964-M20E

    Mooney Summit VI

    What view do you have inland or gulf? That will make difference. You have $195 for Friday and Saturday and Thursday is $145 correct? My rate at 189 per night is for Friday and Saturday which is usually higher anyway. So it would seem that the summit pricing is still slightly less.
  3. 1964-M20E

    Mooney Summit VI

    I'm not sure what type of room you are getting by a gulf view, balcony with 2 queens at the "summit rate" is $189 +taxes. I did that back in June. I might be upset if they giving lower rates for same type of room now. Just looked on the site for same type of room it is more than the summit price even with AAA discount. Your Room Information: 2 QNS GULF BALC MIC/FRG NS Rooms: 1 Guests: 2 Adults Check In: Sep 28 4:00 PM Check Out: Sep 30 11:00 AM Your Plan Information: Mooney Summit Rate per night : 189.00 USD Total for Stay per Room Rate: 378.00 USD Taxes: 49.59 USD Total: 427.59 USD Total for Stay : 427.59 USD
  4. 1964-M20E

    Ooops. This isn't Kansas, Toto!

    ohhhhhh multiple choice. I always go with C. Using the ILS for the runway you are assigned helps too once the needle is centered. I've been flying along to one airport on my left and about to pass the center line because I see another airport straight ahead in the distance that I think that is the one I am flying to. ATC calls out Mooney ..3Q the airport is 9 o'clock 5 miles turn anytime you feel like it. Oh yeah I was just lining up with the a a center line Mooney ..3Q thanks That wasn't the first time and probably will not be the last at least it was corrected before landing. We like to think we are out there and it's all us but many times it is a team effort.
  5. 1964-M20E

    Brake Repair

    Not when bleeding it and I do not think I have ever had a pedal in anything so solid that you could not depress it some, but he did say the pedal will go all the way to the floor. So I humbly reconsider my suggestions above and it could be the left master cylinder with a busted o-ring inside it. Just might be time to replace all the o-rings in the master cylinder.
  6. 1964-M20E

    Brake Repair

    Possibly the caliper piston is stuck? I'd pull the caliper off and replace the O-ring. A good cleaning and new O-ring should take care of things. Also if the pads are thin I'd replace them as well. One word of caution bleeding the system after this is time consuming mainly because the bleeder fitting is located on the bottom of the caliper. None of the things are difficult if you are working with your A&P. I changed both flexible brake lines in the wheel wells, brake pads and o-rings this past annual. Like I said bleeding the system was the most challenging and I used a pressure pot to force fluid into the system. The other option is possibly an air bubble in the left side that needs to be bled out. When bleeding the brake lines crack fittings along the way from the front to the rear loosening when the pressure is on and then tightening before the peddle is let to return to it's normal position.
  7. 1964-M20E

    FAA: Unleaded fuel by 2018

    I'll also take a stab at the lawyers who make their living chasing every little problem and looking to blame some else. In some instances they are justified but the appearance in many is it just a $$$ chase.
  8. 1964-M20E

    FAA: Unleaded fuel by 2018

    Electric powered does have some advantages like the motor is not affected by DA. You can get maximum power for takeoff. I think methanol fuel cells if they can be small enough and light enough to replace our current engines and electric motors up front would make a good combination. Or, dreaming here, a futuristic energy module the size of car battery that can power the electric motor (LYC 200HP equivalent) for 6 hours. I really think if the FAA stands aside some type of hybrid would become available. 150HP turbo charged engine with a 50HP electric motor boost and batteries that can power the motor for up to an hour. Utilize the electric motor during takeoff and climb, in cruise the 150HP gasoline or diesel engine running at max rated power and efficiency propel the plane and recharge the battery. The electric motor would even be helpful with an engine failure enabling you to extend glide to make an airport for a safe landing.
  9. Warp engines will be the thing by then. A cross country flight will be to Pluto. Just where did I put that plasma injector during the last annual? Wonder how the old Mooney would perform with a Warp engine??
  10. I was only suggesting.
  11. Great but hang onto the PTT and stuff in a convenient pocket in the plane. If your integral PTT button deices to fail you can always go back to this. I've had issues with PTT buttons before. I've even had to plug into the co-pilot side and use that PTT to communicate.
  12. 1964-M20E

    IFR & Mooney Mag Compasses

    Compass is a tool to set the DG after that it is not looked at. When being vectored use track on GPS this may not be right but unless you are dealing with 20+kt winds 90 degrees to your path the track is usually not that far off from the assigned vector. Just guessing but within 10 degrees. If you have total electrical failure and no GPS, VOR available and you need the compass for a general heading it will work fine. First airport you see land and deal with NORDO issue and move on.
  13. Dan My suggestions is to learn and get you IR with your existing equipment. Yes it will be harder but at the end of the day you will get a very good training and handling the plane. While you are getting the IR plan you new panel and gather up the $ to make it happen. Some of the lower cost AP alternatives maybe available then once you are done. Also work out with your instructor and your safety pilot to be your AP at certain times. Learning to deal with all the issues and control the plane without an AP is very valuable. Even if you had a functioning AP you should use it very sparingly while getting your IR. JMHO
  14. 1964-M20E

    First Year Cost of Ownership

    Well I do owner assisted maintenance and annuals and I've had an E and an F for the past 8 years and I think the most expensive year was with the E model when I replaced the exhaust system, control rod ends ect. and that was about 7 to 8AMU and by far the most expensive annual and year as well as my first year of ownership. This year is probably the second I have replaced a number or things on my F. Now I did spend many AMUs on upgrading to the IFD540 and APX322 remote ADSB transponder a couple of years ago but that was an upgrade not repair or maintenance. I was not there but you said you had an issue with a stuck oil ring on one cylinder. Why did you replace the other 3 cylinders? There was a possible 6 or 8 AMU savings there. Finally , if I understand correctly you spent $9k on new Lycoming cylinders (sounds about right) and another $8k for the install? $8k for the install equates to about 80 hours of shop time that does seem very high to me. Again I was not there but that would make the savings on the 3 cylinders right about $13.5k
  15. 1964-M20E

    Vacuum filter replacement?

    Find the one that is in there and match it to one that is on Aircraft spruce. It is recommended that the filter be replaced at annual or 100 hours. Now unless you are flying in very dusty area as well as you and your 3 passengers are smoking a pack of cigarettes on every flight I doubt the filter gets really dirty. When I have replaced the filter it looks just as clean as the new one. Felt like a waste to change it. I would love to have a very accurate differential pressure gauge to put around the filter and see how much difference there is between the new on and the old one with 100 hours on it. The gauges are not that expensive but I'm not sure how much the pressure drop is across a new filter to get one in the right range.