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  1. 1964-M20E

    Fuel sending unit

    OK so if you have the bladders installed in your plane to remove the sending unit you need to remove the front top wing cover near the filler cap to access the sending unit.
  2. 1964-M20E

    Fuel sending unit

    if you don't mind send the old ones I'm going to call CIES today and see if one of their resistor type units will work with the existing resistor type units. I would think they should. I talked to Lock Haven yesterday they were limited help for now. @Stephen I wouldn't mind going all electronic but I do not want that upgrade right now.
  3. 1964-M20E

    Sabre Cowl Gen2

    OK thanks looking t the photo it appears to be a 201 spinner on the plane shown.
  4. 1964-M20E

    M20F cargo area dimensions

    Can you remove that pesky ladder it just gets in the way and take up all the usable space.
  5. 1964-M20E

    Sabre Cowl Gen2

    OK another real question for the cowl modification. Can I use my current spinner or do I need a new one for this mod?
  6. 1964-M20E

    Proposed Trip

    I've used Flight line First at KNEW used to keep my plane based there. Nice people. Let me know when you are here maybe we can meet up for a beer. I can play tour guide for you as well.
  7. 1964-M20E

    Fuel sending unit

    Will the CiES restive units work with the stock gauges and stock sending units? Can you buy just one?
  8. 1964-M20E

    E.I. E4 EGT

    interesting conversation I had the EI single CHT and EGT in my plane before I changed too the G2 monitor. Not to hijack the thread but I did find this. I always wondered why we don't have a both option on our fuel selector valves. Now I know. FFuel system arrangement. Fuel systems shall be so arranged as to permit any one fuel pump to draw fuel from only one tank at a time. Gravity feed systems shall not supply fuel to any one engine from more than one tank at a time unless the tank air spaces are interconnected in such a manner as to assure that all interconnected tanks will feed equally.
  9. 1964-M20E

    Photo Flight with B-17s and Mustangs too!

    GTFOH you go dude. I'm jealous to be flying with such history I think that is better than a ride in a mustang. Hopefully there is a good pic from the ground with you plane in it that would be so cool. Get the original files and have them made into an 11x14 or 16x20 and hang them on you wall at your house or at the hangar and if you can ever get in touch any of the other pilots have them sign the photo for you.
  10. 1964-M20E

    High FBO fees.

    According to city documents, the fee could be as much as $5.80 per 1,000 pounds in the first year. Commercial carriers currently pay $2.20 per 1,000 pounds. The city cited increasing costs for keeping up with traffic and maintenance needs in its decision to approve the fee. But airport officials also stress that they want to ensure that general aviation pays its “fair share." Fair share????? Now I'm just a silly electrical engineer not a civil engineer but to me a 150000# aircraft landing on a runway causes more stress than a 3000# aircraft landing on the runway. F=MA right?? Doesn't 737 uses 10X the ramp space a Mooney does?? 737's need jet ways, terminals etc.?? Fair landing fee to me would be $X per 1,000# then it is all proportional to the amount of services, maintenance and ramp space you are utilizing. don't get me started on property taxes.!@#$@#@@#@
  11. Like anything else there are pluses and minuses to every decision and move we make. It is nice to have your own plane. Right now when the owner wants to fly the F he goes and you wait. Maybe this is not a big deal but it could be especially if both of you want to fly the plane on the same holiday weekend to go visit family in different cities. However like someone mentioned above your infusion of cash into the F could get a nice panel to fly behind if the current owner is willing. Work out the logistics of co-ownership before you put down the cash. I went from not owning a plane to owning one outright since me and a buddy of mine could never get together on me using or buying into his plane. No hard feelings it just didn't work out.
  12. hopefully you left the arms connected to your daughter otherwise that would explain the complaining.
  13. 1964-M20E

    Fuel sending unit

    Now for a replacement.
  14. 1964-M20E

    Fuel sending unit

    OK thanks that is what I thought. I guess the unit is just stuck to the gasket.
  15. OK outboard fuel sending unit has blue stains from the center and not functioning. The gauge will only read 1/2 full when the tank is full. I have the original gauges so the sending unit is just the restive type. I also have the 54 gallon bladders. Open up the wing inspection cover to disconnect the wire, remove the several screws to remove the sending unit. How does the unit come out of the tank? Do I need to remove one of the upper wing covers move the bladder and remove it that way?