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  1. Neat video and looks like fun.. However, I feel the need for rotors. Helicopter baby.
  2. Interesting: I've always wondered why I could replace a tire and tube but could not undo 4 nuts and one wire connection to change a starter?? I agree that there are many times when replacing parts with like for like falls within in the realm of the owner operator and" preventive maintenance". On the other hand there are many very well qualified and licensed fairies tinkering about. Maybe that is why my plane is named Tink.
  3. right, wrong, good, bad mine sits on the back seat. I guess I could mount it on the floor just in front of the back seat.
  4. aircraft equip BDLY surveillance equip E right wrong or indifferent. the rest of the ICAO blanks I just select what looks right and move on.
  5. I'd buy it if I was looking for a plane after a PPI. Yes it could use a nice new GPS but still seems like a good plane.
  6. I hope all who experience Dorian fair well. I'm glad to see it staying more in the Atlantic at least for now. One thing for sure it is not over yet and the horizontally challenged lady has not sung yet. On a brighter note I think I'll go to JKA today.
  7. Well heck I fur sure say we should just keep the old flight plan system when flying here in the good ole US of A. Seriously I do think for flights inside the US (international is different) we should be able to continue to use the standard flight plan that has been in use for many years, but that plane has already taken off. I tried ICAO plans a while back and had issues. I went back to the ICAO plans in the last few weeks especially when using Leidos on my phone it forced me to go ICAO. Seems issues have gone asway especially leaving or going to an airport that dis not start with a K.
  8. Like the commercial showing the difference between first time parents and 3rd kid parents. before buying a plane, multiple spreadsheets, countless what if scenarios, check the bank account balance, checking for free unallocated cash reserves in weekly pay etc. 2 years after buying a plane and you survived your first annual, insurance and hangar rent is paid for another year WTF let's go fly it only cost fuel Evaluate if you can afford $8k to $15k a year of discretionary spending after the capital investment for the plane itself. If the answer is yes then find the right plane and buy it Now fly it like you stole it and don't worry about what is cost within reason.
  9. @DJ67 Send me a PM to remind me I think I might have most of what you are looing for. The displays are still available if you have any digits that are not lighting up. Digi key ahs 25 available. They are not that expensive and easy to change. For the NCS 812 The Vishay-Dale number is PD-020D025-7 It also know as 50775-1 http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/PD020D02507S51/541-1414-ND/2813335 For the MK-12D The Vishay-Dale number is PD-020D025-5 It also know as 50401-1 http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/PD020D02505S51/541-1413-ND/2813334 Double check the part number but I believe these to be correct.
  10. That really is not that expensive relatively speaking but it is a lot for something you only use a few times in the life of owning a Mooney. However, the first part of that statement may get kicked out of the CB club.
  11. IMHO anything built before the 80s or 90s very little drop in value. Newer models it might cause more of a price dip.
  12. You will be able to see me coming about the time I pass Gulf Port, MS
  13. I just put the AVEO Ultra Galactica LED 3 in 1 wing tip Strobes on my plane and they are nice. (from The Mooney Summit silent auction: Thanks AVEO Engineering for donating them to Mooney Summit) The only drawback I had to fabricate a mounting plate since they did not drop into the old Grimes hole. I installed all new wiring from the wing tips to the strobe and navigation light switches and I installed the synch wire. I still have the belly strobe and tail light although I guess legally I could remove them since they are redundant and no longer necessary.
  14. interesting double reflection (shadow) of the plane in the puddle. Sad to see one like this. Unfortunate unless someone with big pockets and plenty of time decides to take this on it is headed for the scrap pile.
  15. I think this would be great idea for people like me who are willing an able to turn wrenches. I would do it in a heartbeat any loss of value on a 67 F model would be negligible. One thing I would probably do pretty quickly is put E-mags on my plane. Then evaluate the direction I want to go with my panel. Keep in mind just because one would put a plane in this proposed new category doesn't mean you can't continue to put "certified" gadgets in the plane but it would allow you to install them yourself if so skilled and inclined to do it. Yes you still want to do things to the FAA standards using aviation grade materials but allowing the owner to do more on his own would be good. I would suggest that many owners who are confident in their skills already employ hangar fairies for many tasks. Yes there would be some repercussions for flight schools and other commercial operators. One large (with 5 to 6 planes) local commercial operator here has his own mechanics on the payroll so IAs are not an issue for them. Finally, a shortage of certified mechanics under the current system is something I do worry about. When the current mechanic on the filed decides to leave his tools in the toolbox and I am unable to find another willing to come to my hangar and I am forced to go elsewhere for an annual inspection the plane will arrive cleaned, greased, oil changed, plugs cleaned and gaped, engine washed, gear pre-loads checked and pre-inspected by me. I already do this under my owner operator privileges anyway and knowing what is going on before dropping the plane off I know I should only be getting a bill for the annual inspection alone.