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  1. Well I would be diplomatic at first. If you walked up on them work in progress and like above didn't stop them hmmmm? Politely challenge the invoice and request he void the invoice. You do not need the log books singed off at this time so he has no skin in the game. Compromise with him the check doesn't require more than an hour to do so 1 hour shop time about $100 offer to pay him this for his time only. If he insists on you paying the $400 you could up the ante and investigate pressing criminal trespassing charges against him. This maybe a stretch but if you have a private hangar and you did not give him permission to be in there technically he was trespassing regardless of how he got in there. Alert the FAA you are challenging the bill and call the local sheriff's office and file a police report for trespassing.
  2. 7 to 8 years for you PPL and plane ownership? That is a long range goal and is good. I got my PPL in 1987 and it was 23 years before I owned a plane but I stopped flying for 15 years in between. As other suggested above flight simulators are good for certain parts of your training. I find it is easier to fly a real plane than a simulator. To get you license do this: Set a goal to get your license in 5 to 6 months Make sure you have $7,000 to $8,000 sitting on the side extra cash not needed for anything else. This is above any emergency cash you need for a covid type situation. This eliminates the excuse I do not have the money to go flying this week. Once you start lessons try to fly once or twice a week. Treat flying lessons like you are going to your kid's soccer game, dance recital whatever. You miss a flight lesson ONLY for what you would miss an event for your kid or bad weather. Select a flight school or independent instructor. I prefer independent instructors over flight schools. An independent is looking to get you your license a school is looking to get hours JMHO and from personal experience. Pick a time of year in your area that has pretty good weather. You don't want to start in the winter in a place that has lots of bad fronts coming through every week Read the flight training manuals. Follow this with discipline and dedication you will have your license in less than 6 months. As for phase 2 getting a plane: Once you have your PPL coordinate, rent borrow and fly different types of airplanes. Define your mission of what you want to do with your pilot license long cross country overnight travel short day trips buzzing around the pattern flying over the city with friends Find the plane that best suits you primary mission for speed, range, useful load, number of seats, visibility etc. This will allow you to make a good decision on the type of plane you need the most.
  3. I'm not in any way an authority on IRS tax regulations. However, if you have your own business you might consider having 2 businesses. You have your primary business that makes your money and then you have a secondary business for the airplane. The second business should earn enough money to cover all annual expenses for the plane and provide for a minimal profit. The primary business the has a wet lease for the plane from the second business to be used for marketing, business development and sales calls. All costs of maintaining and operating the plane are expenses to the second business and the lease is an expense to the primary business. In theory it sounds good.
  4. Hangars are like an easy bake oven they get hot. Any type of insulation on the roof and walls will help tremendously. The foil faced bubble wrap the use in metal buildings is remarkable in keeping a lot of the radiant heat out of the hangar. 1/2" foil faced foam insulation board is very good too wedge it between the perlins of the building and you will remarkable reduction of the inside temp. Paint the inside white and it looks pretty good. Spray foam also works good too if you won the hangar premant and seals up the edges to minimize critter and dirt infiltration.
  5. The deviation card is required to be there. I do not think I have ever referenced a deviation card my entire flying career. Early years of short VFR flights I was usually in areas I was familiar with and could look out the window or used VORs. I knew where I was and where I wanted to go. Now GPS and VORs for longer flights.
  6. Check the field wiring connection and ground connection to the alternator both will cause problems. After you are confident it is not a loose connection or other wiring issue then start looking at voltage regulator and alternator. I'd go with the voltage regulator since you are getting something all be it intermittent.
  7. Well if he is really serious then he can send an official cease and desist letter through USPS registered mail citing the specific images and infringements. I'm no lawyer but to me a comment on a website is non binding.
  8. Hey we still like Andrew even though he chooses to be a Brit
  9. I received a similar letter about my ADSB OUT. First answer the letter. They will give you time to get it right. First go online and download the files which indicate the issue. second get with your avionics shop to discuss the problem and solution.
  10. Arghhh it be good to be an American. May the forth be with you. May our freedom continue and do not let our history be erased.
  11. Probably 15 hours of actual flying time. Minimum 2 stops probably 3 with an overnight somewhere. Make it a fun trip and plan an extra few days stopping and enjoy the sights. pick a few big events and stop like Grand Canyon., arches national park.
  12. Bob will be missed. I'm saddened by the news.
  13. I forgot abut written exams being taken at someone's house. I did my PPL like that however many years later when I did my IR it was at a modern computer testing center.
  14. It has to be a counterfeit with Mooney on it should be calibrated withe warp speed.
  15. looks like a left and right from one plane and 2 extra lefts from other planes. interesting collection.