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  1. I generally file IFR for flights regardless of the WX unless it is a short fun flight. Once flying along the gulf coast near Pensacola a route I fly often they wanted to re-route me north a hundred miles or so North of Eglin AFB so I asked about going IFR on top at 7500 through the VFR corridor they hesitated then came back with a clearance at my altitude and filed course. So I'm glad they worked with me. The next option would have been to cancel IFR since it was beautiful VMC conditions.
  2. Almost everything is for sale at twice what it's worth. What flavor is the plane and how much?
  3. I like turbines as much as anyone else but when the first 2 wheels in the hot section need to be replaced at 1750 hours and each wheel cost $12k and you have the remove and replace the engine as well as anything else they find in there when replacing the wheels $60 to $80k comes to mind and that is not a total overhaul. Now if quantities of scale got the cost down to be similar to piston engines for initial acquisition costs, repairs and overhauls and I could put one rated at 300SHP continuous and 400SHP for 5 minutes on the front of my F I'd be game. You do have this but 1. not certified 2. not sure if the max continuous output is up to Mooney requirements ( I think it is around 120 to 150 SHP but don't quote me) http://www.pbsvb.com/customer-industries/aerospace/aircraft-engines/tp-100-turboprop-engine
  4. I had an E model with the 2 piece windshield and now I have an F with the 201 windshield installed by one of the former owners. I like the look of the windshield and the "added speed" not sure how much though. The thing I do not like is the lack of access to the upper rear instrument area that you have with the 2 piece windshield. You can always go to the single piece windshield which adds some modern look to the plane with much less work and you keep the radio instrument access panels. My mod has the mini access panels on each side of the windshield. No you are not opening these panels every week but when you do it is nice. I'm not sure if you are looking for the aesthetics or the economy of speed in the mod? just my $0.02
  5. OK I'll bite. Once I found out older Money planes had manual gear and I flew one there was no going back for me. I love the simplicity of the manual gear. JMHO. Once I flew an E that had eclectic gear (converted at the factor before delivery to its first human) and it just didn't seem right. Mooney should still offer the manual gear as an option. Welcome aboard.
  6. Bless me father for I have sinned. I have been having impure thoughts about open cockpit bi-planes. For my penance I will go fl my Mooney and spend the weekend at another airport, and do 3 instrument approaches.
  7. Hi my name is John and I am a gadget-holic. I to dream about many things to put on my plane some come true others are left in the Twilight Zone and some the mean and draconian FAA will not let me install.
  8. not the acetylene bottle but the O2 bottle and increase the amount of fuel you can put into the engine and burn it. You have to run ROP though
  9. HEY EAA here is a good STC program for you. Please!!!!
  10. unfortunately not STCd for our aircraft yet but you also have E-MAG IGNITION all in one compact electronic ignition that is easy to install and has it's own backup generator built in should you lose ship power. I believe they are working on an STC but we all know how that goes. Really it should not be that difficult except for the FAA given you have 2 ignitions and you are still keeping one old dinosaur style mag installed. http://www.emagair.com/114-series/
  11. Especially when the A and B models the flaps were purely mechanical with linkages not hydraulics.
  12. How about this. 1. It appears that we agree that these are pre-fabricated fuel lines. 2. if there is an issue the pilot can replace the line and return the aircraft to service under preventative maintenance 3. therefore resetting the 100 hour clock on that line or lines 4. if a owner / pilot really wants to get around an inspection do this: buy 4 new lines replace them and 100 hours later swap the lines out with the ones he has in his spare parts bin that are serviceable again resetting the 100 hour clock and so on...... There are many regulations we can only read what the regulation states we cannot give it more we cannot take away from it. There maybe contradictions between the regulations as to what you can and can't do. However, if you do what the regulations allow you to do you cannot be penalized. If someone does try to penalize you you have the regulations to fall back on. Not to derail the thread but food for thought another item allowed under PM is replace the light lens and reflector for navigation lights. Since LED lights are a single unit of light lens and reflector can the pilot replace them? I do not want to open this discussion here but it is there for us all to ponder in our own minds what the regs say and what is available. There are black and white issues in the regs but there also exists some gray areas that can be interpreted in different ways while not adding or subtracting from what is written in the regs. JMHO
  13. It would be nice to have a Delta-hawk or something like it especially if the replacement cost was not outrageous. However, last time I checked Delta-hawk was about $60k firewall forward for 180HP experimental no certified. I'm not sure what Lyc and Cont have in the works. Turbo charged and supercharged so climb to altitude would not be a problem even though I would have to give up 20hp to do it.
  14. And an F with manual gear is the best buy of all IMHO Mooney should have never strayed from manual gear again IMHO or at least offered manual as an option. You still can get a car with manual transmission though very rare.
  15. OK that makes all the sense in the world to me. I can use it as a primary with no backup but I can't use it for a backup. Anything say you can't have 2 primary instruments? We always have been looking to these instruments to install as "backup" but if I can install it as primary why not 2 primary instruments?