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  1. 1964-M20E

    IFR Setup

    Yes and it works. Using an old LCD television for the monitor. And now that this thread has officially deviated form its original intent
  2. 1964-M20E

    IFR Setup

    Well if you really want ancient history I have an Apple IIe. Was showing my 6 year old grand son about Apple-soft basic programming.
  3. 1964-M20E

    IFR Setup

    This is correct if I remember correctly you will need Vista or older maybe windows 7 will work with the reader for the KLN94. I still have the XP machine I used for updating the database until I got the IFD 540.
  4. 1964-M20E

    IFR Setup

    You can get your IR in the plane as is so go for it. If you do decide to add equipment and go the most economical route to get a GPS I would plan for the future and provide space for a IFD540.
  5. 1964-M20E

    10 Hrs. Dual? Really?

    heck when I bought my first E model in 2010 all I had was about 6 or 7 hours complex the insurance company only wanted 3 hours dual. Go figure.
  6. 1964-M20E

    low egt reading # 4 cylinder

    Do you have an E or C model i.e injected or carburetor? Pull the injector on #4 and clean it you might be running very lean. Check the intake tube and intake for leaks as well.
  7. 1964-M20E

    Fuel pressure gauge pegged high

    Check the transducer it might have a piece of foreign matter in there. Mine was acting up and pulled it flushed the line and cleaned the sensor and now it is working fine. I still have a new one arriving today.
  8. 1964-M20E

    Avionics swap between planes

    If you are going to keep the plane for at least 3 years put the 440 and ADSB out in and move on. Consider your proposed scenario when the time comes. JMHO
  9. Do you have some interior pics and how much for the whole thing?
  10. 1964-M20E

    Mooney Summit VI

    Other than hotel space Pirate week would be fine. Hey we are somewhat like pirates. We sail our ships across the great air sea making port in exotic locations and meeting interesting people. Unlike some of our brethren who sail lesser ships leave their anchors down.
  11. 1964-M20E

    Mooney Summit VI

    Now for as the PROTE turns. Last episode we saw the on and off again PROTE bouncing around the US on an exciting adventure. Its adventures only served to tease the Mooney owners that they would get a chance to experience this wonderful contraption. Now we join the PROTE deep in the evil FAA 's lair being held captive by bureaucratic red tape. Our hero 'Summit Man' aka Mike has been trying tirelessly to free PORTE from the deep dark dungeon prison where it is now being unlawfully held. camera pan and dramatic music, and in comes Summit Man crashing through the wall ready to rip the red tape to shreds........
  12. 1964-M20E

    New ride

    Yeah I like the 150 and 152s they are sweet little planes. Many years ago thought about buy one to have my own plane, but ended up waiting many years to get a Mooney. Now you want small for training try an R-22 helicopter. they are tiny. Had a similar issue for my check ride in the R-22 the DPE was a big guy we did the check ride in 2 parts (30min flights) so I could keep the fuel load low enough to make the W&B work out. Started with about 12 gallons of fuel on board. I don't think I'd go around the pattern in my Mooney with only 12 gallons on board.
  13. 1964-M20E

    Inside Dimensions of Yoke

    8" at its narrowest i.e. the tips. 10" at its widest.
  14. 1964-M20E

    Planning for en-route ATC frequencies?

    Technically true but I was taught to call it a chart. I started making a frequency list for flights in word. I never tried to get too many of the frequencies for centers since they seem to bounce around quite a bit. When flying B,C and D airspace it is generally easy to find the frequencies. I will try to tune the next frequency in before ATC tells me. While en-route waiting for the next center I will look at the chart and get the next postage stamp frequency.
  15. 1964-M20E

    M20B gear up restoration

    If you are not an A&P hopefully you have one that is willing to work with you. Are you mechanically inclined? If so then by all means go for it. They actual cost of the air frame should be very low i.e. well under $10k. Keep in mind you will not make money on it you will not get the money you put into it back if and when you sell it. You will put a lot of time sweat and blood into it. Sounds like it is close to you. Are individual hangars available at the field or a group hangar you can put it in the back to work on it? If so get one get you some tools and be prepared to buy more tools. Before you start do get a good A&P to look it over for air frame corrosion after that you are pretty much going to touch everything else. However, do what is necessary to make it airworthy (engine, gear doors belly skins etc. ) and get it in the air and start flying it. That's the fun part. Then at annual each year decide on one major task to tackle and take the week or two necessary to make that happen. Good luck and don't let the grim reaper know you found this rare and prized bird. He might try to say he's putting it out of it's misery.