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  1. Drive 40 minutes to airport and then fly 15 minutes to another airport for free doughnuts. Oh and passing directly in front of 4 doughnut shops to get to the airport.
  2. I thought about carrying a spare tire actually 2 of them. I did have a nose wheel flat and it was only 15 minute flight from my home base it was late on a Sunday afternoon. There was a mechanic on the field and he supplied new tire and tube. It was expensive but I was on my way in about an hour.
  3. swapping transponders not so easy anymore with ADSB out.
  4. OK when I had my 64E it was the narrow deck. My 67F I believe is the wide deck????? I asked my mechanic year ago ho to tell the difference but now I can't remember. How do you tell the difference between narrow deck and wide deck?
  5. How long before the hangar move and how certain are you of it? Do you know how to weld and do yo have a welding machine? Find you local metal roofing supply warehouse they should have the 2" square tubing available and should come red primed. Put an additional coat of paint on them. Measure where your current verticals are and weld a short 12" piece on the long piece of tubing to line up with the verticals in the hangar. Place the new horizontals tubes on the ground and use some jacks to lift slightly on the structure then weld (or drill and thorough bolt with 5/16" or 3/8" bolts) the 12" verticals on the new horizontals to the existing hangar verticals. This should shore up the structure. To provide additional anchors through the asphalt may be more challenging. Maybe some heavy duty circus tent anchors driven though pre drilled holes in the new horizontals every 3 to 4 feet would give you enough down force. You could use a hammer drill with the largest drill bit you can find to drill thorough the asphalt first to make driving the stakes easier.
  6. talk about efficiency and range of the Mooney. I wonder ho many times he used the tube?
  7. This adds plausible deniability when some asks why you flew here or there?
  8. I'll take it PM me on how you want payment.
  9. You're right however it depends on your power setting if at 10000 feet and 65% of a 310HP is 200HP. I'd love to have 200HP all the way up to 11000 feet and the higher cruise speed once I get there.
  10. Yeah that 's because the clock was connected to the big fan up front. Now we have much better rubber bands.
  11. Some are slow. Some are thorough. Some are neither. When I was getting my helicopter the CFI, a good friend of mine, was always wanting to run through the checklist fast he had it memorized. I told him I know I may go through the check list slow but when I a m flying a different aircraft that I do not fly often I take my time and if I burn little more fuel and an extra 0.1 on the Hobbs so be it. I am faster with my plane and that is because I have many hours in it. Usually about 15 minutes from opening the hangar to ready for take off. I will drive to my destination if I am in that much of a hurry. Sometimes I realize when I go too fast I do miss something. Usually nothing critical but missed. I have noticed some who will sit on the ramp engine running for what seems like an eternity. To each his own.
  12. George's sound is good but you need to listen to Johnny Paycheck for the better earlier version.
  13. Agreed you made a good choice if you felt you were getting fatigued. No I do not have a maximum. The longest I have flown in a single day has been about 9 hours. Lots of other factors fall into place: where are you going? when you need to be there? (if the need to be there is that important leave a day earlier) what is the weather? time of day you get started? when the last flight will end? are you gong to a familiar airport? any other factor important to you