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  1. not a beer snob I just like beer with more flavor than the typical American lights.
  2. yes i agree bud light, miller light etc. don't really classify as beer you at least need to get some of the micro breweries
  3. Are you talking about the power boost air seal or the large round disc that will open if the air filter is clogged? If it is boost air seal I have used a piece of engine baffling drill the rivets holding it together and replace the rubber seal part. It takes an hour or two but not very difficult.
  4. Too bad you can't hand an IO540 on the front of the F model. That would be the way to go. Does Lycoming still offer the IO390? That would get you some extra pony's under the cowling. Glad to hear you are considering this project plane. Once you get started please keep us up to date with photos.
  5. I'll leave it at 5 or 6 for short flights. Long flights 3 hours + I'll put it at 7.
  6. Good PPI looking for air frame corrosion and go. Fly it VFR get your IR ticket in it. Hand flying and using VORs is a go god way to get your IR ticket. Afterwards light IMC flying going up or down though a layer to get where you are going this would be a good platform. Decision time comes a few years form now: find a model that has GPS and AP or upgrade this one some lower cost options might be available at that time.
  7. Fiberglass boats float.
  8. http://migration.cirruspilots.org/ Check this out for the Cirrus Migration I was halfway thinking about going for a day just to see what they do but I don't think so. @mike_elliott Mike you and the others do a wonderful job keeping the Mooney Summit working on Donations. Thanks very much. I do have to admit I prefer the beach venue over an inland venue. However, if we ever wanted to come to New Orleans for the summit I would be willing to assist.
  9. The maintenance manual should have a brief explanation of sealing the windshield during replacement this should work. A little more information will help. Model and year of your plane? Photo of the suspected area? is it rain water on the ground and or the air? do you have the stock 2 piece windshield do you have the 201 windshield? do you have a 1 piece stock windshield? You could be getting water from the avionics access panels?
  10. I'm not sure which is in mine but i do know the plane power regulators are adjustable.
  11. Changing your battery will not do anything. You can check your alternator belt to make sure it is tight enough a slipping belt could cause lower volts and wear you belt out faster. You can adjust the voltage regulator to get it closer to 14.0V. I typically see 13.7 to 14.1 volts on mine generally after running for 15 to 20 minutes it will settle down at 13.9 to 14V.
  12. This past Tuesday I was flying a friend who is interested in learning to fly and I was conducting an unofficial first flying lesson. We were maneuvering in a pretty isolated space at the edge of the Bravo when I spotted incoming traffic on my IFLY 740 with ADSB in. He was about 4 miles with no altitude reported 143kts pretty much coming in from my 0900. I continued at my altitude and heading to keep him approaching me at 90 degrees and increased throttle to ensure he would pass behind me. I was at about 2500 and he was cruising along about 1500 and passed about a mile behind me. We will never know if he saw me or not. Without ADSB it probably would have not been an issue but ADSB allowed me to know he was there and look for him. I was not talking to ATC at the time and maybe if they were not too busy they could have called him out as well. I don't like the way ADSB out tattles on you but I do like the traffic and weather in. Keep your eyes peeled out there and use all the tools you have at your disposal.
  13. Sounds lie we need to convince some aerodynamic engineer working on his doctorate degree to take this on as his thesis and once and for all using computer simulations, wind tunnels and math to prove which is more efficient. However, we all know the real answer already and that is the Mooney design is more efficient and better.
  14. Cute exhibition. Although it would be a little more difficult on our planes hanging under the wing. Besides those old planes had all those wires to hang on to while you are out there walking on the wings. Oh she didn't have a parachute either. @M20Doc Do you offer in flight maintenance services? Might be a new business opportunity.
  15. Year ago I thought I saw where somebody had this for a plane even came as a set of 3 but I couldn't tell you when or where I saw it.