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  1. I got one as well. I'll just pay directly I avoid links in emails. Must be legit I 'm seeing ads now.
  2. My EI electronic tach displays flight time based on RPM but I'm not sure what RPM it begins to record time. when I have a longer hold for a clearance i notice a difference between the tach and clock but never more than 15minutes or so.
  3. I would go with the Avidyne IFD-550 it has a built in backup AI couple it to a new CDI. Keep the King for NAV/COM 2 This gives you a good NAV/COM platform for IFR flight. Getting the AP upgraded would be a good next step to make life easier.
  4. That's assuming the box will allow you to set up a list box and you know how to set up a list box
  5. Up until about 6 years ago I was able to say no to all three questions. Now unfortunately, I have to answer yes to #1 three times.
  6. I-fy 740 and a stratux makes a good combination.
  7. I hate when things flash messages quick and you don't have time to read them.
  8. Don't forget PIC can change on the fly. Pun intended. It's your log book so log what is appropriate. The log book police are not coming to see your papers but it should be reasonable. If you flew the plane or assisted in flying the plane and feel it adds to your flying skills then log it. Make notes of why you were flying. It is neat when you go back and read years later and remember the flight. As an engineer each state I'm licensed in requires continuing education. I log technical seminars and every computer based training I do for work each year regardless if i
  9. Check the coax cable connectors on the radio tray on the back of the unit. My NAV 2 will not pick up the signal well and it is caused by the connector to the radio tray.
  10. Would be nice if foot wells were held on with a handful of screws. Remove to access other things would be easier such as the oil finger screen
  11. Sorry to hear that I'm probably just a few years from that fate as well. You can always open up clean, inspect, corrosion X and lube everything yourself before you bring it to a shop. This way you know what things need to be corrected during the annual and then the shop really is doing just an inspection and fixing a hand full of squawks that you have already identified.
  12. I learned of freezing fog when I was in Idaho Falls. Very spectacular to see in the sunlight. Looks like sparkling diamonds falling gently to the ground.
  13. Find a good mechanic that is close and allows owner assisted annuals that either knows Mooney specifics or is willing to learn. Mooney maintenance and parts manuals are necessary and very helpful. If you do not already own a set get them. MS is a great resource to locate and find Mooney specific issues to look for during an annual or pre-buy. Engine and controls - common between all aircraft and any good mechanic / IA will understand and is not an issue Airframe inspection - cleaning, lubrication, looking for cracks, corrosion, control linkages, rod end wear similar on all airfr
  14. Thanks to the Avidyne IFD 550 which gave me the first indication by going into a power save mode dimming the display and flashing the low voltage warning. Had this happened 30 minutes later I most likely would have been in IMC conditions but not necessarily solid IMC.
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