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  1. U.S Military grounds all C130 aircraft

    Fat Albert was here in Idaho falls this past weekend.
  2. This could happen to anyone....

    I've done it before too but realized within 10 minutes. Why am I not going faster? duh that's better.
  3. Looking for tools and specs

    one comment when you do the panel do it in 3 parts left side right side and center stack. I think it gives you more options and easier access in the future. Mine is one piece all the way across and seems it could be cumbersome at times.
  4. Been thinking (smoke is rising)

    Ok so where is that button that sheds the Mooney disguise and I have the mustang?????
  5. Grim Reaper Strikes Again

    1. kind reaper 2. pleasant reaper 3. cheerful reaper 4. hopeful reaper I guess we will need a poll to select his new alias.
  6. Grim Reaper Strikes Again

    I guess we need to give Alan an new alias. Seems the grim reaper doesn't always fit.
  7. Did LYC say what problems manifested themselves to warrant the SB on these bushings?
  8. Summer Cool Down For Quick Turns

    Open cowl flaps on approach to dump more heat coming in.
  9. PPI check list

    thanks for posting very useful information.
  10. Look what I found!

    glad to see you will be getting you plane back together soon. Unfortunate the circumstances as they are.
  11. Good installer in southeast.

    How close is he to New Orleans? Sonny (Auric Avionics) at KNEW does good work. He installed my 540.
  12. Narco NCS-812 Nav/Comm

    I have the NCS 812 but I also have the CDI that has the DME displayed in a window at the bottom of the dial so I don't use the DME display on the radio itself. If you need a new display search there is a thread on MS with a source and part numbers. The display is easy to change.
  13. This sucks

    just keep S&W or Glock handy if you are alive and they come by hungry then you get to eat.
  14. August 2017 total eclipse

    I assume you mean the eclipse ride a little pricey for my blood and all you get is a little window.
  15. August 2017 total eclipse

    Eclipse party my place Can be just like a hurricane party without the wind and rain.