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  1. Partitioned and Distributed Annual

    I'm not an IA but I think on larger aircraft and some smaller ones they do phased inspections. However, I'm not sure how that would for a personal aircraft without a full time mechanic / IA. It might lead to some confusion especially when selling or buying.
  2. Thinking of straying from the fold

    I think you just convinced me to buy a Comanche
  3. Thinking of straying from the fold

    This will not help with being close to the panel but you can remove the back seats and gain a tremendous amount of room for the dogs and other stuff and make it a 2 seat aircraft. I've always said the B, C and E models are the best 2 place 4 seat aircraft you can find. Also when in cruise slide the seat back and it will give you more room. I'll slide mine all the way back during cruise. At least you will have some room in cruise phase of the flight.
  4. Technical question re: ROP/LOP

    There is a company that produces a complete electronic fuel injection and and ignition system that could be put on our engines if we were not in the certified category. I like the system and would love to install it on my plane. If I am not mistaken don't some of the electronic ignition systems that have been approved for our planes vary the timing? Do they go above 25 degree BTDC? At altitude the lower MP in effect simulates a partially closed throttle position does it not? So we cold benefit form variable timing in cruise flight.
  5. M20J engine not developing the power

    yes check your governor I've had a governor once that wold not allow more than 2600 RPMs. Changed governor and solved problem.
  6. Gear Doughnuts

    Everyone in business needs to make money or else they will not be in business for long. I am confident in my mechanical abilities and many times all I need from the mechanic is a signature and log book entry and I'm willing to pay for that no problem. I need the mechanic for that purpose. I've had my mechanic at the end of an annual ask why she was there? My response your signature. I once payed $675 for a nose wheel tire and tube but I was not at home it was a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and the mechanic was already there (no call out) and he had the tire and tube available. I was flying again in a little more than an hour. Was it high especially for something I could have done legally myself? Yes but he was johnny on the spot and I didn't have to do a lot of coordination to get a tire and tube to my location. I've paid my mechanic more that the invoice before because I felt that there was more done than charged and other times just what the invoice stated.
  7. Flying to see the Eclipse

    could be original but I think Photoshop had a lot to do with this one. Not disputing the shot of the eclipse but I question the whole composition. Nice shot regardless.
  8. Mooney Crash, Flagler in FL all out ok

    glad everyone got out OK it would be heart breaking watching your plane burn like that. Sorry Alan I don't even think you would want this one. The grim reaper foiled again.
  9. Hurricane Irma

    Too early to tell yet but the spaghetti models are looking better moving Irma further to the east. Hopefully that trend continues and the center travels off Florida's east coast. Irma will still be an issue but it will be much less than dragging it up the center of FL. Still one mean storm.
  10. Hangars and extension cords...

    I deal mostly with industrial situations but doesn't the NEC code require that a tenant have access to the circuit panel?
  11. Hangars and extension cords...

    Like Nike says just do it It is far easier to get forgiveness than permission.
  12. Hurricane Load Hauling, Mooney Style!

    Yes you can put a lot of stuff in the Mooney especially if you remove the back seats.
  13. New M20E Owner!

    cool enjoy
  14. Hangars and extension cords...

    If you are sufficiently qualified, knowledgeable and confident in your abilities add some conduit wire, box and a receptacle 2 or 3 while you are at it. If the circuit panel is accessible in the hangar then add a new circuit breaker as well if there is space and now you know exactly what is on that circuit. If you are not confident t in you abilities then enlist the assistance from a friend who is. Preferably find some older looking conduit so it appears to have been there for a while.
  15. Because we can. Of course at the risk of complicating things more than they need to be for those who are worried about doing the P lead test before shutdown and excess fuel in the cylinders when returning the mags to both lean very aggressively (100rpm drop or so) before dong the P lead test. You will have a minimal amount of fuel in the cylinders when re-igniting the fires. Confession: Never having the P lead test being stressed in my primary training I do not always do it. On small lawnmower engines when the P lead would not work to shut down the engine we would always choke it to death.