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  1. I started in fixed wing and move to helios and I get form other rotor heads why you fly so high.
  2. The airplane id free you just need to pay for the full tanks of fuel and the hat.
  3. Heck it's only money finance it and then it would be yours in 30 years or so 10 years sooner than waiting for it to depreciate and you get to enjoy it in the mean time.
  4. Can I buy a 2nd door for my F?
  5. I repainted my prop myself and had similar results with the prop paint from Aircraft Spruce. I stripped the prop, aloidine, zinc chromate and then the prop paint. I may have rushed the process and I will try again at annual when I have more time.
  6. I like it always thought about doing something like this.
  7. That is wonderful, good for Harry. I hope to be there someday well maybe not 96 but to keep flying for a long time. I'm 51 so that would be 45 more years of flying. I guess his plan is it to be flying when he passes on then he is already half way to heaven. Maybe some angels will come down at that time and support the wings of the Mooney and the Mooney will make it to heaven as well.
  8. Joe lot of good advice above You say you are a shop owner I assume you are a mechanic as well so you are mechanically inclined can follow repair procedures, repair manuals and not afraid getting dirty. You have more skill and desire that a vast majority of aircraft owners out there. There are many things you can legally do as a pilot and owner without an A&P to look over your shoulder and sing off the log book. Working with an A&P that understands your skills and desires will go along way to keeping you plane flying without running you to bankruptcy. Most of the things you listed are not show stoppers. corrosion is the biggest one and if it can be cleaned and treated it becomes a non issue. However, if major parts need work it could get more involved. good luck keep up posted use the search feature and ask questions there are a lot of good people here.
  9. Yes the new cards are recording you every flight and every move and ADSB is reading the certificates to make sure you are current.
  10. This chart is found in AC 43-13-1B chapter 7 If you are assisting with maintenance on you plane this is a good reference to have. The full document can be found here https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/advisory_circulars/index.cfm/go/document.information/documentID/99861
  11. I'm not really sure I guess on one hand you could have some yahoos who will go out and think they can fly IFR all the time. I suggest to VFR pilots to get the approach procedures learn to read them and go play with the approaches at non towered airport in VMC. Then get a safety pilot or instructor and fly them under the hood. Having these skills and knowledge just might save your bacon one day. The other thing is the procedures have a lot of good information about the airport in a convenient format.
  12. I have called flight service on occasion to get a release when IMC conditions existed and there was no radio contact to be had. Other than that it is a rear occasion.
  13. When I got back into flying I had a similar deal with my neighbor who owned an Arrow at the time. I never flew by myself but made a number of flights with the 2 of us. Helped me out tremendously with the insurance when I bought my first Mooney since I already had a number of hour in complex aircraft.
  14. Correction Nothing better to pass the way points faster.
  15. OK you have a C model assuming naturally aspirated (NA) i.e. not turbocharged. Also I'm assuming you are a flat lander i.e. or low mountains 6k feet or less. Some will use O2 above 7k or 8k. On a 500nm trip I generally go to 10k or 11k unless the winds are really not in my favor there. This gives me cooler temperatures in the SE especially in the summer time, better efficiency, greater safety margin and I find fewer people are there. Most SEL will fly 5k to 8k or below 3k. Just my unscientific observations. Favorable winds to me is the biggest factor in choosing altitude as well as ride quality I find above 4k to 5k AGL I generally get a pretty smooth ride and will stay higher with more head wind if it is smoother.