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  1. thanks we are going to leave early Friday morning. and get to LAL for about 10:30am
  2. Need to include both left handed people and right handed people. Besides a horse generally caries only one person and there are stirrups on each side.
  3. O O O O Does landing on a helicopter dolly count? In that case 20' and 6"AGL
  4. I would choose on or the other and go on and not worry about it. For me it would be the Tach and base any time related maintenance on it. Planes have some sort of tach in them that records approximations of time not all planes have a Hobbs meter. In helicopters some the Hobbs is connected to an oil pressure switch and others to the collective so it varies.
  5. sweet need a little more propeller protections for the pilot. There is some guy in Europe that made one with 2 gas engines not as smooth as this one was on outrageous acts of science..
  6. you know all this flying pod thing it would never work for people like us for the same reasons we don't like flying commercial we like to be in charge.
  7. Price is high but I do like it. I wonder about doing this with a helicopter heck you not getting high airspeeds anyway and that would give you VTOL not just STOL.
  8. just don't forget to put you gear down on short final.
  9. 3500 ft grass trees on each side power lines crossing near north departure end 150' between the lights, 0'MSL, 1000' ceiling to base of the Class B with a 2nm path to get in under the B. keep building the levees higher
  10. yes but his car folded up into a suitcase and he carried it into the office.
  11. Do you have the log book on the prop? Has it ever been reworked and shortened? How many hours since new and or overhaul? Where are you located?
  12. Roof tops are already crowned with HVAC systems, antennas and other miscellaneous junk. Adding space for quad-copters is not going to happen soon. There are fewer rooftops than parking garages. Having flown helicopters iont some tight area and landing on helipads on rooftops you will need a decent size spot to do it. I like the concept but in reality just like aviation I think the cost benefit ratio will keep it a small market. If I had the space to land a helicopter at my house I'd seriously consider having one to commute to work since there is a public use heliport right across the street form my office. Now that would be neat. I would still subject to fog, and thunderstorms though and then I'd have to travel on the ground like all the other minions.
  13. I'm neither an A&P nor an IA but I say minor alteration. JMHO
  14. One way to look at it is when you turbo charge or super charge an engine you are increasing the compression ratio shoving more fuel and more air into the cylinder to produce more HP. Like mentioned above lowering the compression rations increases the volume of the cylinder so you have more space to put the fuel air mixture in at a given boost pressure. I'm only an electrical engineer not mechanical but I'd still like to have a TN on my F (25 to 26MP at 12,000ft would be nice) but it is not worth the cost of adding it. Of course with any engine there is point where you cannot increase boost any further without destroying the engine. Look at drag racers the supercharge their engines to the max but they only get about 4secons between overhauls at WOT. That would get you to the end of the runway but wouldn't make for a long flight.
  15. I can live with the law of conservation of energy. I'd like to get penalties for violating the law of gravity repealed and I would like to have selective enforcement of gravity then all of your energy is used to get form one place to another and nothing to keep the pane in the air or get to altitude.