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  1. Smoke system for a Mooney

    I wouldn't mine having it for easier recognition. When ATC calls you out to another plane smoke on. Much easier to see a mile of smoke instead of a 30' long plane.
  2. AD Search

    My former mechanic was very fond of this system and I used it on my E model and my current plane had it when I bought it. I like it.
  3. Cylinder low temperature limit?

    When I begin my decent from cruise altitude I just nose it down for 500fpm and only start reducing MP to check it at 23". If I need a faster decent I will reduce MP further and or nose down a little more. This will keep CHTs in a normal range. IMHO there is no real need to reduce MP to 15" until you are ready to slowdown to enter the pattern.
  4. Renting Gear Tools

    Added value when you sell the plane it comes with it's own special tooling. and if you end up keeping the plane for a few years they will come in handy again. I have a complete set of special tools for My Mooney that I have accumulated of 7 years of ownership.
  5. Flight Conditions Wall Art

    neat would you care to share code, schematics and hardware list with the group?
  6. Changing airport elevations

    The North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88) is the vertical control datum of orthometric height established for vertical control surveying in the United States of America based upon the General Adjustment of the North American Datum of 1988. To the best of my knowledge this is the theoretical MSL at least for the USA. Yes this is an average construct of a mean seal level. Living in south Louisiana roads and front yards can disappear under water in a matter of hours when the wind and tides work together MSL doesn't mean much but seal level does. Maybe we should start referring to altitude as NAVD instead of MSL.
  7. A MILD birdstrike

    amazing One just needs to watch out for the exhaust stream form the geese.
  8. My dog house on my former E was cracking and already had many repairs. I had a complete dog house made and I only sent the shop a letter asking them to make the baffles for me as owner produced parts. In fact he even sent me a letter to reference when writing my own. They knew what to do and the baffles that came back were very well made. I think he has a PMA on them now.
  9. owner produced part IMHO you are good.
  10. Mooney Wake

    You Guys are just too eager for this event. If I had a large fortune I could make a small fortune in aviation with planes like this.
  11. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    I think the small wheels on our aircraft stop spinning quick enough but I do ti because that was the way I was taught. Not to mention you do not have bakes on the nose wheel so if they are spinning and you tap the brakes the nose will continue to spool down. If I do not tap the brakes before retracting the gear I don't worry about it.
  12. Ultra Screw Up

    Well while we are picking I'd love to have one and will just as soon as Ican find where I put that extra 750AMUs. I hid it so it would be safe. However, I want mine with Aspen instruments and an Avidyne 550 instead of the G1000 stuff.
  13. About time I fessed up

    Yes you could have made some better decisions by your own admission. We have all done that in the past sometimes with more forgiving results. The end of the day you safely landed the plane without injuries to you or anyone else except maybe your pride. So for that well done and kudos for having the courage to share. I guess the silver lining was you were already at the field with your mechanic.