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  1. When the rotors were spinning it made my head spin. Just weird looking. All your power is used for lift and not wasted on the anti torque force provided by the tail rotor. Helicopters are complex machines with many moving parts I'm not sure if this configuration helps or hurts.
  2. I say it is in the injector. Pull it and clean it.
  3. I'm not sure what you are planning but when I had my E I upgraded to the 70A plane power and left the original 50A alternator breaker. I had late 80s early 90s vintage avionics and it worked fine never had any problems. Newer avionics generally draw less current then their predecessors.
  4. congrats. at least doing many ratings together the written and oral exams should become easier since much of the information is the same.
  5. I've done them without crates but I do secure the dog by his collar with leash or rope so that he can move but not exit the rear seat. Put a couple of old towels on the seat that has worked for me so far.
  6. congrats. I'm sure he will have to be with an instructor fro 5 to 10 hours before solo in the plane. Have him use that time towards his IR after the first 2 hours of learning the "complex" part of the flying the E. 10 hours of dual hood time will be good for him and a great start to his IR.
  7. Sorry to hear about that. I would pull the cylinder for a better look pull some accessories and bore-scope the heck out of the engine and then make a decision on what to do.
  8. go for it and let us know how it works out. the FARs say you can refinish the plane except balanced control surfaces. You are legal in my humble opinion.
  9. I was told even accessories like alternator vacuum pump go in air frame.
  10. I agree. I fly several different aircraft and use the check list. Like you the times I did not I usually missed something. Trim for takeoff is a good one I've missed before for the same reasons. It is easy to get distracted.
  11. Great I wish you well in your business adventures. There is a vendor section on the forum where you can post about your business and what you offer. Add some photos of your work before, after and in progress and include some ballpark estimates people can use for budgeting purposes.
  12. no fair you are cheating with a turbo 12500 is the highest I've been in my Money. Maybe I will go higher some day.
  13. you can request the full registration history and all 337s filed with the FAA for any tail number aircraft directly from the FAA they will send you an CD in a week or two. I'm not sure the cost and I think you can get it expedited for an extra fee. I was just looking on the FAA site they may not offer this anymore. I thought I did this on several planes I was looking at before I purchased them but that was at least 4 years ago.
  14. agree with everything but put in baggage area probably little heavy for the hat rack at least mine is. I could almost overhaul an engine with what I have. The other thing is if you do an owner assisted annual make up a tool bag for that and keep that on the plane. You will never be without a tool to take something apart to look at it and or fix it if there are no mechanics available. Add safety wire and safety wire pliers.
  15. I have had this happen once before. When raising the gear make sure it is firmly in the block. Also if it is not at least on mine I can feel the trim whel on the jbar handle.