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  1. Arghh it be quiet as a pack of scurvy dogs planning a munity about this trip. Do we have anyone to go to KJKA on the 27th for lunch? Plan arrivals for 1030 to 1100am?
  2. Politics yes definitely admissible here on Mooney Space. When it pertains to aviation related issues, regulations, fees etc.
  3. on board bathroom facilities #1 and #2
  4. However, sometimes a friend, UBER, regular cab or rental car is not an option at some airports. So what do you do in that case? Fly to another airport where you can find these things.
  5. Once the Arrow had the runway made why didn't the Cirrus make a right turn away from the arrow and the airport? The cirrus didn't need to fly 40' parallel to the runway.
  6. I just put the Aveo Engineering Ultra Galatia 3 in 1 wingtip lights on mine and I like them. I "won" them in the silent auction last year at the Mooney Summit. Aveo Engineering donated them to the summit. I have a Wheelen strobe on the belly and standard tail light. I don't have any immediate plans to remove them.
  7. Received my replacement ARTEX ELT345 yesterday all I need to do now is install it and send the defective one back. Very nice ARTEX standing behind their product even after the warranty period expired. Thanks ARTEX.
  8. If it is only 2 of you take the rear seat back out give your a lot more room and bring a 24 qt hard sided ice chest that fits in the baggage door. That is what I do for SnF.
  9. More from ARTEX. They are sending me a replacement ELT should be here in about 2 weeks. No mention of any costs so it looks like they are making it good. They have a 3 year warranty and mine was installed in March of 2016 so it is just past the warranty period.
  10. I did get an email from ARTEX yesterday and filled out a couple of forms and sent them back. We will see where this goes from here.
  11. Well today while doing my annual the IA was looking a my Artex ELT345 (406mhz) and it started going off and we could not reset it. I finally disconnected the battery after talking with the avionics shop that installed it. I did receive a call from the Air Force checking up on me . I was expecting them to call and it was within about 1 hour of the ELT being activated. ARTEX did not return any of my calls today or answer any other communications. Trying to get an RMA number to send it in. I would think that if you have one of their ELTs going off un-commanded and cannot reset it that the manufacturer would try to call you back pretty quickly. My avionics ship said it is a know common occurrence for this to happen. Has anyone else had this problem with an ELT345?
  12. Also if you are in a position like this if you are not in an area that requires mode C turn off alt mode. That way ATC will have to ask you for your altitude and what you tell them is correct.
  13. Parallel encoder signal uses I believe 8 wires and you may have a broken wire. This happen to me where mode C stopped reporting about 7000 feet on my climb to 11000.
  14. I put this with knowing your plane. Determine the altitude you can successfully make the turn. He has you doing a 360 degree turn and add 50% to the altitude lost during the 360. We all know the turn in most cases will be more than 180 degrees (unless you have a somewhat perpendicular runway at the end of the runway you are taking off from) but less than 360. Yes that is a big margin of turning but it will depend on where you are and extra altitude will be a help.