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  1. Welcome aboard. As others have said any Mooney mode C to J will fit you r mission fine. By the way you looking at about 3.5 to 4 hours nonstop to Destin or Panama City and depending on how much you lean out the engine and altitude you should have about 1 hour reserves when you get there. This is being very conservative. Now if you have 4 adults and bags you may need to leave some fuel behind in St Louis and make a stop along the way for some more.
  2. OK so there has been some talk about installing a backup alternator with people going full electronic instruments negating the need for a vacuum pump. I began looking into this since I am considering going with the AV030s to replace my AI and DG and eliminating the vacuum pump. B&C offers some systems STCd but not for the Mooney. I have not contacted them about it yet. I wonder if you could get field approvals for increased safety and it is a non required system? Anyone else out there besides B&C for standby alternator? https://bandc.com/product-category/alternators/certified-alternators/standby-alternators/
  3. I have never used it but I have heard there are some pretty nifty things you can do with it. However, my Ifly 740 will tack my flights if I want, I can go to Flight Aware to see my flights and I'm sure I could track my flights with my Avidyne IFD540 as well.
  4. That's the same strategy as the corner drug dealer give you a few hits to get you hooked. Maybe that gives you a little brake when getting checked out by their instructors. While I have my own F this is a serous question to the OP though. What is the policy for overnight and extend trips? Welcome aboard Zulu
  5. 3500 elevation is not a problem especially if you are use to it and live there. I was in Idaho for 9 months with my Mooney and at 5000' field elevation the plane did perform differently during the takeoff but I'm a sea-level, flat lander.
  6. Cam and lifters are in already the mix. This is what I would do JMHO crank have it checked for cracks and have it polished, possibly balanced depending on cost main bearings - any sign of wear replace them. Other than from cold starts there should be little wear on them. rod bearings same thing but they can be replaced without splitting the engine. Have the case inspected for cracks, and bore alignment checked. accessory case new oil pump gears all others checked for wear cylinders - hone and inspect valve guides, valves and seats for cracks or burning. (maybe send out for IRAN?) rings and pistons clean and check for wear. (if you really want to spend money have these balanced with the crank) mechanical fuel pump change with new due to location and difficulty in changing remaining accessories I would put back on and only IRAN those that are necessary such as mags. put it all back together control cables are much easier to do now with the engine is off than later. Since you are in Canada how close are you to your mandatory prop overhaul? Unfortunately it adds up quickly.
  7. What year is your E? If I remember reading correctly there was a point in the manufacture of the M20 where the tail was actually twisted because of we on the jig used during fabrication. It is not noticeable when looking at one plane but if you looks a a number of them lined up is it visible. This may have seem effect on the rigging. Like Turbo said you have to play with it. Years ago my mechanic and I rigged my E according to the manual and it flew well.
  8. stick with the 30 for now it is a good AP. Sure it doesn't give you vertical guidance but with the lateral guidance many of your issues are taken care of. Besides, even with a good AP you still want to practice and hand fly the plane. I have flown approaches with the 30 and it works fine while I control the decent.
  9. I just spent about 30 minutes talking with Mr. Denny from the FAA and he was very nice. 1. We discussed the consistent problem I have had since installation of my IFD540 and APX322. The problem is SDA (system design assurance). He believes it may just be a configuration problem or software issue in the Avidyne. 2. I contacted my avionic shop and he confirmed that Avidyne has an update to be release by the end of the month. 3. Hopefully I can get over there and get it take care of and all will be good. More updates will be made as things develop.
  10. One thing that has changed is the FAA is focusing on ADSB errors this now with 2020 coming up very soon. This is from the mouth of the FAA guy I spoke with last Friday.
  11. Thanks at least I know what that means now. It would be nice if they gave out the secret decoder ring included in the report. SDA appears to be popping often up so maybe the avionics shops didn't configure something right. I have the Avidyne IFD540 connected to the Avidyne APX322 so there should not be any issues between the two. I would hope.
  12. Yeah if ADSB system is a PIA like this it will not be very usable. Here are a few of the ADSB reports for the FAA site. Any body who can tell me what is going on it would be appreciated. I will be calling the FAA guy Monday as well to discuss this further. I'm an engineer but ADSB is FM technology to me and the reports are not very intuitive. Then a buddy was flying my plane today and ATC said mode C was not reporting altitude. PAPR_20190224_A856D6_70570220.pdfPAPR_20190312_A856D6_71437905.pdfPAPR_20190317_A856D6_71704303.pdf
  13. I got the same registered letter on my Avidyne remote mounted transponder AXP-322. I have had it installed for over 3 years now. I talked with the guy on my letter Friday evening and will discuss with him more on Monday. Hopefully he can tell me exactly what is wrong. FLIGHT AWARE still tracks every flight I make and sends me an email every time I land and I can se every flight I have made. sorry had wrong site I hope ADSB does not continue to act like this. In all the years I have been flying I only had one issue with Mode C when a wire broke going to the altitude encoder.