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  1. Confession

    well it is unfortunate but sounds like you got in line politely and made your landing.
  2. Tie down rings

    I have never taken them out on my E and on my F which has the LASAR rings with built in jack point. My thoughts why cause excess wear on the threads not great I know. What could be the reason to remove them? Falling out and hitting something?? Drag??
  3. In need of a Brittain servo

    I have a couple of them but they are old originals form a 65 E model. I'm not sure how useful they would be. Someone had posted a place where you might be able to get some replacement bellows (owner supplied part) to change the bellows out on the servos. You might want to do a search.
  4. Air fuel ratio ...link from AOPA

    he also had the P-mag electronic ignition which plays a role in the equation with variable timing and hotter spark than our ancient alien technology magnetos.
  5. Denver Post Airport Article

    you are correct but it don't matter you build next to a cesspool and complain about the smell and the the cesspool gets closed or moved. I live next to a military base. Luckily I live on the down wind side not take off so noise is less for me but I love to see the F-15s and F-18s and helicopters fly over. There were many Saturdays they would be doing run up and testing on engines and you would hear the roar of jet engines all morning. Never once considered or thought of complaining about the noise. The sound of freedom. Also when they would be on alert and take off with full after burner into the night sky talk about awesome. Spielberg cant do that. However, I do have a biased opinion. As a teenager cutting the grass on the riding mower I would see the F-15s flying over head in formation breaking left or right to land and I would start flying the mower around the yard having dog fights. well I guess the grass didn't look too good but I had fun. Heck I've had the blue angels fly right down my street at 100 to 200 feet AGL rattling the windows and the fillings in your teeth you can't get a better seat for the airshow.
  6. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    Cool I'd love to be able to buy a new one and make many trips there watching it be built.
  7. Yes a new processor, more memory and screen would be nice in the ASPEN if not already done. This should be done every 2 to 4 years IMHO. The advances in processors is always phenomenal. My opinion is they, ASPEN,need to make the fully capable box available for around $6AMU plus install as a normal price. The VFR version is somewhere in that price range now. With that pricing they would be more competitive with the new boxes coming on the scene now. What more can ASPEN put in the boxes that they don't have now? I would like to have an ASPEN or 2 G5s in my plane but ultimately what does that give me? The biggest thing would be an HSI after that not much more information than I already have. I'm looking to see how the G5 will interface with my IFD540 and the STEC 30 AP and at what price point to get 2 of them to replace the AI and the DG.
  8. KISM pireps?

    FYI most if not all Disney hotels do not charge for parking and your parking permit for the hotels will get you in the parks and not have to pay parking. Disney transportation is good but sometimes there is a line or wait for the bus.
  9. KISM pireps?

    I fly into KORL quite often IFR and they will give me the LEESE 2 arrival every time even though I put NO SIDS no STARS in comments. However, I file OCF and LEESE in my flight plan so I'm already set up for the arrival. After LEESE they are vectoring me around. I suggest you do the same since after LEESE you will probably be vectored from Orlando Approach anyway. Oh and usually starting at OCF Jackson will start stepping you down. I am generally between 5,000 and 7,000 feet by the time I get to OCF starting from 90 or 110.
  10. Raptor

    Hey 225 to 250 kts cruise would still be nice. I think somewhere in there documentation they mention 300kts as a maximum speed and I think they have something more realistic in the mid 200 kt range as well as a more realistic HP output form the engine during cruise. Yes some pie in the sky claims. Don't all manufacturers do this out the box on new designs?? I'm not sure I'm ready to risk $2000 deposit yet but I like the design. Also if they started producing the kits now it would be about 5 years before your number would come up if you got on board today.
  11. Would anyone be interested?

    Yes the electric motor can go through the RPM ranges with no problems. MY thoughts were that in the event of an engine failure the sprag clutch would allow the prop to freewheel same as on a helicopter if the engine fails the rotors freewheel without the drag of the engine. The electric motor could then power the prop for a short distance without having to turn the engine to extend glide range or avoid an obstacle. Oh and the electric motor might be able to double a the starter saving some weight there as well. Some have touted the diesel electric type model where you have a generator powering the electric motor with a battery backup. The generator can always run at its most efficient speed and the electric motor with a limited battery backup could provide good takeoff and acceleration power with no density altitude consequences. However, you do get a weight penalty for the extra batteries and the extra generator. To get 150HP continuous at the electric motors you will need an engine to produce 150 to 180HP and a generator to produce 150kW. This system wold have a weight penalty. A true hybrid would use the direct drive engines we currently use a small battery for energy storage to assist in acceleration and climb 10 to 15 min. Once at cruise the electric motor would be along for the ride. Now a fuel cell and electric motor or motors arranged in a pancake set up and prop that would weigh about the same as our current engine and props that would get you to an all electric powered aircraft. The question is does such a fuel cell exist? Also what would the physical size of the fuel cells be? fuel cell Fuel: methanol, ethanol or gasoline hydrogen storage at high pressure would be too much weight, liquid hydrogen too expensive fuel cell Power density: 150kW to 200kW output 2 or more individual cells fuel cell weight: 200 to 300 lbs Battery: sized to run for 10 minutes at 50% power electric motors: 150kW to 200kW output (utilize 2 or more motors stacked for added redundancy) this would be for J type performance
  12. When looking at buying a plane you need to define you mission. You already defined part of it 250NM +/- would be your typical trip. How many people will yo have? How much stuff do you want to bring? The early models B to F are excellent planes that can be had for low initial investment. As many will say get a pre purchase inspection done by an independent aviation mechanic. For 250nm trips a Cessna 172 would be suitable as well and you initial insurance would be less than in a Mooney with retractable gear. Tell us about your general location and where you plan on flying? Mountains might change what you look at in planes. Try to get with different people and fly different airplanes before you decide on any model and look at the the capabilities of the plane are and get the one that fits 80% of the flying you will do. Your location will help there are many here who are just itching for an excuse to fly and show off there machines.
  13. Sun n Fun 2018

    I plan on being there. Hope to get into VAC.
  14. Raptor

    I'm thinking about it and I like the Audi engine option but wonder why it is $22k for the engine seems like it would be less than that. Liquid cooled engine and use the excess engine heat for deicing protection on the wings nice. Therma wing without having to install multiple big alternators robbing power from the prop. However, the overall height 11' 10" has me concerned my hangar door does not go that high I would need to design and build a new hangar door. Not even sure if the structure is high enough. the Velocity is less than 8' tall. Wonder why? here you go A experimental category composite construction diesel engine Laminar vs. thick wing... economics Interior volume
  15. Would anyone be interested?

    Well with regard to the hybrid aspect. I could see where a smaller turbo charged engine diesel or gasoline as the main power source sized for cruise at max power and a smaller battery and electric motor that would give you a boost on takeoff for shorter takeoff run and faster initial climb out. The electric motor would then become dead weight during the flight. Utilizing a sprag clutch arrangement it would allow the electric motor to be used in an emergency to extend glide ratio so you may end up being able to make an airport or avoid a particular obstacle during an of airport landing. Detailed design would tell you how many T&G you cloud do before the battery power was used up for takeoff runs and you would need to fly around to let the battery recharge.