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  1. I am also not in SC, but I share your height and weight and fly a 1974C out of Fredericksburg, VA. I even have the occasional back trouble. You should have someone show you the proper technique for getting in and out of a Mooney, but it is a none issue. I love the speed, efficiency and low maintenance of the plane. The Lycoming 0360 starts easily even when hot.
  2. Bob, I love your cowl. Is that an available speed mod with STC or custom?
  3. Caruosam, thanks. Great information on the link.
  4. I noticed an asterik on my EGT gauge. I am not sure what it is for, but it seems to align somewhat with a 50 degrees ROP operation at most flight levels when leaning the engine. This is in my 1974 Mooney 20C. Can someone tell me it's purpose and if it was intended as a tool for leaning the fuel mixture? I'll take a picture of it next time i am flying
  5. Thanks, I am grounded until i get the issue resolved. No I didn't check the engage lever prior to flight, but I will add it to my checklist.
  6. All was normal on preflight and runup until I raised the gear after takeoff (1974 20C with electric gear) and the manual handcrank rotated with the electric motor. I stayed in the pattern and lowered the gear with electric gear selector switch with the handcrank once again rotating with the electric motor. The gear indicator on the floor and annunciator light both showed the gear in proper position. I had someone on the ground verify gear was down. Once I landed I noticed the handcrank engagement switch was pretty far forward (80%) or so toward the manual operation position. I plan to put the plane on jacks Saturday with a local A&P, cycle the gear and try to reposition the manual operation switch. Have you encountered anything like this? Do you know of anything we should be looking for?
  7. I fly a 1974 C out of KEZF Fredericksburg, VA. Electric gear and flaps. You are welcome to visit my plane and hangar
  8. DingyHarry I keep my 20C up at Shannon Airport in Fredericksburg, VA, but I am planning to work in Raleigh for the next 18 months and will be keep my plane at Triangle North Executive KLHZ. You may already be aware that hanger space in the Raleigh area is hard to come buy. My take on the value is $90 to $110K depending on condition and maintenance records. Do you need transition training or are you a Mooney pilot already? Good luck!