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  1. Please PM me if you have more information because I’m looking into it. 1981 M20J - NJ.pdf
  2. Did anyone every get a copy of this letter? If so would you please share or add to the downloads section. I would love to get my hands on it just in case I pull the trigger on this one. Thanks, FF
  3. @davidnz @TTaylor @N601RX Me too please. Can you email the letter?
  4. Following. Please keep us posted and share if you can. Very interested in this. Thanks, FF
  5. Does anyone have experience with these when completing an upgrade on your vintage Mooney? http://approachfaststack.com/hubs.html
  6. Anyone know a place in the PNW that would be willing to strip the paint off a Mooney? Any ideas on the cost to just strip? Thanks, FF
  7. Best place to buy new Interior Plastic panels? Thanks, FF
  8. Best place to buy new Interior Plastic panels? Thanks, FF
  9. Created this post to have everyone share their M20C mods, and pictures. Show them off and let me know which ones you would do again and which ones you wouldn't. Thanks!
  10. Completed my Survey. In need of an autopilot for this bird.
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