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  1. Alan's Hangar

    About ten people should have stopped up..
  2. Alan's Hangar

    Nice day guys...
  3. 1963 M20C Down for the count

    Message me with the equipment list and times..
  4. From retro to basic

    It is not a loss at all , unless you think you are flying a plane for FREE , doesn't work that way....... You buy a machine , you upgrade it , you use it , you sell it .....The difference between the buy and sell price , is the cost of use..... When you buy a new car , drive it for 6 years , and sell it , did you lose money ?????? No you paid for the use of a car....... Unless you are in the airplane business ( I am ) , you shouldn't think that way , or you can buy a piece of shit plane , fly it with shitty equipment , and not be able to sell it , because every other plane has better equipment ...... Also you are not taking into account , that the plane with the upgrades will ACTUALLY sel ........
  5. True airspeed , removed for Glass upgrade 200.00 Alan 856 419 5209 ...
  6. 450 , removed for upgrade , Call Alan 856 419 5209 ..
  7. Mid continent lifesaver AI

    I like it..... Thanks for your business...
  8. Removed Stuff, any interest?

    Please show a pic of the back of the KA44B antenna , without the gasket , I may buy it,..
  9. Mooney seat belts for sale

    Do you still have these
  10. Mooney Wake

    Who let the dogs out ??
  11. Stormscope wx1000+ complete system

    It will not , But this is an amazing piece of hardware
  12. 530w to 750gtn ( w)

    Jose' do you have one on your car ???
  13. Garmin GTX33 ES 1700.00 each

    One sold , one left...
  14. Druck Transducers

    It "Drucks"