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  1. they are shiny and "lobeular" yes I just made up that word...
  2. So far , Pulled the interior , inspected the cage , sprayed the cage with corrosion-x , pulled the foil off of the splice plates , splice plates are clean , reinstalled interior ,removed sound insulation as it was pushing out the interior panels, repaired short in instrument breaker , Replaced KMA24 with KMA 28 , Replaced Apollo 618 and antenna , with Apollo GX55 and antenna , Replaced all the cowl fasteners with new , Disassembled mag , cleaned and adjusted points , set E-gap , cleaned and gapped plugs , Changed oil and filter and added Camguard (a case was in the plane ) , Replaced gear biscuits with 5 year old biscuits , Replaced exhaust tail pipe , Replaced glare shield with used one , Lubed the hell out of everything , Replaced ADF antenna , Reconstructed logs completely back to 2009 , Got airworthiness cert replaced , Ordered 3 new goodyear tires , Removed jugs for O/haul , Inspected cam lobes , performed SB208 , Annualed prop , replaced avionics lenses , scrubbed the living hell out of the plane , Cleaned K&N filter , replaced turn coordinator with used unit , rebuilt all 4 fuel caps , swung gear , Getting there slowly.......
  3. Well the compression on one cylinder is low , So I pulled it and for the life of me , cant see anything wrong with it , so I said screw it , pulled all 4 inspected the cam , and the jugs go to Columbia engines tomorrow morning for an IRAN , hone it , check for cracks , clean it and replace the exhaust guides , and a Valve job....
  4. Don't sweat it Seth , If need be we can do it in your hangar...1 day off , One day to change the gear , and two days back on.... 4K plus parts .. And you are buying the lunches.....
  5. SOLD (to a garmin dealer no less) ....
  6. I have one
  7. I use the Clear-view..... It works and less than half of plexus
  8. Before I go full on diag , Has any one had the breaker for the instruments pop , and what was the problem... Thanks in advance..
  9. Yes , buy until they actually stop , they will bend symmetric....Ehen I flew around , I thought I got it in time , until I shut down....
  10. I can tell you from personal experience , that this is not the case , I bent the tips in 2 inches on the runway , and it had NO discernable impact on performance....
  11. And you wonder why nobody likes you....How about a little empathy for the deceased , How about adding value to the thread , instead of arrogance , judgment and stupidity......
  12. Bought a used perfect one (factory) from Dave , Saw your plane there , didn't have time to do a saw pic..