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  1. I have a vacum system in my 65C, it didn't work for about a year but turned out to be an easy fix. Somehow the cable worked off the pulley, I lubed everything and checked for leaks and seems to be working ok. I agree with others though. If it quits again I'll probably just take it off. You've probably already looked but if you haven't worth checking.
  2. Iowa, you bet. Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. Is there any STC's out there for a quality baggage door or access door hinges/arms? I know this topic has been brought up before but the last topic referenced Mountain View Aviation's the "door steward," but when I get on their website they don't offer STC's for Mooneys, only Piper, Cessna, Beech. Anyone have any success with one of their products? If so which one? My daughter got her finger smashed after coming back from a short cross country last weekend and I've thrown quite a few cuss words in the direction of that hinge, it seems it can't hold itself in anything other than a light b
  4. This is more of a gee-wiz thing but I got a kick out of it so I thought I'd post. I picked up my airplane from annual this month and turned the corner and saw an M22 on the ramp. I walked up to it and didn't realize how massive those things are compared to my C model. I kind of expected all Mooney's to be the same dimensions but these things are massive by comparison. Leaving the airport I thought i noticed V-tail on a trailer but looking closer it too was a M22. Two at one airport! I assume used for parts but no one was around and couldn't get a story on why, who, or where they came from.
  5. I just got my C back from annual which is similar to your E and he charged me 22 at $75. I did the owner assisted and it took forever for me to get all those off too. He gave me about 6 hours of the bill for the owner assisted. My plane was local when I bought it and it had been through three reputable shops but each had their own opinion on squawks. I added a 406 ELT, repaired an altimeter and replaced a VOR/ILS and total bill ran $5k. I'll probably take it to the same shop next year but I wish I had more options in the midwest for shops that know how to work on manual gear.
  6. I really need to get a MAPA manual. I hear a lot of people quoting it. Not to open up another giant can of worms but I spent some time this morning debating with myself on LOP vs. ROP. I just found it comical that Flying mag recommends 50 ROP while AV web recommends LOP, AOPA took a refreshing stance in their "Dogfight" article debating both sides. I finally gave up and went straight to Lycoming and pulled their recommendations. For performance it recommends leaning until theirs an increase in airspeed. For economy it recommends leaning until engine roughness then increasing until smoothness r
  7. It's a 1965 and you guys are right, it felt mushy. I need to go out and do some experimenting. Giving rides I do about the same: 18-20 MP and 2300 RPM. For me I'm intrigued with the endurance at the low setting. Book says I can get 9 hours out of it which i think is awesome..... but I don't want to put too much pressure on the hub and seals, a high MX bill isn't worth the cost savings in fuel. This is more out of curiosity for me than anything.
  8. Hello all, I've owned my C model for over a year now and starting to stretch my legs. Does anyone have any opinions on the 17-1800 economy setting in the manual? I included a pic of the manual at 2500 (I'd be flying higher of course, just an example). A few weeks ago I tested out the 17-1800 setting because I had nice tailwind and... well.... it did not sound or feel natural. Maybe I'm just used to the sights and sounds of going faster but the prop control was almost in my lap to get to 1800 and I didn't want to put too much pressure on the prop. Does anyone else routinely use this
  9. I'm with Drumstick, any update? I'm in the same boat as everyone else and mine needs replaced. Has anyone put one of these on the baggage door?
  10. MooneyNate

    My 65 C Model

    My beautiful 1965 C model. I bought is last April and have taken it on midwestern trips, including Oshkosh last year. Really wanting to stretch my legs this year including trips to Colorado, Florida, and Branson. I wasn't looking for a Mooney at the time but have no buyers remorse. It's a beautiful bird and love its efficiency. After I bought it I got a chuckle out of an article that said Bonanza pilots drive to the airport in their Cadillacs, Mooney pilots drive up in their diesel VW's.... I drive a Diesel VW!! I guess it was fate - enjoy.
  11. I'm based in KOXV which is south central Iowa but I don't mind traveling. I bought it with a fresh annual last April but really want a good mooney mechanic to check the rigging. Nothing out of place on it but just cation on my part. Its a manual gear 65 C model. Mooney's website has service centers so think i'll just start calling around this week. I'll post what i find out .... but I'm always open to recomendations.
  12. All, I'm looking for any suggestions on a midwestern shop that allows owner assisted annuals. I'm really looking for a Mooney mechanic that can do manual gear rigging, doesn't necessarily have to be a Mooney shop. The logbook is filled with good shops but none were Mooney specific. I was planning on taking it to Wilmer but last I heard they were out of business. Has anyone used Oasis? Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. MooneyNate

    Oshkosh / Fond du Lac 2016

    A little late to the game in adding these ..... but attached our trip to AirVenture via Fond du Lac in 2016.
  14. MooneyNate

    Calm Evening

    A Midwest calm that only comes around every other year.
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