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  1. With regard to modern surgical residency: Hard to say working 75-80 hours a week for 5 years with 4 days off per month is being treated too softly. The reason, in my opinion, that residents are limited to 80 hours per week and a minimum of 4 days off a month is because abuse was occurring, but I wasn't around then. My father and grandfather were doctors / surgeons. Every one of my senior surgery mentors has told me that our care and education is much better than they were in the old days. When I go home at night the residents take turns covering for each other so we can get a little sleep and take better care of our patients during the day. The volume of work has not changed since the duty hour rules, its just been shifted to be more efficient. When I take call sometimes I operate for 20 hours non-stop bouncing from room to room. I have a 60 bed ICU with ECMO and transplant and cardiac units, a level 1 trauma center and an average of 300 in-patients who I am personally in charge of as the chief resident, not to mention the emergency room which often sends us more then 30 consults in 24 hours. I do this without an attending in the hospital - but they are 15 minutes away. The scope of the General Surgeon has also changed significantly from what it once was. No longer do many surgeons do abdominal, chest, vascular, transplant, aortic, pancreatic trauma etc like the old days. Additionally, 80% of our grads do a fellowship for additional years to sub-specialize. My personal opinion is that if surgical residency was more focused on education and training instead of doing non-educational paperwork to make the attending happy and if advancement was based on skill not an arbitrary timeline, we could cut out an entire junior year of training and probably be well trained in 4 years... especially if going on to fellowship. That being said, I managed to get my PPL during residency by being efficient with my time and priorities. sometimes after working for 28 hours, sleeping 6 hours I get up to go for an evening lesson then come home refreshed to study surgery for a bit before going back to bed. The year I got my certificate my national exam scores actually went up by 22% compared to my peers because I was giving my brain a bit more time to recover and was more efficient with my time. Anyways... this is way off topic! I found myself a really nice Mooney M20c with a full upgraded panel / GPS/ autopilot/ bladders in the tanks, no corrosion, good engine with 1000hours and current annual good for another year. We settled on a price and got a really extensive pre-buy from Byron at RPM aviation (thanks to this forum for the recommendation!) and that went well. Hoping my loan from one of the finance companies mentioned on this thread gets approved early next week and I can close soon after! Sounds like the monthly payment will only be 320$ a month for a 20 year term, so much cheeper than expected if it works out. Will post pictures when / if the deal is done!
  2. I really appreciate your support. I found learning to fly during residency has been a wonderful way to keep myself healthy and happy. It’s like having a super power. Few things in the world make me happier than going for a flight! I managed to pass my private check ride during my third year of residency and I plan to find a way to buy my dream plane and continue this wonderful passion into fellowship and for the rest of my life. In 9 months when I graduate and sell my house I could probably pay off the entire airplane, but the plane I want is available now, so I’m going for it. My instructor who is one of my best friends and who I really trust is here now to teach me how to fly a new aircraft. Got to find a way to make it happen!
  3. I am a surgical resident, soon to be vascular surgery fellow. Finances of someone at my stage are really strange due to high debt but also high earning potential just a few years down the road, Income changes by a factor of 10. The reason not to wait to buy an airplane till then? I really could use one now to travel from where I will be working for the next few years to see my family / girlfriend 450 miles away. .. And, the longer that I delay owning a plane, the more time in life I miss out on having one. As for finances, investments are making many times more than the interest rate on loans, it makes a lot more financial sense for me to borrow at 5.5% for a loan and student debt than sell investments that grew at 10-25% last year... it's one thing to pay ~500/month in a loan, totally different sacrifice to cash out investments and financial reserves that would be my future retirement or the downpayment on a home to pay for an airplane. Anyways, Thank you! I really appreciate all the help I always get on this forum! hope to be joining your ranks as a Mooney owner soon, calling the banks you all suggested right now.
  4. I am having some issues getting financing, got turned down by AOPA today due to my student loans. Anyone have any recommendations? Anyone with experience getting a physicians loan for an airplane?
  5. Thanks very much. There are some hangars around me for 150/month about 20 minutes out of town. Going to look at the plane this week to see if we can make a deal. Spending the next few days reading about what to look for when I get there.
  6. I really appreciate all of your help and advice! thank you
  7. I am in Michigan, looking at an aircraft in Maryland.
  8. I really appellate all your help. I got in emailed Byron today after the first response to this post and he called me right back. The more I read, the more questions I have: - Is there anything I should be looking at carefully before buying a short body Mooney? I have heard the fuel tanks are one source of problems. - Is it reasonable to call up the mechanic who did the last annual on the airplane and talk to them? The thing that scares me is buying the airplane with the possibility I may need to come up with an additional 10-20thousand dollars for some unforeseen problem in the first year or two. Seems like this plane has bene flying 30-50 hours early with 1000h left on the engine. - How much should a pre-buy cost? - When should I make a deposit and sign a purchase agreement take it off the market? is that deposit usually refundable? how much is it usually? - Should I fly down to see it first or should I get the pre-buy inspection done first before going in person? - trying to figure out how much yearly costs might be has been hard. I was estimating for a 100hr vfr private pilot: 2000$ for insurance, 1000$ annual, 2000$ hangar?
  9. I am out of Troy, but considering Ray Community as everything around Troy is >300$ a month. Thinking of getting a tie down near my house in the summer and then a hangar out of town for the winter months.
  10. Hi all, I am looking at buying a Mooney M20c as my first aircraft. The mission is for cross country flights about 250mi once or twice a month, for just myself or maybe one other person and to get my IFR in the next year as well. Can anyone recommend of a good Mooney mechanic in the Maryland area to do a pre-buy? I am just learning about the process of buying an airplane, so if you all have any recommendations about the steps involved, how to get some financing, and anything specific to the old Mooneys that I should be looking at? I know fuel tank leaks are sometimes an issue. What are the early steps on how to get a pre-buy agreement, when to put a deposit down, if its refundable, how to decide on the right price for the airplane etc. So far hanger space is hard to find here in Michigan, may need to consider an outdoor tie down for the summer months, thoughts? Lastly, there is always that question in the back of my head, can I afford this? and honestly I'm not really sure I will know unless I move forward with the buy and find out how much all those variable costs will be.
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