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  1. Sounds like a carb issue. We had increasing problems going from idle to full throttle, sputtering at low power (approach), and starting. We pulled and and sent to be OH. They called and said they were donating it to a museum, it was unservicable and in bad shape. Plane has run great ever since then ;-)
  2. They should look at what Diamond is doing and then do it even better. Diamond is coming out with some really excellent products at a better value than the competition. They even have a refurb program, although I think it is only for the twins. With Mooney having such a long established brand and existing fleet, under the right management they could really change the GA market.
  3. Does the airplane have an autopilot? I’d say with a decent AP, like a STEC 30 with ALT hold the plane is probably worth $40K-$50K. The engine story is good, but if I were buying I would take the view that it is going to need to be replaced very soon. Similarly, I’d want to know about that damage history, but that might just lead to a more detailed inspection. My two cents....
  4. Decided that we are not going to replace the nav/com. The utility of a VOR as a backup doesn't really add much value or protection. We're going to plan to replace nav2 and com2 with a GPS NAV/COM.
  5. We are removing a self-contained VOR that could tune and show direction. The com is also a single channel self contained system. Both are probably from the 80s.
  6. Our nav2 is broken and com2 is pretty flaky. Looking for a NAV/COM plus CDI replacement. We'll keep our 430W as NAV/COM1. New or used/tested is fine.
  7. Anyone from the Mooney Caravan team here? It would be great if someone could setup the ground instruction portion of formation flying on-line this summer. It doesn't have to be free. Either pre-recorded, or do a few weekend or evening sessions over Zoom/WebEx/etc. It would be great if people could do the ground portion right now and then meet with one or two other ships to get flight training while practicing social distancing. I know the normal clinics are cancelled, can we find a way to still do training this year? Right now, I'm stuck on YouTube in the 50s:
  8. Is there somewhere we could meet and maintain social distancing. Somewhere with a bunch of picnic tables outside? Or a place with a restaurant that we could book full at the current restricted capacity? Like Hangar 5 at BAK and the place at LUK?
  9. Certainly testing would help, but only if quick and consistent. Since people are asymptomatic for up to five days, if you only test them when they are symptomatic then they would have been spreading it for several days. Moreover, if someone is negative, what's their exposure between tests? Until the conundrum above is addressed social distancing is going to be the norm, no matter what authorities "open up." Thankfully, a lot of the economy can get going with distancing. As you have said, doing so in a light single or twin can't happen. So, what PPE can you use while assuming the other pilot has the virus, and still have a viable instruction flight? I think it should start with a discussion about each pilot's risk level. Age, exposure, etc. For instance if you were instructing someone how works from home on a normal day versus someone who just went to the beach because they were open, are at different levels of risk. Or, working with an instructor who has a limited number of students, versus dozens a week. Or, using a flight school plane versus a private owner. Each of us needs to manage our own exposure risk, and that is a personal calculation, just like personal minimums. You've just got to make sure you get all the data you can.
  10. I'm not too far away, KHFY. Let's get together.
  11. In terms of finding partners: 1) Join and participate in local EAA chapters. 2) Talk with local flight schools. 3) Put a flier at the FBO. 4) Put a yard sign near the hangars. 5) Get involved in other aviation activities to meet people. Attached is an expense template based on how we do things in our partnership. We have several types of costs accounted for like: monthly fixed cots, scheduled maintenance, non-scheduled maintenance, flying hours ($35/hr), credit for working on the aircraft, etc. Some of those categories exist to determine what is paid out of the maintenance reserve versus what's not and charged to the partners for the month. You can determine the reserve several ways, but it is good to write it into your partnership agreement. We looked at an assumed 2000 prop/engine life and all of the scheduled maintenance over that period to determine our $35/hr reserve. It's a balance on that fee...if your too low then the expense is deferred impacting the partners at the time of the maintenance, and the valuation of the partnership. If your too high then you've tied up money that you could spend flying... The AOPA partnership template is a good place to start. That way it looks less biased to someone your talking to. Pay particular attention to the death clause. Should something happen to you the last thing you want your family to deal with is trying to negotiate a way out of an airplane partnership and valuations. It needs to be spelled out in detail and valuations should be written down annually so there is no argument. It should also have some time limit that either forces the remaining partners to buy the deceased' share of the partnership or liquidate the partnership. Partnership Expenses.xlsx
  12. I've been in a part of a M20C three-party partnership and it has been great. It's really important to have a well written agreement (not been an issue for me, but a friend had a partner die and that's a mess if not spelled out ahead of time). It's also important to have similar expectations on upgrades and costs. We have an imbalance of who likes to work versus fly the airplane....that's not a bad thing, but it's important to have not only a hourly reserve to account for people who fly more and a maintenance credit for people who work on the airplane to give them equality for the time put in. Happy to share our accounting of how we do that.
  13. I've been working on my Commercial Pilots License and I'd hate to backslide on my skills. I work in an aviation related industry where I don't fly commercially, but my PPL/CPL plays a role. What's your interpretation of the current "stay at home" declaration? I live in Indiana where they are telling us to stay home except to get food, supplies, or go to work. I see this as part of my work. Moreover I'm completely solo for the whole thing in my own airplane, so I'm not spreading the virus. Thoughts?
  14. I had the same thought...good time wrap up my CPL.