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  1. I'll be there +2 Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. Far easier and cheaper to pull equity out of your house... Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. If your within 250NM from HFY I'd be happy to take you for a flight. I transitioned from a C182 to a M20C. The sight picture is significantly different, in particular the eye-to-wheel height is less in a Mooney. It took 10-15 landings to get a good fell for it. Of course it's you'll need to get that into your workflow in the pattern, again not a big deal...unless you forget! In terms of your mission. The Mooney is a bit tighter, but not uncomfortably so...before we added a fifth member to the family our load was the same (now looking at a Baron). You only have one door in a Mooney, so you'll need to get use to that and ensure that your front passenger is well briefed for an emergency. That's about it ... its just another airplane...a fun one.
  4. The risk-reward might not be balanced. I'd imagine the valve caps would actually need to depress the stem to get a if the cap becomes loose you might lose your pressure. If it's a slow leak in a car, you just pull over. In an airplane, you've got a bigger problem. I'd imagine the only viable method would be a system that goes around the wheel like on cars....but that's with a tubeless tire.
  5. "Positive Rate" then "Gear Up" is the typical call out to ensure you verify that the VSI shows you are not only off the ground, but gaining altitude.
  6. Looks really similar to the flap for carb heat on carburated models....makes me think that should be checked too!
  7. Yeah, duh...whoops. The leaning is still the solution to the OP's issue.
  8. With an actual altitude or density altitude that high you do not want to go full rich. Remember carb heat also enritchens the mixture too. I've had mine sputter and pop on final because of it. I have a digital egt and aim for 1250C. Or about an inch out on our mixture control. You'll want to research high altitude operations. For example how to lean for takeoff. If you knew that setting, that's what you would want to use in the pattern for landing. I'd also look to see the last time your carb was OH. A lot of people ignore it....don't! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  9. There's a guide in the service manual to measure the amount of play between pucks/disks and if they are out of tolerance then replace them. While many may not do this, my rule of thumb is every 10yrs.
  10. Even if I had a MSC do a pre-buy or annual I would still go see it. Fly commercial, or whatever, go take a look. An airplane is to much of a financial and emotional investment to not go and see it. For the same reason you'd never have a mail order bride. Prepare your negotiation tactics. It's fine to offer lower talking about the damage and I'll bet the seller is going to say they already considered that in the selling price. So, prepare your next level of argument. If the gear up landings happened over 100-150 tach hours ago then I would not be too concerned about them. I agree with your thoughts about the fuel tank reseal. I'd also look a the time since last gear donuts, mags OH, and carb OH. You'll also want the spar and body checked for corrosion...get pics.
  11. I flew a few weeks ago and the wind chill was -20F, OAT was -10F. I preheated the engine and then gave the plane some extra time to heat up on the ground....mostly for the seals on the engine and prop to get warm. Inside wasn't hot it was probably 45-50F inside the cabin. We were dressed for cold weather ](long underwear, etc) because of the cold at pre-flight, post-flight and in case we had a forced landing. It wasn't that bad, you just need to dress for the weather and think ahead. Performance was incredible ;-P
  12. 5ft is a lot of leverage....I still put my bet on an FBO using a tug...that's what happened to me....but since it was caught at annual we couldn't prove which out came the $$$$ from our pocket. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  13. Some anti corrosion fluids are that color too. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  14. I'm also working on my commercial in an M20C. I don't think you'll have a problem with anything, just practice. The Mooney is less forgiving if you are off speed on approach, but you need to be on your numbers anyway or you might get dinged. If you can't find the numbers the FAA has guidelines for various speeds...however here are the ones from my POH: Best Glide: 100MPH prop stopped, 105MPH windmilling Best Rate Climb: 105MPH (dropping to 90MPH at 10K density alt.) Best Angle of Climb: 80MPH Enroute Climb: 115-120MPH @25/25 VLE: 120MPH VF: 100MPH Normal landing (pg20 of POH): Downwind 100MPH, Base 90 HPH, Final 80 MPH Power off 180 is straight forward. Abeam the 1000ft markers on the runway, chop the power, pitch for glide, begin a smooth turn towards the runway, drop gear on base, flaps on final, and hold it off until you get to the markers.