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  1. Right wing. Left wing 2 years later . Right wing 6 years later for a patch, under warranty!
  2. WeepNoMore has done a great job every time we've been there (three times). Of course that's a bit of a haul from WA.
  3. It's cleaner than my former M20C. The gaskets leaked a bit even after replacing multiple times...new owner is still trying to figure it out, however, it's not a big deal, just a bit messy. (Tired silicon/rubber and cork. With the original and new torque levels. ..now looking at the surface smoothness). Not terribly uncommon to have a small drip or two from an oil quick drain.
  4. As well as MOD turbulence, icing, and 35kt surface winds enroute. All probably manageable with a bit more seat time. ...and even then it might still be a better idea to burn up FF points from decades of business travel when the route looks like this.
  5. Nope, but thereSIM20-116 M20M ELT retrofit.pdf is a Mooney Service Bulletin to allow a retrofit of the new antenna either under the dorsal fin or outside the dorsal fin.
  6. Thanks for the weather tips and experiences with these missions. It good to have validation that the airplane can do this mission. ...and I will do this mission regularly, but not this week. Now on to the pilot...Carusoam asked how the transition training has gone. It has gone well and I feel comfortable in the airplane. I've flown about 15hours so far, some in IMC, some xwind, but not as much as I've done in the C. One 300nm cross country. With hundreds of hours in the C, I felt like it was an extension of me. The Bravo...not yet, the only piece I'm still working on is the flare
  7. I've upgraded from a M20C to a M20M Bravo. I want to be careful of not over estimating the new airplane or my abilities, so I'd like the groups thoughts. In particular those that commonly fly in weather, IMC, TKS, O2, etc. I'm planning a trip from Indianapolis to Denver this week leaving Wednesday and returning Saturday. Looking at a site like windy.com I can see that winds across the route will be high (10-20kts at the surface), so choosing good runway alignment for a fuel stop is important. Moreover there could be turbulence, how much at the flight levels? There are also so
  8. Another thing to consider is shoulder harnesses. Please install them in any aircraft you buy.
  9. What difference is there in the reliability of the work done by an overhaul shop versus the factory? I've heard stories of both, are there stats?
  10. We are considering upgrading the four senders to CIES. What was you total cost (part & labor)? If you don't mind sharing. Or PM me.
  11. Ah, the good ol' days. That still exists in some circles...and better than a code review
  12. Hackers generally have motives. There are state actors that want to disrupt an economy and people. There are private actors that want money. While good software and security design should be a part of GA avionics, it is likely low on the list for either type of actor.
  13. Now that a lot of systems are connected via Wi-Fi the risk of getting hacked is increased. I would certainly keep my systems more updated if I had Wi-Fi then if I didn't.
  14. A few hours difference can be normal as the hobbs is clock time and a tach is mechanical time. What I mean by that is the tach is usually designed to cound hours at an average of 2400 RPM. Sometimes we are below and above that, hence the difference. The only other thing would be time with the master on, but the engine not running. But over 400hours?
  15. You’ll probably need a need new throttle control cable/assembly. McFarlane just replaced our M20C last week. It’s pretty straight forward. The only tricky part for a M20C was a cut out for the gear warning / MP switch. That made it a custom order...not sure about on an Ovation.
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