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  1. Boilermonkey

    Polar Vortex Flying

    I flew a few weeks ago and the wind chill was -20F, OAT was -10F. I preheated the engine and then gave the plane some extra time to heat up on the ground....mostly for the seals on the engine and prop to get warm. Inside wasn't hot it was probably 45-50F inside the cabin. We were dressed for cold weather ](long underwear, etc) because of the cold at pre-flight, post-flight and in case we had a forced landing. It wasn't that bad, you just need to dress for the weather and think ahead. Performance was incredible ;-P
  2. Boilermonkey

    Dented Nose Truss

    5ft is a lot of leverage....I still put my bet on an FBO using a tug...that's what happened to me....but since it was caught at annual we couldn't prove which out came the $$$$ from our pocket. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  3. Boilermonkey

    Sticky Blue Goop

    Some anti corrosion fluids are that color too. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  4. I'm also working on my commercial in an M20C. I don't think you'll have a problem with anything, just practice. The Mooney is less forgiving if you are off speed on approach, but you need to be on your numbers anyway or you might get dinged. If you can't find the numbers the FAA has guidelines for various speeds...however here are the ones from my POH: Best Glide: 100MPH prop stopped, 105MPH windmilling Best Rate Climb: 105MPH (dropping to 90MPH at 10K density alt.) Best Angle of Climb: 80MPH Enroute Climb: 115-120MPH @25/25 VLE: 120MPH VF: 100MPH Normal landing (pg20 of POH): Downwind 100MPH, Base 90 HPH, Final 80 MPH Power off 180 is straight forward. Abeam the 1000ft markers on the runway, chop the power, pitch for glide, begin a smooth turn towards the runway, drop gear on base, flaps on final, and hold it off until you get to the markers.
  5. Boilermonkey

    New motor break in

    I'd do all of this over the nice farm land of Indiana where if something goes have plenty of choices to put it down safely. A good time to practice ground reference maneuvers. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  6. Boilermonkey


    Forget buying a plane, keep flying your friends Evolution and Citation I love our C model. A great IFR platform and good useful load for a 4 seater....keeping in mind you probably only have three people in it. $60K is a good target. You can get one for less, but you'll spend more after fixing and minor upgrades and still end up near $60K.
  7. That's going to be a project airplane. It has not been flying and has been outside. I'm not suggesting that you don't buy it at the right price, but know what you are getting into. New engine, new interior, possible corrosion, likely new gear shock disks, avionics, paint, cowling mod, etc. I personally would not buy this as my first plane because I don't like dealing with all that stuff, but if you like mechanical projects you would get a chance to do it "your way."
  8. Boilermonkey

    Check your exhaust

    Ours failed in Dec. At about 700hrs. It was bad, turned on the heat and it was like sucking on the exhaust...because I effectively was. If you zoom in you can see the crack. It was around the entire tube because I could move it by hand (slightly). 4 weeks later, good as new. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  9. Boilermonkey

    Questions about M20F and Mooney's in general

    You'll find plenty of Mooneys in that price range. - For those of you about my size, do you have any issues being comfortable in the cabin? I also like my rudder peddles really close to me, a trick I learned from flying twins. >I'm a bit larger and I am totally comfortable. - With a smaller engine and fairly simple design, how much does the maintenance cost typically run and what things should I be looking out for? >$4k-$6k per year. Some might say less, but in my experience with older airplanes this is the reality. Bigger items would be corrosion, leaking tanks, nose gear truss, engine, prop, avionics. - I really like the idea of the J-bar gear, what items with the gear should I look at to be replaced or require closer investigation? >I prefer the J-bar. It should be easy to swing up and down...anyone who says you need a lot of muscle to do it hasn't had their gear worked on in awhile. also make sure the shock disks are less than 10 years old. - Is the flaps run by an electric motor, and if so how reliable is it? >Depends on the year. Mine are manual hydraulic. - How well do the M20s do on grass fields? Something I would like to have the ability to do. >They were designed in the era where that was common, so they are designed for it. Just a question of pilotage. - I've seen the M20s have a wet wing but also recall that some have bladders. Does it depend on the model and year? >Yes, and aftermarket. - With the M20s being narrower in the engine compartment is there any over heating issues similar to the Grumman AA-5 line of aircraft? >No. But they scrape your hands when you work on them ;-) - Any books or places to go you guys would recommend for me to do more research? I've done a ton of research on the Bos and feel behind on the learning curve for the M20 series. >You found the right place.
  10. Boilermonkey

    New brakes I think I need

    Nope...three owners....lots of time. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  11. Boilermonkey

    New brakes I think I need

    Wow. We replace ours every other year if not every year. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  12. Boilermonkey

    ILS Glideslope troubleshooting

    We had the same problem this year. Our G430W had just been overhauled for a different reason ($1000), so we replaced the cabling, connectors, and antenna. Works like a champ now. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  13. Boilermonkey

    M20C fuel sender gaskets

    If you call Airparts of Lockhaven, at (800) 443-3117 and ask for a sender gasket, they have them for $7! Paul at Weep No More referred them to me and they worked perfect on our 1963 M20C. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  14. Boilermonkey

    New Owner, First Plane, 1974c

    The carb heat boxes you sent links for look like the right part, but are worth no more than $100-$200 for that condition. We recently had the actuator arm break on our and I bought a used box for $60 on e-bay. I would have rather had a new box, but you'll need to go to a Mooney Service Center to get one installed form the factory (I think). Look through the logs. If the carb has not been serviced in the past 10 years, go ahead and have it overhauled while you have everything apart. We sent ours in and it was serviceable because it had so many SBs accumulated. The new carb made a huge difference in performance and smoothness of our engine. Covers and cowl plugs are relatively cheap, get a new one made.
  15. Boilermonkey

    Carb Ice Frequency for Mooneys

    Your lucky then...had three times last year. What are the odds. [emoji849] Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk