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  1. Here's what we go by: https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/SB480F Oil ServicingMetallic Solids Identification After Oil Servicing and Associated Corrective Action.pdf
  2. I got my six pack of Tempest 48110-2 this month after waiting 3 months. Just in time too, the AF1B engine requires an oil change every 25hrs and since we are breaking it in we are using a filter at each change for the first 100hrs. Patience....they are trickling out.
  3. Just make sure you have enough altitude and climb rate to make it over the mountains. If not, circle over the airport until you do.
  4. When the fan in front stops spinning it gets interesting real quick....been there, thankfully day VFR.
  5. There's plenty of ways to loose speed and altitude. I'd dial in an approach preferably ILS, if not RNAV. Then use the distance glide ring in foreflight to manage my energy, ignoring the glideslope until landing is assured.
  6. I was landing KBJC this week. On a 2 mi final he said the previous aircraft reported windshear, the wind had shifted nearly 180° around, I'd be landing with a 15 knot tailwind, and cleared to land. I immediately requested to continue downwind and land into the wind. They said standby, about 1 mi final cleared me for circle of land within one mile of the airport, nothing traffic was on long final for the new runway configuration. The surprising part in my scenario was the tower was perfectly happy for me to land with a significant tailwind. I guess that's not their responsibility versus informing the pilot and letting the pilot make the decision. To their credit, they informed me and were quick to grant my request. Otherwise I was going to go around.
  7. These kind of stories make me sick. It's not just that the work was done poorly, but they didn't stand behind their work. Mistakes can happen, but if you want to be in this business you got to stand behind it. I just gone through some of this myself. One thing I'll say about the shop we used, is that they stood behind it, and made it perfect in the end.
  8. All probe temps withing a few degrees in the hangar before starting. Checked for leaks, none. Turbo works normally from ground upto 18K... haven't gone higher yet.
  9. It should not be difficult around Vy. If it is then either you are not moving the bar fast enough or something needs lube/adjustment. When I first got our C it was a real struggle. We had the system serviced and I could nearly throw the J bar down in a simple movement.
  10. Reman engine with new JPI out of the box.
  11. This is only 15hrs after install of the JPI on a new engine. I'm going to contact JPI.
  12. We are in the process of breaking in our new engine. The TIT seems quite low given the EGTs. https://apps.savvyaviation.com/my-flights/39032/49ef0b48-acd5-4ef9-a233-9569ded028ab The flight on July 13th as an example. The TIT is about 200 deg lower than the EGTs. We installed a new JPI 930, could the probe be reading too low? Or is this real? Part of break-in? FYI, we had the cowls off last week as a part of the prop issue (different thread). The engine, turbo, exhaust, etc. all look normal. Thoughts?
  13. We just got ours back and have ~15hrs on the reman. I hope we can get those numbers soon.
  14. Great job handling that issue. ANY issue can be an emergency if you aren't prepared or loose your cool. Mechanical. Passenger. Pilot. They all can be a bigger deal than they need to be if you don't slow down and work the problem. Your issue is perfect...abnormal, but you and the airplane are nearly 100% functional...sure you'd need to manage the engine temps and possibly not have optimal power, but handled they way you did...perfect. In IMC that distraction if not handled well....
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