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  1. Thanks Don! Great conversations about flying Mooney’s especially Dave talking about the A Model! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Mooney Max conference in Longview.
  2. Dreamlifter


  3. Mooney Caravan Checklist Attend Texas Wing Clinic ………. ✔ Register Mooney Caravan ……….✔ http://www.mooneycaravan.com/registration Purchase Mooney Caravan Polo Shirt …..✔ Holiday Inn @ American Center, Madison …… ✔ Reserve Dorm Room or camping @ Oshkosh ….✔ Now get my Mooney ready!
  4. Would like to be there but Caravan training April 5-7, San Marcos, TX ......
  5. Just to be clear. Is this registration in addition to the "Clinic" registration fees? I am planning on attending the Texas Wing clinic in San Marcos, TX (KYHI) April 5-7. Thanks
  6. There is a wealth of information on this site and a good place to start. Owning a Mooney is not a cheap endeavor. The Annual inspection alone starts around $2000.00 (2 AMU's) and up. You will want ADS-B, have you looked into the cost of that? Insurance, hangar? A lot of people find out quickly they can buy the airplane then find it very difficult to afford to fly and maintain to the level required for safe ownership. Use the search box to scour the knowledge available here. Good luck!
  7. Great point and explanation from @Jerry 5TJ! With ground based nav-aids being decommissioned we will be relying on space based navigation. ADS-B / ADS-C will be used for ATC and position reporting. Maybe satellite comm will be affordable someday.....
  8. I'm a Dreamliner Captain but my Mooney lifts my dreams!!
  9. Just a heads up! My company sent out this bulletin which you will receive through FAA advisories that may affect all of us in the area of concern. BackgroundStarting February 6th thru February 10th the DOD will be conducting exercises off the South Carolina coast. Crews can expect a level of intermittent GPS interference during this exercise. GPS interference will vary depending on altitude and distance from the jamming source, crews can reference the FMS ANP and compare it to the RNP to determine RNAV compliance.As a reminder our mainline aircraft (except for the last GFMS MD-80) are capable of navigating in the enroute environment without a GPS signal. All RNAV approaches require GPS. Most arrivals and departures do not require GPS. But because some do, reference the notes section of all SIDs and STARs within the affected area to determine if GPS is required. If GPS is required for a SID or STAR, advise ATC only if you experience a loss of GPS. Otherwise it is not a requirement to notify ATC if a loss of GPS is experienced. CONUS enroute navigation requirements are RNP 4.0 while RNAV SIDs and STARs will typically require a 1.0 RNP. WATRS area navigation performance requirements are RNP 10. It is required to notify ATC if the ANP value is greater than the RNP for that segment. An UNABLE REQD NAV PERF –RNP message will notify crews of RNP exceedances.If the on board navigation experiences a downgrade or loss of GPS signal please fill out a CERS report for our records. We use these reports to notify the FAA of the impacts to the airspace due to the GPS interference experienced from this and other DOD exercises.
  10. Nice, just came out of annual along with the JPI EDM 830 install..... trying to take the high road on this.
  11. Thanks RLC, good idea to provide the Magnaflux Kit. Maybe Don Maxwell can comment.
  12. AD 77-17-04: (a) Remove the RH and LH control wheels and inspect the aft two inches of the control wheel shaft for cracks (particularly at the attachment holes for the wheel). Use visual and dye penetrant inspection methods. My eagle eyed A&P notified me that I was about 40HRS from this inspection. Has anyone had this done and could you pass on what their shop charged? Thanks in advance for any help. Steve
  13. Does this become an insurance claim? Great job on getting back on the ground and communicating with ATC. That really helps everyone for a safe return! We never stop learning. Steve
  14. Michael, Great pictures and descriptions of the MooneyMax event in Longview. My wife is now a true "Mooney Girl" having gone through the Right Seat Ready classes. I really enjoyed the MooneyMAX workshop at Don Maxwell's facility. This was an educational experience seeing the Mooney aircraft on the lift with the entire lower panels removed for inspection and repair. The convertible Mooney was an interesting story in itself. The highpoint for me was the conversations and hangar talk with fellow Mooney owners! We were only available to attend Friday's session but if If Don decides to do this again we will plan on attending the full schedule. I Highly recommend this for all Mooney owners! Steve