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  1. Way above my pay grade. Welcome aboard and congratulations on a great career. Fly safe!
  2. Check the North 40 by Friar Tuck's. Many of us have left. The Mooney Caravan assembled at KMSN last Thursday, due to weather we got into KOSH Sunday. It's a long haul staying the entire time at EAA Airventure. There were 62 Mooneys Sunday, not sure how many are left.
  3. Thought about that but the trays would have to come out also. That may be above my pay grade and the shop is not located on my home field. After reviewing the estimate I'm throwing this one out. I have contacted a shop in Denton for an estimate. I may abandon the 530W and look at the Garmin 175 with two G5's and keep the two MAC 1700 Nav /comms. Thanks!!
  4. Ok, thanks for the information. This is a no-go if I can not keep removed radios that were mine in the first place and was charged labor for removal and not given a fair credit for the radio. Doesn't pass the smell test.
  5. I sent a request to an avionics shop for an estimate to install a Garmin 530W. One of the bullet points in the estimate was that the shop would keep any equipment removed for the install. So, one of the pieces of equipment would be a MAC 1700 Control / Display unit. There are no references to the worth of this NAV / COMM unit being deducted from the total install. Is this a normal action for shops to do this? Probably a deal stopper for me.......
  6. I like the balls by the standby compass! We used those in the B727 for seat position!
  7. Look carefully at my main gear. This was costing me approximately 5 - 7 knots. We didn't catch it on the last annual but was obvious when participating in the Mooney Caravan Formation Clinic. Consulted Don Maxwell and his team (Paul) immediately was able to diagnose the issue and fixed in one day. I had a coax cable in the belly preventing the full retraction of the gear doors causing drag! Had the landing gear discs changed out also since they were 1976 vintage.
  8. Nice video and congratulations on a great career! Being a wide body Captain for a major airline is the stuff that dreams are made of. Sorry the bankruptcy took your lump sum and stole your retiree medical. Looks like you have weathered the ups and downs and are still smiling. Your family and your Mooney have kept you young at heart! Good luck and blue skies starting the next chapter of your life! Steve
  9. Steve & "The CFO of AMU's" Tina will be there!
  10. Requires a subscription with SiriusXM. Includes charging cable and wall charger. Asking $195.00 On EBAY https://www.ebay.com/itm/202710314597 PM if interested.
  11. And I always thought it was "Flubber" ..... Thanks for the education!
  12. Thanks Don! Great conversations about flying Mooney’s especially Dave talking about the A Model! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Mooney Max conference in Longview.
  13. Dreamlifter


  14. Mooney Caravan Checklist Attend Texas Wing Clinic ………. ✔ Register Mooney Caravan ……….✔ http://www.mooneycaravan.com/registration Purchase Mooney Caravan Polo Shirt …..✔ Holiday Inn @ American Center, Madison …… ✔ Reserve Dorm Room or camping @ Oshkosh ….✔ Now get my Mooney ready!