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  1. AIRNAV.COM frequently lists local business near an airports, including restaurants.
  2. See this situation/discussion “was this pilot lucky?” under MS Mooney Safety and Accident Discussions.
  3. Garden of the Gods photos...... such beauty.
  4. An absolutely gorgeous busy day at my favorite little airport...... Oceano L52.
  5. I still think the Mite’s Wig-Wag, rotated 90 degrees, with a through length sufficient to smack the pilots forehead is a good idea.
  6. Nothing to see here folks...... move along now ....
  7. And the jokes about electrians, plumbers, etc......... lights at home don’t work, faucets leak........
  8. Why not me (in a Mooney) ? Dees guys doin’ it all morning here at beautiful SMX ! BEF975DB-B187-45FC-AAE2-B0F9CCFD8F09.MOV
  9. ..... and what about that anemic whiny propeller sound? Man, that is completely irritating!! Yuck!!
  10. I just got the anti-Cirrus vaccine...... didn’t hurt a bit, and no reactions encountered!!
  11. Come on, man!! You trying to start a fight on MS? It’s kinda like riding a Moped...... they’re fun to ride, but you wouldn’t want your friends to see on/in one !!!
  12. All my previous Mooneys were injected. My darling little D/C is such a pleasure, but I’ve had to retrain myself. I’m probably overly cautious with carb heat, having read most of my adult life of accidents involving carb ice. Also, I’ve learned to pay much closer attention to fuel tank levels, having transitioned from 100 gallons down to 48 gallons. All is good and I’m grateful.
  13. Love it! We actually drank out of garden hoses and rode in back of pick up trucks too! Don’t try that stuff nowadays !
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