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  1. Yes sir..... time waits for no one.....and it’s ticking by..... FAST! Reno 2022.... here you come. You won’t regret it. Soak it all in.
  2. GO! Most exciting!!! All week long. In the staging areas, the pits, in the air, and more! I was there several years ago, and saw happen.......a fellows head nearly removed when an aircrafts wing crossed over the cockpit of another aircraft on landing rollout. We all saw it coming and gasped!
  3. Off of Lycoming IO360-A1A (from ‘65E). Appears in fine condition.
  4. Whoops!! Not sold after all $250!+ shipping or pick up yerself at SMX
  5. 2 each hydraulic jacks manufactured by Jack House. Jacks have been used on several Mooneys over the years. Fully functional . Man, these are probably going to cost an arm and a leg to ship, and a pain to pack up . $350 for both + shipping US Photos pretty soon
  6. Amazing price reduction..... I know you’d love to have this!!!
  7. One of these maybe? Model E2M. $86 (including shipping US)
  8. I confidently suggest Coastal Valley Aviation at Santa Maria (SMX). Plenty of Mooney annuals, pre-buys, airframe modifications, and other maintenance work performed by these fine technicians over the years, including my Mooneys.
  9. Don’t you need these things? Kit includes P lead wires for Bendix magnetos. $75 + $12 shipping.
  10. Of course they are...... I knew that !!! LOL! thank you for pointing this out.
  11. Used once ( a great tool!) Aircraft Tool Supply Company $50 + $18 shipping.
  12. Ok, how ‘bout this? $200.00 (shipping included US)
  13. Anyone need one of these? Purchased new 8 years ago. A/C charger included. Edit... oh yes, includes an adapter for a dual plug headset. $175.00 + $13 shipping (US)
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