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  1. Time's Up on FAA ADS-B Rebate MARC COOK If you’ve been waiting to place your reservation for the FAA’s $500 rebate to install ADS-B Out avionics, well … you’ve waited too long. The FAA announced on Monday that it had taken the last of the 20,000 reservations begun in September 2016. All is not lost, however. According to the FAA, “Some rebates are returned or expire. Each week from now until October 2019, we will make these returned and expired rebates available. Check back here each Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET to see if any rebates have become available. These additional rebates are in short supply and we expect they will go quickly each week.”
  2. Never mind..................gone, gone, gone !
  3. Ok, never mind...................
  4. Just in case you don't peruse the classified section, I listed some caps there................LOL !
  5. 431-9'S they are.......I cannot guarantee the functionality, but they seem to be so. If not, maybe you can use them for some spare parts. $100.00 and no additional charge for shipping.
  6. I’m enjoying ADS-B in feature with my Stratux RxWx/Avare/Samsung Tablet A units. Another useful tool in the airplane!
  7. My experience and technique. Others may have different experiences/methods. Tips....... installation is reverse of removal. Begin with rear bows, securing bow ends to aircraft frame as you go. Stretch fabric on each side and glue edges as you move forward. Your biggest challenge will be the reverse gluing/securing fabric around baggage and entrance doors with the aluminum edge strips! Extreme patience and cleanliness are your friends! I do suggest YouTube videos of folks installing fabric headliners in vintage autos. This can provide additional tips for you, raising your level of confidence in the project. Once completed, you’ll be quite proud of your accomplishment! Best to you
  8. You may recall during Santa Monica elections Nov. 4, 2014, voter turn out was extremely low. On the ballot was Measure D. Measure D, had it passed, would have required a citizen vote to change the airport land usage from an airport to other types of development. Again, the measure did not pass, giving the Santa Monica Airport Commission and the Santa Monica City Council a huge green light to proceed with the end game of hopefully closing the airport. I was there, at one voter polling location, handing out pamphlets in favor of Measure D. It was a very sad loss! Even more sad was the completely unexpected, and subsequent FAA decision in handing the airport to the City government on a silver platter. A very dangerous precedent indeed!!
  9. Local embroidery shop performed the service. Unbelievably inexpensive it was. I supplied the Mooney bird decal and my seat panel material. The shop digitized it and out it came. I would be happy to retrieve the artwork and send it to you if you wish Jim.
  10. In addition, with headliner removed, it's a perfect time to inspect/replace as needed, old cabin vent tubing! You've probably already discovered that.
  11. The following is based on my experience only. Headliner installation ! It was frightening at first [of course, the unknown can ]. I did watch some YouTube videos of automobile cloth style headliner installations, which was very helpful. Patience and cleanliness is paramount with new headliner installation. My upholstery person used my old headliner as template to create my new headliner. Most important is making sure the support rods are re-installed in the exact locations as removed. Of course, your new liner should have the rod sleeves sewn in the same locations as the old liner rod sleeves. My most difficult installation issue was the headliner finishing around the upper areas of the baggage and entrance door frames, in conjunction with the old aluminum edging moldings/snap-in fasteners. Gluing the material to those moldings, then snapping all in with fasteners was a huge challenge ! [ I know I'll do better next time.......] My only advice is, steady as she goes with great finesse and patience.............keep your fingers and hands clean and glue free............if you can ! LOL ! I'll bet you'll be very pleased with the end results. More photos please !
  12. Cliffy, point we’ll taken and I did consider this issue prior to wiring as such.....and I’m trying to come with a good argument against your input..... but, I’m not being very successful at that.With that said, my little mini-Mooney doesn’t do IMC during day or nighttime. On the ground, and if I’m concerned about being rude to another aircraft close to me ( which of course, I would be), I’d turn off the ADS-B........ (I know, I know, ADS-B is for ground tracking too)!Also, my belly beacon is a strobe with half clear lens (front) and half red lens (rear). Should I turn that off on the ground too? And there’s FAR 91.209 (b) too !Cirrus..... should that word be allowed in a Mooney forum? LOL.I might reconsider and wire the little skyBeacon strobe to a separate switch.Regardless, thank you for your input.
  13. A bunch of Mooneys [approx. 19]. are learning lots of Mooney stuff this weekend at SMX. Super awesome turnout!!
  14. This is going to be a very fun thread I’ll bet we’ll all learn a thing or two!
  15. Successful installation/validation of SkyBeacon in conjunction with my AT-150 transponder. Suggestion.......prior to first validation flight, follow UAvionix video for adjusting transponder threshold to avoid “Mode 3A failure” Dummy me.......if you wish to incorporate strobe feature of SkyBeacon, connect yellow wire with red wire to nav. light power switch! My experience...... purchased from Pacific Coast Avionics through EBay.....less $’s, no tax, no shipping fees. In stock .