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  1. Also can be caused by dialing in flaps prior to correct flap speed. I love MooneySpace!
  2. The Mooney representative I spoke with a few months ago (he called me, but sure don’t recall his name at this moment..... possibly another age related issue ) told me for the 2005 airplanes ( most of them I believe), Garmin was unable to deliver their autopilots to Mooney. Mooney neeeded to deliver the airplanes so they installed the Stec55. Maybe I’ll recall his name during sleep tonight
  3. Congratulations! Possibly fixed gear aircraft are not as affected by these recent premium hikes as are our retractables. Enjoy your wonderful E model..... one of my favorites!!
  4. Thank you. I do hope to keep my flying fun for as long as possible (safety of course).
  5. Understand and thank you for that. She did say for their existing clients, no rate increases. I understand that to having knowledge of Avemco rates in the past and present.
  6. I’d be delighted to partake, hoping to learn wisdom on mitigation of future crazy rate increases, if possible. Thank you Parker.
  7. I apologize for drifting this thread away from its intent of liquidation of this gentleman’s Mooney....... but, loss history, age, was discussed in a video recently where Marci from Avemco stated she’d seen no data showing us older pilots accidents/incidents had increased. The topic of the video was recent substantial premium increases for not only older pilots, but all owner/pilots of light aircraft. Again, have we had it too good for too long? Just thinking about all this.
  8. As pessimistic as my thoughts may appear, that our older Mooneys might become devalued or even possibly unmarketable due to drastic insurance premiums may seem, the above information gives some credence the this situation becoming a reality. With this comes the thought that young folks that might be able to afford the initial cost of purchase, may also be deterred by the premium rates for new or low time pilots. I’d prefer to be completely off base with my opinion.
  9. Per our inquiry with Maxwell, the G1000 WAAS kits are applicable to the Stec 55.
  10. I don’t recall the kit price. Contact Don Maxwell for that information.
  11. No, I wasn't saying it did, I was just a sayin' Don had [a least a couple of months ago when I was helping Gary Anderson sell his Ovation] 3 remaining upgrade kits for the G1000 for WAAS capability.
  12. Alright, use guys..................y'all's maken' fun of me, thinking that's funny................well, it is!!! Yuck, yuck, yuck!
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