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  1. Tinnitus...... I could possibly live with that, except it never changes pitch..... right? That would absolutely drive me nuts.
  2. Congratulations! You’ve sparked an interest in aviation!!
  3. OH NO!!! It’s Y2K all over again!! Or as Yogi Berra said “it’s dejay vu all over again”
  4. If corrosion is measured beyond cleaning only, the cap can be removed and replaced. It happened years ago to my 67 F model. The shop removed rivets from, and carefully pulled lower right side fuselage skin out of the way, removed spar cap rivets, slid corroded cap out the right side, reinstalled new spar cap with new rivets, reinstalled fuselage skin, touched up outside rivets..... done. Good luck !
  5. Human flight is magical, yet it is my opinion that our masses take it for granted these days. As aviators, I doubt we do! After all these years, it is still quite magical to me! Safe flying travels to all today and forever. Enjoy the magic!
  6. Incidentally, and not wishing to dilute this thread, but wanting to share a little story. During initial filming of the movie project, we were told Mike Mikes was very shy and would not consent to being filmed. As it turned out, Mike was the most charming, polite, respectful, humorous, and generous historical informants we could have asked for. Mike was a true gentleman! Wonderful memories.
  7. While filming movie “Boots”, I asked the late Mooney test pilot Mike Miles to describe the spin routine he used during test flights. Mike basically described them as almost every configuration as imaginable. It’s all in the movie. Unfortunately, I didn’t get Bill’s spin incident on tape. However, we did get his experience with the empennage under sized bolts terror flight on film! Bill’s description is harrowing, yet perforated with his dead pan charming grin and charming humor. Cherished memories!!!
  8. What? Your hangar pixie elf couldn’t make one ? Seems the elf is quite creative and can create all sorts of item!
  9. Arkansas.....................don't the mosquitoes bite 24/7 ? LOL Have fun !
  10. Congratulations on discovering and addressing your issues. Theraputic? Absolutely! Knowing you had some issues, discover the source(s) for such, addressing, then sharing your experience here.....a GREAT way to relieve your stress from all, and a positive outcome eventually!!
  11. While there maybe reality to this post, I’ll offer the following in defense of my FBO and it’s mechanics. My friend and his staff, Phil Kirkham, Coastal Valley Aviation, KSMX, provide excellent quality services and always show respect to their clients/aircraft. In my many years of experience with Phil, I’ve never witnessed anything as represented in the photo on this thread. My first thought when I saw that photo, was hoping some little “Hangar Pixie” would go out and cover that hole!
  12. If the drive failed, that would not destroy the engine. It the drive/ or gear disengrated, then yes.
  13. “ if we all had to be mechanics and engineers to fly, very few of us would be here” I am both of those things, and I think about all those little parts on my airplane on every flight...... and how one of those little parts can ruin the day!!