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  1. Uh, yeah, that's what I said...............Class C.............wink, wink, wink...... Correction. Thank you.
  2. FYI.....................the below information is from our recent FAAST meeting at Santa Maria Airport. One speaker was Santa Barbara ATC [Class C]. The controller, when asked about ADS-B non-compliance aircraft within SBA Class B stated that at this point, all aircraft have been compliant. Then asked if a non-compliant situation arose, he did say that they [ATC] were not the "police". However, further clarification on that statement from the controller, he stated that they [SBA ATC] were obligated to report the aircraft to FSDO. SBA ATC is NOT the police, but they have to tell the police !
  3. Me too Don. A 1961 356 C with sunroof. I kick myself to this very day.
  4. Based on differences of opinion in this thread, and including my experience with the attorneys that parted out their airplane....... maybe it boils down to risk management, and what can, and does happen within a court of law.
  5. Volkswagen bin to build the Porsche 356. The Volkswagen flat 4 engine was modified to become the first 356 engine. Others here may know more on all this .
  6. I did purchase Mooney parts from a person several years ago that parted out his fully operational and airworthy F model. He ( and his wife ) were attorneys. The reason for his action was for possible future liability issues.
  7. My choice. Practical? Hmmmm, maybe, maybe not!! Paint and Pismo Beach sand. I like it!
  8. I've heard it pronounced both ways. Mostly I've heard it [and do myself] pronounced with long a.
  9. Welcome Eli. Exactly why I bought my first Mooney...... I loved the look. All the great things about the Mooney fell into place later. Suggestion only...... begin your search now. Should a good one pop up, grab it !! Best to your progress with all.
  10. Just a suggestion Robert.................maybe talk to Don Kaye, or at least maybe get his landing video. That might help you. I enjoyed it. Don also has some quality landing information on his web site too!
  11. It’s not difficult.... in fact it’s correct and it’s fun!!
  12. Well, yes, of course we are........ present company included All seriousness aside, all my landings in the C, E, F and R’s have been superior !!!
  13. Careful you all....... other brand types may be covertly reading MS posts ..... you’re hinging on giving credence to the MYTH that Mooneys are difficult to land !!
  14. As unfriendly as this may sound, insurance companies (of any sort ) are in the business of making, and keeping that money. Keeping that money is their main financial concern. I understand that completely . With an insurance policy, you’re betting you will, and they’re betting you won’t ( make a claim that is ).