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  1. Do share the paperwork required to make this work, once available. Pretty please with a cherry on top.
  2. ASN link to what I believe Airways is referring to.
  3. I think the part of the towbar that goes through the nose gear is closer to 1" in diameter.
  4. GNS430W PMA450 when the time comes Rest as needed.
  5. At least you'll know it is done right. If I had your skills, I'd seriously consider this route.
  6. If anyone is looking to unload KFC200 parts for real cheap, I'm interested in items for my spares shelf. Especially that mine is acting up somewhat. Could also use a 12V electric vacuum setup for cheap, I'm currently using a crude setup based around a removed engine driven vacuum pump and a cordless drill to exercise the KI-256 spare I have.
  7. But shortens landing distance if performed correctly.
  8. One of the times I wish I could do both a "like" and a "thanks".
  9. FWIW, I had c/a 80h TT when I bought my K. Haven't started on the IR practical part, since I have to pass a crapton of exams first. PPL in a C152; single digit hours in similar planes (Tecnam P2008JC, C172).
  10. Well, the (impact) force on the door / hinge will be greater when the door is torn open by the moving air as opposed to one statically propped open, right? If so, it could be the "tipping point".
  11. FWIW, I bought some stuff off Charles and he's been more than great to work with.
  12. Dynon and Avidyne... I really hope they don't mess this up for by some petty argument over compatibility / whose STC is bigger...
  13. Except for Trio, Dynon and Garmin, possibly. They became dead to me the moment King bought them, not that I ever seriously considered the TruTrak or Trio.
  14. He did say he filed a NASA report, so I doubt the video will work against him in any way. He ain't no Jerry. I'm with Mr. Steingar on this one, I try to learn from others' mistakes if I can force myself to. I did start locking the baggage door after RedSky's adventure. Of course, to each one's own.
  15. GPSS should not make any difference for altitude, it is just a heading error thing. Time for an on board camera maybe? Will take the guesswork from recreating the sequence of events and states associated with them. Which reminds me, I should figure out how to mount mine.
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