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  1. One person from my club is looking around for a M20J, so the breed will become stronger; there is M20J, N201CV, that is physically in Poland, but I'm afraid it is mostly a hangar queen.
  2. With all due respect, one needs the fancy LIDAR height system for that ;-)
  3. How are you getting the altitude to the transponder? If via Gray code one of the multiple wires might be loose or have a bad crimp / solder.
  4. This. Do NOT solder the thermocouple wire, always splice it.
  5. Until you end up with a ground loop and the resulting whine, squeal and hum. For example, shield is only to be grounded on one end.
  6. I believe I've read about people putting 1/2 of a quart of car Mobil1 0W20 for a couple hours before an oil change to clean stuck rings, as a measure of last resort.
  7. Flying those darn things is way harder than a real plane... OTOH the downside of any mishap is so much less... But yes, can be great fun, and you can do aerobatics ;-) They even have real jet powered ones...
  8. If it isn't a problem, please do - it'd be fun to fly over once things are more normal and cross border travel isn't so restricted.
  9. TBH, due to this whole COVID thing, I haven't seen my employer / manager / office for a year now... Still, I doubt it I'll be allowed to go to SnF.
  10. Disregarding COVID, can civilian planes land there?
  11. Makes me want to fly there. Maybe this summer. I still need to avoid clouds (no IR). What is the gauge below TIT? RPM? Does it really show zero at 0:55?
  12. Do you have some kind of quick disconnect for all the wiring going to the yoke? If not, how do you free the yoke?
  13. Yes, USG. My bad. Will amend the post, thanks for spotting that.
  14. It's probably less than the other fun stuff hanging off to the side...
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