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  1. Welcome to the world of EASA certified organizations (be it maintenance, training or whatever). The only thing that matters is that the paperwork matches.
  2. To me the video sounds almost like the pilot was confused between class C (radio contact is enough) vs class B (explicit clearance required)...
  3. But is it as cool as a Duke?
  4. You are correct, it is 750nm with 30m reserve. I goofed up. Maybe they will add an aux tank option, like the DA62 has.
  5. Actually, Diamond, like many other GA makers, is Chinese owned. It is based in Austria, but Canada as well. They do offer AVGAS versions of the DA40 and, theoretically, of the DA42 as well, but yes, they have been big on diesels, and it nearly brought them down. The also make trainers (DA20) and were developing a VLJ (D-jet).
  6. I'm still waiting for that $500 PMA450B to get listed by someone
  7. Well, risking a thread drift - Continental does diesel, is owned by AVIC, as is Cirrus, so if it made sense for them, they'd done it. Or perhaps we just don't know about it yet.
  8. It burns JetA1, not AVGAS, much less by volume per hp, so the smallish tanks still give it 1000nm or so range. Correction - the range is indeed 750nm, not 1000nm, as pointed out below.
  9. Probably as much as to the PA28RT (t-tailed Arrow) ;-) Panthera is/was to be made by Pipistrel.
  10. Some would say that of all MEL items the alternator might be the one they would fly without ;-)
  11. When a volcano last decided to have a party it was jet CAT that had issues, not piston GA. Not sure how similar sand dust is to volcanic dust, but the volcanic dust can be dangerous.
  12. @ToddCC22 - inquiring minds want to know can you share that info? And, as importantly, Nico's question: did you get a field approval for those switches?
  13. Back on a serious note, and with all due respect, I think there is value in the method that calls for full flaps once landing is assured. I realize it is a give-and-take, and it is much easier to nail a landing with power, but I try to go for steeper descents. If you have power, you can always go around!
  14. And this, boys and girls, is why we have so many gear-ups ;-)