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  1. tmo


    Does Camguard really work (when you fly LOP)? ;-)
  2. tmo


    I'm sure we can figure something out...
  3. carusoam - do we have a record thread resurrection situation here? can't figure out the @carusoam - ha, got it!
  4. The lamp would be for inside the cabin, it gets lonely, cold and humid in there over the winter too. The dehydrators I've considered slowly pump ambient air (think fish tank air pump) through a dehumidifying compound (think glorified kitty litter) and into the oil filler neck; the air then escapes whichever way it chooses, but the assumption is that eventually all the air in the engine is replaced by the less humid positive pressure air from the pump. A slight decrease in RH of the air should be sufficient. Prepping an engine for long term storage is a subject I sincerely hope not to have to explore in any practical way, at least not on my plane... But this has become somewhat of a thread drift for which I thank you all, good stuff.
  5. Yes, I've read about them dehydrators, but was hoping to go down the "fly frequently" path. The weather is proving me wrong so far, and that's even before I get into any possible "owner induced downtime". I also thought they (the dehydrators) were more of a Lycoming thing, with the camshaft up high, but I guess the Continental one isn't sitting in oil either. Luckily the dehydrator DIY projects I've seen around look relatively simple. And old school light bulbs aka infrared emitters in a wire frame (think "old workshop") to heat up the cabin just oh so slightly above ambient. And kitty litter. I promise to go fly this weekend!
  6. Or perhaps spraying some of the contact cleaner sprays mentioned around here recently so it gets inside the switch could help?
  7. Thank you for pointing that out, @gsxrpilot - my plane is N-reg, so FAA rules apply; an IA is still needed to sign the install off, and that is the organizational challenge - I have a friendly A&P but without an IA. I'm still hoping to combine the work with the annual in December, but am more and more concerned with scheduling with my, also friendly but extremely busy A&P/IA. Side question - how long can a TSIO-360 sit idle before bad things start to happen? Assuming fresh oil with Camguard. This would be the case where I don't get any extra things done at annual and start doing them piecemeal over the winter, to have an IA sign them off in the spring. Is the audio panel avionics, or also in an A&P/IA's purview to sign off? How about GPSS and FlightStream?
  8. Thank you and I want the FlightStream too... Trying to get a straight word from my A&P / avionics shop, those with FAA papers are rare as hen's teeth over here, so it's taking time... I'm starting to feel like I should take the panel apart myself and see what is there and what is not... Cabling, etc. I need a hangar elf or three...
  9. I believe some of the Cessna 337 variants had a provisions for munitions, ranging from machine guns, through bombs, all the way to rocket launchers...
  10. Yes, but PtF negates all the good stuff that comes with a CoA plane - try flying a PtF around Europe... In the US the homebuilt market works so well because it is one big airspace; we don't have EASA-wide Annex-1 recognition... If we did, we'd have many more RVs flying around here as well...
  11. I know there are CGR users out there, hence my surprise. With the dual CGR30's (P and C) I believe I can replace everything primary, as I can with the EDM900, but will do the math for sure. The worksheet that needs to be filled out and sent in will keep me (and my A&P) honest. I forgot - yes on the CIES fuel senders, thanks for that suggestion; I was somewhat on a fence on those but yes, it simply makes sense to do it right from the start.
  12. Thank you all; to summarily respond: - yes, if EDM900 then definitely landscape mode; I am still tempted by the format of the CGR30P/C, I'm somewhat surprised nobody voted for them; I'm waiting for my mechanic to offer his input on this as well; - good idea with moving the AP annunciator, if I decide to bite the bullet and replace the KMA24 with a PMA450B, which I might not, see below; - I have all four seats wired into the KMA24, so attaching a simple intercom to it should not need major rewiring, just the jacks and an interconnect, whereas replacing it with a PMA would require me to also redo all the avionics connections; I'll take another look, and see how the prices on the engine monitor install work out, but will likely leave this for when I redo the avionics; - does removing the existing gauges save me anything except weight? if not, I'll probably leave them in case the new sensors develop infant mortality and remove them when doing a true cleanup of the whole panel; - I have no preferences nor allegiance to brands, I just want the stuff to work well and play nice with each other; I have a slight mental preference to support the smaller guy if all other things are more or less equal. It won't be an "all in" new panel. In the future, yes, a IFD440 is an option, but the G5's are not, they won't drive the KFC200, so that will have to wait till something breaks and forces my hand or new things / interconnects appear; perhaps an Aera 660 or an ipad running the Avidyne app will eventually replace the KNS80, but then I need a standalone DME (we can't officially substitute GPS for it here). But all this is not going to happen now.
  13. I would like to ask the good people of MooneySpace for suggestions on rearranging the panel in my M20K 231 in a cost conscious way, as well as help on deciding on a engine monitor. Any other hints for now and for the future are also most welcome. By "cost conscious" I don't necessarily mean "cheapest possible", rather "inexpensive but sensible". Work will likely be outsourced to a shop, a FAA A&P/IA is a rare sight at EPKP, one that would sign off my self-install even more so. I currently have standard analog / vacuum instruments as pictured below; in the avionics rack: KMA24, GNS430W, KY197, KNS80, ADF; in the right panel: a FT101 fuel totalizer, the adjustment panel for the remote compass for the HSI, a WX950 stormscope, TIT, ELT, XPDR and a void. The AP is a KFC200, which works well but is lacking, as far as I can tell, GPSS. Everything works and I see no signs of something wanting to fail. My primary goal for now is to install an engine monitor. I do want a "primary replacement" unit, since the cost difference vs the non-primary units is likely close to fixing whatever gauge breaks first, and I want the recording of as many parameters as I can get. I do not plan on removing the original gauges at this time. I also need an intercom. I don't think I can afford to replace the KMA with a modern unit, since it would probably mean major rewiring. So a Telex PC4 or similar will most likely go above the AP annunciator panel. Hooking it to the KMA should be simple enough. In the future I do want to replace things that break with modern devices, if cost is not prohibitive and compatible with whatever remains, but future-proofing is not a primary requirement at this time, so let's not get too carried away. Think more G5 (if it becomes a KI256 replacement) or Aspen, not G500. GFC500 only when the KFC200 breaks beyond economic repair (hoping never...). For the immediate task at hand - an engine monitor - I am thinking either a CGR30P/C combo (where the ADF indicator and the electric AI are) or a EDM900 (landscape across ADF and VOR, which gets moved to where the AI is). When I try hard enough, I can imagine a MVP50 or a EDM930 in the right panel, but it is more rearranging of stuff and I'm not convinced that the ergonomics will work. This is a stock M20K, with a GB1, so I expect it to need fairly continuous tweaking of the knobs. I really don't see them in the avionics rack, I want to keep the KNS80 for now, and moving it, if even possible, is likely a major PITA. I have, briefly, considered using a Dynon HDX / Garmin G3X / G500 as just engine monitors that I can expand into full glass cockpits later, but as others here proved, they won't really work in that capacity on a budget, and I am not ready to go "all in". Thank you all in advance!
  14. No advice to give, just saying "congratulations". Do you have an intercooler or better wastegate? I'm jealous of your speeds...
  15. Engine out in a single a couple weeks ago at Zurich. It is in German, but the pics of the engine (need to click the 'next' button a few times) tell the story (it ended well).