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  1. https://pasoroblespress.com/lifestyle/family/living-full-throttle-remembering-aviator-sherman-smoot/
  2. Not really trying to promote it one way or another, I still use Tempest and have enough for a while, yet I won't rule it out and here's why. The current cost (@ Spruce) of 12 tempest $355.5 or 12 champions $503. The Challenger filter is $350. Lets say you go 50 hours between oil changes 12 oil changes = 600 hours, 300 hours@ 25 hour intervals. The claim by Challenger and approved by the FAA is 1250hrs for the cleanable element ($120) and replace gasket "as necessary" ($6.50). I am sure I will have a pirep from the other Mooney owner on how he likes it in the near future it may be worth the 4-6 weeks lead time.
  3. Another Mooney owner I know bought one of these looks pretty well made. https://www.challengeraviation.com/products/cp48110c-oil-filter?_pos=4&_sid=861f0b876&_ss=r
  4. Velcro, was what was there when I bought the plane and still works great...
  5. I would like to amend or add to my statement of "an endorsement" to "an add on rating". Not trying to argue about it just making a statement about my understanding from the guys I flew in a gyrocopter/gyroplane/autogyro with a couple of times and then called specifically to clarify my understanding. Point of me posting was to define my "OR" for the OP how simple it was to achieve, and that they do have some of them on floats. They are fun! They arent going to get you anywhere like our Mooneys do but for fun flying I'm a fan! (Not implying my Mooney isn't fun) Heres a couple of links to support my statement(s) highlighted on first link and second paragraph in the second Training – AutoGyro USA Adventure Air - Gyroplane, Gyrocopter, Autogyro (adventureairla.com) Feel free to find it in part 61. I will inquire as to their justification and how they manage it when I'm stepping on that bridge to cross it and will report back. (As life would have it at the moment, it has other plans such as Mooney upgrades, but a gyroplane endorsement/add on rating is on the short list.) They have quite the business going to be putting it in jeopardy over an endorsement or add on rating just because someone has their PPL. I'm sure they have gone thru the steps with the FAA to clear up the details as to why this ok. This last link is a couple years old but accurate imho https://adventureairla.com/flight-traininghttps://inspire.eaa.org/2019/04/25/great-big-gyroplane-grins-the-modern-resurgence-of-a-misunderstood-machine/#:~:text=Gyroplanes missed the chance to be included when,gyroplane rating is required to fly non-ultralight gyroplanes.
  6. Well the Gyrocopter school out this way said I just called to confirm, and verify I wasnt misunderstanding. With Private Pilot certificate (SEL), fly with an instructor until they feel you are proficient, then it is an endorsement in your logbook. (Though their policy is fly with a different instructor for 1 flight to verify they are comfortable too then they will endorse) he said they had a guy finished in as little as 4 hours though it's usually 8-12hours. It is a rotorcraft but it is just an endorsement in your logbook just like tailwheel, complex or high preformance.
  7. It's just an endorsement
  8. Thinking the same something for " low and slow." Went up in a couple of gyrocopters and had a blast! Other things then that is on the short list. They have them on floats! Here's a video it's loud I don't do editing and what not and I'm far from a videographer! This was out of Inverness, the other times were local. Turn down the volume...
  9. I copied a tool from 2 pieces of angle iron a 2 1/2 or 3" iron coupler, (optional-peice of rubber to place between pipe/shock link assy) and a floor jack. I have used this tool/method multiple times. I am away at the moment so can not take pictures so will try to explain with a horrible diagram representation made with haste on my phone I apologize for the crude drawing drill holes in the angle iron to fit floor jack axles and on the other end drill holes for the bolts that will attach to the gear truss. remove wheels from floor jack Wheel removed from gear truss attach the angle irons using the old hardware then attach other end of angle iron to jack axles. Place coupler/piece of pipe against the base plate( shock link assy) and begin jacking to compress (careful of zerk fitting while jacking) Notes Bolts on main and nose are different sizes. Block of wood or 2 under jack on the handle side just to keep it from hanging and for the leverage Piece of rubber or gasket to keep metal off metal between pipe and aircraft part
  10. Thanks for the replies! Will probably go without, not know what I'm missing and plan the future wiring with the can bus and just install a servo if I decide I want to move on it in the future. Going to be one torn down plane here soon.... Pics will be posted
  11. So about to order and looking for opinions on the yaw dampener.. Yea, Nay? Worth it or not. I see Steven vote is yes (previous comment) The ovation has a couple more horses than my E. So if there is anyone that does have the yaw dampener and anyone who doesn't just looking for thoughts either way.
  12. I use FlyQ. They had promotions around Christmas time a couple years ago for lifetime subscriptions for like $199 for vfr and $299 for vfr & ifr, but currently I believe it is around $80 a year for vfr.
  13. If only it was this easy... (apologies for the horrible photoshop)
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