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  1. Zenith CH 650 Hangar neighbor has one flew with him a couple of times. Fun little plane and doesn't break the bank
  2. My thought is go for it. +1 I've yet to fully dive into my ifr training but it is on the close horizon. I bought my "E" with 70 total hours and havent looked back and am glad I did.
  3. Almost a year ago flight so I guess should find the 2019 year flights .. My buddy just sent me the screen shot. Was a fun time too bad wont be there this year.
  4. Here's a solution for someone's cardinal.....not a suggestion just a FYI....
  5. Not necessarily a folding bike or cheap, but fits in the baggage door and leaves room for baggage on top
  6. https://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/features/SIO-first-flight-2020.html
  7. Reading thread had to put phone in pocket and thats what my thigh had to say apparently.. Apologies...haha
  8. https://www.westairgases.com/contact-us/-location-fontana-ca I believe the anaheim location has it.
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