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  1. This place was awesome! Needed an ignition harness called a more well known (better advertised) name company told it was a 12 day lead time after 13 days they hadn't even charged my card for a single harness. Read this post decided to give them a call last Thursday placed an order, told 3 business days then drop shipped. Called cancelled the original order. Got both harnesses shipped cheaper than the other place. Here it is Monday and sure enough as promised, harnesses delivered. Very pleased. Now I can get the plane put together and annual complete. Heres to Mooneyspace the network and knowl
  2. Poland is beautiful country! Went to Kolobrzeg to check out the Polish Arms Mueseum which was awesome and the Baltic. Which is further west but beautiful just like the rest of the country I was able to see too bad no chance to fly while I was there.
  3. I used aero accessories (kvny) dropped off on Monday at 1030 called me on Tuesday at 0900 for cc info and to verify address, magneto at my door Wednesday at 1200. But across the way from Alabama.
  4. So here's the reason for this thread. Was hoping someone could have snapped a picture of his plane on the ramp. A buddy and I put them on the night before he left. He was hitting 200knts gs on the way out and we told him it must be the speed mod. So he was on his way back stopped in AZ for fuel and was talking to some new comanche owner when he noticed and exclaimed "mother f@#$%ers" in the middle of talking about the tail horn AD and fix. Then he stuck them to the fuel tank at the airport. After that his gs was sub 140knts. Told him I could hook him up with the speed mod again. He opted for o
  5. Ok can anyone who may be at KOSA this weekend look around the ramp later today at piper comanches and snap a picture of the tail? Then post it here? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. I've been in a rv6 and an rv7A. Both were very stable. The 7a once trimmed out the owner told me dont touch anything hands off stick, feet off rudders hands up in a French salute (whuch he also did) then he slapped the stick. The plane banked about 25° and held the bank, altitude, and airspeed. Slapped it again, back to level then to the other side and back to level. Did some wing overs in the 6. Super stable and great flying planes. Rode along for some formation flight with this group. There's a Harmon rocket (rv4) at the end of my hangar row that timing has just never worked out. Yet....
  7. Merry Christmas all ! Thanks for everyone's contributions, of knowledge and questions I didnt know I should ask and, didn't have to. This is an awesome forum whether looking for answers or just killing time entertaining our brains with one of our many varying passions. Here's to closing out "2020" and hopefully a better 2021. We shall see. So again MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! (I'm pretty sure I probably should've waited for the happy new year thread. There i go jumping the gun)
  8. I would second the do not do list with carusoam. Don't think the fast turning fan thingy in a confined space is a good idea. Along with wings and walls/door frames. Call me overly cautious. Might fall into the play stupid games win stupid prizes category (I say fan thingy because I had an aeronautical engineer tell me "watch out for the fan thingy" one time. I fellout laughing at her. Thats a different story)
  9. I think the checklist is feather and cut fuelet
  10. Here's a Mitsubishi MU-2. Was looking at this one thinking how cool it was. Interesting that Mooney had business with them. Learn something new everyday. Correct me if I'm wrong but these were part of the reason for turbo prop type ratings.? Can't recall where I heard/read this but this put a twin turboprop into an attainable price range so people were buying them yet not getting proper training. Article covers the training part of it... https://aeroclassifieds.com/articles-and-guides/jet-ownership/the-mitsubishi-mu-2-story/
  11. Might make this happen depending on getting current the week leading up to it and amount of preparation for trip the following morning....
  12. My buddy just sent me this video via text with the title's text. All I did was smile Edit: Posted to Youtube per request of Carusoam
  13. Hmmm.... How are we all supposed all donate immediately !?!?!?!! The address is blacked out. Sounds pretty serious..... Hahaha. Maybe theres a lesson in here. Maybe not. My reply would be very short but to the point.
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