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  1. Welcome aboard Vaughn! Theres multiple topics on cruise settings try out the search functions. Tons of information to sift thru on occasion topics wanders.... I've seen your plane somewhere before.
  2. The pump is after the strainer/selector and sends it to the engine after. I agree it is not a gravity system not using head pressure. But it does pretty much gravity feed/equalize to the the strainer. Here's a fun exercise, empty one tank, fill the other. Turn selector to empty tank remove the strainer bottom/bowl then turn your selector to the full tank and see if you get fuel. My point is up to the strainer it pretty much does gravity feed/equalize unless the fuel pickup goes higher than fuel in the tank.
  3. But how can you be sure the seals are perfect in your selector? If they aren’t you’re going to have an engine out situation. I would fly on 1 tank seals on selector not perfect turns it into what an extra vent in the system? Fuel is going to go to the lowest point in the system which is the strainer. Unless the dry tank is pressurized it will do nothing but act as a vent, maybe get fuel backing up the line until it equalizes with the level in filled tank? Either way the fuel will still go to lowest point and fill it before air from other tank
  4. Light sport - Guy a few hangars down is building an rv12 whole kit including engine $87k Experimental ready to assemble kits. Or offer a build service @ x amount of dollars but there would be lots of legalese in that contract and nobody wants to be the responsible party. There is also alot of variation on how people would tackle said assembly. Which is where PMA/TSO are meant to convey confidence Vans rv has set the model, and others have followed. I believe the word certified and certification are where exponential costs are incurred due to the drawn out time consuming "certifica
  5. My buddy sent this to me seems appropriate.... haha
  6. I will take 1-up, 1-down I'll hit up a couple more owners I know that I don't believe frequent MS.
  7. https://www.aircraft-tool.com/shop/search.aspx?keyword=Plexiglass+drill+bit Or https://www.tapplastics.com/product/supplies_tools/plastic_tools_supplies/tap_plasdrill_bits/161/479?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplp43303&sc_intid=43303&gclid=CjwKCAiAkJKCBhAyEiwAKQBCkn7qR0j0eLRCowRIgdcYDxbBZ_kOgUH91ZQdA_mUoPHvPJUitQIa1RoCKooQAvD_BwE Or any of the other suggestions will work the same with proper technique
  8. I have been there a few times and snapped plenty of pics previously so didn't take any this time. Sorry to disappoint will look for the ones I have and update.
  9. Annual finished quick lap then went up for a loose formation flight yesterday. Then today a quick flight with a couple of buddies one in another Mooney one in a Comanche out to chiriaco summit for breakfast and to walk around the tanks at the Patton meuseum.
  10. This place was awesome! Needed an ignition harness called a more well known (better advertised) name company told it was a 12 day lead time after 13 days they hadn't even charged my card for a single harness. Read this post decided to give them a call last Thursday placed an order, told 3 business days then drop shipped. Called cancelled the original order. Got both harnesses shipped cheaper than the other place. Here it is Monday and sure enough as promised, harnesses delivered. Very pleased. Now I can get the plane put together and annual complete. Heres to Mooneyspace the network and knowl
  11. Poland is beautiful country! Went to Kolobrzeg to check out the Polish Arms Mueseum which was awesome and the Baltic. Which is further west but beautiful just like the rest of the country I was able to see too bad no chance to fly while I was there.
  12. I used aero accessories (kvny) dropped off on Monday at 1030 called me on Tuesday at 0900 for cc info and to verify address, magneto at my door Wednesday at 1200. But across the way from Alabama.
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