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  1. I've been accused of taxiing fast i just told him your a piper driver anything a Mooney is doing looks fast to you
  2. Would all taxi speeds be considered ground speed?.....
  3. I use this with a wobble extention. The magnet is awesome! You know the saying about spark plugs, "Drop it once then drop it twice"
  4. What brand/type of regulator are you using to refill portable tanks? Haven't really looked into it much but reading the thread felt like a pertainate question.
  6. So john is working in his yard passerby begins to make conversation. Passerby by introduces himself and John says to the passerby, you see my house and that house over there? I built them with my own 2 hands. Do they call me John the home builder? No. You see those 2 bridges over there? I built them with my own 2 hands, do they call me John the bridge builder? No. You know the 2 cathedrals in town? I built them with my own 2 hands, do they call me John the cathedral builder? No! But You have sex with 1 goat 1 time and what do they call me?
  7. Flying back and forth for work after a weekend home parked my car in the hangar had plenty of fuel for the 1.5 hr jaunt so didn't realize my wallet was in the car until I needed my hotel room key to get into my room and money for the week. Needless to say got 4 hours of flight instead of the 1.5.
  8. Before Watch "May 23, 2020" on YouTube After Watch "May 23, 2020" on YouTube
  9. Bought an OR361n and I am quite happy with it videos to follow. Did some extra work for the mounting of it but worth it
  10. 20200402_173641.mp4