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  1. I sold my 1977 M20J 201 approx. 8 yrs. ago. with 2200TT on airframe & 200 smoh on engine. What do you think I could I buy it back for [given it has approx. 3200TT airframe, 1200 smoh on engine, good two-blade prop, and all AD's up-to-speed]?
  2. No damage history. Routine maintenance and annuals. All AD's good. 1180hrs. since major overhaul.
  3. 1977 M20J 201 Airframe 3200 TT. Engine 200hp Lyconing 1200 SMO ** Always hangered. Well-maintained! Fuel tanks 58 gal. usable [ rubber fuel bladders retro-kit]. No Leaks! 1200 Engine SMO Exterior 8 Interior 7 Basic Radio and Avionics: HSI, Older King Radios, DME, Dual VOR, Auto pilot IFR Certified In today's somewhat depressed market: "what would it sell for today"? Randall
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